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by Bellelli, Giuseppe and Morandi, Alessandro and Di Santo, Simona G and Mazzone, Andrea and Cherubini, Antonio and Mossello, Enrico and Bo, Mario and Bianchetti, Angelo and Rozzini, Renzo and Zanetti, Ermellina and Musicco, Massimo and Ferrari, Alberto and Ferrara, Nicola and Trabucchi, Marco and Boffelli, Stefano and Stefano, Fabio Di and Filippi, Francesco De and Guerini, Fabio and Bertoletti, Erik and March, Albert and Margiotta, Alessandro and Mecocci, Patrizia and Addesi, Desireè and Fantò, Fausto and Dijik, Babette and Porrino, Paola and Cotroneo, Antonino Maria and Galli, Giovanni and Bruni, Amalia Cecilia and Bernardini, Bruno and Corsini, Carla and Cagnin, Annachiara and Zurlo, Amedeo and Barbagallo, Giuseppe and Lunardelli, Maria Lia and Martini, Emilio and Battaglia, Giuseppe and Latella, Raffaele and Petritola, Donatella and Sinforiani, Elena and Cester, Alberto and Formilan, Marino and Carbone, Pasqualina and Appollonio, Ildebrando and Cereda, Diletta and Tremolizzo, Lucio and Bottacchi, Edo and Lucchetti, Lucio and Mariani, Claudio and Rapazzini, Piero and Romanelli, Giuseppe and Marengoni, Alessandra and Zuliani, Giovanni and Bianchi, Lara and Suardi, Teresa and Muti, Ettore and Bottura, Renato and Sgrò, Giovanni and Mandas, Antonella and Serchisu, Luca and Crippa, Patrizia and Ivaldi, Claudio and Ungar, Andrea and Villani, Daniele and Raimondi, Clara and Mussi, Chiara and Isaia, Giancarlo and Provenzano, Giuseppe and Mari, Daniela and Odetti, Patrizio and Monacelli, Fiammetta and Incalzi, Raffaele Antonelli and Pluderi, Alice and Bellamoli, Claudio and Terranova, Luciano and Scarpini, Elio and D'Amico, Ferdinando and Cavallini, Maria Chiara and Guerrini, Gianbattista and Scotuzzi, Anna Maria and Chiarello, Antonino and Pilotto, Alberto and Tognini, Sara and Dell'Aquila, Giuseppina and Toigo, Gabriele and Ceschia, Giuliano and Piccinini, Maristella and Fabbo, Andrea and Zoli, Marco and Forti, Paola and Wenter, Christian and Basile, Giorgio and Lasagni, Anna and Padovani, Alessandro and Rozzini, Luca and Cottino, Maria and Vitali, Silvia and Tripi, Gabriele and Avanzi, Stefano and Annoni, Giorgio and ... and Italian Study Grp Delirium ISGoD and Italian Study Group on Delirium (ISGoD) and on behalf of the Italian Study Group on Delirium (ISGoD)
BMC Medicine, ISSN 1741-7015, 07/2016, Volume 14, Issue 1, p. 106
Journal Article
Journal Article
by De Placido, Sabino and Gallo, Ciro and De Laurentiis, Michelino and Bisagni, Giancarlo and Arpino, Grazia and Sarobba, Maria Giuseppa and Riccardi, Ferdinando and Russo, Antonio and Del Mastro, Lucia and Cogoni, Alessio Aligi and Cognetti, Francesco and Gori, Stefania and Foglietta, Jennifer and Frassoldati, Antonio and Amoroso, Domenico and Laudadio, Lucio and Moscetti, Luca and Montemurro, Filippo and Verusio, Claudio and Bernardo, Antonio and Lorusso, Vito and Gravina, Adriano and Moretti, Gabriella and Lauria, Rossella and Lai, Antonella and Mocerino, Carmela and Rizzo, Sergio and Nuzzo, Francesco and Carlini, Paolo and Perrone, Francesco and Accurso, Antonello and Agostara, Biagio and Aieta, Michele and Alabiso, Oscar and Alicicco, Maria Grazia and Amadori, Dino and Amaducci, Laura and Amiconi, Gianna and Antuzzi, Giustino and Ardine, Mara and Ardizzoia, Antonio and Aversa, Caterina and Badalamenti, Giuseppe and Barni, Sandro and Basurto, Carlo and Berardi, Rossana and Bergamasco, Cinzia and Bidoli, Paolo and Bighin, Claudia and Biondi, Edoardo and Bisagni, Giancarlo and Boni, Corrado and Borgonovo, Karen and Botta, Mario and Bravi, Stefano and Bruzzi, Paolo and Buono, Giuseppe and Butera, Alfredo and Caldara, Alessia and Candeloro, Giampiero and Cappelletti, Claudia and Cardalesi, Cinzia and