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by Robertson, Faith C and Esene, Ignatius N and Kolias, Angelos G and Khan, Tariq and Rosseau, Gail and Gormley, William B and Park, Kee B and Broekman, Marike L.D and Rosenfeld, Jeffrey and Balak, Naci and Ammar, Ahmed and Tisel, Magnus and Haglund, Michael and Smith, Timothy and Mendez, Ivar and Brennum, Jannick and Honeybul, Stephen and Matsumara, Akira and Muneza, Severien and Rubiano, Andres and Kamalo, Patrick and Fieggen, Graham and Misra, Basant and Bolles, Gene and Adelson, David and Dempsey, Robert and Hutchinson, Peter and Nikova, Alexandrina and Ghazala, Osama and Buno, Elubabor and Bhattacharjee, Shibashish and Iizuka, Takahiro and Abdullah, Jafri Malin and Chaurasia, Bipin and Morgan, Eghosa and Alcedo-Guardia, Rodolfo E and Lucena, Lynne Lourdes N and Oktay, Kadir and AbdAllah, Omar Ibrahim and Saihi, Ahlem and Abdeldjalil, Gacem and Asmaa, Mahi and Yampolsky, Claudio and Saladino, Laura P and Mannara, Francisco and Sachdev, Sonal and Price, Benjamin and Joris, Vincent and Adeniran Bankole, Nourou Dine and Carrasco, Edgar M and Hodzic, Mirsad and de Sousa Porto, Marcos Wagner and Amorim, Robson and Maldonado, Igor Lima and Yves, Bizoza and Suarez, Gonzalo and Constanzo, Felipe and Valdeblanquez Atencio, Johanna Cecilia and Ruiz Mora, Karen Alexa and Rodriguez Gil, Juan Manuel and Paraskeva, Kiriakos and Egemen, Emrah and Ngamasata, Trevcsor and Ntalaja, Jeff and Beltchika, Antoine and Ntsambi, Glennie and Dunia, Goertz Mirenge and Taha, Mahmoud M and Arnaout, Mohamed and Kirollos, Ramez and Kassem, Mohamed and Elwardany, Omar and Negida, Ahmed and Dolango, Birhanu and Aseged, Mikael and Mldie, Alemu Adise and Laeke, Tsegazeab and Aklilu, Abenezer and Adefris, Esayas and Luoto, Teemu and Behnam, Rezai Jahromi and De Schlichting, Emmanuel and Nassim, Bougaci and Bourdillon, Pierre and Stienen, Martin N and Lackermair, Stephan and Schmidt, Franziska Anna and Konczalla, Juergen and Holzgreve, Adrien and Sagerer, Andre and Weinert, Dieter M and Kumi, Paulette and McLean, Aaron Lawson and Loan, James and Cahill, Julian and Dockrell, Simon and Afshari, Fardad T and May, Paul and Athanasiou, Alkinoos and Papadopoulos, Steven and ... and Global Neurosurgery Survey Collaborators
World neurosurgery: X, ISSN 2590-1397, 04/2020, Volume 6, pp. 100060 - 100060
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