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by Baigent, Colin and Bhala, N and Emberson, J and Merhi, A and Abramson, S and Arber, N and Baron, J.A and Bombardier, C and Cannon, C and Farkouh, M.E and FitzGerald, G.A and Goss, P and Halls, H and Hawk, E and Hawkey, C and Hennekens, C and Hochberg, M and Holland, L.E and Kearney, P.M and Laine, L and Lanas, A and Lance, P and Laupacis, A and Oates, J and Patrono, C and Schnitzer, T.J and Solomon, S and Tugwell, P and Wilson, K and Wittes, J and Adelowo, O and Aisen, P and Al-Quorain, A and Altman, R and Bakris, G and Baumgartner, H and Bresee, C and Carducci, M and Chang, D.-M and Chou, C.-T and Clegg, D and Cudkowicz, M and Doody, L and Miedany, Y.El and Falandry, C and Farley, J and Ford, L and Garcia-Losa, M and Gonzalez-Ortiz, M and Haghighi, M and Hala, M and Iwama, T and Jajic, Z and Kerr, D and Kim, H.-S and Kohne, C and Koo, B.-K and Martin, B and Meinert, C and Muller, N and Myklebust, G and Neustadt, D and Omdal, R and Ozgocmen, S and Papas, A and Patrignani, P and Pelliccia, F and Roy, V and Schlegelmilch, I and Umar, A and Wahlstrom, O and Wollheim, F and Yocum, S and Zhang, X.Y and Hall, E and McGettigan, P and Midgley, R and Moore, R.A and Philipson, R and Curtis, S and Reicin, A and Bond, J and Moore, A and Essex, M and Fabule, J and Morrison, B and Tive, L and Bhala, N and Davies, K and Emberson, J and Halls, H and Holland, L.E and Kearney, P.M and Merhi, A and Patrono, C and Wilson, K and Yau, F and Coxib Traditional NSAID Trialists and Coxib and traditional NSAID Trialists' (CNT) Collaboration
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World Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0364-2313, 9/2007, Volume 31, Issue 9, pp. 1813 - 1820
There is no standardized treatment for patients with chemoresistant or recurrent advanced ovarian cancer. Locoregional treatments combining cytoreductive... 
Medicine & Public Health | Cardiac Surgery | Surgery | Abdominal Surgery | Vascular Surgery | Thoracic Surgery | General Surgery | SURVIVAL | SURGERY | HYPERTHERMIC PERFUSION | MANAGEMENT | SURGICAL CYTOREDUCTION | CISPLATIN | PERITONEAL CARCINOMATOSIS | MITOMYCIN-C | PHASE-II | CHEMOTHERAPY | Cancer patients | Oncology, Experimental | Research | Health aspects | Ovarian cancer | Cancer
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by Clarke, S and Tan, C and Read, J and Phan, V and Peat, J. K and Beale, P and Gornadha, Y and Elaidi, R. T and Scotte, F and Vano, Y and Pecuchet, N and Gachet, J and Medioni, J and Fabre, E and Oudard, S and Freyer, G and Jovenin, N and Yazbek, G and Villanueva, C. B and Hussain, A and Bethune, A and Rotarski, M and Simon, H and Boulanger, V and Hummerlsberger, M and Gladkov, O. A and Bondarenko, I. M and Elsaesser, R and Buchner, A and Bias, P and Seligmann, J. F and Young, A and Heath, G and Cairns, D and Anthoney, A and Hall, G and Seymour, M and Swinson, D and Santini, D and Guida, F. M and Schiavon, G and Venditti, O and Frezza, A. M and Imperatori, M and Spoto, C and Berti, P and Vincenzi, B and Tonini, G and Del Mastro, L and Levaggi, A and Poggio, F and Giraudi, S and Bighin, C and D'Alonzo, A and Lambertini, M and Pronzato, P and Bruzzi, P and He, M and Huang, S and Yu, L and Shi, G and Deng, J and Zhang, X and Wang, X and Chen, J and Nong, X and Shen, P and Aarts, M. J and Grutters, J. P and Peters, F. P and Mandigers, C. M and Dercksen, M. W and Stouthard, J. M and Nortier, J. W and van Laarhoven, H. W and van Warmerdam, L. J and Tjan-Heijnen, V. C and Falandry, C and Krakowski, I and Cure, H and Carola, E and Soubeyran, P and Guerin, O and Aapro, M. S and Gascon, P and Ludwig, H and Bokemeyer, C and Boccadoro, M and Turner, M and Muenzberg, M and Denhaerynck, K and Abraham, I and Macdonald, K and Lotz, J and Tesch, H and Verpoort, K and Rosati, M. S and Salesi, N and Barker, H and Agrawal, S and ... and on behalf of BSMO/BHS and Lotuz Investigators
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Journal Article
European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, ISSN 0301-2115, 05/2019, Volume 236, pp. 214 - 223
An MRI is recommended for an ovarian mass that is indeterminate on ultrasound. The ROMA score (combining CA125 and HE4) can also be calculated (Grade A). In... 
Chemotherapy | Primary peritoneal cancer | Surgery | Ovarian cancer | Tubal cancer | Guidelines | Life Sciences | Human health and pathology | Gynecology and obstetrics | Cancer
Journal Article
Journal of Clinical Oncology, ISSN 0732-183X, 08/2014, Volume 32, Issue 24, pp. 2604 - 2610
Over the last 50 years, major improvements have been made in our understanding of the driving forces, both parallel and opposing, that lead to aging and... 
LONGEVITY | ONCOLOGY | TUMOR SUPPRESSION | MITOTIC CLOCK | HEMATOPOIETIC STEM-CELLS | IN-VIVO | DNA-DAMAGE | GROWTH | CHECKPOINT | EXPRESSION | TUMORIGENESIS | Cellular Senescence - genetics | Age Factors | Aging - genetics | Aging - physiology | Neoplasms - genetics | Humans | Cellular Senescence - physiology | Neoplasms - pathology | Life Sciences
Journal Article
Journal of Geriatric Oncology, ISSN 1879-4068, 2013, Volume 4, pp. S9 - S9
Journal Article