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Sociedade & Natureza, ISSN 0103-1570, 04/2019, Volume 31, Issue 1
Journal Article
by Heerspink, Hiddo J L and Parving, Hans-Henrik and Andress, Dennis L and Bakris, George and Correa-Rotter, Ricardo and Hou, Fan-Fan and Hou, Fanfan and Kitzman, Dalane W and Kohan, Donald and Makino, Shinya and Makino, Hirofumi and McMurray, John J V and Melnick, Joel Z and Miller, Michael G and Miller, Alan and Miller, Steven and Pergola, Pablo E and Pergola, Pablo and Perkovic, Vlado and Tobe, Sheldon and Yi, Joo Hark and Yi, Tingting and Wigderson, Melissa and de Zeeuw, Dick and Elbert, Alicia and Vallejos, Augusto and Alvarisqueta, Andres and Maffei, Laura and Juncos, Luis and de Arteaga, Javier and Greloni, Gustavo and Farias, Eduardo and Zucchini, Alfredo and Vogel, Daniel and Cusumano, Ana and Santos, Juan and Fraenkel, Margaret and Gallagher, Martin and Davis, Tim and Acharya, Shamasunder and Cooke, Duncan and Suranyi, Michael and Roger, Simon and Toussaint, Nigel and Pollock, Carol and Chan, Doris and Stranks, Stephen and MacIsaac, Richard and Endre, Zoltan and Schmidt, Alice and Schmidt, Rebecca and Prager, Rudolf and Mayer, Gert and Warling, Xavier and Jadoul, Michel and Hougardy, Jean and Vercammen, Chris and Van Vlem, Bruno and Gillard, Pieter and Costa e Forti, Adriana and Borges, Joao Lindolfo and Santos Canani, Luis and Eliaschewitz, Freddy and Leite, Silmara and Fraige Filho, Fadlo and Paschoalin, Raphael and Moura Neto, Jose Andrade and Deboni, Luciane and de Lourdes Noronha, Irene and Cercato, Cintia and Prompt, Carlos Alberto and Zanella, Maria and Rassi, Nelson and D'Avila, Domingos and Milagres, Rosangela and Felicio, Joao and Pecoits Filho, Roberto and Riella, Miguel Carlos and Salles, Joao and Keitel, Elizete and Draibe, Sergio and Amodeo, Celso and Youmbissi, Joseph and Roy, Louise and Cournoyer, Serge and Jolly, Shivinder and Pichette, Vincent and Nesrallah, Gihad and Bajaj, Harpreet Singh and Khandwala, Hasnain and Aronson, Ronnie and Goluch, Richard and Tam, Paul and Rabbat, Christian and Bailey, Gordon and Chow, Stephen and Castillo, Alvaro and Danin Vargas, Alfredo and Gonzalez, Fernando and Munoz, Rodrigo and ... and SONAR Comm Investigators and SONAR Committees and Investigators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 05/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10184, pp. 1937 - 1947
Journal Article
by Lim, Stephen S and Allen, Kate and Allen, Christine and Bhutta, Zulfiqar A and Dandona, Rakhi and Dandona, Lalit and Forouzanfar, Mohammad H and Fullman, Nancy and Gething, Peter W and Goldberg, Ellen M and Hay, Simon I and Holmberg, Mollie and Kinfu, Yohannes and Kutz, Michael J and Larson, Heidi J and Liang, Xiaofeng and Lopez, Alan D and Lozano, Rafael and McNellan, Claire R and Mokdad, Ali H and Mooney, Meghan D and Naghavi, Mohsen and Olsen, Helen E and Pigott, David M and Salomon, Joshua A and Vos, Theo and Wang, Linhong and Wang, Haidong and Abajobir, Amanuel Alemu and Abate, Kalkidan Hassen and Abbafati, Cristiana and Abbas, Kaja M and Abd-Allah, Foad and Abdulle, Abdishakur M and Abraham, Biju and Abubakar, Ibrahim and Abu-Raddad, Laith J and Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen M E and Abyu, Gebre Yitayih and Achoki, Tom and Adebiyi, Akindele Olupelumi and Adedeji, Isaac Akinkunmi and Afanvi, Kossivi Agbelenko and Afshin, Ashkan and Agarwal, Arnav and Agrawal, Anurag and Kiadaliri, Aliasghar Ahmad and Ahmadieh, Hamid and Ahmed, Kedir Yimam and Akanda, Ali Shafqat and Akinyemi, Rufus Olusola and Akinyemiju, Tomi F and Akseer, Nadia and Al-Aly, Ziyad and Alam, Khurshid and Alam, Uzma and Alasfoor, Deena and AlBuhairan, Fadia S and Aldhahri, Saleh Fahed and Aldridge, Robert William and Alemu, Zewdie Aderaw and Ali, Raghib and Alkerwi, Ala'a and Alkhateeb, Mohammad AB and Alla, François and Allebeck, Peter and Al-Raddadi, Rajaa and Alsharif, Ubai and Altirkawi, Khalid A and Martin, Randall V and Martin, Elena Alvarez and Alvis-Guzman, Nelson and Amare, Azmeraw T and Amberbir, Alemayehu and Amegah, Adeladza Kofi and Amini, Heresh and