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Polymer Testing, ISSN 0142-9418, 02/2020, Volume 82, p. 106332
Journal Article
Progress in Organic Coatings, ISSN 0300-9440, 02/2020, Volume 139, p. 105460
Journal Article
Nurse education today, ISSN 0260-6917, 02/2020, Volume 85, p. 104305
In this study, we identified the impact of educational activities that focused on improving the competence and critical thinking skills of university nursing... 
Journal Article
by Suárez-García, Inés and Ruiz-Algueró, Marta and García Yubero, Cristina and Moreno, Cristina and Belza, María José and Estébanez, Miriam and de los Santos, Ignacio and Masiá, Mar and Samperiz Abad, Gloria and Muñoz Sánchez, Josefa and Omar, Mohamed and Jarrín, Inma and Moreno, Santiago and Jarrín, Inma and Dalmau, David and Navarro, Maria Luisa and González, Maria Isabel and Garcia, Federico and Poveda, Eva and Iribarren, Jose Antonio and Gutiérrez, Félix and Rubio, Rafael and Vidal, Francesc and Berenguer, Juan and González, Juan and Muñoz-Fernández, M Ángeles and Jarrin, Inmaculada and Alejos, Belén and Moreno, Cristina and Iniesta, Carlos and Sousa, Luis Miguel Garcia and Perez, Nieves Sanz and Rava, Marta and Muñoz-Fernández, M’Ángeles and Fernández, Irene Consuegra and Merino, Esperanza and García, Gema and Portilla, Irene and Agea, Iván and Portilla, Joaquín and Sánchez-Payá, José and Rodríguez, Juan Carlos and Gimeno, Lina and Giner, Livia and Díez, Marcos and Carreres, Melissa and Reus, Sergio and Boix, Vicente and Torrús, Diego and Lirola, Ana López and García, Dácil and Díaz-Flores, Felicitas and Gómez, Juan Luis and del Mar Alonso, María and Pelazas, Ricardo and Hernández, Jehovana and Alemán, María Remedios and Hernández, María Inmaculada and Asensi, Víctor and Valle, Eulalia and Carmenado, María Eugenia Rivas and Secades, Tomás Suárez-Zarracina and Pérez Is, Laura and Pulido, Federico and Bisbal, Otilia and Hernando, Asunción and Domínguez, Lourdes and Crestelo, David Rial and Bermejo, Laura and Santacreu, Mireia and Iribarren, JoséAntonio and Arrizabalaga, Julio and Aramburu, María José and Camino, Xabier and Rodríguez-Arrondo, Francisco and von Wichmann, Miguel Ángel and Tomé, Lidia Pascual and Goenaga, Miguel Ángel and Bustinduy, Ma Jesús and Azkune, Harkaitz and Ibarguren, Maialen and Lizardi, Aitziber and Kortajarena, Xabier and Oyaga, Ma PilarCarmona and Igartua, Maitane Umerez and Masiá, Mar and Padilla, Sergio and Robledano, Catalina and Colomé, Joan Gregori and Adsuar, Araceli and Pascual, Rafael and Fernández, Marta and García, JoséAlberto and Barber, Xavier and Agullo Re, Vanessa and Abellán, Javier Garcia and Pérez, Reyes Pascual and Roca, María and Muga, Roberto and Sanvisens, Arantza and ... and the Cohort of the Spanish HIV/AIDS Research Network (CoRIS)
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 10/2019
Abstract Objectives To assess the attitudes and opinions about generic antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and single-tablet regimen (STR) de-simplification among... 
