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bone neoplasms - secondary (50) 50
prostatic neoplasms, castration-resistant - pathology (49) 49
double-blind (47) 47
prednisone (47) 47
abiraterone acetate (46) 46
double-blind method (45) 45
survival analysis (45) 45
antineoplastic combined chemotherapy protocols - adverse effects (42) 42
neoplasm staging (42) 42
prostate-specific antigen - blood (41) 41
analysis (39) 39
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risk factors (39) 39
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time factors (34) 34
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adolescent (31) 31
enzalutamide (31) 31
metastases (30) 30
orchiectomy (30) 30
prostate (30) 30
radiotherapy (30) 30
testicular cancer (30) 30
androgen antagonists - therapeutic use (28) 28
bone neoplasms - drug therapy (28) 28
carcinoma (28) 28
drug administration schedule (28) 28
follow-up studies (28) 28
management (27) 27
proportional hazards models (27) 27
prostatic neoplasms, castration-resistant - mortality (27) 27
abiraterone (26) 26
cancer therapies (26) 26
prostatic neoplasms - mortality (26) 26
taxoids - administration & dosage (26) 26
zoledronic acid (25) 25
antineoplastic agents, hormonal - therapeutic use (24) 24
diagnosis (24) 24
increased survival (24) 24
life sciences (24) 24
prednisone - administration & dosage (24) 24
radical prostatectomy (24) 24
taxoids - therapeutic use (24) 24
testicular neoplasms - pathology (24) 24
germ-cell tumors (23) 23
combined modality therapy (22) 22
breast-cancer (21) 21
denosumab (21) 21
follow-up (21) 21
mitoxantrone plus prednisone (21) 21
phenylthiohydantoin - analogs & derivatives (21) 21
biomarkers, tumor - blood (20) 20
bone metastases (20) 20
castration (20) 20
drug therapy (20) 20
metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (20) 20
prospective studies (20) 20
prostatic neoplasms - therapy (20) 20
risk assessment (20) 20
abridged index medicus (19) 19
androgen-deprivation therapy (19) 19
antineoplastic agents - adverse effects (19) 19
dose-response relationship, drug (19) 19
high-dose chemotherapy (19) 19
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Journal Article
JIPS(Journal of Information Processing Systems), ISSN 1976-913X, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 2, p. 370
The image segmentation is the most important operation in an image processing system. It is located at the joint between the processing and analysis of the... 
K-means | Meta-Heuristic | Image | Optimization | SFLA | Unsupervised Segmentation
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