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EMBO Reports, ISSN 1469-221X, 05/2017, Volume 18, Issue 5, p. 797
The amplitude of transforming growth factor-[beta] (TGF-[beta]) signal is tightly regulated to ensure appropriate physiological responses. As part of negative... 
Ubiquitin | Transcription | Pathogenesis | Brain cancer | Transforming growth factor-b | Glioblastoma | Breast cancer | Feedback loops | Physiological responses | Recruitment | Degradation | Signal transduction | Negative feedback | Feedback | Smad2 protein | Biomarkers | Breast | Smad7 protein | Bioindicators | Growth factors | Ubiquitin-protein ligase | Cancer
Journal Article
Molecular & Cellular Oncology, ISSN 2372-3556, 09/2018, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp. e1497862 - e1497862
Response to targeted therapies is limited by the activation or inhibition of feedback loops. Here we report the ubiquitin specific peptidase 28/F-box WD... 
USP28/BRAF/Melanoma/Vemurafenib resistance
Journal Article
Blood, 08/2019
Oncogenic EZH2 is overexpressed and extensively involved in the pathophysiology of different cancers including extranodal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma... 
Journal Article
Journal of Experimental Medicine, ISSN 0022-1007, 07/2018, Volume 215, Issue 7, pp. 1913 - 1928
Journal Article
Oncotarget, ISSN 1949-2553, 04/2018, Volume 9, Issue 28, pp. 20179 - 20212
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in women. It is therefore important to understand the mechanisms underlying breast cancer... 
XIST and HOTAIR | Breast cancer | Mammary gland development | Long non-coding RNA
Journal Article
Cancers, ISSN 2072-6694, 08/2019, Volume 11, Issue 8, p. 1176
The introduction of v-raf murine sarcoma viral oncogene homolog B (BRAF) inhibitors in melanoma patients with BRAF (V600E) mutations has demonstrated... 
adaptive responses | melanoma | BRAF | resistance
Journal Article
Journal Article
12/2018, Volume 23, Issue 6, 14
Prior to the sequencing of the human genome, it was presumed that most of the DNA coded for proteins. However, with the advent of next-generation sequencing,... 
Book Review
JHEP 05 (2019) 088 This paper presents the combinations of single-top-quark production cross-section measurements by the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations, using... 
Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
by Aaboud, M and Aad, G and Abbott, B and Abdinov, O and Abeloos, B and Abidi, S. H and AbouZeid, O. S and Abraham, N. L and Abramowicz, H and Abreu, H and Abulaiti, Y and Acharya, B. S and Adachi, S and Adamczyk, L and Adelman, J and Adersberger, M and Adye, T and Affolder, A. A and Afik, Y and Agheorghiesei, C and Aguilar-Saavedra, J. A and Ahlen, S. P and Ahmadov, F and Aielli, G and Akatsuka, S and Åkesson, T. P. A and Akilli, E and Akimov, A. V and Alberghi, G. L and Albert, J and Albicocco, P and Alconada Verzini, M. J and Alderweireldt, S. C and Aleksa, M and Aleksandrov, I. N and Alexa, C and Alexander, G and Alexopoulos, T and Alhroob, M and Ali, B and Aliev, M and Alimonti, G and Alison, J and Alkire, S. P and Allbrooke, B. M. M and Allen, B. W and Allport, P. P and Aloisio, A and Alonso, A and Alonso, F and Alpigiani, C and Alshehri, A. A and Alstaty, M. I and Alvarez Gonzalez, B and Álvarez Piqueras, D and Alviggi, M. G and Amadio, B. T and Amaral Coutinho, Y and Amelung, C and Amidei, D and Amor Dos Santos, S. P and Amoroso, S and Anastopoulos, C and Ancu, L. S and Andari, N and Andeen, T and Anders, C. F and Anders, J. K and Anderson, K. J and Andreazza, A and Andrei, V and Angelidakis, S and Angelozzi, I and Angerami, A and Anisenkov, A. V and Annovi, A and Antel, C and Antonelli, M and Antonov, A and Antrim, D. J and Anulli, F and Aoki, M and Aperio Bella, L and Arabidze, G and Arai, Y and Araque, J. P and Araujo Ferraz, V and Arce, A. T. H and Ardell, R. E and Arduh, F. A and Arguin, J-F and Argyropoulos, S and Armbruster, A. J and Armitage, L. J and Arnaez, O and Arnold, H and Arratia, M and Arslan, O and Artamonov, A and Artoni, G and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Journal of High Energy Physics (Online), ISSN 1029-8479, 04/2018, Volume 2018, Issue 4
This paper presents combinations of inclusive and differential measurements of the charge asymmetry (A$_{C}$) in top quark pair $... 
