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2001, University Center for Human Values series, ISBN 9780691086736, xvi, 188
How should we live? What do we owe to other people? In Goodness and Advice, the eminent philosopher Judith Jarvis Thomson explores how we should go about answering such fundamental questions... 
Consequentialism (Ethics) | Ethics | Philosophy | PHILOSOPHY | Ethics & Moral Philosophy
by Tsoi, Lam C and Spain, Sarah L and Knight, Jo and Ellinghaus, Eva and Stuart, Philip E and Capon, Francesca and Ding, Jun and Li, Yanming and Tejasvi, Trilokraj and Gudjonsson, Johann E and Kang, Hyun M and Allen, Michael H and McManus, Ross and Novelli, Giuseppe and Samuelsson, Lena and Schalkwijk, Joost and Ståhle, Mona and Burden, A David and Smith, Catherine H and Cork, Michael J and Estivill, Xavier and Bowcock, Anne M and Krueger, Gerald G and Weger, Wolfgang and Worthington, Jane and Tazi-Ahnini, Rachid and Nestle, Frank O and Hayday, Adrian and Hoffmann, Per and Winkelmann, Juliane and Wijmenga, Cisca and Langford, Cordelia and Edkins, Sarah and Andrews, Robert and Blackburn, Hannah and Strange, Amy and Band, Gavin and Pearson, Richard D and Vukcevic, Damjan and Spencer, Chris C A and Deloukas, Panos and Mrowietz, Ulrich and Schreiber, Stefan and Weidinger, Stephan and Koks, Sulev and Kingo, Külli and Esko, Tonu and Metspalu, Andres and Lim, Henry W and Voorhees, John J and Weichenthal, Michael and Wichmann, H Erich and Chandran, Vinod and Rosen, Cheryl F and Rahman, Proton and Gladman, Dafna D and Griffiths, Christopher E M and Reis, Andre and Kere, Juha and Nair, Rajan P and Franke, Andre and Barker, Jonathan N W N and Abecasis, Goncalo R and Elder, James T and Trembath, Richard C and Psoriasis Association Genetics Extension and Genetic Analysis of Psoriasis Consortium and Collaborative Association Study of Psoriasis (CASP) and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2 and Collaborative Assoc Study Psoriasi and Psoriasis Assoc Genetics Extension and Genetic Anal Psoriasis Consortium and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consor and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institutionen för biomedicin, avdelningen för medicinsk genetik och klinisk genetik and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institute of Biomedicine, Department of Medical and Clinical Genetics and Sahlgrenska Academy
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 11/2012, Volume 44, Issue 12, pp. 1341 - 1348
Journal Article
Religion and the arts (Chestnut Hill, Mass.), ISSN 1079-9265, 2016, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 388 - 390
...White, Roger, Brendan N. Wolfe, and Judith Wolfe (eds.), C. S. Lewis and His Circle: Essays and Memoirs from the Oxford C. S. Lewis Society. Foreword Suzanne... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Yang, Xiaohong R and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Goode, Ellen L and Couch, Fergus J and Nevanlinna, Heli and Milne, Roger L and Gaudet, Mia and Schmidt, Marjanka K and Broeks, Annegien and Cox, Angela and Fasching, Peter A and Hein, Rebecca and Spurdle, Amanda B and Blows, Fiona and Driver, Kristy and Flesch-Janys, Dieter and Heinz, Judith and Sinn, Peter and Vrieling, Alina and Heikkinen, Tuomas and Aittomäki, Kristiina and Heikkilä, Päivi and Blomqvist, Carl and Lissowska, Jolanta and Peplonska, Beata and Chanock, Stephen and Figueroa, Jonine