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by Stray-Pedersen, Asbjørg, MD, PhD and Sorte, Hanne Sørmo, MS and Samarakoon, Pubudu, MS and Gambin, Tomasz, PhD and Chinn, Ivan K., MD and Coban Akdemir, Zeynep H., PhD and Erichsen, Hans Christian, MD, PhD and Forbes, Lisa R., MD and Gu, Shen, PhD and Yuan, Bo, PhD and Jhangiani, Shalini N., MS and Muzny, Donna M., MS and Rødningen, Olaug Kristin, PhD and Sheng, Ying, PhD and Nicholas, Sarah K., MD, PhD and Noroski, Lenora M., MD, MPH and Seeborg, Filiz O., MD, MPH and Davis, Carla M., MD and Canter, Debra L., MS and Mace, Emily M., PhD and Vece, Timothy J., MD and Allen, Carl E., MD, PhD and Abhyankar, Harshal A., MS and Boone, Philip M., MD, PhD and Beck, Christine R., PhD and Wiszniewski, Wojciech, MD, PhD and Fevang, Børre, MD, PhD and Aukrust, Pål, MD, PhD and Tjønnfjord, Geir E., MD, PhD and Gedde-Dahl, Tobias, MD, PhD and Hjorth-Hansen, Henrik, MD, PhD and Dybedal, Ingunn, MD, PhD and Nordøy, Ingvild, MD, PhD and Jørgensen, Silje F., MD and Abrahamsen, Tore G., MD, PhD and Øverland, Torstein, MD and Bechensteen, Anne Grete, MD, PhD and Skogen, Vegard, MD, PhD and Osnes, Liv T.N., MD, PhD and Kulseth, Mari Ann, PhD and Prescott, Trine E., MD and Rustad, Cecilie F., MD and Heimdal, Ketil R., MD, PhD and Belmont, John W., MD, PhD and Rider, Nicholas L., DO and Chinen, Javier, MD, PhD and Cao, Tram N., MS and Smith, Eric A., BSc and Caldirola, Maria Soledad, BSc and Bezrodnik, Liliana, MD and Lugo Reyes, Saul Oswaldo, MD and Espinosa Rosales, Francisco J., MD and Guerrero-Cursaru, Nina Denisse, BSc and Pedroza, Luis Alberto, PhD and Poli, Cecilia M., MD and Franco, Jose L., MD, PhD and Trujillo Vargas, Claudia M., PhD and Aldave Becerra, Juan Carlos, MD and Wright, Nicola, MD and Issekutz, Thomas B., MD and Issekutz, Andrew C., MD and Abbott, Jordan, MD and Caldwell, Jason W., DO and Bayer, Diana K., DO and Chan, Alice Y., MD, PhD and Aiuti, Alessandro, MD, PhD and Cancrini, Caterina, MD, PhD and Holmberg, Eva, MD and West, Christina, MD, PhD and Burstedt, Magnus, MD, PhD and Karaca, Ender, MD and Yesil, Gözde, MD and Artac, Hasibe, MD and Bayram, Yavuz, MD and Atik, Mehmed Musa, BSc and Eldomery, Mohammad K., MD and Ehlayel, Mohammad S., MD, PhD and Jolles, Stephen, MD, PhD and Flatø, Berit, MD, PhD and Bertuch, Alison A., MD, PhD and Hanson, I. Celine, MD and Zhang, Victor W., PhD and Wong, Lee-Jun, PhD and Hu, Jianhong, PhD and Walkiewicz, Magdalena, PhD and Yang, Yaping, PhD and Eng, Christine M., MD and Boerwinkle, Eric, PhD and Gibbs, Richard A., PhD and Shearer, William T., MD, PhD and Lyle, Robert, PhD and Orange, Jordan S., MD, PhD and Lupski, James R., MD, PhD, DSc (Hon) and Medicinska fakulteten and Institutionen för klinisk vetenskap and Pediatrik and Umeå universitet
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The, ISSN 0091-6749, 2016, Volume 139, Issue 1, pp. 232 - 245
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Conti, Francesca, MD, PhD and Lugo-Reyes, Saul Oswaldo, MD and Blancas Galicia, Lizbeth, MD and He, Jianxin, MD and Aksu, Güzide, MD and Borges de Oliveira, Edgar, PhD and Deswarte, Caroline, MSc and Hubeau, Marjorie, PhD and Karaca, Neslihan, MD and de Suremain, Maylis, AS and Guérin, Antoine, MSc and Baba, Laila Ait, PhD and Prando, Carolina, MD, PhD and Guerrero, Gloria G., PhD and Emiroglu, Melike, MD and Öz, Fatma Nur, MD and Yamazaki Nakashimada, Marco Antonio, MD and Gonzalez Serrano, Edith, MD and Espinosa, Sara, MD, PhD and Barlan, Isil, MD