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The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 11/2017, Volume 377, Issue 18, pp. 1723 - 1732
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 02/2018, Volume 378, Issue 7, pp. 625 - 635
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 02/2015, Volume 372, Issue 6, pp. 528 - 536
Journal Article
by A Tumasyan and E Asilar and J Erö and I Krätschmer and I Mikulec and D Rabady and N Rad and B Rahbaran and E A De Wolf and N Van Remortel and N Daci and N Heracleous and C Vander Velde and P Vanlaer and M Gul and B Francois and L Quertenmont and M Vidal Marono and W L Aldá Júnior and G A Alves and M E Pol and A Custódio and G G Da Silveira and S Fonseca De Souza and W L Prado Da Silva and A Sznajder and C A Bernardes and S Dogra and P Iaydjiev and M Rodozov and M Chen and F Romeo and S M Shaheen and A Spiezia and J Zhao and Y Ban and S Liu and I Puljak and G Mavromanolakis and P A Razis and M Finger and E Carrera Jarrin and S Elgammal and A Mohamed and M Kadastik and M Murumaa and A Tiko and P Eerola and J Härkönen and T Lampén and T Lindén and T Peltola and E Tuovinen and F Couderc and B Fabbro and J L Faure and G Hamel de Monchenault and M Machet and J Malcles and M Titov and A Zghiche and I Antropov and S Baffioni and E Chapon and O Davignon and M Nguyen and G Ortona and E C Chabert and J-C Fontaine and S Beauceron and J Fan and A L Pequegnot and V Sordini and T Toriashvili and A Heister and M Lipinski and A Ostapchuk and M Preuten and F Raupach and C Schomakers and V Zhukov and S Erdweg and P Millet and M Rieger and F Scheuch and V Cherepanov and W Haj Ahmad and A Künsken and J Lingemann and A Nehrkorn and A Nowack and O Pooth and C Contreras-Campana and G Dolinska and E Eren and J Garay Garcia and A Gizhko and M Kasemann and J Kieseler and J Leonard and ...
The European Physical Journal. C, Particles and Fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 04/2017, Volume 77, Issue 4, pp. 1 - 29
The WZ production cross section is measured by the CMS experiment at the CERN LHC in proton–proton collision data samples corresponding to integrated... 
Couplings | CERN | Large Hadron Collider | Constraint modelling | Solenoids | Cross sections | Muons
Journal Article
The European Physical Journal. C, Particles and Fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 05/2017, Volume 77, Issue 5, pp. 1 - 38
A search for new phenomena is performed in final states containing one or more jets and an imbalance in transverse momentum in pp collisions at a... 
Standard model (particle physics) | Supersymmetry | CERN | Large Hadron Collider | Fermions | Luminosity | Quarks | Solenoids | Searching | Collisions | Transverse momentum | Pair production | Mass spectra
Journal Article
by A Tumasyan and E Asilar and J Erö and R Frühwirth and M Krammer and D Liko and T Matsushita and B Rahbaran and W Waltenberger and T Cornelis and A Knutsson and S Luyckx and H Van Haevermaet and N Heracleous and D Strom and I Van Parijs and F Zenoni and V Adler and A Fagot and M Tytgat and E Yazgan and O Bondu and A Caudron and C Delaere and L Forthomme and A Popov and M Selvaggi and W L Aldá Júnior and C Mora Herrera and E Belchior Batista Das Chagas and C De Oliveira Martins and S Fonseca De Souza and D Matos Figueiredo and C A Bernardes and A Aleksandrov and M Rodozov and S Stoykova and I Glushkov and L Litov and B Pavlov and P Petkov and M Ahmad and G M Chen and C Asawatangtrakuldee and S Liu and S J Qian and L F Chaparro Sierra and I Puljak and V Brigljevic and K Kadija and J Luetic and J Mousa and M Finger and A A Abdelalim and P Eerola and J Härkönen and T Lampén and D Denegri and S Ganjour and G Hamel de Monchenault and P Jarry and M Machet and J Malcles and M Titov and C Charlot and O Davignon and N Filipovic and S Lisniak and Y Sirois and D Bloch and X Coubez and J-C Fontaine and E Bouvier and C A Carrillo Montoya and D Contardo and P Depasse and H El Mamouni and V Sordini and Z Tsamalaidze and C Autermann and L Feld and M K Kiesel and S Schael and M Ata and M Brodski and E Dietz-Laursonn and M Endres and T Esch and D Klingebiel and P Kreuzer and T Pook and H Reithler and S Thüer and F Hoehle and U Behrens and G Dolinska and S Dooling and G Eckerlin and T Eichhorn and A Gizhko and ...
The European Physical Journal. C, Particles and Fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 03/2016, Volume 76, Issue 3, p. 1
  (ProQuest: ... denotes formulae and/or non-USASCII text omitted; see image) The cross section for ... production in the all-jets final state is measured in... 
