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by Conti, Francesca, MD, PhD and Lugo-Reyes, Saul Oswaldo, MD and Blancas Galicia, Lizbeth, MD and He, Jianxin, MD and Aksu, Güzide, MD and Borges de Oliveira, Edgar, PhD and Deswarte, Caroline, MSc and Hubeau, Marjorie, PhD and Karaca, Neslihan, MD and de Suremain, Maylis, AS and Guérin, Antoine, MSc and Baba, Laila Ait, PhD and Prando, Carolina, MD, PhD and Guerrero, Gloria G., PhD and Emiroglu, Melike, MD and Öz, Fatma Nur, MD and Yamazaki Nakashimada, Marco Antonio, MD and Gonzalez Serrano, Edith, MD and Espinosa, Sara, MD, PhD and Barlan, Isil, MD and Pérez, Nestor, MD, PhD and Regairaz, Lorena, MD and Guidos Morales, Héctor Eduardo, MD and Bezrodnik, Liliana, MD and Di Giovanni, Daniela, MD and Dbaibo, Ghassan, MD and Ailal, Fatima, MD and Galicchio, Miguel, MD and Oleastro, Matias, MD and Chemli, Jalel, MD and Danielian, Silvia, PhD and Perez, Laura, BSc and Ortega, Maria Claudia, MD and Soto Lavin, Susana, MD, PhD and Hertecant, Joseph, MD and Anal, Ozden, MD and Kechout, Nadia, MD and Al-Idrissi, Eman, MD and ElGhazali, Gehad, MD, PhD and Bondarenko, Anastasia, MD and Chernyshova, Liudmyla, MD and Ciznar, Peter, MD and Herbigneaux, Rose-Marie, MD and Diabate, Aminata, AS and Ndaga, Stéphanie, AS and Konte, Barik, AS and Czarna, Ambre, AS and Migaud, Mélanie, AS and Pedraza-Sánchez, Sigifredo, PhD and Zaidi, Mussaret Bano, MD, Msc and Vogt, Guillaume, PhD and Blanche, Stéphane, MD and Benmustapha, Imen, MD and Mansouri, Davood, MD and Abel, Laurent, MD, PhD and Boisson-Dupuis, Stéphanie, PhD and Mahlaoui, Nizar, MD, MSc, MPH and Bousfiha, Ahmed Aziz, MD and Picard, Capucine, MD, PhD and Barbouche, Ridha, MD, PhD and Al-Muhsen, Saleh, MD and Espinosa-Rosales, Francisco J., MD and Kütükçüler, Necil, MD and Condino-Neto, Antonio, MD, PhD and Casanova, Jean-Laurent, MD, PhD and Bustamante, Jacinta, MD, PhD
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The, ISSN 0091-6749, 2016, Volume 138, Issue 1, pp. 241 - 248.e3
Background Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) is a rare primary immunodeficiency caused by inborn errors of the phagocyte nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide... 
Allergy and Immunology | primary immunodeficiency | chronic granulomatous disease | Mycobacteria | BCG | tuberculosis | SUSCEPTIBILITY | VACCINATION | 1ST REPORT | CLINICAL-FEATURES | KINDREDS | IMMUNOLOGY | DEFICIENCY | ALLERGY | INFECTION | 2 CHILDREN | MUTATIONS | Granulomatous Disease, Chronic - mortality | Mycoses - epidemiology | Mycobacterium Infections - diagnosis | Bacterial Infections - etiology | Humans | Tuberculosis - etiology | Child, Preschool | Infant | Male | Granulomatous Disease, Chronic - complications | Tuberculosis - diagnosis | Granulomatous Disease, Chronic - epidemiology | Female | Retrospective Studies | Child | Mycobacterium Infections - epidemiology | Mycobacterium Infections - etiology | Mycobacterium Infections - mortality | Granulomatous Disease, Chronic - therapy | Patient Outcome Assessment | Bacterial Infections - epidemiology | Mycoses - diagnosis | Bacterial Infections - diagnosis | Mycoses - mortality | Mycoses - etiology | BCG Vaccine - administration & dosage | Bacterial Infections - mortality | Care and treatment | Chronic granulomatous disease | Bacterial infections | Analysis | Cytochrome | Pathogens | Immunization | Tuberculosis | Infectious diseases | Laboratories | Infections | Mutation | Patients | Mycoses | Mycobacterium Infections | Life Sciences | Granulomatous Disease, Chronic | BCG Vaccine | Bacterial Infections
