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Nature nanotechnology, ISSN 1748-3395, 2013, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 235 - 246
Raman spectroscopy is an integral part of graphene research. It is used to determine the number and orientation of layers, the quality and types of edge, and... 
ELECTRON | DEFECTS | ORIGIN | CARBON | MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | MODE | LIGHT-SCATTERING | VIBRATIONS | NANOSCIENCE & NANOTECHNOLOGY | GRAPHITE | SPECTRUM | BAND | Carbon | Graphene | Disorders | Doping | Tools | Raman spectroscopy | Magnetic fields | Nanotechnology | Physics - Materials Science | Condensed Matter | Materials Science | Physics
Journal Article
by Castelnuovo, Gianluca and Giusti, Emanuele Maria and Manzoni, Gian Mauro and Saviola, Donatella and Gabrielli, Samantha and Lacerenza, Marco and Pietrabissa, Giada and Cattivelli, Roberto and Maria Spatola, Chiara Anna and Rossi, Alessandro and Varallo, Giorgia and Novelli, Margherita and Villa, Valentina and Luzzati, Francesca and Cottini, Andrea and Lai, Carlo and Volpato, Eleonora and Cavalera, Cesare and Pagnini, Francesco and Tesio, Valentina and Castelli, Lorys and Tavola, Mario and Torta, Riccardo and Arreghini, Marco and Zanini, Loredana and Brunani, Amelia and Seitanidis, Ionathan and Ventura, Giuseppe and Capodaglio, Paolo and D'Aniello, Guido Edoardo and Scarpina, Federica and Brioschi, Andrea and Bigoni, Matteo and Priano, Lorenzo and Mauro, Alessandro and Riva, Giuseppe and Di Lernia, Daniele and Repetto, Claudia and Regalia, Camillo and Molinari, Enrico and Notaro, Paolo and Paolucci, Stefano and Sandrini, Giorgio and Simpson, Susan and Wiederhold, Brenda Kay and Gaudio, Santino and Jackson, Jeffrey B and Tamburin, Stefano and Benedetti, Fabrizio and Agostini, Michela and Alfonsi, Enrico and Aloisi, Anna Maria and Alvisi, Elena and Aprile, Irene and Armando, Michela and Avenali, Micol and Azicnuda, Eva and Barale, Francesco and Bartolo, Michelangelo and Bergamaschi, Roberto and Berlangieri, Mariangela and Berlincioni, Vanna and Berliocchi, Laura and Berra, Eliana and Berto, Giulia and Bonadiman, Silvia and Bonazza, Sara and Bressi, Federica and Brugnera, Annalisa and Brunelli, Stefano and Buzzi, Maria Gabriella and Cacciatori, Carlo and Calvo, Andrea and Cantarella, Cristina and Caraceni, Augusto and Carone, Roberto and Carraro, Elena and Casale, Roberto and Castellazzi, Paola and Castino, Adele and Cerbo, Rosanna and Chiò, Adriano and Ciotti, Cristina and Cisari, Carlo and Coraci, Daniele and Dalla Toffola, Elena and Defazio, Giovanni and De Icco, Roberto and Del Carro, Ubaldo and Dell'Isola, Andrea and De Tanti, Antonio and D'Ippolito, Mariagrazia and Fazzi, Elisa and Ferrari, Adriano and Ferrari, Sergio and Ferraro, Francesco and Formaglio, Fabio and Formisano, Rita and Franzoni, Simone and Gajofatto, Francesca and ... and Italian Consensus Conf Pain Neuror
Frontiers in Neurology, ISSN 1664-2295, 05/2018, Volume 9, Issue MAY, p. 310
Journal Article
Frontiers in psychology, ISSN 1664-1078, 2016, Volume 7, p. 115
Journal Article