Ammar, Walid and Amrock, Stephen Marc and Andersen, Hjalte H and Anderson, Gregory M and Anderson, Benjamin O and Antonio, Carl Abelardo T and Anwari, Palwasha and Ärnlöv, Johan and Artaman, Al and Asayesh, Hamid and Asghar, Rana Jawad and Atique, Suleman and Avokpaho, Euripide Frinel G Arthur and Awasthi, Ashish and Quintanilla, Beatriz Paulina Ayala and Azzopardi, Peter and Bacha, Umar and Badawi, Alaa and Balakrishnan, Kalpana and Banerjee, Amitava and Barac, Aleksandra and Barber, Ryan and Barker-Collo, Suzanne L and Bärnighausen, Till and ... and GBD 2015 SDG Collaborators and Sociologi and Institutionen för samhällsvetenskaper and Södertörns högskola and SCOHOST (Stockholm Centre for Health and Social Change)
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2016, Volume 388, Issue 10053, pp. 1813 - 1850
Journal Article
by Braga de Souza, Ana Carolina Contente and Felício, João Soares and Koury, Camila Cavalcante and Neto, João Felício Abrahão and Miléo, Karem Barbosa and Santos, Flávia Marques and Negrato, Carlos Antonio and Motta, Ana Regina Bastos and Silva, Denisson Dias and Arbage, Thaís Pontes and Carvalho, Carolina Tavares and de Rider Brito, Hana Andrade and Yamada, Elizabeth Sumi and Cunha de Melo, Franciane Trindade and Resende, Fabricio de Souza and Ferreira, Juliana Cristina Cardoso and Gomes, Marilia Brito and Cobas, Roberta and Matheus, Alessandra and Tannus, Lucianne and Palma, Catia Cristina Sousa and Japiassu, Leticia and Carneiro, João Regis Ivar and Rodacki, Melanie and Zajdenverg, Lenita and de Araújo, Neuza Braga Campos and de Menezes Cordeiro, Marilena and Luescher, Jorge Luiz and Berardo, Renata Szundy and Nery, Marcia and Cani, Catarina and Marques, Maria do Carmo Arruda and Calliari, Luiz Eduardo and de Noronha, Renata Maria and Manna, Thais Della and Savoldelli, Roberta and Penha, Fernanda Garcia and Foss, Milton Cesar and Foss-Freitas, Maria Cristina and Pires, Antonio Carlos and Robles, Fernando Cesar and de Fatima Guedes, Maria and Dib, Sergio Atala and Dualib, Patricia and da Silva, Saulo Cavalcanti and Sepúlveda, Janice and Sampaio, Emerson and Rea, Rosangela Roginski and de Almeida Faria, Ana Cristina Ravazzani and Tschiedel, Balduino and Lavigne, Suzana and Cardozo, Gustavo Adolfo and Azevedo, Mirela and Canani, Luis Henrique and Zucatti, Alessandra Teixeira and Coral, Marisa Helena Cesar and Pereira, Daniela Aline and de Araujo, Luiz Antonio and Pedrosa, Hermelinda Cordeiro and Tolentino, Monica and Prado, Flaviene Alves and Rassi, Nelson and de Araujo, Leticia Bretones and Fonseca, Reine Marie Chaves and Guedes, Alexis Dourado and de Mattos, Odelisa Silva and Faria, Manuel and Azulay, Rossana and Costa e Forti, Adriana and Façanha, Cristina Figueiredo Sampaio and Junior, Renan Montenegro and Montenegro, Ana Paula and Melo, Naira Horta and Rezende, Karla Freire and Ramos, Alberto and Jezini, Deborah Laredo and Brazilian Type 1 Diabet Study Grp and Brazilian Type 1 Diabetes Study Group (BrazDiab1SG) and On behalf of the Brazilian Type 1 Diabetes Study Group (BrazDiab1SG)
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, ISSN 1477-7525, 12/2015, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp. 204 - 204
Journal Article
by Davison, Kariane A K and Negrato, Carlos A and Cobas, Roberta and Matheus, Alessandra and Tannus, Lucianne and Palma, Catia S and Japiassu, Leticia and Carneiro, Joao R I and Rodacki, Melanie and Zajdenverg, Lenita and Araújo, Neuza B C and Cordeiro, Marilena M and Luescher, Jorge Luiz and Berardo, Renata S and Nery, Marcia and Cani, Catarina and Do Carmo A Marques, Maria and Calliari, Luiz Eduardo and Noronha, Renata M and Manna, Thais D and Savoldelli, Roberta and Penha, Fernanda G and Foss, Milton C and Foss-Freitas, Maria Cristina and De Fatima Guedes, Maria and Dib, Sergio A and Dualib, Patricia and Silva, Saulo C and Sepúlveda, Janice and Sampaio, Emerson and Rea, Rosangela R and Faria, Ana Cristina R A and Tschiedel, Balduino and Lavigne, Suzana and Cardozo, Gustavo A and Pires, Antonio C and Robles, Fernando C and Azevedo, Mirela and Canani, Luis Henrique and Zucatti, Alessandra T and Coral, Marisa H C and Pereira, Daniela A and Araujo, Luiz Antonio and Pedrosa, Hermelinda C and Tolentino, Monica and Prado, Flaviene A and Rassi, Nelson and Araujo, Leticia B and Fonseca, Reine M C and Guedes, Alexis D and Mattos, Odelisa S and Faria, Manuel and Azulay, Rossana and Forti, Adriana C and Façanha, Cristina F S and Montenegro Jr, Renan and Montenegro, Ana Paula and Melo, Naira H and Rezende, Karla F and Ramos, Alberto and Felicio, João S and Santos, Flavia M and Jezini, Deborah L and Gomes, Marilia B and Brazilian Type 1 Diabet Study Grp and Brazilian Type 1 Diabetes Study Group (BrazDiab1SG)