Journal Article
by Chen, Qian and Perales, Celia and Soria, María Eugenia and García-Cehic, Damir and Gregori, Josep and Rodríguez-Frías, Francisco and Buti, María and Crespo, Javier and Calleja, José Luis and Tabernero, David and Vila, Marta and Lázaro, Fernando and Rando-Segura, Ariadna and Nieto-Aponte, Leonardo and Llorens-Revull, Meritxell and Cortese, Maria Francesca and Fernandez-Alonso, Irati and Castellote, José and Niubó, Jordi and Imaz, Arkaitz and Xiol, Xavier and Castells, Lluís and Riveiro-Barciela, Mar and Llaneras, Jordi and Navarro, Jordi and Vargas-Blasco, Víctor and Augustin, Salvador and Conde, Isabel and Rubín, Ángel and Prieto, Martín and Torras, Xavier and Margall, Nuria and Forns, Xavier and Mariño, Zoe and Lens, Sabela and Bonacci, Martin and Pérez-del-Pulgar, Sofía and Londoño, Maria Carlota and García-Buey, María Luisa and Sanz-Cameno, Paloma and Morillas, Rosa and Martró, Elisa and Saludes, Verónica and Masnou-Ridaura, Helena and Salmerón, Javier and Quíles, Rosa and Carrión, José Antonio and Forné, Montserrat and Rosinach, Mercè and Fernández, Inmaculada and García-Samaniego, Javier and Madejón, Antonio and Castillo-Grau, Pilar and López-Núñez, Carme and Ferri, María José and Durández, Rosa and Sáez-Royuela, Federico and Diago, Moisés and Gimeno, Concepción and Medina, Rafael and Buenestado, Juan and Bernet, Albert and Turnes, Juan and Trigo-Daporta, Matilde and Hernández-Guerra, Manuel and Delgado-Blanco, Manuel and Cañizares, Angelina and Arenas, Juan Ignacio and Gomez-Alonso, Maria Juana and Rodríguez, Manuel and Deig, Elisabet and Olivé, Gemma and Río, Oscar del and Cabezas, Joaquín and Quiñones, Ildefonso and Roget, Mercè and Montoliu, Silvia and García-Costa, Juan and Force, Lluís and Blanch, Silvia and Miralbés, Miguel and López-de-Goicoechea, María José and García-Flores, Angels and Saumoy, María and Casanovas, Teresa and Baliellas, Carme and Gilabert, Pau and Martin-Cardona, Albert and Roca, Rosa and Barenys, Mercè and Villaverde, Joana and Salord, Silvia and Camps, Blau and Silvan di Yacovo, María and Ocaña, Imma and Sauleda, Silvia and Bes, Marta and Carbonell, Judit and Vargas-Accarino, Elena and Ruzo, Sofía P and ...
Antiviral Research, ISSN 0166-3542, 02/2020, Volume 174, p. 104694
Journal Article
by Suárez‐García, I and Alejos, B and Delgado, E and Rivero, M and Pineda, JA and Jarrin, I and Moreno, Santiago and del Amo, Julia and Dalmau, David and Navarro, Maria Luisa and González, Maria Isabel and Blanco, Jose Luis and Garcia, Federico and Rubio, Rafael and Iribarren, Jose Antonio and Gutiérrez, Félix and Vidal, Francesc and Berenguer, Juan and González, Juan and Jarrín, Inma and Hernando, Victoria and Sanz, Nieves and Moreno, Cristina and Muñoz‐Fernández, M Ángeles and Consuegra Fernández, Irene and Jiménez Fuentes, Jose Luis and Gómez Rico, Coral and Gallego de la Fuente, Jorge and Palau Concejo, Paula and Mauleón Azpilicueta, Elba and Portilla, Joaquín and Merino, Esperanza and Reus, Sergio and Boix, Vicente and Giner, Livia and Gadea, Carmen and Portilla, Irene and Pampliega, Maria and Díez, Marcos and Rodríguez, Juan Carlos and Sánchez‐Payá, Jose and Gómez, Juan Luis and Hernández, Jehovana and Alemán, María Remedios and del Mar Alonso, María and Hernández, María Inmaculada and Díaz‐Flores, Felicitas and García, Dácil and Pelazas, Ricardo and Lirola, Ana López and Asensi, Victor and Valle, Eulalia and Cartón, José Antonio and Rivas Carmenado, Maria Eugenia and Rubio, Rafael and Pulido, Federico and Bisbal, Otilia and Hernando, Asunción and Lagarde, Maria and Matarranz, Mariano and Dominguez, Lourdes and Bermejo, Laura and Santacreu, Mireia and Iribarren, José Antonio and Arrizabalaga, Julio and Aramburu, María José and Camino, Xabier and Rodríguez‐Arrondo, Francisco and von Wichmann, Miguel Ángel and Pascual Tomé, Lidia and Goenaga, Miguel Ángel and Bustinduy, Mª Jesús and Galparsoro, Harkaitz Azkune and Ibarguren, Maialen and Umerez, Maitane and Gutiérrez, Félix and Masiá, Mar and