and Pérez, Nestor, MD, PhD and Regairaz, Lorena, MD and Guidos Morales, Héctor Eduardo, MD and Bezrodnik, Liliana, MD and Di Giovanni, Daniela, MD and Dbaibo, Ghassan, MD and Ailal, Fatima, MD and Galicchio, Miguel, MD and Oleastro, Matias, MD and Chemli, Jalel, MD and Danielian, Silvia, PhD and Perez, Laura, BSc and Ortega, Maria Claudia, MD and Soto Lavin, Susana, MD, PhD and Hertecant, Joseph, MD and Anal, Ozden, MD and Kechout, Nadia, MD and Al-Idrissi, Eman, MD and ElGhazali, Gehad, MD, PhD and Bondarenko, Anastasia, MD and Chernyshova, Liudmyla, MD and Ciznar, Peter, MD and Herbigneaux, Rose-Marie, MD and Diabate, Aminata, AS and Ndaga, Stéphanie, AS and Konte, Barik, AS and Czarna, Ambre, AS and Migaud, Mélanie, AS and Pedraza-Sánchez, Sigifredo, PhD and Zaidi, Mussaret Bano, MD, Msc and Vogt, Guillaume, PhD and Blanche, Stéphane, MD and Benmustapha, Imen, MD and Mansouri, Davood, MD and Abel, Laurent, MD, PhD and Boisson-Dupuis, Stéphanie, PhD and Mahlaoui, Nizar, MD, MSc, MPH and Bousfiha, Ahmed Aziz, MD and Picard, Capucine, MD, PhD and Barbouche, Ridha, MD, PhD and Al-Muhsen, Saleh, MD and Espinosa-Rosales, Francisco J., MD and Kütükçüler, Necil, MD and Condino-Neto, Antonio, MD, PhD and Casanova, Jean-Laurent, MD, PhD and Bustamante, Jacinta, MD, PhD
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The, ISSN 0091-6749, 2016, Volume 138, Issue 1, pp. 241 - 248.e3
Background Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) is a rare primary immunodeficiency caused by inborn errors of the phagocyte nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide... 
Allergy and Immunology | primary immunodeficiency | Mycobacteria | chronic granulomatous disease | BCG | tuberculosis | SUSCEPTIBILITY | VACCINATION | 1ST REPORT | CLINICAL-FEATURES | KINDREDS | IMMUNOLOGY | DEFICIENCY | ALLERGY | INFECTION | 2 CHILDREN | MUTATIONS | Granulomatous Disease, Chronic - mortality | Mycoses - epidemiology | Mycobacterium Infections - diagnosis | Bacterial Infections - etiology | Humans | Tuberculosis - etiology | Child, Preschool | Infant | Male | Granulomatous Disease, Chronic - complications | Tuberculosis - diagnosis | Granulomatous Disease, Chronic - epidemiology | Female | Retrospective Studies | Child | Mycobacterium Infections - epidemiology | Mycobacterium Infections - etiology | Mycobacterium Infections - mortality | Granulomatous Disease, Chronic - therapy | Patient Outcome Assessment | Bacterial Infections - epidemiology | Mycoses - diagnosis | Bacterial Infections - diagnosis | Mycoses - mortality | Mycoses - etiology | BCG Vaccine - administration & dosage | Bacterial Infections - mortality | Care and treatment | Chronic granulomatous disease | Bacterial infections | Analysis | Cytochrome | Pathogens | Immunization | Tuberculosis | Infectious diseases | Laboratories | Infections | Mutation | Patients | Mycoses | Mycobacterium Infections | Life Sciences | Granulomatous Disease, Chronic | BCG Vaccine | Bacterial Infections
Journal Article
