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by Halliday, Alison and Bulbulia, Richard and Gray, William and Naughten, Ally and Den Hartog, Anne and Delmestri, Antonella and Wallis, Carol and Le Conte, Stephanie and Macdonald, Sumaira and Radak, Djordje and Nessi, Franco and Torsello, Giovanni and Hendriks, Jeroen and Bjorses, Katarina and Davidovic, Lazar and Tusini, Nicola and Gillgren, Peter and Casana, Renato and Tolva, Valerio and Bausback, Yvonne and Mehrzad, Ali and Gottsäter, Anders and Esisi, Bernard and Cras, P and Hendriks, J.M.H and Lauwers, P and Hertoghs, M and Van Schil, P and De Jaegher, L and Peeters, P and Verbist, J and Dendooven, D and De Letter, J and Vanhooren, G and Astarci, P and Capron, I and Choghari, C and Hammer, F and Lacroix, V and Peeters, A and Verhelst, R and Bosiers, Marc and De Meester, K and Deloose, K and Van Buggenhout, E and Vinck, E and Geenens, M and Hemelsoet, D and Van Herzeele, I and Vermassen, Frank and Koster, G De and Desiron, Q and De Noordhout Maertens, A and Malmendier, D and Massoz, M and Saad, G and Cirelli, S and Dormal, P and Lerut, P and Thues, E and Coutts, S and Demchuk, A and Hill, M and Hudon, M and Klein, G and McClelland, M and Morrish, W and Samis, G and Sutherland, G and Watson, T and Wong, J and Liu, Bao and Liu, Chang-Wei and Barankova, L and Chlouba, V and Fiedler, J and Priban, V and Sterba, L and Kalabova, L and Kriz, Z and Krupa, P and Privara, M and Reif, M and Souckova, L and Staffa, R and Vlachovsky, R and Vojtisek, B and Hrbac, T and Kuliha, M and Prochazka, V and Roubec, M and Skoloudik, D and Abd Allah, F and Eldessoki, M.H and Heshmat Kassem, H and Soliman Gharieb, H and Cardon, J.M and Le Gallou Wittenberg, A and Allaire, E and Becquemin, Jean-Pierre and ... and ACST-2 Collaborative Grp and ACST-2 Collaborative Group
European Journal of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, ISSN 1078-5884, 2013, Volume 46, Issue 5, pp. 510 - 518
Journal Article
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