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medicin och hälsovetenskap (35) 35
science & technology (27) 27
medical and health sciences (26) 26
humans (21) 21
life sciences & biomedicine (17) 17
male (15) 15
medicinsk genetik (15) 15
female (14) 14
genome-wide association study (14) 14
medical genetics (14) 14
genomes (13) 13
genetics (12) 12
studies (11) 11
endocrinology and diabetes (10) 10
endokrinologi och diabetes (10) 10
medicinska och farmaceutiska grundvetenskaper (10) 10
multidisciplinary sciences (10) 10
polymorphism, single nucleotide (10) 10
research (10) 10
science & technology - other topics (10) 10
basic medicine (9) 9
clinical medicine (9) 9
educational status (9) 9
genomics (9) 9
klinisk medicin (9) 9
genetic aspects (8) 8
genetics & heredity (8) 8
biology (7) 7
meta-analysis (7) 7
adult (6) 6
body mass index (6) 6
educational attainment (6) 6
gene expression (6) 6
polymorphism, single nucleotide - genetics (6) 6
aged (5) 5
architecture (5) 5
biochemistry & molecular biology (5) 5
cognition (5) 5
cohort studies (5) 5
consortia (5) 5
folkhälsovetenskap, global hälsa, socialmedicin och epidemiologi (5) 5
gene loci (5) 5
genome-wide association studies (5) 5
medical research (5) 5
middle aged (5) 5
multifactorial inheritance (5) 5
phenotype (5) 5
age factors (4) 4
analysis (4) 4
body height - genetics (4) 4
cardiovascular diseases (4) 4
councils (4) 4
education (4) 4
epidemiology (4) 4
genetic research (4) 4
genetic variation (4) 4
genotype (4) 4
heritability (4) 4
metabolic disorders (4) 4
phenotypes (4) 4
public health, global health, social medicine and epidemiology (4) 4
quantitative trait loci - genetics (4) 4
single-nucleotide polymorphism (4) 4
academic achievement (3) 3
adipogenesis - genetics (3) 3
adiposity - genetics (3) 3
association analysis (3) 3
biological sciences (3) 3
cell biology (3) 3
community medicine, social medicine: 801 (3) 3
continental population groups - genetics (3) 3
diabetes (3) 3
disease (3) 3
europe - ethnology (3) 3
gene-environment interaction (3) 3
genes (3) 3
genetic loci (3) 3
health aspects (3) 3
health sciences (3) 3
health sciences: 800 (3) 3
helsefag: 800 (3) 3
homozygote (3) 3
insulin - metabolism (3) 3
intelligence (3) 3
loci (3) 3
md multidisciplinary (3) 3
medical disciplines: 700 (3) 3
medicine (3) 3
medisinske fag: 700 (3) 3
obesity - genetics (3) 3
obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive medicine (3) 3
physical sciences (3) 3
physiology (3) 3
psychiatry (3) 3
reproduktionsmedicin och gynekologi (3) 3
research article (3) 3
risk factors (3) 3
samfunnsmedisin, sosialmedisin: 801 (3) 3
science (3) 3
sex characteristics (3) 3
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by Locke, A.E and Kahali, B and Berndt, S.I and Justice, A.E and Pers, T.H and Day, F.R and Powell, C and Vedantam, S and Buchkovich, M.L and Yang, J and Croteau-Chonka, D.C and Esko, T and Fall, T and Ferreira, T and Gustafsson, S and Kutalik, Z and Luan, J and Magi, R and Randall, J.C and Winkler, T.W and Wood, A.R and Workalemahu, T and Faul, J.D and Smith, J.A and Zhao, J and Zhao, W and Chen, J and Fehrmann, R and Hedman, A.K and Karjalainen, J and Schmidt, E.M and Absher, D and Amin, N and Anderson, D and Beekman, M and Bolton, J.L and Bragg-Gresham, J.L and Buyske, S and Demirkan, A and Deng, G and Ehret, G.B and Feenstra, B and Feitosa, M.F and Fischer, K and Goel, A and Gong, J and Jackson, A.U and Kanoni, S and Kleber, M.E and Kristiansson, K and Lim, U and Lotay, V and Mangino, M and Leach, I. Mateo and Medina-Gomez, C and Medland, S.E and Nalls, M.A and Palmer, C.D and Pasko, D and Pechlivanis, S