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SAE technical paper series, Volume 2008-01-0293.
Current political and environmental concerns are driving renewed efforts to develop techniques for improving the efficiency of internal combustion engines. A... 
Thermodynamics | Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) | Diesel / Compression Ignition engines | Computer simulation | Mathematical models | Simulation and modeling | Spark ignition engines
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2005-01-3801.
Internal combustion engines are operated under conditions of high exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to reduce NOx emissions and promote enhanced combustion modes... 
Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) | Hybrid engines | Computer simulation | Spark ignition engines
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2011-01-1218.
Lean Gasoline Direct Injection (LGDI) combustion is a promising technical path for achieving significant improvements in fuel efficiency while meeting future... 
Simulation and Modeling | Fuel injection | Spark ignition engines
by Bodenham, A.R and Colam, B and Rothwell, P.M and Torgerson, D and Dellagrammaticas, D and Horrocks, M and Liapis, C and Banning, A.P and Gough, M and Grant, S and Hunter, J and Leigh-Brown, A and Paterson, M and Soosay, V and Young, A and Williamson, A and Dean, Z and Mazzoli, T and Ricci, S and Valenti, D and Beard, J and Dearden, M and Norman, P.E and Idla, A and Schmitz-Rixen, T and Maritati, G and Cokic, N and Doppler, W and Hlatky, P and Raith, C and Zölss, C and Dimmitt, S and Gharbi, R and Hankey, G and Maden, A and Mwipatayi, B.P and Sieunarine, K and Tan, A and Turner, G and Davis, T.M.E and Norman, P.E and Davidovski, I and Dedul, D and Hetsiuk, A and Gao, J and Li, H and Liu, B and Wu, J.-D and Yu, C.-H and Ban, T and Dapic, D and Ilijasevic, M and Kovac, B and Kvolik, S and Lehner, V and Pinotic, K and Lovričević, I and Mazul-Sunko, B and De Syo, D and Vuković, V and Biebl, O and Dolecek, L and El Samman, C and Kalasova, H and Kubricht, V and Michalek, P and Sedivy, P and Stajnrt, M and Stern, M and Svec, M and Vitasek, P and Vrzal, J and Weiss, K and Janousek, L and Kieslichova, E and Mazarova, V and Piza, P and Dulovcova, V and Hruby, J and Maresch, M and Rubes, D and Tosenovsky, P and Vidim, T and Henzl, M and Riman, J and Ziegler, Z and Drabek, P and Reguli, S and Stigler, J and Bachleda, P and Drac, P and Hudecek, M and Koutna, J and Sanak, D and Goldemund, D and Gregor, Z and Pavlikova, J and Privara, M and Staffa, R and Vlachovsky, R and ... and unav and GALA Trial Collaborative Group and GALA Trial Collaborative Grp
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2008, Volume 372, Issue 9656, pp. 2132 - 2142
Journal Article
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 08/2017, Volume 101, Issue 2, pp. 255 - 266
Journal Article
Journal of College Student Development, ISSN 0897-5264, 2017, Volume 58, Issue 5, pp. 790 - 792
... design and execution is an even more critical element of master’s and potentially doctoral curricula. John Schuh, Patrick Biddix, Laura Dean, and Jillian Kinzie... 
Student affairs services | Evaluation | Schuh, John H., -- author | Handbooks, manuals, etc | United States | Learning | Ethics | Professionals | Curriculum development | Service learning | Data collection | Curricula | College students | Research design | Planning | Books | Graduate students
Journal Article