and Brinton, Louise and Hall, Per and Czene, Kamila and Humphreys, Keith and Darabi, Hatef and Liu, Jianjun and Van ‘t Veer, Laura J and van Leeuwen, Flora E and Andrulis, Irene L and Glendon, Gord and Knight, Julia A and Mulligan, Anna Marie and O’Malley, Frances P and Weerasooriya, Nayana and John, Esther M and Beckmann, Matthias W and Hartmann, Arndt and Weihbrecht, Sebastian B and Wachter, David L and Jud, Sebastian M and Loehberg, Christian R and Baglietto, Laura and English, Dallas R and Giles, Graham G and McLean, Catriona A and Severi, Gianluca and Lambrechts, Diether and Vandorpe, Thijs and Weltens, Caroline and Paridaens, Robert and Smeets, Ann and Neven, Patrick and Wildiers, Hans and Wang, Xianshu and Olson, Janet E and Cafourek, Victoria and Fredericksen, Zachary and Kosel, Matthew and Vachon, Celine and Cramp, Helen E and Connley, Daniel and Cross, Simon S and Balasubramanian, Sabapathy P and Reed, Malcolm W. R and Dörk, Thilo and Bremer, Michael and Meyer, Andreas and Karstens, Johann H and Ay, Aysun and Park-Simon, Tjoung-Won and Hillemanns, Peter and Arias Pérez, Jose Ignacio and Rodríguez, Primitiva Menéndez and Zamora, Pilar and Benítez, Javier and Ko, Yon-Dschun and Fischer, Hans-Peter and Hamann, Ute and Pesch, Beate and Brüning, Thomas and Justenhoven, Christina and Brauch, Hiltrud and Eccles, Diana M and Tapper, William J and Gerty, Sue M and Sawyer, Elinor J and Tomlinson, Ian P and Jones, Angela and Kerin, Michael and Miller, Nicola and McInerney, Niall and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Ziogas, Argyrios and ...
JNCI : Journal of the National Cancer Institute, ISSN 1460-2105, 02/2011, Volume 103, Issue 3, pp. 250 - 263
Journal Article
by Stahl, Eli A and Breen, Gerome and Forstner, Andreas J and McQuillin, Andrew and Ripke, Stephan and Trubetskoy, Vassily and Mattheisen, Manuel and Wang, Yunpeng and Coleman, Jonathan R. I and Gaspar, Héléna A and de Leeuw, Christiaan A and Steinberg, Stacy and Pavlides, Jennifer M. Whitehead and Trzaskowski, Maciej and Byrne, Enda M and Pers, Tune H and Holmans, Peter A and Richards, Alexander L and Abbott, Liam and Agerbo, Esben and Akil, Huda and Albani, Diego and Alliey-Rodriguez, Ney and Als, Thomas D and Anjorin, Adebayo and Antilla, Verneri and Awasthi, Swapnil and Badner, Judith A and Bækvad-Hansen, Marie and Barchas, Jack D and Bass, Nicholas and Bauer, Michael and Belliveau, Richard and Bergen, Sarah E and Pedersen, Carsten Bøcker and Bøen, Erlend and Boks, Marco P and Boocock, James and Budde, Monika and Bunney, William and Burmeister, Margit and Bybjerg-Grauholm, Jonas and Byerley, William and Casas, Miquel and Cerrato, Felecia and Cervantes, Pablo and Chambert, Kimberly and Charney, Alexander W and Chen, Danfeng and Churchhouse, Claire and Clarke, Toni-Kim and Coryell, William and Craig, David W and Cruceanu, Cristiana and Curtis, David and Czerski, Piotr M and Dale, Anders M and de Jong, Simone and Degenhardt, Franziska and Del-Favero, Jurgen and DePaulo, J. Raymond and Djurovic, Srdjan and Dobbyn, Amanda L and Dumont, Ashley and Elvsåshagen, Torbjørn and Escott-Price, Valentina and Fan, Chun Chieh and Fischer, Sascha B and Flickinger, Matthew and Foroud, Tatiana M and Forty, Liz and Frank, Josef and Fraser, Christine and Freimer, Nelson B and Frisén, Louise and Gade, Katrin and Gage, Diane and Garnham, Julie and Giambartolomei, Claudia and Pedersen, Marianne Giørtz and Goldstein, Jaqueline