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by Waddell, Nicola and Pajic, Marina and Patch, Ann-Marie and Chang, David K and Kassahn, Karin S and Bailey, Peter and Johns, Amber L and Miller, David and Nones, Katia and Quek, Kelly and Quinn, Michael C. J and Robertson, Alan J and Fadlullah, Muhammad Z. H and Bruxner, Tim J. C and Christ, Angelika N and Harliwong, Ivon and Idrisoglu, Senel and Manning, Suzanne and Nourse, Craig and Nourbakhsh, Ehsan and Wani, Shivangi and Wilson, Peter J and Markham, Emma and Cloonan, Nicole and Anderson, Matthew J and Fink, J. Lynn and Holmes, Oliver and Kazakoff, Stephen H and Leonard, Conrad and Newell, Felicity and Poudel, Barsha and Song, Sarah and Taylor, Darrin and Waddell, Nick and Wood, Scott and Xu, Qinying and Wu, Jianmin and Pinese, Mark and Cowley, Mark J and Lee, Hong C and Jones, Marc D and Nagrial, Adnan M and Humphris, Jeremy and Chantrill, Lorraine A and Chin, Venessa and Steinmann, Angela M and Mawson, Amanda and Humphrey, Emily S and Colvin, Emily K and Chou, Angela and Scarlett, Christopher J and Pinho, Andreia V and Giry-Laterriere, Marc and Rooman, Ilse and Samra, Jaswinder S and Kench, James G and Pettitt, Jessica A and Merrett, Neil D and Toon, Christopher and Epari, Krishna and Nguyen, Nam Q and Barbour, Andrew and Zeps, Nikolajs and Jamieson, Nigel B and Graham, Janet S and Niclou, Simone P and Bjerkvig, Rolf and Grützmann, Robert and Aust, Daniela and Hruban, Ralph H and Maitra, Anirban and Iacobuzio-Donahue, Christine A and Wolfgang, Christopher L and Morgan, Richard A and Lawlor, Rita T and Corbo, Vincenzo and Bassi, Claudio and Falconi, Massimo and Zamboni, Giuseppe and Tortora, Giampaolo and Tempero, Margaret A and Gill, Anthony J and Eshleman, James R and Pilarsky, Christian and Scarpa, Aldo and Musgrove, Elizabeth A and Pearson, John V and Biankin, Andrew V and Grimmond, Sean M and Australian Pancreatic Canc Genome and Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative
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Journal Article
Journal of social history, ISSN 0022-4529, 10/2006, Volume 40, Issue 1, pp. 119 - 146
This article examines the experience of the Cooleemee Historical Association in North Carolina. It notes the many successes of this community history project,... 
Rumley, Lynn | Rumley, Jim | U.S.A
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Gatsonis, Constantine A and Aberle, Denise R and Berg, Christine D and Black, William C and Church, Timothy R and Fagerstrom, Richard M and Galen, Barbara and Gareen, Ilana F and Goldin, Jonathan and Gohagan, John K and Hillman, Bruce and Jaffe, Carl and Kramer, Barnett S and Lynch, David and Marcus, Pamela M and Schnall, Mitchell and Sullivan, Daniel C and Sullivan, Dorothy and Zylak, Carl J and Cagnon, Christopher and Cody, Dianna and Fletcher, Glenn and Flynn, Michael J and Judy, Philip F and Kruger, Randell and Larke, Frederick J and McNitt-Gray, Michael and Payne, Thomas and Anthony Seibert, J and Wu, Xizeng and Abbott, Gerald and Amorosa, Judith K and Barr, Richard G and Boiselle, Phillip M and Chiles, Caroline and Clark, Robert and Coppage, Lynn and Falk, Robert and Fishman, Elliot K and Gemmel, David and Goldin, Jonathan G and Goodman, Eric and Hart, Eric M and Hazelton, Todd and Johnson, Elizabeth and Kazerooni, Ella and McComb, Barbara and McLennan, Geoffrey and Munden, Reginald F and Ravenel, James and Sullivan, Michael and Swensen, Stephen J and Torigian, Drew A and Vydareny, Kay H and Worrell, John A and Balkin, Peter and Fouad, Mona and Freedman, Matthew T and Garg, Kavita and Gelmann, Edward P and Gierada, David S and Hocking, William and Inampudi, Subbarao and Isaacs, Claudine and Kvale, Paul and Mann, Howard and Manor, William and Nath, Hrudaya and Reding, Douglas and Spizarny, David L and Strollo, Diane C and Waltz, John and Chen, Mei-Hsiu and Duan, Fenghai and Izmirilian, Grant and Pinsky, Paul and Prorok, Philip C and Miller, Anthony B and Edelman, Martin J and Evans, William K and Fontana, Robert S and Machtay, Mitchell and Clark, Kenneth W and Clingan, Kathy L and Ford, Melissa B and Márquez, Guillermo and Moore, Steven M and Ohan, Peter and Payne, Thomas J and Peace, Steven and Rosenbaum, Jennifer L and Barr, Richard and Black, William and Torigian, Drew and Vydareny, Kay and Worrell, John and Young, Robert C and Alberts, David and DeMets, David and Greenwald, Peter and ... and Natl Lung Screening Trial Res Team and National Lung Screening Trial Research Team
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Journal Article