by Vasconcelos, A. T. R and Ferreira, H. B and Bizarro, C. V and Bonatto, S. L and Carvalho, M. O and Pinto, P. M and Almeida, D. F and Almeida, L. G. P and Almeida, R and Alves-Filho, L and Assuncao, E. N and Azevedo, V. A. C and Bogo, M. R and Brigido, M. M and Brocchi, M and Burity, H. A and Camargo, A. A and Camargo, S. S and Carepo, M. S and Carraro, D. M and de Mattos Cascardo, J. C and Castro, L. A and Cavalcanti, G and Chemale, G and Collevatti, R. G and Cunha, C. W and Dallagiovanna, B and Dambros, B. P and Dellagostin, O. A and Falcao, C and Fantinatti-Garboggini, F and Felipe, M. S. S and Fiorentin, L and Franco, G. R and Freitas, N. S. A and Frias, D and Grangeiro, T. B and Grisard, E. C and Guimaraes, C. T and Hungria, M and Jardim, S. N and Krieger, M. A and Laurino, J. P and Lima, L. F. A and Lopes, M. I and Loreto, E. L. S and Madeira, H. M. F and Manfio, G. P and Maranhao, A. Q and Martinkovics, C. T and Medeiros, S. R. B and Moreira, M. A. M and Neiva, M and Ramalho-Neto, C. E and Nicolas, M. F and Oliveira, S. C and Paixao, R. F. C and Pedrosa, F. O and Pena, S. D. J and Pereira, M and Pereira-Ferrari, L and Piffer, I and Pinto, L. S and Potrich, D. P and Salim, A. C. M and Santos, F. R and Schmitt, R and Schneider, M. P. C and Schrank, A and Schrank, I. S and Schuck, A. F and Seuanez, H. N and Silva, D. W and Silva, R and Silva, S. C and Soares, C. M. A and Souza, K. R. L and Souza, R. C and Staats, C. C and Steffens, M. B. R and Teixeira, S. M. R and Urmenyi, T. P and Vainstein, M. H and Zuccherato, L. W and Simpson, A. J. G and Zaha, A
Journal of bacteriology, ISSN 0021-9193, 2005, Volume 187, Issue 16, pp. 5568 - 5577
Journal Article
by Andò, Giuseppe and Cortese, Bernardo and Russo, Filippo and Rothenbühler, Martina and Frigoli, Enrico and Gargiulo, Giuseppe and Briguori, Carlo and Vranckx, Pascal and Leonardi, Sergio and Guiducci, Vincenzo and Belloni, Flavia and Ferrari, Fabio and de la Torre Hernandez, Jose Maria and Curello, Salvatore and Liistro, Francesco and Perkan, Andrea and De Servi, Stefano and Casu, Gavino and Dellavalle, Antonio and Fischetti, Dionigi and Micari, Antonio and Loi, Bruno and Mangiacapra, Fabio and Russo, Nunzio and Tarantino, Fabio and Saia, Francesco and Heg, Dik and Windecker, Stephan and Jüni, Peter and Valgimigli, Marco and Salomone, Maria and Frigoli, Enrico and Occhilupo, Pierpaolo and Lodolini, Veronica and Monti, Monia and Mazzone, Maria Grazia and Delos, Erika and Caruso, Maria Teresa and Testa, Maggie and Ciociano, Nestor and Lazzero, Maurizio and Gazzotti, Davide and Cagliari, Lorenzo and Shahmohammadi, Leila and Caiazza, Martina and Virga, Vittorio and Guerra, Elena and Michalska, Eva and Castellini, Sara and Serino, Vincenzo and Visconti, Gabriella and Pendenza, Gianluca and Portolan, Monica and Anzini, Marco and Silvetti, Elisa and Coco, Tiziana and Costa, Francesco and Ariotti, Sara and Valli, Linda and Adamo, Marianna and Marino, Marcello and Vranckx, Pascal and Leonardi, Sergio and Tricoci, Pierluigi and Jüni, Peter and Rothenbühler, Martina and Heg, Dik and Valgimigli, Marco and Gagnor, Andrea and Calabrò, Paolo and Rubartelli, Paolo and Garducci, Stefano and Santarelli, Andrea and Galli, Mario and Garbo, Roberto and Bramucci, Ezio and Ierna, Salvatore and Briguori, Carlo and Cortese, Bernardo and Limbruno, Ugo and Violini, Roberto and Presbitero, Patrizia and de Cesare, Nicoletta and Sganzerla, Paolo and Ausiello, Arturo and Tosi, Paolo and Sardella, Gennaro and Sabate, Manel and Brugaletta, Salvatore and Saccone, Giovanni and Vandoni, Pietro and Zingarelli, Antonio and Liso, Armando and Rigattieri, Stefano and Di Lorenzo, Emilio and Vigna, Carlo and Palmieri, Cataldo and Falcone, Camillo and De Caterina, Raffaele and Caputo, Marcello and ... and MATRIX Investigators
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 05/2017, Volume 69, Issue 21, pp. 2592 - 2603
Journal Article
Journal Article
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences, ISSN 1471-2962, 11/2004, Volume 362, Issue 1824, pp. 2477 - 2512
Journal Article