and Peters, M.J.W and Prokopenko, I and Shungin, D and Stancakova, A and Strawbridge, R.J and Sung, Y. Ju and Tanaka, T and Teumer, A and Trompet, S and Laan, S.W. van der and Setten, J. van and Vliet-Ostaptchouk, J.V. Van and Wang, Z and Yengo, L and Zhang, W and Isaacs, A and Albrecht, E and Arnlov, J and Arscott, G.M and Attwood, A.P and Bandinelli, S and Barrett, A and Bas, I.N and Bellis, C and Bennett, A.J and Berne, C and Blagieva, R and Bluher, M and Bohringer, S and Bonnycastle, L.L and Bottcher, Y and Boyd, H.A and Bruinenberg, M and Caspersen, I.H and Chen, Y.D and Clarke, R and Daw, E.W and Craen, A.J. de and Delgado, G and Dimitriou, M and ... and ADIPOGen Consortium and PAGE Consortium and LifeLines Cohort Study and MIGen Consortium and CARDIOGRAMplusC4D Consortium and MuTHER Consortium and ICBP and CKDGen Consortium and Int Endogene Consortium and GENIE Consortium and MAGIC Investigators and ReproGen Consortium and AGEN-BMI Working Grp and GLGC and The PAGE Consortium and The International Endogene Consortium and The MAGIC Investigators and The ReproGen Consortium and The CKDGen Consortium and The ADIPOGen Consortium and The ICBP and The CARDIOGRAMplusC4D Consortium and The GLGC and The GENIE Consortium and The AGEN-BMI Working Group and The MIGen Consortium and The MuTHER Consortium and The LifeLines Cohort Study
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 2015, Volume 518, Issue 7538, pp. 197 - 206
Journal Article
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2018, Volume 50, Issue 8, pp. 1112 - 1121
Journal Article
by Merino, Jordi and Dashti, Hassan S and Li, Sherly X and Sarnowski, Chloé and Justice, Anne E and Graff, Misa and Papoutsakis, Constantina and Smith, Caren E and Dedoussis, George V and Lemaitre, Rozenn N and Wojczynski, Mary K and Männistö, Satu and Ngwa, Julius S and Kho, Minjung and Ahluwalia, Tarunveer S and Pervjakova, Natalia and Houston, Denise K and Bouchard, Claude and Huang, Tao and Orho-Melander, Marju and Frazier-Wood, Alexis C and Mook-Kanamori, Dennis O and Pérusse, Louis and Pennell, Craig E and de Vries, Paul S and Voortman, Trudy and Li, Olivia and Kanoni, Stavroula and Rose, Lynda M and Lehtimäki, Terho and Zhao, Jing Hua and Feitosa, Mary F and Luan, Jian’an and McKeown, Nicola M and Smith, Jennifer A and Hansen, Torben and Eklund, Niina and Nalls, Mike A and Rankinen, Tuomo and Huang, Jinyan and Hernandez, Dena G and Schulz, Christina-Alexandra and Manichaikul, Ani and Li-Gao, Ruifang and Vohl, Marie-Claude and Wang, Carol A and van Rooij, Frank J. A and Shin, Jean and Kalafati, Ioanna P and Day, Felix and Ridker, Paul M and Kähönen, Mika and Siscovick, David S and Langenberg, Claudia and Zhao, Wei and Astrup, Arne and Knekt, Paul and Garcia, Melissa and Rao, D.C and Qi, Qibin and Ferrucci, Luigi and Ericson, Ulrika and Blangero, John and Hofman, Albert and Pausova, Zdenka and Mikkilä, Vera and Wareham, Nick J and Kardia, Sharon L. R and Pedersen, Oluf and Jula, Antti and Curran, Joanne E and Zillikens, M. Carola and Viikari, Jorma S and Forouhi, Nita G and Ordovás, José M and Lieske, John C and Rissanen, Harri and Uitterlinden, André G and Raitakari, Olli T and Kiefte-de Jong, Jessica C and Dupuis, Josée and Rotter, Jerome I and North, Kari E and Scott, Robert A and Province, Michael A and Perola, Markus and Cupples, L. Adrienne and Turner, Stephen T and Sørensen, Thorkild I. A and Salomaa, Veikko and Liu, Yongmei and Sung, Yun J and Qi, Lu and Bandinelli, Stefania and Rich, Stephen S and de Mutsert, Renée and Tremblay, Angelo and Oddy, Wendy H and Franco, Oscar H and Paus, Tomas and ...