and Gordon, Scott D and Gordon-Smith, Katherine and Green, Elaine K and Green, Melissa J and Greenwood, Tiffany A and Grove, Jakob and Guan, Weihua and Guzman-Parra, José and Hamshere, Marian L and Hautzinger, Martin and Heilbronner, Urs and Herms, Stefan and Hipolito, Maria and Hoffmann, Per and Holland, Dominic and Huckins, Laura and Jamain, Stéphane and Johnson, Jessica S and Juréus, Anders and ... and the Bipolar Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and eQTLGen Consortium and BIOS Consortium and Bipolar Disorder Working Grp Psych and Bipolar Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi, sektionen för psykiatri och neurokemi and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, Department of Psychiatry and Neurochemistry and Sahlgrenska Academy
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 05/2019, Volume 51, Issue 5, pp. 793 - 803
Journal Article
by Rietveld, C. A and Medland, S. E and Derringer, J and Yang, J and Esko, T and Martin, N. W and Westra, H.-J and Shakhbazov, K and Abdellaoui, A and Agrawal, A and Albrecht, E and Alizadeh, B. Z and Amin, N and Barnard, J and Baumeister, S. E and Benke, K. S and Bielak, L. F and Boatman, J. A and Boyle, P. A and Davies, G and de Leeuw, C and Eklund, N and Evans, D. S and Ferhmann, R and Fischer, K and Gieger, C and Gjessing, H. K and Hagg, S and Harris, J. R and Hayward, C and Holzapfel, C and Ibrahim-Verbaas, C. A and Ingelsson, E and Jacobsson, B and Joshi, P. K and Jugessur, A and Kaakinen, M and Kanoni, S and Karjalainen, J and Kolcic, I and Kristiansson, K and Kutalik, Z and Lahti, J and Lee, S. H and Lin, P and Lind, P. A and Liu, Y and Lohman, K and Loitfelder, M and McMahon, G and Vidal, P. M and Meirelles, O and Milani, L and Myhre, R and Nuotio, M.-L and Oldmeadow, C. J and Petrovic, K. E and Peyrot, W. J and Polasek, O and Quaye, L and Reinmaa, E and Rice, J. P and Rizzi, T. S and Schmidt, H and Schmidt, R and Smith, A. V and Smith, J. A and Tanaka, T and Terracciano, A and van der Loos, M. J. H. M and Vitart, V and Volzke, H and Wellmann, J and Yu, L and Zhao, W and Allik, J and Attia, J. R and Bandinelli, S and Bastardot, F and Beauchamp, J and Bennett, D. A and Berger, K and Bierut, L. J and Boomsma, D. I and Bultmann, U and Campbell, H and Chabris, C. F and Cherkas, L and Chung, M. K and Cucca, F and de Andrade, M and De Jager, P. L and De Neve, J.-E and Deary, I. J and Dedoussis, G. V and Deloukas, P and Dimitriou, M and Eiriksdottir, G and Elderson, M. F and Eriksson, J. G and ... and The LifeLines Cohort Study and LifeLines Cohort Study and Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper, Avdelningen för obstetrik och gynekologi and Sahlgrenska akademin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institute of Clinical Sciences, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Sahlgrenska Academy
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 1095-9203, 05/2013, Volume 340, Issue 6139, pp. 1467 - 1471
A genome-wide association study (GWAS) of educational attainment was conducted in a discovery sample of 101,069 individuals and a replication sample of 25,490.... 
Medical research | Phenotypes | Psychology | REPORTS | Personality traits | Genetic research | Research facilities | Genetics | Epidemiology | Research universities | Educational attainment | Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology | Genome-Wide Association Study | Endoph