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Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2013, Volume 496, Issue 7445, pp. 329 - 333
Journal Article
by Oliver, S. J and Bock, J and Altieri, B and Amblard, A and Arumugam, V and Aussel, H and Babbedge, T and Beelen, A and Béthermin, M and Blain, A and Boselli, A and Bridge, C and Brisbin, D and Buat, V and Burgarella, D and Castro-Rodríguez, N and Cava, A and Chanial, P and Cirasuolo, M and Clements, D. L and Conley, A and Conversi, L and Cooray, A and Dowell, C. D and Dubois, E. N and Dwek, E and Dye, S and Eales, S and Elbaz, D and Farrah, D and Feltre, A and Ferrero, P and Fiolet, N and Fox, M and Franceschini, A and Gear, W and Giovannoli, E and Glenn, J and Gong, Y and González Solares, E. A and Griffin, M and Halpern, M and Harwit, M and Hatziminaoglou, E and Heinis, S and Hurley, P and Hwang, H. S and Hyde, A and Ibar, E and Ilbert, O and Isaak, K and Ivison, R. J and Lagache, G and Le Floc'h, E and Levenson, L and Faro, B. Lo and Lu, N and Madden, S and Maffei, B and Magdis, G and Mainetti, G and Marchetti, L and Marsden, G and Marshall, J and Mortier, A. M. J and Nguyen, H. T and O'Halloran, B and Omont, A and Page, M. J and Panuzzo, P and Papageorgiou, A and Patel, H and Pearson, C. P and Pérez-Fournon, I and Pohlen, M and Rawlings, J. I and Raymond, G and Rigopoulou, D and Riguccini, L and Rizzo, D and Rodighiero, G and Roseboom, I. G and Rowan-Robinson, M and Sánchez Portal, M and Schulz, B and Scott, Douglas and Seymour, N and Shupe, D. L and Smith, A. J and Stevens, J. A and Symeonidis, M and Trichas, M and Tugwell, K. E and Vaccari, M and Valtchanov, I and Vieira, J. D and Viero, M and Vigroux, L and Wang, L and Ward, R and ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, ISSN 0035-8711, 8/2012, Volume 424, Issue 3, pp. 1614 - 1635
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
by Page, M.J and Page, M.J and Symeonidis, M and Vieira, J.D and Altieri, B and Altieri, B and Amblard, A and Amblard, A and Arumugam, V and Aussel, H and Aussel, H and Babbedge, T and Blain, A and Blain, A and Bock, J and Bock, J and Boselli, A and Boselli, A and Buat, V and Buat, V and Castro-Rodrñguez, N and Castro-Rodríguez, N and Cava, A and Cava, A and Chanial, P and Chanial, P and Clements, D.L and Conley, A and Conley, A and Conversi, L and Conversi, L and Cooray, A and Cooray, A and Dowell, C.D and Dubois, E.N and Dunlop, J.S and Dwek, E and Dye, S and Eales, E and Eales, S and Elbaz, D and Elbaz, D and Farrah, D and Fox, M and Franceschini, A and Gear, W and Gear, G and Glenn, J and Glenn, J and Griffin, M and Griffin, M and Halpern, M and Halpern, M and Hatziminaoglou, E and Ibar, E and Isaak, K and Ivison, R.J and Ivison, R.J and Lagache, G and Lagache, G and Levenson, L and Lu, N and Lu, N and Madden, S and Madden, S and Maffei, B and Maffei, B and Mainetti, G and Marchetti, L and Nguyen, H.T and O'Halloran, B and O’halloran, B and Oliver, S.J and Omont, A and Omont, A and Panuzzo, P and Panuzzo, P and Papageorgiou, A and Papageorgiou, A and Pearson, C.P and Pérez-Fournon, I and Pérez-Fournon, I and Pohlen, M and Pohlen, M and Rawlings, J.I and Rigopoulou, D and Rigopoulou, D and Riguccini, L and Riguccini, L and Rizzo, D and Rodighiero, G and Roseboom, I.G and Rowan-Robinson, M and Portal, M. Sánchez and Sánchez Portal, M.S and Schulz, B and Schulz, B and Scott, D and Scott, D and Seymour, N and ...
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Journal Article
Canadian Journal of Diabetes, ISSN 1499-2671, 10/2017, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp. S73 - S74
Journal Article
Journal Article
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, ISSN 0035-8711, 11/2010, Volume 409, Issue 1, pp. 48 - 65
Journal Article
Nature Communications [E], ISSN 2041-1723, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 1, p. 7146
Journal Article