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by Reagan-Steiner, Sarah and Simeone, Regina and Simon, Elizabeth and Bhatnagar, Julu and Oduyebo, Titilope and Free, Rebecca and Denison, Amy M and Rabeneck, Demi B and Ellington, Sascha and Petersen, Emily and Gary, Joy and Hale, Gillian and Keating, M. Kelly and Martines, Roosecelis B and Muehlenbachs, Atis and Ritter, Jana and Lee, Ellen and Davidson, Alexander and Conners, Erin and Scotland, Sarah and Sandhu, Kayleigh and Bingham, Andrea and Kassens, Elizabeth and Smith, Lou and St. George, Kirsten and Ahmad, Nina and Tanner, Mary and Beavers, Suzanne and Miers, Brooke and van Maldeghem, Kelley and Khan, Sumaiya and Rabe, Ingrid and Gould, Carolyn and Meaney-Delman, Dana and Honein, Margaret A and Shieh, Wun-Ju and Jamieson, Denise J and Fischer, Marc and Zaki, Sherif R and Kretschmer, Melissa and Tarter, Kara and Yaglom, Hayley and Alhajmohammad, Shoruq and Chhabra, Dildeep and Jilek, Wendy and Madala, Meghana and Messenger, Sharon and Porse, Charsey Cole and Salas, Maria and Singh, Diana and Skallet, Sarah and Sowunmi, Similoluwa and Marzec, Natalie S and Davis, Karin and Esponda-Morrison, Brenda and Fraser, M. Zachariah and O’Connor, Colleen Ann and Chung, Wendy M and Richardson, Folasuyi and Stocks, Meredith E and Bundek, Amanda Marie and Zambri, Mbajennifer L and Allen, Ashley and Etienne, Marie Ketty and Jackson, Jennifer and Landis, Vanessa and Logue, Teresa and Muse, Nicole and Prieto, Juliana and Rojas, Mercedes and Feldpausch, Amanda and Graham, Teri and Mann, Sylvia and Park, Sarah Y and Freeman, Debbie and Potts, Emily J and Stevens, Taryn and Simonson, Sean and Tonzel, Julius L and Davis, Shari and Robinson, Sara and Hyun, Judie K and Jenkins, Erin Maureen and Brown, Catherine and Soliva, Susan and Schiffman, Elizabeth and Byers, Paul and Hand, Sheryl and Mulgrew, Christine L and Hamik, Jeff and Koirala, Samir and Ludwig, Elizabeth and Fredette, Carolyn R and Mathewson, Abigail A and Garafalo, Kristin and Worthington, Karen and Ropri, Abubakar and Bloch, Danielle and Clark, Sandhya and Cooper, Hannah and ... and Zika Virus Response Epidemiology and U S Zika Pregnancy Registry and Zika Virus Response Epidemiology and Surveillance Task Force Pathology Team and U.S. Zika Pregnancy Registry Collaboration
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, ISSN 0149-2195, 06/2017, Volume 66, Issue 24, pp. 636 - 643
Journal Article
by Shakur, Haleema and Roberts, Ian and Fawole, Bukola and Chaudhri, Rizwana and El-Sheikh, Mohamed and Akintan, Adesina and Qureshi, Zahida and Kidanto, Hussein and Vwalika, Bellington and Abdulkadir, Abdulfetah and Etuk, Saturday and Noor, Shehla and Asonganyi, Etienne and Alfirevic, Zarko and Beaumont, Danielle and Ronsmans, Carine and Arulkumaran, Sabaratnam and Grant, Adrian and Afsana, Kaosar and Gülmezoglu, Metin and Hunt, Beverley and Olayemi, Oladapo and Chalmers, Iain and Lumbiganon, Pisake and Piaggio, Gilda and Brady, Tony and Elbourne, Diana and Balogun, Eni and Pepple, Tracey and Prowse, Danielle and Quashi, Nigel and Barneston, Lin and Barrow, Collette and Cook, Lisa and Frimley, Lauren and Gilbert, Daniel and Gilliam, Catherine and Jackson, Ayiko and Jackson, Rob and Kawahara, Taemi and Miah, Hakim and Kostrov, Sergey and Ramos, Maria and Edwards, Phil and Godec, Tom and Huque, Sumaya and Okunade, Olujide and Adetayo, Olusade and Kayani, Aasia and Javaid, Kiran and Biryabarema, Chrstine and Biryabarema, Christine and Tchounzou, Robert and Regmi, Mohan and Dallaku, Kastriot and Sahani, Mateus and Akhter, Sayeba and Meda, Nicolas and Dah, Anthony Kwame and Odekunle, Olufemi and Monehin, Oluwabusola and Ojo, Austin and Akinbinu, Grace and Offiah, Ifeoma and Akpan, Ubong and Udofia, Uduak and Okon, Useneno and Omoronyia, Ezukwa and James, Okpe and Bello, Nike and Adeyemi, Oluwaseun and Adeyemi, Blessed and Adeyemi, Babalola and Aimakhu, Chris and Akinsanya, Olufemi and Adeleye, Bamidele and Oluwatosin, Kayode and Aboyeji, Abiodun and Adeniran, Abiodun and Adewale, Adebayo and Olaomo, Noah and Omo-Aghoja, Lawrence and Okpako, Emmanuel and Oyeye, Lucky and Alu, Francis and Ogudu, John and Ladan, Ezekiel and Habib, Ibrahim and Okusanya, Babasola and Onafowokan, Olatunde and Isah, David and Aye, Abalaka and Okogbo, Felix and Aigere, Egbaname and Ogbiti, Mark and Onile, Temitope and Salau, Olaide and Amode, Yinka and Shoretire, Kamil and Owodunni, Adebola and ... and Natl Coordinators and Nigeria Coordinating Team and Pakistan Coordinating Team and Trial Coordinating Team and Protocol Comm and Steering Comm and WOMAN Trial Collaborators
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2017, Volume 389, Issue 10084, pp. 2105 - 2116