Molecular psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 12/2019, Volume 24, Issue 12, pp. 1920 - 1932
Journal Article
by Shungin, Dmitry and Winkler, Thomas W and Croteau-Chonka, Damien C and Ferreira, Teresa and Locke, Adam E and Mägi, Reedik and Strawbridge, Rona J and Pers, Tune H and Fischer, Krista and Justice, Anne E and Workalemahu, Tsegaselassie and Wu, Joseph M. W and Buchkovich, Martin L and Heard-Costa, Nancy L and Roman, Tamara S and ng, Alexander W and Song, Ci and Gustafsson, Stefan and Day, Felix R and Esko, Tonu and Fall, Tove and Kutalik, Zoltán and Luan, Jian'an and Randall, Joshua C and Scherag, Ané and Vedantam, Sailaja and Wood, Anew R and Chen, Jin and Fehrmann, Rudolf and Karjalainen, Juha and Kahali, Bratati and Liu, Ching-Ti and Schmidt, Ellen M and Absher, Devin and Amin, Najaf and Anderson, Denise and Beekman, Marian and Bragg-Gresham, Jennifer L and Buyske, Steven and Demirkan, Ayse and Ehret, Georg B and Feitosa, Mary F and Goel, Anuj and Jackson, Anne U and Johnson, Toby and Kleber, Marcus E and PAGE Consortium and LifeLines Cohort Study and CARDIOGRAMplusC4D Consortium and MuTHER Consortium and ICBP and ADIPOGEN Consortium and CKDGen Consortium and GEFOS Consortium and Int Endogene Consortium and GENIE Consortium and MAGIC Investigators and ReproGen Consortium and GLGC and ADIPOGen Consortium and International Endogene Consortium and The PAGE Consortium and The International Endogene Consortium and The MAGIC Investigators and The ReproGen Consortium and The CKDGen Consortium and The ADIPOGen Consortium and The ICBP and The CARDIOGRAMplusC4D Consortium and The GENIE Consortium and The GLGC and The GEFOS Consortium and The MuTHER Consortium and The LifeLines Cohort Study and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institutionen för medicin, avdelningen för invärtesmedicin och klinisk nutrition and Sahlgrenska Academy and Centre for Bone and Arthritis Research and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institute of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 2015, Volume 518, Issue 7538, pp. 187 - U378
no | Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology | Body Mass Index | Genome-Wide Association Study | Age Factors | Neovascularization, Physiologic - genetics | Epigenesis, Genetic | Humans | Male | Continental Population Groups - genetics | Sex Characteristics | Obesity - genetics | Europe - ethnology | Genome, Human - genetics | Adipose Tissue - metabolism | Insulin - metabolism | Models, Biological | Adipocytes - metabolism | Insulin Resistance - genetics | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide - genetics | Female | Body Fat Distribution | Transcription, Genetic - genetics | Adipogenesis - genetics | Waist-Hip Ratio | Quantitative Trait Loci - genetics | Adipose tissues | Quantitative trait loci | Genetic research | Genetic aspects | Research | Metabolism | Health aspects | Studies | Body mass index | Genealogy | Body fat | Insulin resistance | Genetics | Genomes | Abdomen | Meta-analysis | Index Medicus | Life Sciences | Adipocytes/metabolism Adipogenesis/genetics Adipose Tissue/metabolism Age Factors Body Fat Distribution Body Mass Index Continental Population Groups/genetics Epigenesis, Genetic Europe/ethnology Female Genome, Human/genetics Genome-Wide Association Study Humans Insulin/metabolism Insulin Resistance/genetics Male Models, Biological Neovascularization, Physiologic/genetics Obesity/genetics Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide/genetics Quantitative Trait Loci/genetics Sex Characteristics Transcription, Genetic/genetics Waist-Hip Ratio | Folkhälsovetenskap, global hälsa, socialmedicin och epidemiologi | Endokrinologi och diabetes | Public Health, Global Health, Social Medicine and Epidemiology | Endocrinology and Diabetes
Journal Article
by Okbay, Aysu and Beauchamp, Jonathan and Fontana, M.A and Lee, James J and Pers, Tune and Rietveld, C.A and Turley, Patrick and Chen, G.-B and Emilsson, Valur and Meddens, S.F.W and Oskarsson, S and Pickrell, J.K and Thom, K and Timshel, P and Vlaming, Ronald and Abdellaoui, Abdel and Ahluwalia, Tarunveer Singh and Bacelis, Jonas and Baumbach, Clemens and Bjornsdottir, G and Brandsma, Johan and Pina Concas, M and Derringer, J and Furlotte, N.A and Galesloot, Tessel and Girotto, S and Gupta, R and Hall, Leanne M and Harris, Sarah and Hofer, E and Horikoshi, M and Huffman, Jennifer E and Kaasik, K and Kalafati, Ioanna-Panagiota and Karlsson, Robert and Kong, Augustine and Lahti, Jari and Lee, Sven and Deleeuw, C and Lind, Penelope and Lindgren, K.-O and Liu, T and Mangino, Massimo and Marten, Jonathan and Mihailov, Evelin and Miller, Mike and Most, Peter and Oldmeadow, Christopher and Payton, Antony and Pervjakova, Natalia and Peyrot, Wouter and Qian, Y and Raitakari, Olli and Rueedi, R and Salvi, E and Schmidt, B and Schraut, K.E and Shi, J and Smith, Albert Vernon and Poot, Raymond and St Pourcain, Beate and Teumer, Alexander and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Verweij, Niek and Vuckovic, gana and Wellmann, J and Westra, Harm-Jan and Yang, J and Zhao, W and Zhu, Z and Alizadeh, Behrooz and Amin, Najaf and Bakshi, A and Baumeister, Sebastian and Biino, Ginevra and Bønnelykke, Klaus and Boyle, Patricia and Campbell, Harry and Cappuccio, F.P and Davies, Gail and Neve, Jan-Emmanuel and Deloukas, Panagiotis and Demuth, Ilja and Ding, J and Eibich, P and Eisele, L and Eklund, Niina and Evans, David and Faul, Jessica D and Feitosa, Mary Furlan and Forstner, Aneas and Gandin, Ilaria and Gunnarsson, B and Halldorsson, Bjarni and Harris, Tamara and Holliday, Elizabeth and Heath, Anew C and Hocking, L.J and Homuth, Georg and Horan, Mike and ... and LifeLines Cohort Study and Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper, Avdelningen för obstetrik och gynekologi and Sahlgrenska akademin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institute of Clinical Sciences, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Sahlgrenska Academy
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 05/2016, Volume 533, Issue 7604, pp. 539 - 542
Journal Article