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SAE technical paper series, Volume 931186.
This paper describes the features and benefits of a new power assist transmission pump control. The history of the design project is given to illustrate how... 
Transmissions | Sensors and actuators | Hydraulic systems | Quality control | Power steering | Hydrostatic transmissions | Construction vehicles and equipment
by Thwaites, Guy E and Scarborough, Matthew and Szubert, Alexander and Nsutebu, Emmanuel and Tilley, Robert and Greig, Julia and Wyllie, Sarah A and Wilson, Peter and Auckland, Cressida and Cairns, Janet and Ward, Denise and Lal, Pankaj and Guleri, Achyut and Jenkins, Neil and Sutton, Julian and Wiselka, Martin and Armando, Gonzalez-Ruiz and Graham, Clive and Chadwick, Paul R and Barlow, Gavin and Gordon, N Claire and Young, Bernadette and Meisner, Sarah and McWhinney, Paul and Price, David A and Harvey, David and Nayar, Deepa and Jeyaratnam, Dakshika and Planche, Tim and Minton, Jane and Hudson, Fleur and Hopkins, Susan and Williams, John and Török, M Estee and Llewelyn, Martin J and Edgeworth, Jonathan D and Walker, A Sarah and Scarborough, Matthew and Kamfose, Musa and de Veciana, Ana and Gordon, Nicola Claire and Peto, Leon and Pill, Gemma and Clarke, Tiphanie and Watson, Laura and Young, Bernadette and Griffiths, Dai and Vaughn, Ali and Anson, Luke and Liu, Elian and Perera, Sanuki and Rylance-Knight, Lydia and Cantell, Carmen and Moroney, Ruth and Edgeworth, Jonathan D and Thwaites, Guy and Bisnauthsing, Karen and Querol-Rubiera, Antonio and Gibbs, Charlotte and Patel, Amita and Hemsley, Carolyn and Goodman, Anna L and Wyncoll, Duncan and Biswas, Jason and Fitzpatrick, Jennifer and Roberts, Lizzie and Millard, James and Stone, Neil and Cape, Angela and Hurley, Lisa and Tam, Chi Kai and Nsutebu, Emmanuel and Hoyle, Marie-Claire and Maitland, Kate and Trainor, Leona and Reynolds, Helen and Harrison, Jennifer and Anson, Jim and Lewis, Joseph and Folb, Jonathan and Goodwin, Lynsey and Beeching, Nicholas and Dyas, Sarah and Winslow, Helen and Foote, Elizabeth and Roberts, Paul and Natarajan, Pavithra and Chrdle, Alex and Fenech, Manuel and Allsop, Hannah and Tilley, Robert and Austin-Hutchison, Rachel and Barrett, Louise and Brookes, Karen and Carwithen, Leanne and Conbeer, Andrew and Cunningham, Richard and Eglinton, Charlotte and Fok, Rosie and Gott, Hannah and ... and United Kingdom Clinical Infection Research Group (UKCIRG) and UKCIRG
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 02/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10121, pp. 668 - 678
Journal Article
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