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by Jullien, Vincent and Azoulay, Elie and Schwebel, Carole and Le Saux, Thomas and Charles, Pierre Emmanuel and Cornet, Muriel and Souweine, Bertrand and Klouche, Kadda and Jaber, Samir and Trouillet, Jean-Louis and Bruneel, Fabrice and Cour, Martin and Cousson, Joel and Meziani, Ferhat and Gruson, Didier and Paris, Adeline and Darmon, Michael and Garrouste-Orgeas, Maité and Navellou, Jean-Christophe and Foucrier, Arnaud and Allaouchiche, Bernard and Das, Vincent and Gangneux, Jean-Pierre and Ruckly, Stéphane and Wolff, Michel and Timsit, Jean-François and Hamidfar-Roy, Rebecca and Ciroldi, Magalie and Paugam-Burtz, Catherine and Navellou, Jean-Christophe and Bouadma, Lila and Mourvillier, Bruno and Sonneville, Romain and Chemam, Sarah and Lautrette, Alexandre and Bruyere, Rémi and Hamet, Maël and Christian, Guillaume and Ber, Charles-Eric and Prothet, Johanne and Rimmele, Thomas and Argaud, Laurent and Simon, Marie and Hernu, Romain and Jung, Boris and Conseil, Mathieu and Coisel, Yannael and Belafia, Fouad and Amigues, Laurent and Machado, Sonia and Serveaux, Marianne and Chastre, Jean and Raclot, Pascal and Floch, Thierry and Zeni, Fabrice and Pichon, Matthias and Coudrot, Maud and Ninet, Sebastien and Diconne, Eric and Schlemmer, Benoit and Lemiale, Virginie and Maziers, Nicolas and Schnell, David and Boisrame-Helms, Julie and Neagu-Anca, Raluca and Delabranche, Xavier and Martinet, Olivier and Garrouste-Orgeas, Maité and Misset, Benoit and Laurent, Virginie and Lacave, Guillaume and Bedos, Jean-Pierre and Hammi, Khadija and Styfalova, Lenka and Fritzsch, Joelle and Letrou, Sophie and Estevez, Lucie and Adda, Mireille and Devaux, Therese and Dubien, Celine and Bayarassou, Soumia and Faure, Catherine Jouvene and de La Salle, Sylvie and Prades, Albert and Rodriguez, Annie and Meur, Pierre and Warchol, Magda and El Haouari, Hanane and Theodose, Igor and Fournier, Julien and Cavelot, Sebastien and Kodja, Lilia Bakir and Faure, Marie Joyeux and Maurisot, Sophie and Labat, Carole and Tacco, Frédéric and Roos, Sonia and Dupre, Karima and Abazid, Malek and Essert, Michele and ... and EMPIRICUS Trial Study Grp and EMPIRICUS Trial Study Group
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 2017, Volume 72, Issue 1, pp. 181 - 189
Journal Article
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