Hadron-Hadron scattering (experiments) | Top physics | PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS
Journal Article
by Aaboud, Morad and Aad, Georges and Abbott, Brad and Abdinov, Ovsat and Abeloos, Baptiste and Abidi, Syed Haider and AbouZeid, Ossama and Abraham, Nicola and Abramowicz, Halina and Abreu, Henso and Abulaiti, Yiming and Acharya, Bobby Samir and Adachi, Shunsuke and Adamczyk, Leszek and Adelman, Jahred and Adersberger, Michael and Adye, Tim and Affolder, Tony and Afik, Yoav and Agheorghiesei, Catalin and Aguilar-Saavedra, Juan Antonio and Ahlen, Steven and Ahmadov, Faig and Aielli, Giulio and Akatsuka, Shunichi and Akilli, Ece and Akimov, Andrei and Alberghi, Gian Luigi and Albert, Justin and Albicocco, Pietro and Alconada Verzini, Maria Josefina and Alderweireldt, Sara and Aleksa, Martin and Aleksandrov, Igor and Alexa, Calin and Alexander, Gideon and Alexopoulos, Theodoros and Alhroob, Muhammad and Ali, Babar and Aliev, Malik and Alimonti, Gianluca and Alison, John and Alkire, Steven Patrick and Allbrooke, Benedict and Allen, Benjamin William and Allport, Phillip and Aloisio, Alberto and Alonso, Alejandro and Alonso, Francisco and Alpigiani, Cristiano and Alshehri, Azzah Aziz and Alstaty, Mahmoud and Alvarez Gonzalez, Barbara and \' and Alviggi, Mariagrazia and Amadio, Brian Thomas and Amaral Coutinho, Yara and Amelung, Christoph and Amidei, Dante and Amor Dos Santos, Susana Patricia and Amoroso, Simone and Anastopoulos, Christos and Ancu, Lucian Stefan and Andari, Nansi and Andeen, Timothy and Anders, Christoph Falk and Anders, John Kenneth and Anderson, Kelby and Andreazza, Attilio and Andrei, George Victor and Angelidakis, Stylianos and Angelozzi, Ivan and Angerami, Aaron and Anisenkov, Alexey and Annovi, Alberto and Antel, Claire and Antonelli, Mario and Antonov, Alexey and Antrim, Daniel Joseph and Anulli, Fabio and Aoki, Masato and Aperio Bella, Ludovica and Arabidze, Giorgi and Arai, Yasuo and Araque, Juan Pedro and Araujo Ferraz, Victor and Arce, Ayana and Ardell, Rose Elisabeth and Arduh, Francisco Anuar and Arguin, Jean-Francois and Argyropoulos, Spyridon and Armbruster, Aaron James and Armitage, Lewis James and Arnaez, Olivier and Arnold, Hannah and Arratia, Miguel and Arslan, Ozan and Artamonov, Andrei and Artoni, Giacomo and Artz, Sebastian and ...
ISSN 1029-8479, 2018
Journal Article
by Sirunyan, A.M and Tumasyan, A and Adam, W and Ambrogi, F and Asilar, E and Bergauer, T and Brandstetter, J and Brondolin, E and Dragicevic, M and Erö, J and Escalante Del Valle, A and Flechl, M and Friedl, M and Frühwirth, R and Ghete, V.M and Grossmann, J and Hrubec, J and Jeitler, M and König, A and Krammer, N and Krammer, M and Krätschmer, I and Liko, D and Madlener, T and Mikulec, I and Pree, E and Rad, N and Rohringer, H and Schieck, J and Schöfbeck, R and Spanring, M and Spitzbart, D and Waltenberger, W and Wittmann, J and Wulz, C.-E and Zarucki, M and Chekhovsky, V and Mossolov, V and Suarez Gonzalez, J and De Wolf, E.A and Di Croce, D and Janssen, X and Lauwers, J and Van De Klundert, M and Van Haevermaet, H and Van Mechelen, P and Van Remortel, N and Abu Zeid, S and Blekman, F and D'Hondt, J and De Bruyn, I and De Clercq, J and Deroover, K and Flouris, G and Lontkovskyi, D and Lowette, S and Marchesini, I and Moortgat, S and Moortgat, F and Moreels, L and Python, Q and Skovpen, K and Skovpen, Y and Tavernier, S and Van Doninck, W and Van Mulders, P and Van Parijs, I and Beghin, D and Bilin, B and Brun, H and Clerbaux, B and De Lentdecker, G and Delannoy, A.G and Delannoy, H and Dorney, B and Fasanella, D and Fasanella, G and Favart, L and Goldouzian, R and Grebenyuk, A and Kalsi, A.K and Lenzi, T and Lenzi, P and Luetic, J and Maerschalk, T and Marinov, A and Seva, T and Starling, E and Vander Velde, C and Vanlaer, P and Vannerom, D and Yonamine, R and Zenoni, F and Cornelis, T and Dobur, D and Fagot, A and Gul, M and Khvastunov, I and Poyraz, D and Roskas, C and ... and CMS Collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 05/2018, Volume 780, Issue C, pp. 501 - 532
A search for the standard model (SM) Higgs boson (H) decaying to when produced in association with an electroweak vector boson is reported for the following... 
Journal Article