Padilla, Sergio and Navarro, Andrés and Montolio, Fernando and Robledano, Catalina and Colomé, Joan Gregori and Adsuar, Araceli and Pascual, Rafael and Fernández, Marta and García, Elena and García, Jose Alberto and Barber, Xavier and Muga, Roberto and Sanvisens, Arantza and Fuster, Daniel and Berenguer, Juan and Carlos López Bernaldo de Quirós, Juan and Miralles, Pilar and Gutiérrez, Isabel and Ramírez, Margarita and Padilla, Belén and Gijón, Paloma and Carrero, Ana and Aldamiz‐Echevarría, Teresa and ... and Cohort of the Spanish HIV/AIDS Network (CoRIS) study group and the Cohort of the Spanish HIV/AIDS Network (CoRIS) study group
HIV Medicine, ISSN 1464-2662, 02/2020, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp. 128 - 134
Objectives The aim of this study was to evaluate adherence to the recommendations of the Spanish guidelines for the initial assessment of patients with HIV... 
cohort studies | health care quality indicators | practice guidelines | HIV infection | health care quality assurance
Journal Article
Journal of Cleaner Production, ISSN 0959-6526, 01/2020, Volume 244, p. 118783
When wood comes into contact with wine, organoleptic properties valued in oenology are generated, which are lost over time and barrels use, so alternative... 
Journal Article
ACS chemical biology, ISSN 1554-8929, 01/2020, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 179 - 188
Lactose intolerance is a common digestive disorder that affects a large proportion of the adult human population. The severity of the symptoms is highly... 
Journal Article
by Chappell, Elizabeth and Riordan, Andrew and Jourdain, Gonzague and Soriano-Arandes, Antoni and Ene, Luminita and Scherpbier, Henriette J and Warszawski, Josiane and Collins, Intira J and Smit, Colette and Marques, Laura and Klein, Nigel and Guillén, Sara and Judd, Ali and Thorne, Claire and Goodall, Ruth and Königs, Christoph and Spoulou, Vana and Prata, Filipa and Goetghebuer, Tessa and Chiappini, Elena and Galli, Luisa and Naver, Lars and Giaquinto, Carlo and M Gibb, Diana and Gibb, Diana M and Marczynska, Magdalena and Okhonskaia, Liubov and Klimkait, Thomas and Lallemant, Marc and Ngo-Giang-Huong, Nicole and Kiseleva, Galyna and Malyuta, Ruslan and Volokha, Alla and Hainaut, Marc and Delforge, Marc and Le Chenadec, Jerome and Ramos, Elisa and Dialla, Olivia and Wack, Thierry and Laurent, Corine and Ait si Selmi, Lamya and Leymarie, Isabelle and Ait Benali, Fazia and Brossard, Maud and Boufassa, Leila and Floch-Tudal, Corinne and Firtion, Ghislaine and Hau, Isabelle and Chace, Anne and Bolot, Pascal and Blanche, Stéphane and Levine, Martine and Bicëtre, Le Kremlin and Fourcade, Corinne and Heller-Roussin, Brigitte and Runel-Belliard, Camille and Tricoire, Joëlle and Chirouze, Catherine and Reliquet, Véronique and Brouard, Jacques and Kebaili, Kamila and Fialaire, Pascale and Lalande, Muriel and Schultze-Strasser, Stephan and Baumann, U and Niehues, T and Neubert, J and Kobbe, R and Berlin, Charite and Feiterna-Sperling, C and Königs, C and Buchholz, B and Notheis, G and de Martino, Maurizio and Angelo Tovo, Pier and Patrizia, Osimani and Larovere, Domenico and Ruggeri, Maurizio and Faldella, Giacomo and Baldi, Francesco and Badolato, Raffaele and Montagnani, Carlotta and Venturini, Elisabetta and Lisi, Catiuscia and Di Biagio, Antonio and Taramasso, Lucia and Giacomet, Vania and Erba, Paola and Esposito, Susanna and Lipreri, Rita and Salvini, Filippo and Tagliabue, Claudia and Cellini, Monica and Bruzzese, Eugenia and Lo Vecchio, Andrea and Rampon, Osvalda and Donà, Daniele and Romano, Amelia and Dodi, Icilio and Maccabruni, Anna and ... and The European Pregnancy and Paediatric HIV Cohort Collaboration (EPPICC) Study Group in EuroCoord
Clinical Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 03/2019
Abstract Background In human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)–positive adults, low CD4 cell counts despite fully suppressed HIV-1 RNA on antiretroviral therapy... 
