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by Weinstein, John N and Akbani, Rehan and Broom, Bradley M and Wang, Wenyi and Verhaak, Roeland G. W and McConkey, David and Lerner, Seth and Morgan, Margaret and Creighton, Chad J and Smith, Carolyn and Cherniack, Andrew D and Kim, Jaegil and Pedamallu, Chandra Sekhar and Noble, Michael S and Al-Ahmadie, Hikmat A and Reuter, Victor E and Rosenberg, Jonathan E and F.Bajorin, Dean and Bochner, Bernard H and Solit, David B and Koppie, Theresa and Robinson, Brian and Gordenin, Dmitry A and Fargo, David and Klimczak, Leszek J and Roberts, Steven A and Au, Jessie and Laird, Peter W and Hinoue, Toshinori and Schultz, Nikolaus and Ramirez, Ricardo and Hansel, Donna and Hoadley, Katherine A and Kim, William Y and Damrauer, Jeffrey S and Baylin, Stephen B and Mungall, Andrew J and Robertson, A. Gordon and Chu, Andy and Kwiatkowski, David J and Sougnez, Carrie and Cibulskis, Kristian and Lichtenstein, Lee and Sivachenko, Andrey and Stewart, Chip and Lawrence, Michael S and Getz, Gad and Lander, Eric and Gabrie, Stacey B and Donehower, Lawrence and Carter, Scott L and Saksena, Gordon and Schumacher, Steven E and Freeman, Samuel S and Jung, Joonil and Bhatt, Ami S and Pugh, Trevor and Beroukhim, Rameen and Meyerson, Matthew and Ally, Adrian and Balasundaram, Miruna and Butterfield, Yaron S. N and Dhalla, Noreen and Hirst, Carrie and Holt, Robert A and Jones, Steven J. M and Lee, Darlene and Li, Haiyan I and Marra, Marco A and Mayo, Michael and Moore, Richard A and Schein, Jacqueline E and Sipahimalani, Payal and Tam, Angela and Thiessen, Nina and Wong, Tina and Wye, Natasja and Bowlby, Reanne and Chuah, Eric and Guin, Ranabir and Shen, Hui and Bootwalla, Moiz S and Triche Jr, Timothy and Lai, Phillip H and Van Den Berg, David J and Weisenberger, Daniel J and Balu, Saianand and Bodenheimer, Tom and Hoyle, Alan P and Jefferys, Stuart R and Meng, Shaowu and Mose, Lisle E and Simons, Janae V and Soloway, Mathew G and Wu, Junyuan and Parker, Joel S and Hayes, D. Neil and Roach, Jeffrey and Buda, Elizabeth and Jones, Corbin D and ... and Canc Genome Atlas Res Network and Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2014, Volume 507, Issue 7492, pp. 315 - 322
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