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2015, Cambridge studies in international and comparative law, ISBN 1107100445, Volume 123, xii, 381 pages
Today terrorism has become a world-wide phenomenon which does not stop at the European borders. Following the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and... 
Terrorism | Liability (Law) | Risk (Insurance) | Politics & government | European Union countries
2017, ISBN 0262035596, xii, 360 pages
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems inject highly compressed carbon dioxide gas deep into geological formations in order to contain the gas, and its... 
Economic aspects | Climate change mitigation | Carbon sequestration | Environmental Science | Political Science
2014, The economics of legal relationships, ISBN 9780415831840, Volume 17, xix, 343
This book, from a top international group of scholars, explores the ways in which economic tools can be used to improve the quality of regulation in general... 
Economic aspects | Antitrust law | Trade regulation | Law | Environmental law
2004, American and comparative environmental policy, ISBN 0262720442, xiii, 398
An examination of current environmental policy trends in the United States and the European Union and the implications for future transatlantic and global... 
Politics & government | Environmental policy | European Union countries | United States
by Van Erp
2019, Cambridge Studies on Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Governance, ISBN 9781108428385, 368
Journal Article
2011, New horizons in environmental and energy law series., ISBN 1849802866, xiii, 287
10/2016, ISBN 1107167167, 478
Civil Liability and Financial Security for Offshore Oil and Gas Activities provides insights into the liability and compensation regime for offshore-related... 
Liability for oil pollution damages | Offshore gas well drilling - Law and legislation | Offshore oil well drilling | Compensation (Law) | Liability (Law) | Offshore gas well drilling | Oil and gas leases | Oil pollution of the sea
2013, New horizons in competition law and economics, ISBN 9781781003244, xiv, 408
This book focuses on experiences with the Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) of 2007 in China. It uses carefully-chosen case studies to examine how the competition... 
Monopolies | Competition, Unfair | Antitrust law
by Thompson, Eric M, MD and Hielscher, Thomas, MSc and Bouffet, Eric, Prof and Remke, Marc, MD and Luu, Betty, BSc and Gururangan, Sridharan, Prof and McLendon, Roger E, Prof and Bigner, Darell D, Prof and Lipp, Eric S, MD and Perreault, Sebastien, MD and Cho, Yoon-Jae, MD and Grant, Gerald, MD and Kim, Seung-Ki, Prof and Lee, Ji Yeoun, MD and Rao, Amulya A Nageswara, MD and Giannini, Caterina, Prof and Li, Kay Ka Wai, MD and Ng, Ho-Keung, Prof and Yao, Yu, MD and Kumabe, Toshihiro, MD and Tominaga, Teiji, Prof and Grajkowska, Wieslawa A, Prof and Perek-Polnik, Marta, Prof and Low, David C Y, MBBCh and Seow, Wan Tew, MBBS and Chang, Kenneth T E, MBBCh and Mora, Jaume, Prof and Pollack, Ian F, Prof and Hamilton, Ronald L, MD and Leary, Sarah, MD and Moore, Andrew S, PhD and Ingram, Wendy J, PhD and Hallahan, Andrew R, MBBS and Jouvet, Anne, MD and Fèvre-Montange, Michelle, PhD and Vasiljevic, Alexandre, MD and Faure-Conter, Cecile, MD and Shofuda, Tomoko, PhD and Kagawa, Naoki, MD and Hashimoto, Naoya, MD and Jabado, Nada, MD and Weil, Alexander G, MD and Gayden, Tenzin, PhD and Wataya, Takafumi, MD and Shalaby, Tarek, MD and Grotzer, Michael, Prof and Zitterbart, Karel, PhD and Sterba, Jaroslav, Prof and Kren, Leos, MD and Hortobágyi, Tibor, Prof and Klekner, Almos, PhD and László, Bognár, Prof and Pócza, Tímea, MSc and Hauser, Peter, MD and Schüller, Ulrich, MD and Jung, Shin, Prof and Jang, Woo-Youl, MD and French, Pim J, Prof and Kros, Johan M, Prof and van Veelen, Marie-Lise C, MD and Massimi, Luca, MD and Leonard, Jeffrey R, Prof and Rubin, Joshua B, MD and Vibhakar, Rajeev, MD and Chambless, Lola B, MD and Cooper, Michael K, MD and Thompson, Reid C, Prof and Faria, Claudia C, MD and Carvalho, Alice, MD and Nunes, Sofia, MD and Pimentel, José, MD and Fan, Xing, MD and Muraszko, Karin M, Prof and López-Aguilar, Enrique, MD and Lyden, David, Prof and Garzia, Livia, PhD and Shih, David J H, PhD and Kijima, Noriyuki, MD and Schneider, Christian, MD and Adamski, Jennifer, PhD and Northcott, Paul A, PhD and Kool, Marcel, PhD and Jones, David T W, PhD and Chan, Jennifer A, MD and Nikolic, Ana, MD and Garre, Maria Luisa, MD and Van Meir, Erwin G, Prof and Osuka, Satoru, MD and Olson, Jeffrey J, Prof and Jahangiri, Arman, BSc and Castro, Brandyn A, BSc and Gupta, Nalin, MD and Weiss, William A, Prof and Moxon-Emre, Iska, MSc and Mabbott, Donald J, PhD and Lassaletta, Alvaro, MD and Hawkins, Cynthia E, Prof and Tabori, Uri, MD and Drake, James, Prof and Kulkarni, Abhaya, Prof and ...