Journal Article
by Núñez-Gil, Iván J and Cerrato, Enrico and Bollati, Mario and Nombela-Franco, Luis and Terol, Belén and Alfonso-Rodríguez, Emilio and Camacho Freire, Santiago J and Villablanca, Pedro A and Amat Santos, Ignacio J and de la Torre Hernández, José M and Pascual, Isaac and Liebetrau, Christoph and Camacho, Benjamín and Pavani, Marco and Albistur, Juan and Latini, Roberto Adriano and Varbella, Ferdinando and Jiménez-Díaz, Víctor Alfonso and Piraino, Davide and Mancone, Massimo and Alfonso, Fernando and Linares, José Antonio and Rodríguez-Olivares, Ramón and Jiménez Mazuecos, Jesús M and Palazuelos Molinero, Jorge and Sánchez-Grande Flecha, Alejandro and Gomez-Hospital, Joan Antoni and Ielasi, Alfonso and Lozano, Íñigo and Omedè, Pierluigi and Bagur, Rodrigo and Ugo, Fabrizio and Medda, Massimo and Louka, Boshra F and Kala, Petr and Escaned, Javier and Bautista, Daniel and Feltes, Gisela and Salinas, Pablo and Alkhouli, Mohamad and Macaya, Carlos and Fernández-Ortiz, Antonio and Benítez, Piter Martínez and Menchero, Antonio Gomez and Jimenez, Javier León and Fernandez, José Francisco Díaz and Makkiya, Mohammed and Bulcha, Nurilign and Suri, Sarabjeet and Rojas, Paol and Camarero, Tamara Garcia and Avanzas, Pablo and Morís, Cesar and Berndt, Christoph and Trujillo, Pedro and Vignolo, Gustavo and Mila, Rafael and Buccheri, Dario and Silva, Pedro and Quadri, Giorgio and Tomassini, Francesco and Rolfo, Cristina and Hernández, Etelberto Hernández and Alonso, José Antonio Baz and Romo, Andrés Íñiguez and Teresi, Giulia and Andolina, Giuseppe and Calcagno, Simone and Navarrete, Gonzalo and Rivero, Fernando and Cuesta, Javier and Benedetto, Daniella and Arslan, Fatih and Stella, Peter R and Sánchez, Mª. Isabel Barrionuevo and Vicente, Rafael Gómez and Montón, Patricia Clares and Carballeira, Dámaris and Bowden, Geoffrey Yanes and Torres, Manuel Vargas and Cisnal, Agustín Fernández and Leite, Juan Pablo Canepa and Grigis, Giulietta and Moretti, Claudio and Montefusco, Antonio and D'Ascenzo, Fabrizio and Capasso, Piera and Bande, Marta and Casilli, Francesco and Morkous, Ramez and Yang, Eric and Ramakrishna, Harish and Poloczek, Martin and Miklik, Roman and Al Hallak, Ahmad and Cortese, Bernardo and Quevedo, Pilar Jiménez and Gonzalo, Nieves and del Trigo, María and de Hoyos y Fernández de Córdova, Alfonso and ... and CAAR Investigators
International Journal of Cardiology, ISSN 0167-5273, 01/2020, Volume 299, pp. 49 - 55
Coronary Aneurysms are a focal dilatation of an artery segment >1.5-fold the normal size of adjacent segments. Although some series have suggested a prevalence... 