Journal Article
by Brownstein, Catherine A and Beggs, Alan H and Homer, Nils and Merriman, Barry and Yu, Timothy W and Flannery, Katherine C and DeChene, Elizabeth T and Towne, Meghan C and Savage, Sarah K and Price, Emily N and Holm, Ingrid A and Luquette, Lovelace J and Lyon, Elaine and Majzoub, Joseph and Neupert, Peter and McCallie, David and Szolovits, Peter and Willard, Huntington F and Mendelsohn, Nancy J and Temme, Renee and Finkel, Richard S and Yum, Sabrina W and Medne, Livija and Sunyaev, Shamil R and Adzhubey, Ivan and Cassa, Christopher A and De Bakker, Paul I.W and Duzkale, Hatice and Dworzyński, Piotr and Fairbrother, William and Francioli, Laurent and Funke, Birgit H and Giovanni, Monica A and Handsaker, Robert E and Lage, Kasper and Lebo, Matthew S and Lek, Monkol and Leshchiner, Ignaty and MacArthur, Daniel G and McLaughlin, Heather M and Murray, Michael F and Pers, Tune H and Polak, Paz P and Raychaudhuri, Soumya and Rehm, Heidi L and Soemedi, Rachel and Stitziel, Nathan O and Vestecka, Sara and Supper, Jochen and Gugenmus, Claudia and Klocke, Bernward and Hahn, Alexander and Schubach, Max and Menzel, Mortiz and Biskup, Saskia and Freisinger, Peter and Deng, Mario and Braun, Martin and Perner, Sven and Smith, Richard J.H and Andorf, Janeen L and Huang, Jian and Ryckman, Kelli and Sheffield, Val C and Stone, Edwin M and Bair, Thomas and Ann Black-Ziegelbein, E and Braun, Terry A and Darbro, Benjamin and DeLuca, Adam P and Kolbe, Diana L and Scheetz, Todd E and Shearer, Aiden E and Sompallae, Rama and Wang, Kai and Bassuk, Alexander G and Edens, Erik and Mathews, Katherine and Moore, Steven A and Shchelochkov, Oleg A and Trapane, Pamela and Bossler, Aaron and Campbell, Colleen A and Heusel, Jonathan W and Kwitek, Anne and Maga, Tara and Panzer, Karin and Wassink, Thomas and Van Daele, Douglas and Azaiez, Hela and Booth, Kevin and Meyer, Nic and Segal, Michael M and Williams, Marc S and Tromp, Gerard and White, Peter and Corsmeier, Donald and Fitzgerald-Butt, Sara and Herman, Gail and Lamb-Thrush, Devon and ... and Institutionen för biokemi och biofysik and Stockholms universitet and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
Genome Biology, ISSN 1474-7596, 2014, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp. R53 - R53
Journal Article
Muscle & Nerve, ISSN 0148-639X, 10/2014, Volume 50, Issue 4, pp. 477 - 487
Journal Article
by Palevsky, Paul M and Zhang, Jane Hongyuan and O'Connor, Theresa Z and Chertow, Glenn M and Crowley, Susan T and Choudhury, Devasmita and Finkel, Kevin and Kellum, John A and Paganini, Emil and Schein, Roland M. H and Smith, Mark W and Swanson, Kathleen M and Thompson, B. Taylor and Vijayan, Anitha and Watnick, Suzanne and Star, Robert A and Peduzzi, Peter and Young, E and Fissel, R and Fissel, W and Patel, U and Belanger, K and Raine, A and Ricci, N and Lohr, J and Arora, P and Cloen, D and Wassel, D and Yohe, L and Amanzadeh, J and Penfield, J and Hussain, M and Katneni, R and Sajgure, A and Swann, A and Dolson, G and Ramanathan, V and Tasby, G and Bacallao, R and Jaradat, M and Graves, K and Li, Q and Krause, M and Shaver, M and Alam, M and Morris, K and Bland, T and Satter, E and Kraut, J and Felsenfeld, A and Levine, B and Nagami, G and Vaghaiwalla, B and Duffney, J and Moore, J and Cely, C and Jaimes, E and Kett, D and Quartin, A and Arcia, M and Barchi-Chung, A and Batuman, V and Alper, A and Dreisbach, A and Simon, E and Kulivan, C and Aslam, N and Ramkumar, M and Grum, E and Rogers, P and Weisbord, S and Geffel, C and Wahba, I and Kelly, D and Walczyk, J and Feldman, G and Mogyorosi, A and Viol, G and Halverson, M and Schmid, S and Totten, H and Gabbai, F and Mullaney, S and Smith, R and Dingsdale, J and Woods, S and Johansen, K and Lovett, D and O'Hare, A and McCarthy, J and Rosado-Rodriguez, C and Galera, A and Rodriguez-Vega, G and Rodriguez, W and Vilchez, C and Young, B and Andress, D and Lindner, A and Galvin, G and Gourley, N and ... and The VA/NIH Acute Renal Failure Trial Network and VA NIH Acute Renal Failure Trial and VA/NIH Acute Renal Failure Trial Network
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 07/2008, Volume 359, Issue 1, pp. 7 - 20
Journal Article