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high energy physics - phenomenology (7) 7
physical sciences (7) 7
physics (7) 7
science & technology (7) 7
physics, particles & fields (6) 6
physics - high energy physics - phenomenology (5) 5
[phys.hphe]physics [physics]/high energy physics - phenomenology [hep-ph] (4) 4
astrophysics (3) 3
experiment (3) 3
high energy physics (3) 3
13.85.-t, 11.55.-m, 12.40.nn, 13.60.hb (2) 2
amplitudes (2) 2
astronomy & astrophysics (2) 2
bosons (2) 2
fysik (2) 2
higgs bosons (2) 2
high energy astrophysical phenomena (2) 2
high energy physics - experiment (2) 2
hypothetical particles (2) 2
leptons (2) 2
mesons (2) 2
natural sciences (2) 2
naturvetenskap (2) 2
neutrinos (2) 2
nuclear experiment (2) 2
particle and nuclear physics (2) 2
particle physics (2) 2
physics [physical, chemical, mathematical & earth sciences] (2) 2
physics, multidisciplinary (2) 2
physics, nuclear (2) 2
physique [physique, chimie, mathématiques & sciences de la terre] (2) 2
radiation counters (2) 2
subatomic physics (2) 2
subatomär fysik (2) 2
total cross sections (2) 2
analysis (1) 1
analytic fits (1) 1
analytic functions (1) 1
astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology (1) 1
atomic and molecular physics (1) 1
authors’ competence (1) 1
automated text processing (1) 1
bibliographie (1) 1
bibliographies (1) 1
bibliography (1) 1
big data (1) 1
citation index (1) 1
classical and quantum mechanics, general physics (1) 1
collisions (1) 1
computer science (1) 1
cosmology (1) 1
cross section (1) 1
d codes (1) 1
damoscope (1) 1
dark energy (1) 1
dark matter (1) 1
data processing (1) 1
data quality (1) 1
datensammlung (1) 1
elastic scattering (1) 1
electron-positron collisions (1) 1
electron-positron interactions (1) 1
elektron-positron-streuung (1) 1
elektron-positron-vernichtung (1) 1
elementary particles, quantum field theory (1) 1
element♭lrn♭ư ♯♭lstice (1) 1
fundamental interactions (1) 1
grand unified theory (1) 1
hadron (1) 1
hadron reactions (1) 1
hadron-hadron interactions (1) 1
hadrons (1) 1
histoire (1) 1
historia (1) 1
histories (1) 1
history (1) 1
hypothesis testing (1) 1
implementation (1) 1
inclusive interactions- transverse momentum (1) 1
information storage and retrieval (1) 1
interactions, electron-positron (1) 1
interações eletron-positron (1) 1
interfaces (1) 1
internet (1) 1
jadern♭l fyzika (1) 1
java (1) 1
knowledge extraction (1) 1
lexico-semantic analysis (1) 1
linear momentum (1) 1
mathematical models (1) 1
measurement science, instrumentation (1) 1
measurement uncertainty (1) 1
multiple production (1) 1
n64210 -physics-particle interactions & properties (1) 1
naturwissenschaften (1) 1
network experience (1) 1
nuclear physics (1) 1
nuclear physics, heavy ions, hadrons (1) 1
ontology (1) 1
particle accelerators (1) 1