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Sibiude, Jeanne and Le Chenadec, Jérôme and Bonnet, Damien and Tubiana, Roland and Faye, Albert and Dollfus, Catherine and Mandelbrot, Laurent and Delmas, Sandrine and Lelong, Nathalie and Khoshnood, Babak and Warszawski, Josiane and Blanche, Stéphane and Crenn-Hebert, Catherine and Floch-Tudal, Corinne and Mazy, Fabienne and Joras, Marine and Meier, Françoise and Mortier, Emmanuel and Briquet, Catherine and Duro, Dominique and Ichou, Houria and Marty, Laurence and Ceccaldi, Pierre-François and Banige, Maïa and Uludag, Agnès Villemant and Zarouk, Virginie and Lefort, Agnès and Ben Salah, Mariam and Hittinger, Gilles and Chamouilli, Jean-Marc and Burle, Christian and Lafeuillade, Alain and Philip, Gisèle and Medus, Marie and Bachelard, Germaine and Malet, Martine and Dendale-Nguyen, Joëlle and Guimard, Thomas and Guimard, Karine and Brossier, Jean-Pierre and Perré, Philippe and Esnault, Jean-Luc and Stragier, Olivier Bollengier and Leautez-Nainville, Sophie and Suaud, Isabelle and Martha, Sandrine-Anne and Martha, Benoît and Maurel, Elise and Françoise, Michel and Barat, Muriel and Murger, Patricia and Rouha, Mahfoud and Lumbroso, Philippe and Checoury, Alain and Perfezou, Pascale and Blondin, Gilles and Duthé, Jean-Charles and Ansart, Séverine and Martin, Luc De Saint and Le Moine, Philippe and Daniel, Corinne and Calvez, Christian and Boutaric, Emmanuelle and Rohan, Jennifer and Arvieux, Cédric and Bauville, Estelle and Dupre, Christelle and Lotton, Pascal and Ouamara-Digue, Enora and Poinsignon, Yves and Grelier, Anne and Mousset, Gaetane and Cudeville, Corinne and Mouton-Rioux, Virginie and Niault, Mathilde and Belzic, Isabelle and Moreau, Philippe and Le Coz, Marie-Françoise and Vaillant, Odile Luycx and De Morel, Philippe and Vitrat, Virginie and Tardif, Didier and Gaillat, Jacques and Vanderbergh, Anne and Braig, Suzanne and Clavere, Gaelle and Dehlinger-Paul, Marion and Mohamed, Khaled and Echard, Marie and Camus, Michel and Heller-Roussin, Brigitte and Winter, Cécile and Benveniste, Elyane and Firtion, Ghislaine and Pannier, Emmanuelle and Costa, Myriam and Launay, Odile and Ceron, Dominique Salmon and Belkacem, Touraia and Matheron, Sophie and ... and French Natl Agcy Res AIDS Viral He and French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis French Perinatal Cohort/Protease Inhibitor Monotherapy Evaluation Trial
Clinical Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 07/2015, Volume 61, Issue 2, pp. 270 - 280
Background. Antiretroviral (ARV) regimens during pregnancy are highly effective in preventing mother-to-child transmission of human immunodeficiency virus... 
PMTCT | zidovudine | heart function | randomized trial | congenital heart defects | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | INFECTED WOMEN | MOTHER | MICROBIOLOGY | ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY | BIRTH-DEFECTS | PREVALENCE | IMMUNOLOGY | CD-1 MICE | PREGNANCY | TRANSMISSION | HIV | CHILDREN BORN | HIV Infections - prevention & control | Heart Septal Defects, Ventricular - epidemiology | Lamivudine - administration & dosage | Pregnancy Complications, Infectious - virology | Follow-Up Studies | Heart Defects, Congenital - etiology | Humans | Infant | Male | Pregnancy Trimester, First | Zidovudine - administration & dosage | Lamivudine - adverse effects | Young Adult | Uterus | Heart Septal Defects, Ventricular - etiology | Heart Septal Defects, Ventricular - diagnosis | Adult | Anti-HIV Agents - therapeutic use | Female | HIV Infections - transmission | France | Echocardiography | Zidovudine - adverse effects | Anti-HIV Agents - adverse effects | Pregnancy | Pregnancy Complications, Infectious - drug therapy | Sex Factors | Heart Defects, Congenital - epidemiology | HIV Infections - drug therapy | Heart Defects, Congenital - diagnosis | Zidovudine - therapeutic use | Infectious Disease Transmission, Vertical - prevention & control | Drug Combinations | Prevention | Usage | Maternal health services | Disease transmission | Clinical trials | Dosage and administration | Management | Drug therapy | HIV infection | Zidovudine | Risk factors
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Medical Screening, ISSN 0969-1413, 03/2018, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 49 - 50
Objective: To establish the birth prevalence of sickle cell disease in Grenada, with a view to assess the requirement for a population-based neonatal screening... 
prevalence | Caribbean | Sickle cell disease | newborn screening | Grenada | PUBLIC, ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH
Journal Article
International Journal of Neonatal Screening, ISSN 2409-515X, 01/2019, Volume 5, Issue 1, p. 5
The region surrounding the Caribbean Sea is predominantly composed of island nations for its Eastern part and the American continental coast on its Western... 
Newborn screening | Caribbean | Sickle cell disease
Journal Article
2008, Travaux / Centre interdisciplinaire d'études et de recherches sur l'expression contemporaine, ISBN 2862724939, Volume no 5, 380 p. [8] p. of plates
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