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by Glenzer, S H and Callahan, D A and MacKinnon, A J and Kline, J L and Grim, G and Alger, E T and Berger, R L and Bernstein, L A and Betti, R and Bleuel, D L and Boehly, T R and Bradley, D K and Burkhart, S C and Burr, R and Caggiano, J A and Castro, C and Casey, D T and Choate, C and Clark, D S and Celliers, P and Cerjan, C J and Collins, G W and Dewald, E L and DiNicola, P and DiNicola, J M and Divol, L and Dixit, S and Döppner, T and Dylla-Spears, R and Dzenitis, E and Eckart, M and Erbert, G and Farley, D and Fair, J and Fittinghoff, D and Frank, M and Frenje, L J. A and Friedrich, S and Casey, D. T and Gatu Johnson, M and Gibson, C and Giraldez, E and Glebov, V and Glenn, S and Guler, N and Haan, S W and Haid, B J and Hammel, B A and Hamza, A V and Haynam, C A and Heestand, G M and Hermann, M and Hermann, H W and Hicks, D G and Hinkel, D E and Holder, J P and Holunda, D M and Horner, J B and Hsing, W W and Huang, H and Izumi, N and Jackson, M and Jones, O S and Kalantar, D H and Kauffman, R and Kilkenny, J D and Kirkwood, R K and Klingmann, J and Kohut, T and Knauer, J P and Koch, J A and Kozioziemki, B and Kyrala, G A and Kritcher, A L and Kroll, J and La Fortune, K and Lagin, L and Landen, O L and Larson, D W and LaTray, D and Leeper, R J and Le Pape, S and Lindl, J D and Lowe-Webb, R and Ma, T and McNaney, J and MacPhee, A G and Malsbury, T N and Mapoles, E and Marshall, C D and Meezan, N B and Merrill, F and Michel, P and Moody, J D and Moore, A S and Moran, M and Moreno, K A and Munro, D H and Nathan, B R and Nikroo, A and ... and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
Physics of Plasmas, ISSN 1070-664X, 05/2012, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp. 056318 - 056318-15
The first inertial confinement fusion implosion experiments with equimolar deuterium-tritium thermonuclear fuel have been performed on the National Ignition... 
Physical Sciences | Physics, Fluids & Plasmas | Physics | Science & Technology | ENGINEERING
Journal Article
by Buizert, Christo and Adrian, Betty and Ahn, Jinho and Albert, Mary and Alley, Richard B and Baggenstos, Daniel and Bauska, Thomas K and Bay, Ryan C and Bencivengo, Brian B and Bentley, Charles R and Brook, Edward J and Chellman, Nathan J and Clow, Gary D and Cole-Dai, Jihong and Conway, Howard and Cravens, Eric and Cuffey, Kurt M and Dunbar, Nelia W and Edwards, Jon S and Fegyveresi, John M and Ferris, Dave G and Fitzpatrick, Joan J and Fudge, T.J and Gibson, Chris J and Gkinis, Vasileios and Goetz, Joshua J and Gregory, Stephanie and Hargreaves, Geoffrey M and Iverson, Nels and Johnson, Jay A and Jones, Tyler R and Kalk, Michael L and Kippenhan, Matthew J and Koffman, Bess G and Kreutz, Karl and Kuhl, Tanner W and Lebar, Donald A and Lee, James E and Marcott, Shaun A and Markle, Bradley R and Maselli, Olivia J and McConnell, Joseph R and McGwire, Kenneth C and Mitchell, Logan E and Mortensen, Nicolai B and Neff, Peter D and Nishiizumi, Kunihiko and Nunn, Richard M and Orsi, Anais J and Pasteris, Daniel R and Pedro, Joel B and Pettit, Erin C and Price, P. Buford and Priscu, John C and Rhodes, Rachael H and Rosen, Julia L and Schauer, Andrew J and Schoenemann, Spruce W and Sendelbach, Paul J and Severinghaus, Jeffrey P and Shturmakov, Alexander J and Sigl, Michael and Slawny, Kristina R and Souney, Joseph M and Sowers, Todd A and Spencer, Matthew K and Steig, Eric J and Taylor, Kendrick C and Twickler, Mark S and Vaughn, Bruce H and Voigt, Donald E and Waddington, Edwin D and Welten, Kees C and Wendricks, Anthony W and White, James W. C and Winstrup, Mai and Wong, Gifford J and Woodruff, Thomas E and unav and WAIS Divide Project Members
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 04/2015, Volume 520, Issue 7549, pp. 661 - 665
The last glacial period exhibited abrupt Dansgaard-Oeschger climatic oscillations, evidence of which is preserved in a variety of Northern Hemisphere... 
Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology | Climate change | Ice ages | Heat | Propagation | Continental interfaces, environment | Sciences of the Universe | Ocean, Atmosphere
Journal Article
by Crous, P.W and Wingfield, M.J and Burgess, T.I and Hardy, G.E.St.J and Crane, C and Barrett, S and Cano-Lira, J.F and Leroux, J.J and Thangavel, R and Guarro, J and Stchigel, A.M and Mart n, M.P and Alfredo, D.S and Barber, P.A and Barreto, R.W and Baseia, I.G and Cano-Canals, J and Cheewangkoon, R and Ferreira, R.J and Gen, J and Lechat, C and Moreno, G and Roets, F and Shivas, R.G and Sousa, J.O and Tan, Y.P and Wiederhold, N.P and Abell, S.E and Accioly, T and Albizu, J.L and Alves, J.L and Antoniolli, Z.I and Aplin, N and Ara jo, J and Arzanlou, M and Bezerra, J.D.P and Bouchara, J.-P and Carlavilla, J.R and Castillo, A and Castroagud n, V.L and Ceresini, P.C and Claridge, G.F and Coelho, G and Coimbra, V.R.M and Costa, L.A and da cunha, K.C and da silva, S.S and Daniel, R and de beer, Z.W and Due as, M and Edwards, J and Enwistle, P and Fiuza, P.O and Fournier, J and Garc a, D and Gibertoni, T.B and Giraud, S and Guevara-Suarez, M and Gusm o, L.F.P and Haituk, S and Heykoop, M and Hirooka, Y and Hofmann, T.A and Houbraken, J and Hughes, D.P and Kautmanov, I and Koppel, O and Koukol, O and Larsson, E and Latha, K.P.D and Lee, D.H and Lisboa, D.O and Lisboa, W.S and L pez-Villalba, . and Maciel, J.L.N and Manimohan, P and Manj n, J.L and Marincowitz, S and Marney, T.S and Meijer, M and Miller, A.N and Olariaga, I and Paiva, L.M and Piepenbring, M and Poveda-Molero, J.C and Raj, K.N.A and Raja, H.A and Rougeron, A and Salcedo, I and Samadi, R and Santos, T.A.B and Scarlett, K and Seifert, K.A and Shuttleworth, L.A and Silva, G.A and Silva, M and Siqueira, J.P.Z and Souza-Motta, C.M and Stephenson, S.L and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Faculty of Sciences and Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Institutionen för biologi och miljövetenskap and Gothenburg University
Persoonia, ISSN 0031-5850, 12/2016, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp. 218 - 403
Novel species of fungi described in this study include those from various countries as follows: Australia: Apiognomonia lasiopetali on Lasiopetalum sp.,... 
Systematics | ITS nrDNA barcodes | Novel fungal species | LSU | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Mycology | Science & Technology | novel fungal species | systematics | Biological Sciences | Biologisk systematik | ITS nrDNA barcodes; LSU; novel fungal species; systematics | Biological Systematics | Biologiska vetenskaper
Journal Article
by Darabian, Sirous and Backlund, Jye-Yu C and Cleary, Patricia A and Sheidaee, Nasim and Bebu, Ionut and Lachin, John M and Budoff, Matthew J and Nathan, D.M and Zinman, B and Crofford, O and Genuth, Saul and Brown-Friday, J and Crandall, J and Engel, H and Engel, S and Martinez, H and Phillips, M and Shamoon, H and Sheindlin, J and Gubitosi-Klug, R and Mayer, L and Zegarra, H and Miller, D and Singerman, L and Smith-Brewer, S and Novak, M and Quin, J and Palmert, M and Brown, E and McConnell, J and Pugsley, P and Crawford, P and Dahms, W and Brillon, D and Lackaye, M.E and Kiss, S and Chan, R and Orlin, A and Reppucci, V and Lee, T and Heinemann, M and Levy, B and Jovanovic, L and Richardson, M and Bosco, B and Dwoskin, A and Hanna, R and Barron, S and Campbell, R and Kruger, D and Jones, J.K and Edwards, P.A and Carey, J.D and Angus, E and Thomas, A and Galprin, A and McLellan, M and Whitehouse, F and Bergenstal, R and Johnson, M and Gunyou, K and Thomas, L and Laechelt, J and Hollander, P and Spencer, M and Kendall, D and Cuddihy, R and Callahan, P and List, S and Gott, J and Rude, N and Olson, B and Franz, M and Castle, G and Birk, R and Nelson, J and Freking, D and Gill, L and Mestrezat, W and Etzwiler, D and Aiello, L.P and Golden, E and Arrigg, P and Asuquo, V and Beaser, R and Bestourous, L and Cavallerano, J and Cavicchi, R and Ganda, O and Hamdy, O and Kirby, R and Murtha, T and Schlossman, D and Sharuk, G and Silva, P and Silver, P and Stockman, M and Sun, J and Weimann, E and Wolpert, H and ... and DCCT EDIC Res Grp and DCCT/EDIC Research Group
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 07/2016, Volume 11, Issue 7, pp. e0159958 - e0159958
...Author(s): Sirous Darabian 1, Jye-Yu C. Backlund 2, Patricia A. Cleary 2, Nasim Sheidaee 1, Ionut Bebu 2, John M. Lachin 2, Matthew J. Budoff 1,*, DCCT/EDIC... 
Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology | Humans | Middle Aged | Male | Adipose Tissue - diagnostic imaging | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 - diagnostic imaging | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 - complications | Hemoglobin A - metabolism | Thoracic Cavity - diagnostic imaging | Pilot Projects | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 - blood | Diabetic Cardiomyopathies - epidemiology | Triglycerides - blood | Adult | Female | Pericardium - diagnostic imaging | Adipose tissues | Complications and side effects | Care and treatment | Chronic kidney failure | Type 1 diabetes | Physiological aspects | Research | Epidemiology | Risk factors | Correlation | Adipose tissue | Biomedical research | Heart attacks | Body fat | Lipids | Cardiovascular disease | Diabetes mellitus (insulin dependent) | Family medical history | Body mass index | Regression models | Computed tomography | Tomography | Tumor necrosis factor-TNF | Heart diseases | Age | Obesity | Excretion | Medical imaging | Statistical analysis | Complications | Mortality | Diabetes mellitus | Coronary artery | Health risks | Thorax | Gender differences | Regression analysis | Metabolism | Risk analysis | Coronary artery disease | Patients | Insulin | Hip | Body mass | Correlation analysis | Coronary vessels | Diabetes | Health risk assessment | Drug stores | Index Medicus
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 1533-4406, 06/2003, Volume 348, Issue 23, pp. 2294 - 2303
Journal Article
by Medema, Marnix H and Kottmann, Renzo and Yilmaz, Pelin and Cummings, Matthew and Biggins, John B and Blin, Kai and de Bruijn, Irene and Chooi, Yit Heng and Claesen, Jan and Coates, R Cameron and Cruz-Morales, Pablo and Duddela, Srikanth and Düsterhus, Stephanie and Edwards, Daniel J and Fewer, David P and Garg, Neha and Geiger, Christoph and Gomez-Escribano, Juan Pablo and Greule, Anja and Hadjithomas, Michalis and Haines, Anthony S and Helfrich, Eric J N and Hillwig, Matthew L and Ishida, Keishi and Jones, Adam C and Jones, Carla S and Jungmann, Katrin and Kegler, Carsten and Kim, Hyun Uk and Kötter, Peter and Krug, Daniel and Masschelein, Joleen and Melnik, Alexey V and Mantovani, Simone M and Monroe, Emily A and Moore, Marcus and Moss, Nathan and Nützmann, Hans-Wilhelm and Pan, Guohui and Pati, Amrita and Petras, Daniel and Reen, F Jerry and Rosconi, Federico and Rui, Zhe and Tian, Zhenhua and Tobias, Nicholas J and Tsunematsu, Yuta and Wiemann, Philipp and Wyckoff, Elizabeth and Yan, Xiaohui and Yim, Grace and Yu, Fengan and Xie, Yunchang and Aigle, Bertrand and Apel, Alexander K and Balibar, Carl J and Balskus, Emily P and Barona-Gómez, Francisco and Bechthold, Andreas and Bode, Helge B and Borriss, Rainer and Brady, Sean F and Brakhage, Axel A and Caffrey, Patrick and Cheng, Yi-Qiang and Clardy, Jon and Cox, Russell J and De Mot, René and Donadio, Stefano and Donia, Mohamed S and van der Donk, Wilfred A and Dorrestein, Pieter C and Doyle, Sean and Driessen, Arnold J M and Ehling-Schulz, Monika and Entian, Karl-Dieter and Fischbach, Michael A and Gerwick, Lena and Gerwick, William H and Gross, Harald and Gust, Bertolt and Hertweck, Christian and Höfte, Monica and