Carfora, Elisabetta and Cariello, Anna and Carrozza, Francesco and Cartenì, Giacomo and Caruso, Michele and Casadei, Virginia and Casanova, Claudia and Castori, Luigi and Cavanna, Luigi and Cavazzini, Giovanna and Cazzaniga, Marina and Chilelli, Mario and Chiodini, Paolo and Chiorrini, Silvia and Ciardiello, Fortunato and Ciccarese, Mariangela and Cinieri, Saverio and Clerico, Mario and Coccaro, Mariarosa and Comande, Mario and Corbo, Claudia and Cortino, Giuseppina and Cusenza, Stefania and Daniele, Gennaro and D'arco, Alfonso Maria and D'auria, Giuliana and Dazzi, Claudio and De Angelis, Carmine and de Braud, Filippo and De Feo, Gianfranco and De Matteis, Andrea and De Tursi, Michele and Di Blasio, Anna and di Lucca, Giuseppe and Di Lullo, Liberato and Di Rella, Francesca and Di Renzo, Gianfranco and Di Stefano, Pia and ... and GIM Investigators
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 04/2018, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp. 474 - 485
Uncertainty exists about the optimal schedule of adjuvant treatment of breast cancer with aromatase inhibitors and, to our knowledge, no trial has directly... 
Journal Article
by A M Lorga Filho and AD Azmus and AM Soeiro and AS Quadros and A Avezum Junior and AC Marques and A Franci and ALL Manica and A Volschan and AAV De Paola and AIL Greco and ACN Ferreira and ACS Sousa and AEP Pesaro and AF Simão and ASSA Lopes and A Timerman and AIO Ramos and BR Alves and B Caramelli and BA Mendes and CA Polanczyk and CEL Montenegro and CJDG Barbosa and CV Serrano Junior and CCL Melo and C Pinho and DAR Moreira and D Calderaro and DM Gualandro and D Armaganijan and EA Machado Neto and EA Bocchi and EF Paiva and E Stefanini and E D'Amico and EF Evaristo and EER Silva and F Fernandes and FS Brito Junior and F Bacal and F Ganem and FLT Gomes and FR Mattos and FR Moraes Neto and F Tarasoutchi and FCC Darrieux and GS Feitosa and G Fenelon and GR Morais and H Correa Filho and I Castro and I Gonçalves Junior and J Atié and JD Souza Neto and JFM Ferreira and JC Nicolau and JR Faria Neto and JM Annichino-Bizzacchi and LI Zimerman and LS Piegas and LJT Pires and LM Baracioli and LB Silva and LAP Mattos and LAF Lisboa and LPM Magalhães and MACQ Lopes and MW Montera and MJO Figueiredo and MVB Malachias and MVB Gaz and MD Andrade and MSC Bacellar and MR Barbosa and NO Clausell and OP Dutra and OR Coelho and PC Yu and PL Lavítola and PA Lemos Neto and PB Andrade and PS Farsky and RA Franco and RAK Kalil and RD Lopes and R Esporcatte and RH Heinisch and R Kalil Filho and RRCV Giraldez and RC Alves and REGS Leite and RJ Gagliardi and RF Ramos and ST Montenegro and TAD Accorsi and TSV Jardim and TL Scudeler and VA Moisés and VL Portal
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia, ISSN 1678-4170, 09/2013, Volume 101, Issue 3 suppl 3, pp. 01 - 95
Journal Article
by Hammel, P and Kindler, H. L and Reni, M and van Cutsem, E and MacArulla, T and Hall, M. J and Park, J. O and Hochhauser, D and Arnold, D and Oh, D. Y and Reinacher-Schick, A and Tortora, G and Algül, H and O'Reilly, E. M and McGuinness, D and Cui, K. Y and Joo, S and Yoo, H. K and Patel, N and Golan, T and Chantrill, Lorraine and Goldstein, David and Joubert, Warren and Pavlakis, Nick and Tognela, Annette and van Cutsem, Eric and van Fraeyenhove, Frank and van Laethem, Jean-Luc and Peeters, Marc and Dhani, Neesha and Kavan, Petr and Lemay, Frederic and Adenis, Antoine and Artru, Pascal and Baba-Hamed, Nabil and Belletier, Christine and Ben Abdelghani, Meher and Blanc, Jean-Frederic and Borg, Christophe and Coriat, Romain and Deplanque, Gael and Faroux, Roger and Follana, Philippe and Guimbaud, Rosine and el Hajbi, Farid and Hammel, Pascal and Hautefeuille, Vincent and Malka, David and Metges, Jean-Philippe