Journal Article
Immunological Reviews, ISSN 0105-2896, 03/2015, Volume 264, Issue 1, pp. 103 - 120
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Scott, Eric M and Halees, Anason and Itan, Yuval and Spencer, Emily G and He, Yupeng and Azab, Mostafa Abdellateef and Gabriel, Stacey B and Belkadi, Aziz and Boisson, Bertrand and Abel, Laurent and Clark, Andrew G and Rahim, Sohair Abdel and Alkuraya, Fowzan S and Casanova, Jean-Laurent and Gleeson, Joseph G and Abdou, Mohammed and Abhytankar, Avinash and Adimi, Parisa and Ahmad, Jamil and Akcakus, Mustafa and Aksu, Guside and Al Hajjar, Sami and Al Juamaah, Suliman and Al Muhsen, Saleh and Al Sannaa, Nouriya and Al Tameni, Salem and Al-Aama, Jumana and Al-Allawi, Nasir and Al-Baradie, Raidah and Al-Gazali, Lihadh and Al-Hashem, Amal and Al-Herz, Waleed and Al-Jeaid, Deema and Al-Tawari, Asma and Alangari, Abdullah and Alcais, Alexandre and AlFawaz, Tariq S and Alsum, Zobaida and Ammar-Khodja, Aomar and Amouian, Sepideh and Arikan, Cigdem and Aryani, Omid and Aslanger, Ayca and Aydogmus, Cigdem and Aytekin, Caner and Azam, Matloob and Bansagi, Boglarka and Barbouche, Mohamed-Rhida and Bastaki, Laila and Ben-Omran, Tawfeg and Bindu, Parayil Sankaran and Blancas, Lizbeth and Boisson-Dupuis, Stéphanie and Bonnet, Damien and Stambouli, Omar Boudghene and Bousfiha, Aziz and Boussafara, Lobna and Boutros, Jeannette and Bustamante, Jacinta and Caksen, Huseyin and Camcioglu, Yildiz and Catherinot, Emilie and Celik, Fatma C and Ciancanelli, Michael and Cipe, Funda E and Clark, Gary and Cobat, Aurélie and Comu, Sinan and Condie, Angela and Condino-Neto, Antonio and Desai, Mukesh and Dobyns, William and Dogu, Figen and Domaia, Mohamed and Dorum, Meltem and Egritas, Odul and El Azbaoui, Safa and El Baghdadi, Jamila and El Ruby, Mona and El-Harouni, Ashraf and Elfeky, Reem A and Elghazali, Gehad and Faqeih, Eissa and Fenerci, Elif and Fieschi, Claire and Funda, Cipe and Gamal, Iman and Gelik, Umit and Genel, Fetah and Gezdirici, Alper and Girisha, Katta M and Goldstein, Amy and Grattan-Smith, Padraic and Gupta, Neerja and Hahn, Jin and Hatipoglu, Nevin and Hennekam, Raoul and Houshmand, Massoud and Ichai, Philippe and Ikinciogullari, Aydan and ... and Greater Middle East Variome Consortium
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 09/2016, Volume 48, Issue 9, pp. 1071 - 1079
Journal Article
by Durmaz, Riza and Kalaycioglu, Atila Taner and Acar, Sumeyra and Bakkaloglu, Zekiye and Karagoz, Alper and Korukluoglu, Gulay and Ertek, Mustafa and Torunoglu, Mehmet Ali and Gokahmetoglu, Selma and Ozturk, Adnan and Bayram, Aysen and Araz, Nilgun Col and Bacalan, Fatma and Gundeslioglu, Ozlem Ozgur and Yasar, Ekrem and Altindis, Mustafa and Bukulmez, Aysegul and Ongen, Betigul and Somer, Ayper and Bayraktar, Banu and Karabulut, Nazan Dalgic and Uslu, Hakan and Aktas, Ferda and Kilic, Omer and Cicek, Aysegul Copur and Dereci, Selim and Aksaray, Sebahat and Nuhoglu, Cagatay and Adaleti, Riza and Bozdayi, Gulendam and Tezer, Hasan and Mutlu, Derya and Yilmaz, Aygen and Sekercioglu, Ali Osman and Durmaz, Gul