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by Sivakumar, S and Taccone, F S and Desai, K A and Lazaridis, C and Skarzynski, M and Sekhon, M and Henderson, W and Griesdale, D and Chapple, L and Deane, A and Williams, L and Strickland, R and Lange, K and Heyland, D and Chapman, M and Rowland, M J and Garry, P and Westbrook, J and Corkill, R and Antoniades, C A and Pattinson, K T and Fatania, G and Strong, A J and Myers, R B and Jermaine, C M and Robertson, C S and Rusin, C G and Hofmeijer, J and Sondag, L and Tjepkema-Cloostermans, M C and Beishuizen, A and Bosch, F H and van Putten, M J A M and Carteron, L and Patet, C and Solari, D and Oddo, M and Dias, C and Almeida, R and Vaz-Ferreira, A and Silva, J and Monteiro, E and Cerejo, A and Rocha, A P and Elsayed, A A and Abougabal, A M and Beshey, B N and Alzahaby, K M and Pozzebon, S and Ortiz, A Blandino and Cristallini, S and Lheureux, O and Brasseur, A and Vincent, J L and Creteur, J and Hravnak, M and Yousef, K and Chang, Y and Crago, E and Friedlander, R M and Abdelmonem, S A and Tahon, S A and Helmy, T A and Meligy, H S and Puig, F and Dunn-Siegrist, I and Pugin, J and Gupta, S and Govil, D and Srinivasan, S and Patel, S J and N, J K and Gupta, A and Tomar, D S and Shafi, M and Harne, R and Arora, D P and Talwar, N and Mazumdar, S and Papakrivou, E E and Makris, D and Manoulakas, E and Tsolaki, B and Karadodas, B and Zakynthinos, E and Garcia, I Palacios and Martin, A Diaz and Encinares, V Sanchez and Ibañez, M Pachón and Montero, J Garnacho and Labrador, G and Cangueiro, T Cebrero and Poulose, V and Koh, J and Kam, J W and Yeter, H and Kara, A and Aktepe, O and Topeli, A and Tsolakoglou, I and ...
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental, ISSN 2197-425X, 09/2016, Volume 4, Issue Suppl 1
Journal Article
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