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by Hikasa, K and Nakamura, K and Takahashi, F and Amsler, C and Banerjee, Sw and Beatty, J.J and Beringer, J and Bettini, A and Bichsel, H and Burkert, V and Carena, M and Cerri, A and Chivukula, R.S and Cowan, G and D'Ambrosio, G and De Gouvêa, A and Dobrescu, B.A and D'Onofrio, M and Fields, B.D and Firestone, R and Freitas, A and Gallagher, H and Garren, L and Gerber, H.-J and Gerbier, G and Gherghetta, T and Godizov, A.A and Groom, D.E and Grünewald, M and Haber, H.E and Hayato, Y and Hayes, K.G and Hebecker, A and Heinemeyer, S and Hernández-Rey, J.J and Höcker, A and Irwin, K.D and Klein, S.R and Klempt, E and Kowalewski, R.V and Kuyanov, Yu.V and Kwon, Y and Lahav, O and Lesgourgues, J and Lin, C.-J and Lippmann, C and Mannel, T and Manohar, A.V and Meißner, U.-G and Milstead, D and Mitchell, R.E and Mönig, K and Moskovic, M and Neubert, M and Pagan Griso, S and Parsons, J and Pennington, M and Petcov, S.T and Piepke, A and Pomarol, A and Quadt, A and Ratcliff, B.N and Ringwald, A and Rolli, S and Ryutin, R.A and Sachrajda, C.T and Salam, G.P and Scott, D and Sharma, V and Shutt, T and Sjöstrand, T and Skwarnicki, T and Smith, J.G and Smoot, G.F and Spiering, C and Stone, S.L and Sumiyoshi, T and Thoma, U and Thorne, R.S and Tovey, D.R and Valencia, G and Varelas, N and Vincter, M.G and Vogel, P and Vogt, A and Walkowiak, W and Walter, C.W and Ward, D.R and Weinberg, E.J and White, M and Wohl, C.G and Womersley, J and Woody, C.L and Zeller, G.P and Zhu, R.-Y and Zhu, S.-L and Zyla, P.A and Anderson, J and Fuller, L and Schaffner, P and Particle Data Grp and Particle Data Group and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and et al
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 08/2018, Volume 98, Issue 3
Journal Article
by Barnett, R.M and Beringer, J and Pianori, E and Allanach, B.C and Amsler, C and Antonelli, M and Aschenauer, E.C and Baer, H and Banerjee, Sw and Baudis, L and Bauer, C.W and Biebel, O and Blucher, E and Buchmuller, O and Cahn, R.N and Carena, M and Chakraborty, D and Sekhar Chivukula, R and D'Ambrosio, G and de Gouvêa, A and Drees, M and Dreiner, H.K and Ellis, J and Ezhela, V.V and Fetscher, W and Foster, B and Freitas, A and Garren, L and Gherghetta, T and Gonzalez-Garcia, M.C and Goodman, M and Grab, C and Gritsan, A.V and Grojean, C and Grünewald, M and Gurtu, A and Gutsche, T and Hashimoto, S and Hayato, Y and Hebecker, A and Heinemeyer, S and Heltsley, B and Johnson, K.F and Karliner, M and Katz, U.F and Kwon, Y and Lellouch, L.P and Lesgourgues, J and Liss, T.M and Littenberg, L and Lourenço, C and Lusiani, A and Makida, Y and Maltoni, F and Manohar, A.V and Masoni, A and Matthews, J and Meißner, U.-G and Milstead, D and Moortgat, F and Narain, M and Nason, P and Navas, S and Neubert, M and Nevski, P and Nir, Y and Petcov, S.T and Pich, A and Pomarol, A and Profumo, S and Rabbertz, K and Rademacker, J and Ringwald, A and Roesler, S and Romaniouk, A and Rosner, J.L and Sakai, Y and Salam, G.P and Shutt, T and Sjöstrand, T and Skands, P and Soffer, A and Spanier, S and Stahl, A and Syphers, M.J and Takahashi, F and Terning, J and Tovey, D.R and van de Water, R and Verde, L and Walkowiak, W and Walter, C.W and Weinberg, D.H and Weinberg, E.J and White, M and Willocq, S and Yoshida, R and Zeller, G.P and Schaffner, P and Zheng, W and Particle Data Grp and Particle Data Group
Progress of theoretical and experimental physics, ISSN 2050-3911, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 8, pp. 1 - 2093
Journal Article
Journal Article
Computer physics communications, ISSN 0010-4655, 1984, Volume 33, Issue 1, pp. 225 - 228
Journal Article