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JACC (Journal of the American College of Cardiology), ISSN 0735-1097, 2014, Volume 63, Issue 12, pp. S12 - S12
  Conclusion Our first experience with this novel bifurcation stent demonstrated its high success procedural and device rate. [...]in case of not optimal... 
Cardiovascular | Internal Medicine | Stent (Surgery) | Angioplasty | Stents | Patients | Catheters
Journal Article
JACC (Journal of the American College of Cardiology), ISSN 0735-1097, 2014, Volume 63, Issue 12, pp. S54 - S54
  Methods As the two stents differ completely in term of structure, platform way of release and drug used (Axxess is DES and Tryton is BMS) our aim was... 
Cardiovascular | Internal Medicine | Stent (Surgery) | Stents
Journal Article
by Valgimigli, Marco and Frigoli, Enrico and Leonardi, Sergio and Vranckx, Pascal and Rothenbühler, Martina and Tebaldi, Matteo and Varbella, Ferdinando and Calabrò, Paolo and Garducci, Stefano and Rubartelli, Paolo and Briguori, Carlo and Andó, Giuseppe and Ferrario, Maurizio and Limbruno, Ugo and Garbo, Roberto and Sganzerla, Paolo and Russo, Filippo and Nazzaro, Marco and Lupi, Alessandro and Cortese, Bernardo and Ausiello, Arturo and Ierna, Salvatore and Esposito, Giovanni and Ferrante, Giuseppe and Santarelli, Andrea and Sardella, Gennaro and de Cesare, Nicoletta and Tosi, Paolo and van 't Hof, Arnoud and Omerovic, Elmir and Brugaletta, Salvatore and Windecker, Stephan and Heg, Dik and Jüni, Peter and Campo, Gianluca and Uguccioni, Lucia and Tamburino, Corrado and Presbitero, Patrizia and Zavalloni-Parenti, Dennis and Ferrari, Fabio and Ceravolo, Roberto and Tarantino, Fabio and Pasquetto, Giampaolo and Casu, Gavino and Mameli, Stefano and Stochino, Maria Letizia and Mazzarotto, Pietro and Cremonesi, Alberto and Saia, Francesco and Saccone, Giovanni and Abate, Fabio and Picchi, Andrea and Violini, Roberto and Colangelo, Salvatore and Boccuzzi, Giacomo and Guiducci, Vincenzo and Vigna, Carlo and Zingarelli, Antonio and Gagnor, Andrea and Zaro, Tiziana and Tresoldi, Simone and Vandoni, Pietro and Contarini, Marco and Liso, Armando and Dellavalle, Antonio and Curello, Salvatore and Mangiacapra, Fabio and Evola, Rosario and Palmieri, Cataldo and Falcone, Camillo and Liistro, Francesco and Creaco, Manuela and Colombo, Antonio and Chieffo, Alaide and Perkan, Andrea and De Servi, Stefano and Fischetti, Dionigi and Rigattieri, Stefano and Sciahbasi, Alessandro and Pucci, Edoardo and Romagnoli, Enrico and Moretti, Luciano and Moretti, Claudio and De Caterina, Raffaele and Caputo, Marcello and Zimmarino, Marco and Bramucci, Ezio and Di Lorenzo, Emilio and Turturo, Maurizio and Bonmassari, Roberto and Penzo, Carlo and Loi, Bruno and Mauro, Ciro and Petronio, Anna Sonia and Gabrielli, Gabriele and Micari, Antonio and Belloni, Flavia and Amico, Francesco and Comeglio, Marco and Fresco, Claudio and ... and MATRIX Investigators and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institute of Medicine, Department of Molecular and Clinical Medicine and Institutionen för medicin, avdelningen för molekylär och klinisk medicin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska Academy
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 09/2018, Volume 392, Issue 10150, pp. 835 - 848
The Minimizing Adverse Haemorrhagic Events by Transradial Access Site and Systemic Implementation of Angiox (MATRIX) programme was designed to assess the... 