by Marciano, Beatriz E., MD and Huang, Chiung-Yu, PhD and Joshi, Gyan, PhD and Rezaei, Nima, MD and Carvalho, Beatriz Costa, MD and Allwood, Zoe, MD and Ikinciogullari, Aydan, MD and Reda, Shereen M., MD and Gennery, Andrew, MD and Thon, Vojtech, MD and Espinosa-Rosales, Francisco, MD and Al-Herz, Waleed, MD and Porras, Oscar, MD and Shcherbina, Anna, MD and Szaflarska, Anna, MD and Kiliç, Şebnem, MD and Franco, Jose L., MD, PhD and Gómez Raccio, Andrea C., MD and Roxo, Persio, MD and Esteves, Isabel, MD and Galal, Nermeen, MD and Grumach, Anete Sevciovic, MD, PhD and Al-Tamemi, Salem, MD and Yildiran, Alisan, MD and Orellana, Julio C., MD and Yamada, Masafumi, MD and Morio, Tomohiro, MD and Liberatore, Diana, MD and Ohtsuka, Yoshitoshi, MD and Lau, Yu-Lung, MD and Nishikomori, Ryuta, MD and Torres-Lozano, Carlos, MD and Mazzucchelli, Juliana T.L., MD and Vilela, Maria M.S., MD and Tavares, Fabiola S., MD and Cunha, Luciana, MD and Pinto, Jorge A., MD and Espinosa-Padilla, Sara E., MD and Hernandez-Nieto, Leticia, MD and Elfeky, Reem A., MD and Ariga, Tadashi, MD and Toshio, Heike, MD and Dogu, Figen, MD and Cipe, Funda, MD and Formankova, Renata, MD and Nuñez-Nuñez, M. Enriqueta, MD and Bezrodnik, Liliana, MD and Marques, Jose Gonçalo, MD and Pereira, María I., PhD and Listello, Viviana, MD and Slatter, Mary A., MD and Nademi, Zohreh, MD and Kowalczyk, Danuta, MD and Fleisher, Thomas A., MD and Davies, Graham, MD and Neven, Bénédicte, MD and Rosenzweig, Sergio D., MD, PhD
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The, ISSN 0091-6749, 2014, Volume 133, Issue 4, pp. 1134 - 1141
Journal Article
by Pérez, Óscar and Pérez, Ana Belén and Chueca, Natalia and García-Deltoro, Miguel and Martínez-Sapiña, Ana María and Lara-Pérez, María Magdalena and García-Bujalance, Silvia and Aldámiz-Echevarría, Teresa and Vera-Méndez, Francisco Jesús and Pineda, Juan Antonio and Casado, Marta and Pascasio, Juan Manuel and Salmerón, Javier and Alados-Arboledas, Juan Carlos and Poyato, Antonio and Téllez, Francisco and Téllez, María Jesús and Rivero-Juárez, Antonio and Merino, Dolores and Vivancos-Gallego, María Jesús and Rosales-Zábal, José Miguel and García, Federico and Ocete, María Dolores and Simón, Miguel Ángel and Rincón, Pilar and Reus, Sergi and De la Iglesia, Alberto and García-Arata, Isabel and Jiménez, Miguel and Jiménez, Fernando and Hernández-Quero, José and Galera, Carlos and Balghata, Mohamed Omar and Primo, Joaquín and Masiá, Mar and Espinosa, María Dolores and Espinosa, Nuria and Delgado, Cristina and Delgado, Marcial and von-Wichmann, Miguel Ángel and Collado, Antonio and Santos, Jesús and Mínguez, Carlos and Díaz-Flores, Felícitas and Fernández, Elisa and Fernández, Clotilde and Bernal, Enrique and De Juan, José and Antón, José Joaquín and Vélez, Mónica and Aguilera, Antonio and Navarro, Daniel and Arenas, Juan Ignacio and Ríos, María José and Alonso, Roberto and Hidalgo, Carmen and Hernández, Rosario and Rodríguez, Francisco Javier and Antequera, Pedro and Martín, Patricia and Crespo, Javier and Becerril, Berta and García-Herola, Antonio and Montero, José and Freyre, Carolina and Grau, Concepción and GEHEP-004 Study Grp
Journal of Hepatology, ISSN 0168-8278, 11/2019, Volume 71, Issue 5, pp. 876 - 888
Most hepatitis C virus (HCV)-infected patients failing NS5A inhibitors develop resistance-associated substitutions (RASs). Here we report the use of... 
Resistance testing | RASs | Treatment failure | HCV | Resistance-associated substitution | Ribavirin | Direct-acting antivirals | SOFOSBUVIR | PREVALENCE | REGIMENS | GENOTYPE 1 | THERAPY | HEPATITIS-C VIRUS | SUBSTITUTIONS | INFECTION | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | ANTIVIRAL DRUGS | LIFE | Disease resistance | Antiviral agents | Hepatitis | Ritonavir | New combinations | Interferon | Hepatitis C
Journal Article
Journal of Clinical Immunology, ISSN 0271-9142, 2/2014, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp. 146 - 156
Journal Article