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 2016, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp. 484 - 495
Journal Article
2009, Encyclopedia of law and economics, second edition, ISBN 184720659X, Volume 1, xlii, 521
by Ntirenganya, Faustin and Kojo, Anyomih Theophilus Teddy and Lilford, Richard and Morton, Dion and Ademuyiwa, Adesoji O and Costas‐Chavarri, Ainhoa and Medina, Antonio Ramos‐De and Harrison, Ewen M and Khairy, Hosni and Chapman, Stephen J and Hanrahan, Michael and Fergusson, Stuart J and Salem, Hosni Khairy and Talving, Peep and Borg, Elaine and Bratu, Matei and Jeyakumar, Jenifa and Narayanan, Ragavan and Modolo, Maria Marta and Brown, Jason and Nawara, Clemens and Oosterkamp, Antje and Chong, Chean Leung and Munhoz, Monique Moron and Kim, Stella Binna and De Freitas, Ana Vega Carreiro and Stock, Simon and Kushwaha, Sameer and D'aguzan, Nicole and Zheng, Fei and Mendoza, Ivan and Restrepo, Jakeline and Arango, Maria Clara Mendoza and Cruz, Herman and Radic, Mihael and Zamarin, Kresimir and Hache‐Marliere, Manuel and Fattah, Ahmad Abdel and Abozaid, Mohamed and Kotb, Ahmed Hafez El‐Badri and Ata, Ali Amin Ahmed and Nasr, Mohammed and Hantour, Usama and Elkolaly, Salma Said and Abdel‐Wahab, Nehal Yosri Elsayed and Elnemr, Abdelrhman Essam and Abbas, Mohamed and Aboarab, Aya and Elkholy, Ahmed and Hammad, Ali Mohamed and Abdelshafy, Mahmoud and Abdallah, Emad and Gamaly, Elsayed and Elrasoul, Yasmin Abd and Hegazy, Yasmin and Alrahawy, Mahmoud and Rslan, Ahmed and Sayma, Eman Adel and El Hameed, Ola Sherief Abd and El Salam, Yasser Abd and El‐badawy, Hager Ahmed and Amer, Mohamed A and Elkelany, Ahmed and Shaker, Ramadan and Alwafai, Mohammad Ghassan and Saad, Mahmoud and Hussein, Shady and Nashaat, Ahmad and Al‐Nahrawi, Safwat and Hagar, Aya and Aboraya, Mohammad and El Gendy, Abeer and Abdelkareem, Ahmed and Abozeid, Khaled and Hashish, Mohamed and Aql, Shaimaa and Elhendawy, Abdelaziz Osman Abdelaziz and Thomas, Efeson and Mentula, Panu and Leppäniemi, Ari and Irtan, Sabine and Mouttalib, Sofia and Martin, Amandine and Bray, Lemuel Davies and Forno, Walter and Guevara, Romeo and Ramazzini, Pablo and Siguantay, Miguel and Li, Wing Sum and Ng, Simon and Prasad, SS and Gyanchandani, Nidhi and Sreedharan, Anjana and Nadkarni, Shravan and Limaye, Neel and Satoskar, Rajeev and Rahmawati, Fitriana Nur and Ibraheem, Hasan Ismael and Sabeeh, Lubna and Song, Jiheon and ... and GlobalSurg Collaborative and Medicinska fakulteten and Enheten för biobanksforskning and Institutionen för kirurgisk och perioperativ vetenskap and Umeå universitet
British Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 01/2019, Volume 106, Issue 2, pp. e103 - e112
Journal Article