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by Derlon, J. M and Petit-taboué, M. C and Dauphin, F and Courtheoux, P and Chapon, F and Creissard, P and Darcel, F and Houtteville, J. P and Kaschten, B and Sadzot, B and Stevenaert, A and Tjuvajev, Juri G and Macapinlac, Homer A and Daghighian, Farhad and Ginos, James Z and Finn, Ronald D and Jiaju Zhang, M. S and Beattie, Bradley and Graham, Martin and Larson, Steven M and Blasberg, Ronald G and Levivier, M and Goldman, S and Pirotte, B and Brucher, J. M and Balériaux, D and Luxen, A and Hildebrand, J and Brotchi, J and Go, K. G and Kamman, R. L and Mooyaart, E. L and Heesters, M. A. A. M and Sijens, P. E and Oudksrk, M and van Dijk, P and Levendag, P. C and Vecht, Ch. J and Metz, R. J and Kennedy, D. N and Rosen, B. R and Hochberg, F. H and Fishman, A. J and Filipek, P. A and Caviness, V. S and Gross, M. W and Weinzierl, F. X and Trappe, A. E and Goebel, W. E and Frank, A. M and Becker, Georg and Krone, Andreas and Schmidt, Karsten and Hofmann, Erich and Bogdahn, Ulrich and Bencsch, H and Fclber, S and Finkenstedt, G and Kremser, C and Sfockhammer, G and Aichner, F and Bogdahn, U and Fröhlich, T and Becker, G and Krone, A and Schlief, R and Schürmann, J and Jachimczak, P and Hofmann, E and Roggendorf, W and Roosen, K and Carapella, C. M and Carpinelli, G and Passalacqua, R and Raus, L and Giannini, M and Mastrostefano, R and Podo, F and Tofani, A and Maslrostefano, R and Mottoles, M and Ferraironi, A and Scelsa, M. G and Oppido, P and Riccio, A and Maini, C. L and Collombier, L and Taillandier, L and Dcbouverie, M and Laurens, M. H and Thouvenot, P and Weber, M and Bertrand, A and Cruickshank, G. S and Patterson, J and Hadley, D and De Witte, Olivier and Hildebrand, Jerzy and Luxen, André and Goldman, Serge and ...
Journal of Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 0167-594X, 02/1994, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 77
Journal Article
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