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by Karthaus, Eleonora G and Vahl, A.C and Vahl, Anco and Kuhrij, Laurien S and Elsman, Bernard H.P and Elsman, B.H and Geelkerken, R.H and Geelkerken, Robert H and Wouters, Michel W.J.M and Hamming, Jaap F and Hamming, J.F and de Borst, Gert J and de Borst, G.J and Van den Akker, L.H and Van den Akker, P.J and Akkersdijk, G.P and Akkersdijk, G.J and Akkersdijk, W.L and van Andringa de Kempenaer, M.G and Arts, C.H and Avontuur, J.A and Baal, J.G and Bakker, O.J and Balm, R and Barendregt, W.B and Bender, M.H and Bendermacher, B.L and van den Berg, M and Berger, P and Beuk, R.J and Blankensteijn, J.D and Bleker, R.J and Bockel, J.H and Bodegom, M.E and Bogt, K.E and Boll, A.P and Booster, M.H and Borger van der Burg, B.L and Bos- van Rossum, W.T and Bosma, J and Botman, J.M and Bouwman, L.H and Breek, J.C and Brehm, V and Brinckman, M.J and van den Broek, T.H and Brom, H.L and de Bruijn, M.T and de Bruin, J.L and Brummel, P and van Brussel, J.P and Buijk, S.E and Buimer, M.G and Burger, D.H and Buscher, H.C and den Butter, G and Cancrinus, E and Castenmiller, P.H and Cazander, G and Coveliers, H.M and Cuypers, P.H and Daemen, J.H and Dawson, I and Derom, A.F and Dijkema, A.R and Diks, J and Dinkelman, M.K and Dirven, M and Dolmans, D.E and van Doorn, R.C and van Dortmont, L.M and van der Eb, M.M and Eefting, D and van Eijck, G.J and Elshof, J.W and Elshof, Jan-Willem and van der Elst, A and van Engeland, M.I and van Eps, R.G and Faber, M.J and de Fijter, W.M and Fioole, B and Fritschy, W.M and van Gent, W.B and Glade, G.J and Govaert, B and Groenendijk, R.P and de Groot, H.G and van den Haak, R.F and de Haan, E.F and Hajer, G.F and van Hattum, E.S and Hazenberg, C.E and Hedeman Joosten, P.P and Helleman, J.N and van der Hem, L.G and Hendriks, J.M and van Herwaarden, J.A and Heyligers, J.M and Hinnen, J.W and ... and Steering Comm Dutch Audit Caroti and Dutch Inst Clinical Auditing and Collaboration Dutch Soc Vasc Surg and Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing and Steering Committee of the Dutch Audit for Carotid Interventions and Dutch Society of Vascular Surgery
European Journal of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, ISSN 1078-5884, 10/2018, Volume 56, Issue 4, pp. 476 - 485
Journal Article
CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology, ISSN 0174-1551, 09/1996, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp. 313 - 316
Purpose: To exploit the potential benefits of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) in patients with short obstructive lesions in the lower extremity, it... 
Journal Article
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