2017 ESC | SITE | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | ANGIOGRAPHY | METAANALYSIS | MONOTHERAPY | PCI | ACUTE MYOCARDIAL-INFARCTION | INTERVENTION | ARTERY-DISEASE | Perioperative Care | Anticoagulants - administration & dosage | Humans | Middle Aged | Heparin - administration & dosage | Male | Antithrombins - administration & dosage | Recombinant Proteins - adverse effects | Heparin - adverse effects | Hirudins - administration & dosage | Acute Coronary Syndrome - complications | Radial Artery | Percutaneous Coronary Intervention - methods | Female | Femoral Artery | Myocardial Infarction - etiology | Mortality | Peptide Fragments - administration & dosage | Acute Coronary Syndrome - diagnostic imaging | Anticoagulants - adverse effects | Recombinant Proteins - administration & dosage | Platelet Glycoprotein GPIIb-IIIa Complex - antagonists & inhibitors | Coronary Angiography | Stroke - etiology | Antithrombins - adverse effects | Hirudins - adverse effects | Acute Coronary Syndrome - surgery | Aged | Peptide Fragments - adverse effects | Hemorrhage - chemically induced | Prosthesis Failure - etiology | Stents - adverse effects | Percutaneous Coronary Intervention - adverse effects | Anticoagulants (Medicine) | Coronary heart disease | Analysis | Cardiac patients | Intervention | Myocardial infarction | Short term | Surgical implants | Femur | Heart attacks | Angiography | Medical services | Clinical trials | Antithrombin | Matrix methods | Bleeding | Infusion | Elevation | Randomization | Motivation | Mathematical analysis | Calcium-binding protein | Implants | Cardiology | Thromboembolism | Stents | Cerebral infarction | Stroke | Medical imaging | Coronary artery | Glycoprotein | Glycoproteins | Angina pectoris | Patients | Thrombosis | Troponin | Inhibitors | Clopidogrel | Infarction | Heparin | Acute coronary syndromes | Kardiologi | Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems
Journal Article
by Andò, Giuseppe and Cortese, Bernardo and Russo, Filippo and Rothenbühler, Martina and Frigoli, Enrico and Gargiulo, Giuseppe and Briguori, Carlo and Vranckx, Pascal and Leonardi, Sergio and Guiducci, Vincenzo and Belloni, Flavia and Ferrari, Fabio and de la Torre Hernandez, Jose Maria and Curello, Salvatore and Liistro, Francesco and Perkan, Andrea and De Servi, Stefano and Casu, Gavino and Dellavalle, Antonio and Fischetti, Dionigi and Micari, Antonio and Loi, Bruno and Mangiacapra, Fabio and Russo, Nunzio and Tarantino, Fabio and Saia, Francesco and Heg, Dik and Windecker, Stephan and Jüni, Peter and Valgimigli, Marco and Salomone, Maria and Frigoli, Enrico and Occhilupo, Pierpaolo and Lodolini, Veronica and Monti, Monia and Mazzone, Maria Grazia and Delos, Erika and Caruso, Maria Teresa and Testa, Maggie and Ciociano, Nestor and Lazzero, Maurizio and Gazzotti, Davide and Cagliari, Lorenzo and Shahmohammadi, Leila and Caiazza, Martina and Virga, Vittorio and Guerra, Elena and Michalska, Eva and Castellini, Sara and Serino, Vincenzo and Visconti, Gabriella and Pendenza, Gianluca and Portolan, Monica and Anzini, Marco and Silvetti, Elisa and Coco, Tiziana and Costa, Francesco and Ariotti, Sara and Valli, Linda and Adamo, Marianna and Marino, Marcello and Vranckx, Pascal and Leonardi, Sergio and Tricoci, Pierluigi and Jüni, Peter and Rothenbühler, Martina and Heg, Dik and Valgimigli, Marco and Gagnor, Andrea and Calabrò, Paolo and Rubartelli, Paolo and Garducci, Stefano and Santarelli, Andrea and Galli, Mario and Garbo, Roberto and Bramucci, Ezio and Ierna, Salvatore and Briguori, Carlo and Cortese, Bernardo and Limbruno, Ugo and Violini, Roberto and Presbitero, Patrizia and de Cesare, Nicoletta and Sganzerla, Paolo and Ausiello, Arturo and Tosi, Paolo and Sardella, Gennaro and Sabate, Manel and Brugaletta, Salvatore and Saccone, Giovanni and Vandoni, Pietro and Zingarelli, Antonio and Liso, Armando and Rigattieri, Stefano and Di Lorenzo, Emilio and Vigna, Carlo and Palmieri, Cataldo and Falcone, Camillo and De Caterina, Raffaele and Caputo, Marcello and ... and MATRIX Investigators
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 05/2017, Volume 69, Issue 21, pp. 2592 - 2603
Journal Article
JACC (Journal of the American College of Cardiology), ISSN 0735-1097, 2014, Volume 63, Issue 12, pp. S27 - S27
  Conclusion This report demonstrates that the treatment of acute arterial occlusions implicit a good knowledge of the symptoms and the causes, effective... 
