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by Tada, H and Yamasaki, H and Sekiguchi, Y and Igarashi, M and Kuroki, K and Machino, T and Yoshida, K and Aonuma, K and Heinzel, F. R and Forstner, H and Lercher, P and Bisping, E and Rotman, B and Fruhwald, F. M and Pieske, B. M and Dabrowski, R and Kowalik, I and Borowiec, A and Smolis-Bak, E and Trybuch, A and Sosnowski, C and Szwed, H and Baturova, M. A and Lindgren, A and Shubik, Y. V and Olsson, B and Platonov, P. G and Van Den Broek, K. C and Denollet, J and Widdershoven, J and Kupper, N and Allam, R and Allam, R. A. G. A. B and Galal, W. A. G. D. Y and El-Damnhoury, H. A. Y. A. M and Mortada, A. Y. M. A. N and Jimenez-Candil, J and Martin, A and Hernandez, J and Martin, F and Gallego, M and Martin-Luengo, C and Quintanilla, J. G and Moreno Planas, J and Molina-Morua, R and Archondo, T and Garcia-Torrent, M. J and Perez-Castellano, N and Macaya, C and Perez-Villacastin, J and Saiz, J and Tobon, C and Rodriguez, J. F and Hornero, F and Ferrero, J. M and Ito, K and Date, T and Kawai, M and Hioki, M and Narui, R and Matsuo, S and Yoshimura, M and Yamane, T and Tabatabaei, N and Lin, G and Powell, B. D and Smairat, R and Glockner, J. F and Brady, P. A and Fichtner, S and Czudnochowsky, U and Estner, H and Reents, T and Jilek, C and Ammar, S and Hessling, G and Deisenhofer, I and Shah, D. C and Kautzner, J and Saoudi, N and Herrera, C and Jais, P and Hindricks, G and Neuzil, P and Kuck, K. H and Wong, K. C. K and Jones, M and Qureshi, N and Muthumala, A and Betts, T. R and Bashir, Y and Rajappan, K and Vogtmann, T and Wagner, M and Schurig, J and Hein, P and Hamm, B and Baumann, G and Lembcke, A and Saad, B and ...
Europace, ISSN 1099-5129, 06/2011, Volume 13, Issue Supplement 3, pp. NP - NP
Journal Article
European Heart Journal Supplements, ISSN 1520-765X, 02/2012, Volume 14, Issue suppl A, pp. A7 - A11
Journal Article
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