by Richards, Stephen and Gibbs, Richard A and Gerardo, Nicole M and Moran, Nancy and Nakabachi, Atsushi and Stern, David and Tagu, Denis and Wilson, Alex C.C and Muzny, Donna and Kovar, Christie and Cree, Andy and Chacko, Joseph and Chanabose, Mimi N and Dao, Marvin Diep and Dinh, Huyen H and Gabisi, Ramatu Ayiesha and Hines, Sana and Hume, Jennifer and Jhangian, Shalini N and Joshi, Vandita and Lewis, Lora R and Liu, Yih Shin and Lopez, John and Morgan, Margaret B and Nguyen, Ngoc Bich and Okwuonu, Geoffrey O and Ruiz, San Juana and Santibanez, Jireh and Wright, Rita A and Fowler, Gerald R and Hitchens, Matthew E and Lozado, Ryan J and Moen, Charles and Steffen, David and Warren, James T and Zhang, Jingkun and Nazareth, Lynne V and Chavez, Dean and Davis, Clay and Lee, Sana L and Patel, Bella Mayurkumar and Pu, Ling Ling and Bell, Stephanie N and Johnson, Angela Jolivet and Vattathil, Selina and Williams, Rex L and Shigenobu, Shuji and Dang, Phat M and Morioka, Mizue and Fukatsu, Takema and Kudo, Toshiaki and Miyagishima, Shin Ya and Jiang, Huaiyang and Worley, Kim C and Legeai, Fabrice and Gauthier, Jean Pierre and Collin, Olivier and Zhang, Lan and Chen, Hsiu Chuan and Ermolaeva, Olga and Hlavina, Wratko and Kapustin, Yuri and Kiryutin, Boris and Kitts, Paul and Maglott, Donna and Murphy, Terence and Pruitt, Kim and Sapojnikov, Victor and Souvorov, Alexane and Thibaud-Nissen, Françoise and Câmara, Francisco and Guigó, Roderic and Stanke, Mario and Solovyev, Victor and Kosarev, Peter and Gilbert, Don and Gabaldón, Toni and Huerta-Cepas, Jaime and Marcet-Houben, Marina and Pignatelli, Miguel and Moya, Anés and Rispe, Claude and Ollivier, Morgane and Quesneville, Hadi and Permal, Emmanuelle and Llorens, Carlos and Futami, Ricardo and Hedges, Dale and Robertson, Hugh M and Alioto, Tyler and Mariotti, Marco and Nikoh, Naruo and McCutcheon, John P and Burke, Gaelen and Kamins, Alexana and Latorre, Amparo and Ashton, Peter and Calevro, Federica and Charles, Hubert and Colella, Stefano and ... and The International Aphid Genomics Consortium and Int Aphid Genomics Consortium and International Aphid Genomics Consortium
PLoS biology, ISSN 1545-7885, 2010, Volume 8, Issue 2, p. e1000313
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Abbosh, Christopher and Birkbak, Nicolai J and Wilson, Gareth A and Jamal-Hanjani, Mariam and Constantin, Tudor and Salari, Raheleh and Le Quesne, John and Moore, David A and Veeriah, Selvaraju and Rosenthal, Rachel and Marafioti, Teresa and Kirkizlar, Eser and Watkins, Thomas B. K and McGranahan, Nicholas and Ward, Sophia and Martinson, Luke and Riley, Joan and Fraioli, Francesco and Al Bakir, Maise and Grönroos, Eva and Zambrana, Francisco and Endozo, Raymondo and Bi, Wenya Linda and Fennessy, Fiona M and Sponer, Nicole and Johnson, Diana and Laycock, Joanne and Shafi, Seema and Czyzewska-Khan, Justyna and Rowan, Andrew and Chambers, Tim and Matthews, Nik and Turajlic, Samra and Hiley, Crispin and Lee, Siow Ming and Forster, Martin D and Ahmad, Tanya and Falzon, Mary and Borg, Elaine and Lawrence, David and Hayward, Martin and Kolvekar, Shyam and Panagiotopoulos, Nikolaos and Janes, Sam M and Thakrar, Ricky and Ahmed, Asia and Blackhall, Fiona and Summers, Yvonne and Hafez, Dina and Naik, Ashwini and Ganguly, Apratim and Kareht, Stephanie and Shah, Rajesh and Joseph, Leena and Marie Quinn, Anne and Crosbie, Phil A and Naidu, Babu and Middleton, Gary and Langman, Gerald and Trotter, Simon and Nicolson, Marianne and Remmen, Hardy and Kerr, Keith and Chetty, Mahendran and Gomersall, Lesley and Fennell, Dean A and Nakas, Apostolos and Rathinam, Sridhar and Anand, Girija and Khan, Sajid and Russell, Peter and Ezhil, Veni and Ismail, Babikir and Irvin-Sellers, Melanie and Prakash, Vineet and Lester, Jason F and Kornaszewska, Malgorzata and Attanoos, Richard and Adams, Haydn and Davies, Helen and Oukrif, Dahmane and Akarca, Ayse U and Hartley, John A and Lowe, Helen L and Lock, Sara and Iles, Natasha and Bell, Harriet and Ngai, Yenting and Elgar, Greg and Szallasi, Zoltan and Schwarz, Roland F and Herrero, Javier and Stewart, Aengus and Quezada, Sergio A and Peggs, Karl S and Van Loo, Peter and Dive, Caroline and Lin, C. Jimmy and Rabinowitz, Matthew and Aerts, Hugo J. W. L and ... and The PEACE consortium and The TRACERx consortium and TRACERx Consortium and The PEACE Consortium and TRACERx consortium and PEACE consortium
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2017, Volume 545, Issue 7655, pp. 446 - 451
Journal Article