and Tougeron, David and Walter, Thomas and Algül, Hana and Ettrich, Thomas and Hacker, Ulrich Thorsten and Hennes, Elke and Jacobasch, Lutz and Kanzler, Stephan and Pession, Ursula and Reinacher-Schick, Anke and Scholz, Christian and Sinn, Marianne and Stein, Alexander and Strassburg, Christian and Vogel, Arndt and Ben-Shahar, Menachem and Brenner, Ronen and Epelbaum, Ron and Geva, Ravit and Gluzman, Alexander and Golan, Talia and Idelevich, Efraim and Kolin, Maya and Semenisty, Valeriya and Shai, Ayelet and Stemmer, Salomon and Yarom, Nirit and Celio, Luigi and Conte, Pierfranco and Garufi, Carlo and Gianni, Luca and Leonardi, Francesco and Maiello, Evaristo and di Marco, Mariacristina and Milella, Michele and Pinto, Carmine and Santini, Daniele and Scartozzi, Mario and Tortora, Giampaolo and Vaccaro, Vanja and Vasile, Enrico and Kim, Ji-Won and Kim, Jin-Won and Oh, Do-Youn and Oh Park, Joon and Wilmink, Hanneke and Gallego, Rafael Alvarez and Ogalla, Gema Duran and Velasco, Adelaida Garcia and Cabanas, Elena Garralda and Gomez Martin, Carlos and ... and POLO Investigators
Annals of oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 2019, Volume 30, Issue 12, pp. 1959 - 1968
Background: Patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer often have a detriment in health-related quality of life (HRQoL). In the randomized, double-blind, phase... 
BRCA | pancreatic cancer | FOLFIRINOX | IMPACT | metastatic | ONCOLOGY | olaparib | health-related quality of life | GEMCITABINE | Original
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Raparelli, Valeria and Proietti, Marco and Lenzi, Andrea and Basili, Stefania and Tiberti, Claudio and Panimolle, Federica and Isidori, Andrea and Giannetta, Elisa and Napoleone, Laura and Novo, Marta and Quattrino, Silvia and Ceccarelli, Simona and Anastasiadou, Eleni and Marchese, Cinzia and Mangieri, Enrico and Tanzilli, Gaetano and Viceconte, Nicola and Barillà, Francesco and Gaudio, Carlo and Ettorre, Evaristo and Romiti, Giulio Francesco and Toriello, Filippo and Ruscio, Eleonora and Todisco, Tommaso and Sperduti, Nicolò and Santangelo, Giuseppe and Visioli, Giacomo and Vano, Marco and Borgi, Marco and Antonini, Ludovica Maria and Robuffo, Silvia and Tucci, Claudia and Savoia, Maria Virginia and Rossoni, Agostino and Spugnardi, Valeria and Vernile, Annarita and Santoliquido, Mariateresa and Santori, Verdiana and Tosti, Giulia and Recchia, Fabrizio and Morricone, Francesco and Scacciavillani, Roberto and Lipari, Alice and Zito, Andrea and Testa, Floriana and Ricci, Giulia and Vellucci, Ilaria and Vincenti, Marianna and Pietropaolo, Silvia and Amoroso, Daria and Stefanini, Lucia and Talerico, Giovanni and Pignatelli, Pasquale and Bartimoccia, Simona and Cangemi, Roberto and Minisola, Salvatore and Filetti, Sebastiano and Nocella, Cristina and Pilote, Louise and Jiri, Tabeth Tsitsi and Wali, Muhammad Ahmer and Kaur, Amanpreet and Vestri, Anna Rita and Servello, Adriana and Ferroni, Patrizia and Crescioli, Clara and Antinozzi, Cristina and Pignataro, Francesca Serena and Bellini, Tiziana and Trentini, Alessandro and Carnevale, Roberto and Catalano, Carlo and Carbone, Iacopo and Galea, Nicola and Bertazzoni, Giuliano and Suppa, Marianna and Rosa, Antonello and Scarpellini, Maria Gabriella and Coppola, Alessandro and Illuminati, Giulio and Mariani, Paola and Neri, Fabrizio and Salis, Paolo and Segatori, Antonio and Tellini, Laurent and Costabile, Gianluca and EVA Collaborators and On behalf of EVA Collaborators
Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research, ISSN 1937-5387, 2018, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp. 14 - 25
Journal Article
Phytopathology, ISSN 0031-949X, 12/2018, Volume 108, Issue 12, pp. 1402 - 1411
Journal Article