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Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 07/2016, Volume 56, Issue 9
Radially propagating pre-ELM (edge localized mode) structures in the heat flux profile on the outer divertor have been observed both with and without magnetic... 
magnetic perturbations | pre-ELM structures | heat flux | infra-red thermography | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | EDGE
Journal Article
by Litaudon, X and Abduallev, S and Abhangi, M and Abreu, P and Afzal, M and Aggarwal, K.M and Ahlgren, T and Ahn, J.H and Aho-Mantila, L and Aiba, N and Airila, M and Albanese, R and Aldred, V and Alegre, D and Alessi, E and Aleynikov, P and Alfier, A and Alkseev, A and Allinson, M and Alper, B and Alves, E and Ambrosino, G and Ambrosino, R and Amicucci, L and Amosov, V and Andersson Sundén, E and Angelone, M and Anghel, M and Angioni, C and Appel, L and Appelbee, C and Arena, P and Ariola, M and Arnichand, H and Arshad, S and Ash, A and Ashikawa, N and Aslanyan, V and Asunta, O and Auriemma, F and Austin, Y and Avotina, L and Axton, M.D and Ayres, C and Bacharis, M and Baciero, A and Baiáo, D and Bailey, S and Baker, A and Balboa, I and Balden, M and Balshaw, N and Bament, R and Banks, J.W and Baranov, Y.F and Barnard, M.A and Barnes, D and Barnes, M and Barnsley, R and Baron Wiechec, A and Barrera Orte, L and Baruzzo, M and Basiuk, V and Bassan, M and Bastow, R and Batista, A and Batistoni, P and Baughan, R and Bauvir, B and Baylor, L and Bazylev, B and Beal, J and Beaumont, P.S and Beckers, M and Beckett, B and Becoulet, A and Bekris, N and Beldishevski, M and Bell, K and Belli, F and Bellinger, M and Belonohy, É and Ben Ayed, N and Benterman, N.A and Bergsåker, H and Bernardo, J and Bernert, M and Berry, M and Bertalot, L and Besliu, C and Beurskens, M and Bieg, B and Bielecki, J and Biewer, T and Bigi, M and Bílková, P and Binda, F and Bisoffi, A and Bizarro, J.P.S and Björkas, C and ... and Jet Contributors and JET Contributors and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. (PPPL), Princeton, NJ (United States) and Fusionsplasmafysik and Skolan för elektro- och systemteknik (EES) and KTH
Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 06/2017, Volume 57, Issue 10, p. 102001
Journal Article
by Romanelli, F and Abel, I and Afanesyev, V and Aftanas, M and Agarici, G and Aggarwal, K. M and Aho-Mantila, L and Ahonen, E and Aints, M and Airila, M and Akers, R and Alarcon, Th and Albanese, R and Alexeev, A and Alfier, A and Allan, P and Almaviva, S and Alonso, A and Alper, B and Altmann, H and Alves, D and Ambrosino, G and Amosov, V and Andersson, F and Sunden, E. Andersson and Aneev, V and Anew, Y and Angelone, M and Anghel, M and Anghel, A and Angioni, C and Apruzzese, G and Arcis, N and Arena, P and Argouarch, A and Ariola, M and Armitano, A and Arnoux, G and Arshad, S and Artaserse, G and Artaud, J. F and Ash, A and Asp, E and Asunta, O and Atanasiu, C. V and Atkins, G and Avotina, L and Axton, M. D and Ayres, C and Baciero, A and Bailescu, V and Baiocchi, B and Baker, R. A and Balboa, I and Balden, M and Balorin, C and Balshaw, N and Banks, J. W and Baranov, Y. F and Barbier, D and Barlow, I. L and Barnard, M. A and Barnsley, R and Barrena, L and Barrera, L and Baruzzo, M and Basiuk, V and Bateman, G and Batistoni, P and Baumgarten, N and Baylor, L and Bazylev, B and Beaumont, P. S and Beausang, K and Becoulet, M and Bekris, N and Beldishevski, M and Bell, A.C and Belli, F and Bellinger, M and Bellizio, T and Belo, P. S. A and Belonohy, E and Bennett, P. E and Benterman, N. A and Berger-By, G and Bergsaker, H and Berk, H and Bernardo, J and Bernert, M and Bertrand, B and Beurskens, M.N.A and Bieg, B and Bienkowska, B and Biewer, T. M and Bigi, M and Bilkova, P and Bin, W and Bird, J and Bizarro, J and ... and JET EFDA Contributors and Skolan för informations- och kommunikationsteknik (ICT) and Mikroelektronik och Informationsteknik, IMIT and Skolan för elektro- och systemteknik (EES) and Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI) and Fusionsplasmafysik and KTH and Fysik and Atom- och molekylfysik
Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 10/2013, Volume 53, Issue 10, pp. 104002 - 19
Following the completion in May 2011 of the shutdown for the installation of the beryllium wall and the tungsten divertor, the first set of JET campaigns have... 
DIVERTOR | PLASMA-FACING COMPONENTS | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | PERFORMANCE | REGIME | TUNGSTEN | PHYSICS, NUCLEAR | TOKAMAK PLASMAS | Confinement | Impurities | Restoration | Disruption | Plasmas | Gas injection | Carbon | Walls | Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics | Fysik | Fusion, plasma och rymdfysik | Physical Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 11/2015, Volume 115, Issue 21, p. 215002
In a wide variety of natural and laboratory magnetized plasmas, filaments appear as a result of interchange instability. These convective structures... 
PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | PARTICLE-TRANSPORT | SCRAPE-OFF LAYER | Filaments | Conservation | Charge | Instability | Mathematical models | Plasmas | Transport | Devices
Journal Article
by Coda, S and Agostini, M and Albanese, R and Alberti, S and Alessi, E and Allan, S and Allcock, J and Ambrosino, R and Anand, H and Anebe, Y and Arnichand, H and Auriemma, F and Ayllon-Guerola, J. M and Bagnato, F and Ball, J and Baquero-Ruiz, M and Beletskii, A. A and Bernert, M and Bin, W and Blanchard, P and Blanken, T.C and Boedo, J.A and Bogar, O and Bolzonella, T and Bombarda, F and Bonanomi, N and Bouquey, F and Bowman, C and Brida, D and Bucalossi, J and Buermans, J and Bufferand, H and Buratti, P and Calabró, G and Calacci, L and Camenen, Y and Carnevale, D and Carpanese, F and Carr, M and Carraro, L and Casolari, A and Causa, F and Čeřovský, J and Chellaï, O and Chmielewski, P and Choi, D and Christen, N and Ciraolo, G and Cordaro, L and Costea, S and Cruz, N and Czarnecka, A and Dal Molin, A and David, P and Decker, J and De Oliveira, H and Douai, D and val, M. B and Dudson, B and Dunne, M and Duval, B. P and Eich, T and Elmore, S and Embréus, O and Esposito, B and Faitsch, M and Farnik, M and Fasoli, A and Fedorczak, N and Felici, F and Feng, S and Feng, X and Ferró, G and Février, O and Ficker, O and Fil, A and Fontana, M and Frassinetti, L and Furno, I and Gahle, D.S and Galassi, D and Gałazka, K and Gallo, A and Galperti, C and Garavaglia, S and Garcia, J and Garcia-Munoz, M and Garrido, A.J and Garrido, I and Gath, J and Geiger, B and Giruzzi, G and Gobbin, M and Goodman, T.P and Gorini, G and Gospodarczyk, M and Granucci, G and Graves, J.P and Gruca, M and Gyergyek, T and ... and EUROfusion Mst1 Team and the EUROfusion MST1 Team and Fusionsplasmafysik and KTH and Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)
Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 08/2019, Volume 59, Issue 11, p. 112023
The research program of the TCV tokamak ranges from conventional to advanced-tokamak scenarios and alternative divertor configurations, to exploratory plasmas... 
Condensed Matter Physics | overview | EUROfusion | Nuclear and High Energy Physics | nuclear fusion | tokamak | TCV, MST1 | PLASMA | CONTROL-SYSTEM | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | TCV | MST1 | CONFINEMENT | UPGRADE | DETACHMENT | Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Fusion, plasma och rymdfysik | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 02/2016, Volume 116, Issue 6, p. 065002
High spatial resolution Doppler backscattering measurements in JET have enabled new insights into the development of the edge E-r. We observe fine-scale... 
Journal Article
Nature Physics, ISSN 1745-2473, 10/2017, Volume 13, Issue 10, pp. 973 - 978
Journal Article
Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 10/2015, Volume 55, Issue 11, pp. 113031 - 15
New experiments in 2013-2014 have investigated the physics responsible for the decrease in H-mode pedestal confinement observed in the initial phase of JET-ILW... 
JET-ILW | pedestal confinement | H-mode | pedestal stability | DENSITY | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | EDGE LOCALIZED MODES | Confinement | Nuclear fusion | Stability | Mathematical models | Gas injection | Plasma (physics) | Walls | Optimization | Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Fusion, plasma och rymdfysik | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, ISSN 0741-3335, 01/2018, Volume 60, Issue 1, p. 14045
The dependence of plasma transport and confinement on the main hydrogenic ion isotope mass is of fundamental importance for understanding turbulent transport... 
L-H threshold | isotope effects | tokamaks | confinement | TRANSPORT | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | EDGE LOCALIZED MODES | PEDESTAL | DIII-D | Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Fusion, plasma och rymdfysik | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 08/2015, Volume 55, Issue 9, p. 93013
Disruptions are a major operational concern for next generation tokamaks, including ITER. They may generate excessive heat loads on plasma facing components,... 
runaway electrons | disruptions | magnetohydrodynamics | tokamak | magnetic confinement fusion | plasma-wall interaction | plasma instabilities | PLASMA | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | DYNAMICS | ATOMS | MAJOR DISRUPTIONS | Plasma Physics | Physics
Journal Article
Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 06/2015, Volume 55, Issue 6, pp. 63021 - 10
JET is used as a test bed for ITER, to investigate beryllium migration which connects the lifetime of first-wall components under erosion with tokamak safety,... 
JET tokamak | deposition | erosion | material migration | beryllium | ITER | ILW | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | INNER WALL | Migration | Carbon fiber reinforced plastics | Carbon | Walls | Strikes | Plates | Deposition | Erosion | Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics | Fysik | Fusion, plasma och rymdfysik | Physical Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 05/2015, Volume 55, Issue 5, pp. 53031 - 18
The replacement of the JET carbon wall (C-wall) by a Be/W ITER-like wall (ILW) has affected the plasma energy confinement. To investigate this, experiments... 
neutral particles | power degradation | wall materials | plasma confinement | TRANSPORT | DATABASE | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | PERFORMANCE | PEDESTAL | PHYSICS | TOKAMAK | Degradation | Extrapolation | Confinement | Nuclear fusion | Nuclear power generation | Polymethyl methacrylates | Plasmas | Walls | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article