Journal Article
by Johnson, Brett V and Kumar, Raman and Oishi, Sabrina and Alexander, Suzy and Kasherman, Maria and Vega, Michelle Sanchez and Ivancevic, Atma and Gardner, Alison and Domingo, Deepti and Corbett, Mark and Parnell, Euan and Yoon, Sehyoun and Yoon, Amanda J and Oh, Tracey and Lines, Matthew and Lefroy, Henrietta and Kini, Usha and Van Allen, Margot and Grønborg, Sabine and Mercier, Sandra and Küry, Sébastien and Bézieau, Stéphane and Pasquier, Laurent and Raynaud, Martine and Afenjar, Alexandra and Billette de Villemeur, Thierry and Keren, Boris and Désir, Julie and Van Maldergem, Lionel and Marangoni, Martina and Dikow, Nicola and Koolen, David A and VanHasselt, Peter M and Weiss, Marjan and Zwijnenburg, Petra and Sa, Joaquim and Reis, Claudia Falcao and López-Otín, Carlos and Santiago-Fernández, Olaya and Fernández-Jaén, Alberto and Rauch, Anita and Steindl, Katharina and Joset, Pascal and Goldstein, Amy and Goldstein, David B and Madan-Khetarpal, Suneeta and Infante, Elena and Zackai, Elaine and Mcdougall, Carey and Narayanan, Vinodh and Ramsey, Keri and Mercimek-Andrews, Saadet and Pena, Loren and Shashi, Vandana and Schoch, Kelly and Sullivan, Jennifer A and Acosta, Maria T and Adams, David R and Aday, Aaron and Alejandro, Mercedes E and Allard, Patrick and Ashley, Euan A and Azamian, Mahshid S and Bacino, Carlos A and Bademci, Guney and Baker, Eva and Balasubramanyam, Ashok and Baldridge, Dustin and Barbouth, Deborah and Batzli, Gabriel F and Beggs, Alan H and Bellen, Hugo J and Bernstein, Jonathan A and Berry, Gerard T and Bican, Anna and Bick, David P and Birch, Camille L and Bivona, Stephanie and Bonnenmann, Carsten and Bonner, Devon and Boone, Braden E and Bostwick, Bret L and Briere, Lauren C and Brokamp, Elly and Brown, Donna M and Brush, Matthew and Burke, Elizabeth A and Burrage, Lindsay C and Butte, Manish J and Carrasquillo, Olveen and Peter Chang, Ta Chen and Chao, Hsiao-Tuan and Clark, Gary D and Coakley, Terra R and Cobban, Laurel A and Cogan, Joy D and Cole, F. Sessions and Colley, Heather A and Cooper, Cynthia M and Cope, Heidi and ... and Undiagnosed Dis Network and Undiagnosed Diseases Network
Biological Psychiatry, ISSN 0006-3223, 01/2020, Volume 87, Issue 2, pp. 100 - 112
The X-chromosome gene encodes a deubiquitylating enzyme that has been associated with neurodevelopmental disorders primarily in female subjects. escapes X... 
Journal Article
New biotechnology, ISSN 1871-6784, 01/2020
Microbial oil biosynthesis is envisaged as a promising technology for sustainable production of chemicals and fuels. Sugar-based substrates are the most... 
Journal Article
Processes, ISSN 2227-9717, 01/2020, Volume 8, Issue 1, p. 94
Carbon nanomaterials are widespread in the atmospheric aerosol as a result of the combustion processes and their extensive industrial use. This has raised many... 
Journal Article
Astrobiology, ISSN 1531-1074, 01/2020
Sulfate and iron oxide deposits in Río Tinto (Southwestern Spain) are a terrestrial analog of early martian hematite-rich regions. Understanding the... 
Journal Article
Journal of physiology and biochemistry, ISSN 1138-7548, 01/2020
The cardioprotective activity of rosuvastatin (R) is yet to be known. The objective of this study was to research whether R perfusion before global ischemia... 
Journal Article