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birds (109) 109
evolutionary biology (94) 94
phylogeny (86) 86
ecology (69) 69
animals (68) 68
biogeography (61) 61
evolution (57) 57
zoology (55) 55
biodiversity (49) 49
index medicus (47) 47
passeriformes (47) 47
ornithology (45) 45
speciation (44) 44
natural sciences (41) 41
naturvetenskap (41) 41
genetics & heredity (40) 40
aves (38) 38
biological sciences (38) 38
diversification (37) 37
biologiska vetenskaper (36) 36
analysis (34) 34
phylogenetics (33) 33
biological systematics (32) 32
biologisk systematik (32) 32
patterns (31) 31
species richness (31) 31
biochemistry & molecular biology (30) 30
diversity (30) 30
diversity of life (29) 29
livets mångfald (29) 29
biological diversity (28) 28
passerine birds (28) 28
biodiversity conservation (27) 27
conservation (27) 27
evolutionsbiologi (27) 27
museums (27) 27
africa (25) 25
passeriformes - genetics (25) 25
sequence analysis, dna (25) 25
taxa (25) 25
bayes theorem (22) 22
dna, mitochondrial - genetics (22) 22
passeriformes - classification (22) 22
systematics (22) 22
biological taxonomies (21) 21
taxonomy (21) 21
dispersal (19) 19
endemism (19) 19
environmental sciences (19) 19
radiation (19) 19
research (19) 19
species (19) 19
wildlife conservation (19) 19
biology (18) 18
inference (18) 18
mitochondrial dna (18) 18
biological evolution (17) 17
climate (16) 16
dna (16) 16
evolution, molecular (16) 16
nuclear-dna (16) 16
phylogeography (16) 16
evolutionary history (15) 15
life sciences (15) 15
mountains (15) 15
geography, physical (14) 14
islands (14) 14
molecular phylogeny (14) 14
molecular sequence data (14) 14
multidisciplinary sciences (14) 14
base sequence (13) 13
forests (13) 13
mitochondrial-dna (13) 13
molecular systematics (13) 13
colonization (12) 12
geography (12) 12
introns (12) 12
likelihood functions (12) 12
models, genetic (12) 12
research article (12) 12
sequence alignment (12) 12
songbirds (12) 12
tanzania (12) 12
eastern arc mountains (11) 11
historical biogeography (11) 11
hotspots (11) 11
mitochondrial (11) 11
songbirds - genetics (11) 11
species diversity (11) 11
cell nucleus - genetics (10) 10
genetic speciation (10) 10
morphology (10) 10
origin (10) 10
birds - classification (9) 9
climate change (9) 9
climate-change (9) 9
ecosystem (9) 9
geographic range (9) 9
habitats (9) 9
mixed models (9) 9
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Journal Article
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Biogeographical systems can be analyzed as networks of species and geographical units. Within such a biogeographical network, individual species may differ... 
Journal Article
1997, ISBN 2831704219, vii, 59
Grebes are specisalised waterbirds which inhabit marshlands and reed-fringed lakes. Their dependence on wetlands is total and as a result they are particularly... 
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Journal Article