and Hacimustafaoglu, Mustafa and Ozakin, Cuneyt and Celebi, Solmaz and Tezcan, Seda and Aslan, Gonul and Ark, Esin and Sozen, Ebru and Tanir, Gonul and Ozkan, Sengul and Zararsiz, Hulya and Celik, Umit and Cetin, Emel Sesli and Oz, Metehan and Devrim, Ilker and Bayram, Suleyman and Sorguc, Yelda and Ince, Erdal and Guriz, Haluk and Kocabas, Bilge and Guducuoglu, Huseyin and Tuncer, Oguz and Aydin, Faruk and Erduran, Erol and Cetinkaya, Zafer and Vahaboglu, Haluk and Kelesyan, Figen Temel and Anil, Murat and Yilmaz, Dilek and Cicek, Candan and Saz, Eylem Ulas and Sahbudak, Zumrut and Sen, Semra and Kurugol, Zafer and Eroglu, Cafer and Guzel, Ahmet and Feyzioglu, Bahadir and Emiroglu, Melike and Zeyrek, Fadile Yildiz and Cakmak, Alpay and Kocabas, Emine and Selimoglu, Ayse and Kuzucu, Cigdem and Soysal, Ahmet and Bakir, Mustafa and Yagci, Aysegul and Uyar, Yavuz and Ozlu, Ahmet and Temel, Fehminaz and Turkish Rotavirus Surveillance Net and Turkish Rotavirus Surveillance Network and the Turkish Rotavirus Surveillance Network
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 12/2014, Volume 9, Issue 12, p. e113674
Journal Article
by Gürbüz, Hatice Gözde Akkın and Turhan, Levent and Şendil, Nilgun and Kaşıkçı, Halim Ömer and Salepçi, Banu and Ipekcioglu, Derya and Karcı, Canan Kuygun and Ray, Perihan Çam and Tahiroğlu, Ayşegül Yolga and Avcı, Ayşe and Çelik, Gonca Gül and Cekin, Necmi and Evliyaoğlu, Nurdan and Alkanat, Mehmet and Özdemir, Hafize and Akgün, Egemen and Demirkol, Mehmet Emin and Tamam, Lut and Esnafoglu, Erman and Sevinçok, Doğa and Memiş, Çağdaş Öykü and Doğan, Bilge and Çakaloz, Burcu and Kutlu, Ayşe and Sevinçok, Levent and Demirkol, Mehmet Emin and Dikmen, Sema Nur Türkoğlu and Şafak, Yasir and Gökçer Tulacı, Rıza and Özdemir, İlker and Baykara, Sema and Alban, Kübra and Aydın, Nazan and Aytaç, Hasan Mervan and Yılmaz, Doğan and Aydın, Pınar Çetinay and Yalçın, Gökşen Yüksel and Canbay, Cana and Terzioğlu, Merve and Özer, Aysel and Altintas, Ebru and Kütük, Meryem Özlem and Tufan, Ali Evren and Bağ, Harika Gözükara and Şenormancı, Güliz and Güçlü, Oya and Çelik, Cemil and Bolu, Abdullah and Öznur, Taner and Aydın, Mehmet Sinan and Tokgöz, Yusuf and Uzun, Özcan and Gıca, Sakır and Poyraz, Burç Çağrı and Fidan, Yağmur Sever and Güleç, Hüseyin and Akça, Erdoğdu and Yıldız, Mesut and Akça, Zeynep Nur Demirok and Öztürk, Yusuf and Özyurt, Gonca and Özdel, Kadir and Öztürk, Yusuf and Elboga, Gulcin and Ozyurek, Muhammet Berkay and Bolu, Abdullah and Aydın, Mehmet Sinan and Akgün, Abdullah and Coşkun, Ali and Çelik, Cemil and Uzun, Özcan and Öznur, Taner and Bilgiç, Ayhan and Sivri, Rukiye Çolak and Kılınç, İbrahim and İnal, Ahmet and Eray, Uğur and Memiş, Çağdaş Öykü and Doğan, Bilge and Acat, Murat and Sevinçok, Levent and Önder, Arif and Adanır, Aslı Sürer and Kavurma, Canem and Bilaç, Öznur and Doğan, Yakup and Ay, Rukiye and Uğur, Çağatay and Alıç, Betül Gül and Gündüz, Mehmet and Ünal, Özlem and Uçur, Ömer and Özcan, Özlem and Gül, Hasret Karabulut and Aykut, Demet Sağlam and Tiryaki, Ahmet and Arslan, Filiz Civil and Adanır, Aslı Sürer and Önder, Arif and Bülbül, Gül Alkan and ...
Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology, ISSN 2475-0573, 04/2018, Volume 28, Issue sup1, pp. 1 - 73
Journal Article
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