Nutrition Journal, ISSN 1475-2891, 03/2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp. 19 - 19
Journal Article
Diabetes, ISSN 0012-1797, 06/2019, Volume 68, Issue Supplement 1, p. 1005
Journal Article
Nutrition, ISSN 0899-9007, 2014, Volume 30, Issue 7, pp. 915 - 919
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, ISSN 0018-926X, 05/2016, Volume 64, Issue 5, pp. 1932 - 1940
We successfully assess the feasibility of a passive body-implantable sensor antenna concept to reach 750 Mbps using impulse radio (IR) in the near-field. It is... 
Antenna measurements | link power budget | pulse fidelity | Liquids | Muscles | passive antenna | Specific Absorption Rate | phantom | Phantoms | Impulse Radio | Implants | Body-area communication | Permittivity | high data rates | Antennas | specific absorption rate (SAR) | impulse radio (IR) | Usage | Ultra wideband technology
Journal Article
by Silva-Costa, Catarina and Brito, Maria J and Aguiar, Sandra I and Lopes, Joana P and Ramirez, Mário and Melo-Cristino, José and Vaz, Teresa and Gião, Marília and Ferreira, Rui and Bruschy Fonseca, Ana and Oliveira, Henrique and Silva, Ana Cristina and Costa, Hermínia and Silva, Maria Fátima and Afonso, Maria Amélia and Pinto, Margarida and Chantre, Odete and Marques, João and Peres, Isabel and Daniel, Isabel and Canas, Ema and Ferreira, Teresa and Marcelo, Cristina and Monteiro, Lurdes and Marques Lito, Luís and Martins, Filomena and Pessanha, Maria Ana and Gonçalves, Elsa and Morais, Teresa and Marques, Teresa and Toscano, Cristina and Lopes, Paulo and Felício, Luísa and Lameirão, Angelina and Mota Vieira, Ana Paula and Tomaz, Margarida and Bento, Rosa and Ramos, Maria Helena and Castro, Ana Paula and Fonseca, Fernando and Castro, Ana Paula and Ribeiro, Graça and Ribeiro, Rui Tomé and Pontes, Celeste and Boaventura, Luísa and Chaves, Catarina and Reis, Teresa and Canhoto, Nuno and Afonso, Teresa and Pina, Teresa and Peres, Helena and Fontes, Ilse and Martinho, Paulo and Domingos, Ana and Marrão, Gina and Grossinho, José and Ribeiro, Manuela and Gonçalves, Helena and Faustino, Alberta and Alves, Adelaide and Iglesias, Maria Cármen and Pinheiro, Maria Paula and Semedo, R and Coutinho, Adriana and Cabral, Luísa and Neto, Olga and Sancho, Luísa and Diogo, José and Rodrigues, Ana and Nascimento, Isabel and Ramalheira, Elmano and Bessa, Fernanda and Diaz, Raquel and Vale, Isabel and Carvalho, Ana and Ribeiro, José Miguel and Read, Maria Antónia and Alves, Valquíria and Monteiro, Margarida and Raposo, Engrácia and Magalhães, Maria Lurdes and Rochas, Helena and Silva, Anabela and Rodrigues, Margarida and Freitas, José Mota and Vieira, Sandra and Meneses, Maria Favila and Germano de Sousa, José and Bettencourt Viana, Mariana and Terra, Isaura and Rodrigues, Vitória and Pereira, Patrícia and Duarte, Jesuína and Pinto, Paula and Moreira, Ezequiel and Ataíde Ferreira, João and Vicente, Adília and Paixão, Paulo and Novais, Natália and Aires, Sónia and ... and Portuguese Study Grp Invasive Pneu and Portuguese Grp Study Streptococcal and Portuguese Study Group of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society and Portuguese Group for the Study of Streptococcal Infections
Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 12/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 6 - 6
We evaluated the impact of continued 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) use in the private market (uptake of 61%) in pediatric invasive... 
Journal Article