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by Krishnan, Ravi and Tumbaga, Purificacion and Ahmad, Irfan and Leeper, Shawna and Mott, Stacy and Nordeck, Jessica and Mieir, Lisa and Johnson, Wendy and Stephens, Cathy and Straw, Nora and Dina, Pele and Hummel, Patricia and Naber, Margaret and Weiss, Marc and Sajous, Christine and Ward, Laura and Ward, Laura and Colling, Kristina and Beck, Anita and Nommsen-Rivers, Laurie and Nommsen-Rivers, Laurie and Chang, Jie and Chang, Jie and Nasr, Annette and Filoteo, Lourdes and Hamilton-Spence, Erin and Perrin, Maryanne and Maillart, Lisa and Sun, Ruichen and Schaefer, Andrew and Kummer, Leslie and Demerath, Ellen and Fields, David and Haapala, Jacob and Jacobs, David and Kunin-Batson, Alicia and Whitaker, Kara and Smith, Katy and Foster, Laurie and Harnack, Lisa and McGovern, Patricia and Schoenfuss, Tonya and Teague, April and Nguyen, Phung and Arya, Insi and Setiawati, Elsa and Sekarwana, Nanan and Gurnida, Dida and Suryani, Mira and Ferdian, Dani and Bartick, Melissa and Tomori, Cecilia and Bauley, Cynthia and Cassar, Linda and Cross, Tracy and Brannon, Monica and Friesen, Mary Ann and Schneider, Martha and Brown, Lani and Collins, Frances and Boresky, Dorothy and Stanger, Debra and Kaltenecker, Brian and Hoyle, Abigail and Borger, Judith and Olivas, Irma Esthela Smith and Gutierrez, Diana Bueno and Chawla, Deepak and Manerkar, Swati and Khan, Aisha and Sinha, Minu Manuhar and Sinha, Minu Manuhar and Shanbhag, Sunita and Mondkar, Jayashree and Sachdeva, Ruchika Chugh and Kandasamy, Praveen and Chen, Melissa and Kair, Laura and Chang, Judy and Creinin, Mitchell and Schwarz, Eleanor Bimla and Chen, Emy and Miselis, Heather and Sachdeva, Ruchika Chugh and Mondkar, Jayashree and Mondkar, Jayashree and Shanbhag, Sunita and Shanbhag, Sunita and Khan, Aisha and Gupta, Rajib Das and Sabharwal, Vandana and Kandasamy, Praveen and Israel-Ballard, Kiersten and Kanade, Prabhakar B and Chuisano, Samantha and Chuisano, Samantha and Anderson, Olivia and Anderson, Olivia and Chung, Yoo-Mi and Dalisay, Hazel and ...
Breastfeeding Medicine, ISSN 1556-8253, 10/2018, Volume 13, Issue S2, pp. S-1 - S-41
Journal Article
by Bryant, Amy and Muddana, Anitha and Muddana, Anitha and Yourkavitch, Jennifer and Chetwynd, Ellen and Wouk, Kathryn and Stuebe, Alison and Chandhiok, Nomita and Singh, Kh. Jitenkumar and Pande, Arvind and Chetwynd, Ellen and Chetwynd, Ellen and Stuebe, Alison and Troester, Melissa and Rowley, Diane and Halpern, Carolyn and Palmer, Julie and LeBlanc, Sherry and Haushalter, Jamie and Sutton, Ashley and Seashore, Carl and Nemsadze, Ketevan and Bakhtadze, Tamar and Kiknadze, Nino and Kacharava, Tamar and Nommsen‐Rivers, Laurie and Riddle, Sarah and Thompson, Amy and Ward, Laura and Wagner, Erin and Rosen‐Carole, Casey and Fagnano, Maria and Dozier, Ann and Halterman, Jill and Ware, Julie and Morrow, Ardythe and Chen, Aimin and Kmet, Jennifer and Albert, Jennifer and Heinrichs‐Breen, Jody and Alur, Pradeep and Talluri, Sri Harsha and Bell, Theodore and Keister, Patricia and Liss, Jonathan and Amponsah, Edith and Brenner, Michelle and Bergman, Nils and Brownell, Elizabeth and Smith, Kelsey and Hagadorn, James and Lussier, Mary and Lerer, Trudy and Esposito, Patricia and Bryant, Amy and Bryant, Amy and Yourkavitch, Jennifer and Chetwynd, Ellen and Wouk, Kathryn and Campos, Maribel and Calderon, Cindy and Piovanetti, Yvette and Champeny, Mary and Pries, Alissa and Chertok, Judy and Ochs, Genevieve and Zeltser, Marina and Higgins‐Esplund, Bonnie and Quinn, Mackenzie and Wouk, Kathryn and Stuebe, Alison and Chang, Jie and Filoteo, Lourdes and Lin, Eleanor and Sage, Maria and Dodson, Barbara and Crowe, Susan and Dahlquist, Nanette and Rosqvist‐Gerard, Julie and Edwards‐Jackson, Nneka and Martin, Holly and Vasquez, Maya and Delgado, Ana and Flaherman, Valerie and Flaherman, Valerie and Eglash, Anne and Ellsworth, Lindsay and Stanley, Kate and Famuyide, Mobolaji and Green, John J and Snell, Sannie and Feldman‐Winter, Lori and Feldman‐Winter, Lori and Burnham, Laura and Taylor, Emily and Bugg, Kimarie and Krane, Kristen and Boynton‐Jarrett, Renee and Edwards, Roger and Carothers, Cathy and ...
Breastfeeding Medicine, ISSN 1556-8253, 10/2016, Volume 11, Issue S1, pp. S-1 - S-26
Journal Article
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