Cardiovascular | Internal Medicine | Medical imaging | Embolisms | Thrombosis | Patients | Mortality | Veins & arteries
Journal Article
by De Giorgi, Ugo and Cartenì, Giacomo and Giannarelli, Diana and Basso, Umberto and Galli, Luca and Cortesi, Enrico and Caserta, Claudia and Pignata, Sandro and Sabbatini, Roberto and Bearz, Alessandra and Buti, Sebastiano and Lo Re, Giovanni and Berruti, Alfredo and Bracarda, Sergio and Cognetti, Francesco and Rastelli, Francesca and Fornarini, Giuseppe and Porta, Camillo and Turci, Daniele and Sternberg, Cora N and Procopio, Giuseppe and Falcone, A and Roila, F and Cascinu, S and Tirelli, U and Giustini, L and Sobrero, A and Cappuzzo, F and Tassinari, D and Passalacqua, R and Pazzola, A and Surico, G and Maio, M and Benedetti, G and Barone, C and Adamo, V and Ricevuto, E and De Censi, A and Spada, M and Tonini, G and Pinto, C and Ciuffreda, L and Ruggeri, E. M and Bengala, C and Scotti, V and Fagnani, D and Bonetti, A and Mitterer, M and Castiglione, F and Bidoli, P and Ferraù, F and Crinò, L and Frassoldati, A and Marchetti, P and Mini, E and Scoppola, A and Verusio, C and Favaretto, A and Di Costanzo, F and Fasola, G and Merlano, M and Artioli, F and Di Leo, A and Romito, S and Maestri, A and Giannitto Giorgio, C and Ionta, M. T and Verderame, F and Zampa, G and Numico, G and Minelli, M and Tagliaferri, P and Foa, P and Palmiotti, G and De Placido, S and Mattioli, R and Iuliano, F and Defraia, E and Siena, S and Clerico, M and Salvagno, L and Ceresoli, G. L and Bernardo, A and Di Lieto, M and Moroni, M and Maisano, M and Scartozzi, M and Scagliotti, G and Sorarù, M and Pepe, S and Scaltriti, A and Gebbia, V and Testa, E and Lorusso, V and Bordonaro, R and De Signoribus, G and Tedde, N and Santoro, A and Francini, G and Aondio, G and Italian Nivolumab Renal Cell Canc and Italian Nivolumab Renal Cell Cancer Early Access Program Group and the Italian Nivolumab Renal Cell Cancer Early Access Program Group
BJU International, ISSN 1464-4096, 01/2019, Volume 123, Issue 1, pp. 98 - 105
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 06/2013, Volume 8, Issue 6, p. e66087
Journal Article
Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 09/2015, Volume 5, Issue 1, p. 13864
Journal Article
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 04/2012, Volume 40, Issue 8, pp. 3548 - 3562
Journal Article
by Venditti, Mario and Falcone, Marco and Corrao, Salvatore and Licata, Giuseppe and Serra, Pietro and Salerno, Francesco and Filetti, Sebastiano and D'Erasmo, Emilio and Fanelli, Filippo Rossi and Fiorentini, Alessandra and Cricco, Luigi and Gasbarrone, Laura and Serafini, Cecilia and Ghio, Riccardo and Zoppoli, Gabriele and Cortellaro, Michele and Magenta, Marina and Nuti, Ranuccio and Valenti, Roberto and Milano, Vincenzo and Brandimarte, Camillo and Carfagna, Paolo and Di Sciacca, Riccardo and Tuttolomondo, Antonino and Serra, Maria Grazia and Bernardi, Mauro and Li Bassi, Silvia and Stanghellini, Vincenzo and Boschi, Elena and Antonaci, Salvatore and Vella, Francesco and Catalano, Antonino and Zeneroli, Maria Luisa and Ascari, Elisabetta and Veggetti, Alberto and Manfredini, Roberto and Gamberoni, Susanna and Guarnieri, Gianfranco and Fioretto, Angela and Di Michele, Dario and Parisi, Domenico and Liberato, Nicola Lucio and Ronchi, Esio and Sturbini, Simonetta and Canafoglia, Paolo and Gallerani, Massimo and Boari, Benedetta and Nielsen, Ingrid and Annoni, Giorgio and Rossetti, Anna and Bernasconi, Matteo and Giannatempo, Carmela and Turconi, Roberta and Colombo, Maurizio and Tedeschi, Alberto and Rossi, Raffaella and Cappelli, Roberto and Guidi, Valentina and Tassara, Rodolfo and De Melis, D and Cosentini, Roberto and Arioli, Margherita and Gobbo, Giulia and Presotto, Fabio and Gallana, Sergio and Balduini, Carlo and Bertolino, Giampiero and Fera, Giacomo and Corazza, Gino Roberto and Capriglione, Ida and Pilerio, Giulia and Cappellini, Maria Domenica and Fabio, Giovanna and Carrabba, Maria and Sheng, Chin Wu and Secchi, Maria Beatrice and Leone, Michele and De Feudis, Lucrezia and Gunelli, Massimo and Ferri, Orazio and Doroldi, Carlo and Pistis, Roberta and Sabbadini, Maria Grazia and Tresoldi, Moreno and Lambelet, Paola and Fascetti, Stefano and Vanoli, Massimo and Casella, Gianluca and Rosei, Enrico Agabiti and Salvi, Andrea and Noto, Alfonso and Perciaccante, Antonio and Santini, Claudio and Galiè, Maurizia and Gasbarrini, Giovanni and Grieco, Antonio and Nardi, Barbara and Baritussio, Aldo Gaetano and Vannuccini, Roberto and Cappelletti, Mauro and ... and Study Grp Italian Soc Internal Med
Annals of Internal Medicine, ISSN 0003-4819, 01/2009, Volume 150, Issue 1, pp. 19 - 26
Background: Traditionally, pneumonia has been classified as either community- or hospital-acquired. Although only limited data are available, health... 
MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | INFECTIONS | MANAGEMENT | ADULTS | RISK | STAPHYLOCOCCUS-AUREUS | IDENTIFICATION | EPIDEMIOLOGY | Pneumonia | Community-acquired infections | Bacterial pneumonia | Cross infection | Diagnosis | Nosocomial infections | Drug therapy | Risk factors
Journal Article