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by Bousquet, J., MD and Schünemann, H.J., MD and Samolinski, B., MD and Demoly, P., MD and Baena-Cagnani, C.E., MD and Bachert, C., MD and Bonini, S., MD and Boulet, L.P., MD and Bousquet, P.J., MD and Brozek, J.L., MD and Canonica, G.W., MD and Casale, T.B., MD and Cruz, A.A., MD and Fokkens, W.J., MD and Fonseca, J.A., MD and van Wijk, R. Gerth, MD and Grouse, L., MD and Haahtela, T., MD and Khaltaev, N., MD and Kuna, P., MD and Lockey, R.F., MD and Lodrup Carlsen, K.C., MD and Mullol, J., MD and Naclerio, R., MD and O'Hehir, R.E., MD and Ohta, K., MD and Palkonen, S., PhD and Papadopoulos, N.G., MD and Passalacqua, G., MD and Pawankar, R., MD and Price, D., MD and Ryan, D., MD and Simons, F.E.R., MD and Togias, A., MD and Williams, D., PhD and Yorgancioglu, A., MD and Yusuf, O.M., MD and Aberer, W., MD and Adachi, M., MD and Agache, I., MD and Aït-Khaled, N., MD and Akdis, C.A., MD and Andrianarisoa, A., MD and Annesi-Maesano, I., PhD and Ansotegui, I.J., MD and Baiardini, I., MD and Bateman, E.D., MD and Bedbrook, A., BSc and Beghé, B., MD and Beji, M., MD and Bel, E.H., MD and Ben Kheder, A., MD and Bennoor, K.S., MD and Bergmann, K.C., MD and Berrissoul, F., MD and Bieber, T., MD and Bindslev Jensen, C., MD and Blaiss, M.S., MD and Boner, A.L., MD and Bouchard, J., MD and Braido, F., MD and Brightling, C.E., MD and Bush, A., MD and Caballero, F., MD and Calderon, M.A., MD and Calvo, M.A., MD and Camargos, P.A.M., MD and Caraballo, L.R., MD and Carlsen, K.H., MD and Carr, W., MD and Cepeda, A.M., MD and Cesario, A., MD and Chavannes, N.H., MD and Chen, Y.Z., MD and Chiriac, A.M., MD and Chivato Pérez, T., MD and Chkhartishvili, E., MD and Ciprandi, G., MD and Costa, D.J., MD and Cox, L., MD and Custovic, A., MD and Dahl, R., MD and Darsow, U., MD and De Blay, F., MD and Deleanu, D., MD and Denburg, J.A., MD and Devillier, P., MD and Didi, T., MD and Dokic, D., MD and Dolen, W.K., MD and Douagui, H., MD and Dubakiene, R., MD and Durham, S.R., MD and Dykewicz, M.S., MD and El-Gamal, Y., MD and El-Meziane, A., MD and Emuzyte, R., MD and Fiocchi, A., MD and Fletcher, M., MSc and Fukuda, T., MD and ... and World Hlth Org Collaborating Ctr and World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Asthma and Rhinitis
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The, ISSN 0091-6749, 2012, Volume 130, Issue 5, pp. 1049 - 1062
Journal Article
by Bousquet, J and Anto, J.M and Demoly, P and Schunemann, H.J and Togias, A and Akdis, M and Auffray, C and Bachert, C and Bieber, T and Bousquet, P.J and Carlsen, K.H and Casale, T.B and Cruz, A.A and Keil, T and Loup Carlsen, K.C and Maurer, M and Ohta, K and Papadopoulos, N.G and Roman Roiguez, M and Samolinski, B and Agache, I and Anianarisoa, A and Ang, C.S and Annesi-Maesano, I and Ballester, F and Baena-Cagnani, C.E and Basagana, X and Bateman, E.D and Bel, E.H and Bedbrook, A and Beghe, B and Beji, M and Kheder, A. Ben and Benet, M and Bennoor, K.S and Bergmann, K.C and Berrissoul, F and Bindslev Jensen, C and Bleecker, E.R and Bonini, S and Boner, A.L and Boulet, L.P and Brightling, C.E and Brozek, J.L and Bush, A and Busse, W.W and Camargos, P.A and Canonica, G.W and Carr, W and Cesario, A and Chen, Y.Z and Chiriac, A.M and Costa, D.J and Cox, L and Custovic, A and Dahl, R and Darsow, U and Didi, T and Dolen, W.K and Douagui, H and Dubakiene, R and El-Meziane, A and Fonseca, J.A and Fokkens, W.J and Fthenou, E and Gamkrelidze, A and Garcia-Aymerich, J and Gerth van Wijk, R and Gimeno-Santos, E and Guerra, S and Haahtela, T and Haddad, H and Hellings, P.W and Hellquist-Dahl, B and Hohmann, C and Howarth, P and Hourihane, J.O and Humbert, M and Jacquemin, B and Just, J and Kalayci, O and Kaliner, M.A and Kauffmann, F and Kerkhof, M. van de and Khayat, G and Koffi N'Goran, B and Kogevinas, M and Koppelman, G.H and Kowalski, M.L and Kull, I and Kuna, P and Larenas, D and Lavi, I and Le, L.T and Lieberman, P and Lipworth, B and Mahboub, B and Makela, M.J and Martin, F and Martinez, F.D and ... and WHO Collaborating Center for Asthma and Rhinitis
International Archives of Allergy and Immunology, ISSN 1018-2438, 06/2012, Volume 158, Issue 3, pp. 216 - 231
Journal Article
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