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infective endocarditis (35) 35
management (35) 35
diagnosis (33) 33
endocarditis (29) 29
mortality (28) 28
prospective studies (26) 26
surgery (24) 24
cardiac & cardiovascular systems (19) 19
cohort studies (19) 19
prognosis (19) 19
risk factors (18) 18
bacteremia (17) 17
anti-bacterial agents - therapeutic use (16) 16
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survival analysis (10) 10
complications (9) 9
cross infection (9) 9
hospital mortality (9) 9
hospitals (9) 9
research (9) 9
retrospective studies (9) 9
antibiotics (8) 8
cross infection - mortality (8) 8
echocardiography (8) 8
endocarditis - drug therapy (8) 8
endocarditis, bacterial - microbiology (8) 8
infections (8) 8
oncology (8) 8
prevention (8) 8
anti-bacterial agents - administration & dosage (7) 7
cardiovascular (7) 7
care and treatment (7) 7
comorbidity (7) 7
control program (7) 7
endocarditis - surgery (7) 7
heart (7) 7
incidence (7) 7
infectious medicine (7) 7
infektionsmedicin (7) 7
internal medicine (7) 7
medicine & public health (7) 7
microbiology and parasitology (7) 7
performance feedback (7) 7
staphylococcus aureus (7) 7
time factors (7) 7
antibacterial agents (6) 6
bacteremia - drug therapy (6) 6
catheter-related bloodstream infection (6) 6
cross infection - drug therapy (6) 6
cross infection - microbiology (6) 6
developing countries (6) 6
drug therapy (6) 6
endocarditis - microbiology (6) 6
endocarditis, bacterial - drug therapy (6) 6
endocarditis, bacterial - epidemiology (6) 6
hospitalization (6) 6
infection control (6) 6
intensive care units (6) 6
international cooperation (6) 6
medicine, general & internal (6) 6
nosocomial infections (6) 6
staphylococcus-aureus (6) 6
valve endocarditis (6) 6
young adult (6) 6
analysis (5) 5
antibiotic (5) 5
antimicrobial therapy (5) 5
asia - epidemiology (5) 5
association (5) 5
bacteriemia (5) 5
blood cultures (5) 5
bloodstream infection (5) 5
cancer (5) 5
catheter-related infections - drug therapy (5) 5
device removal (5) 5
education (5) 5
endocarditis - epidemiology (5) 5
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Journal Article
AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control, ISSN 0196-6553, 2014, Volume 42, Issue 9, pp. 942 - 956
Journal Article
AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control, ISSN 0196-6553, 2012, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp. 396 - 407
The results of a surveillance study conducted by the International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC) from January 2004 through December 2009 in... 
Infectious Disease | Infection Control | Nosocomial infection | Ventilator-associated pneumonia | Low-income countries | Bloodstream infection | Developing countries | Central line-associated bloodstream infection | Limited-resources countries | Health care-associated infection | Urinary tract infection | Catheter-associated urinary tract infection | Network | Antibiotic resistance | Hospital infection | Device-associated infection | MORTALITY | INTENSIVE-CARE UNITS | CONTROL PROGRAM | RATES | PUBLIC, ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH | PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK | SAFETY NETWORK | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | LENGTH-OF-STAY | ARGENTINEAN HOSPITALS | BLOOD-STREAM INFECTIONS | Africa - epidemiology | Prevalence | Prospective Studies | Humans | Middle Aged | Cross Infection - mortality | Child, Preschool | Infant | Male | Young Adult | Aged, 80 and over | Bacteria - classification | Adult | Female | Child | Infant, Newborn | Cross Infection - epidemiology | Latin America - epidemiology | Intensive Care Units | Europe - epidemiology | International Cooperation | Asia - epidemiology | Bacteria - isolation & purification | Adolescent | Bacterial Infections - epidemiology | Aged | Bacterial Infections - mortality | Consortia | Medical colleges | Pneumonia | Hotels and motels | Bacterial pneumonia | Staphylococcus aureus infections | Urinary tract infections | Health aspects | Antibacterial agents | Public health | Infection control
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Journal Article