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by Thomas, H.S and Weiser, T.G and Drake, T.M and Knight, S.R and Fairfield, C and Ademuyiwa, A.O and Aguilera, M.L and Alexander, P and Al-Saqqa, S.W and Borda-Luque, G and Costas-Chavarri, A and Ntirenganya, F and Fitzgerald, J.E and Fergusson, S.J and Glasbey, J and Ingabire, J.C.A and Ismaïl, L and Salem, H.K and Kojo, A.T.T and Lapitan, M.C and Lilford, R and Mihaljevic, A.L and Morton, D and Mutabazi, A.Z and Nepogodiev, D and Adisa, A.O and Ots, R and Pata, F and Pinkney, T and Qureshi, A.U and la Medina, A.R and Rayne, S and Shaw, C.A and Shu, S and Spence, R and Smart, N and Tabiri, S and Bhangu, A and Harrison, E.M and Verjee, A and Runigamugabo, E and Altamini, A and Cornick, J and Jaffry, Z and Khatri, C and Kirby, A and Mohan, M and Recinos, G and Søreide, K and Gobin, N and Freitas, A.V and Hall, N and Kim, S.H and Negida, A and Khairy, H and Chapman, S.J and Arnaud, A.P and Manipal, C.E and Amandito, R and Shawki, M and Hanrahan, M and Zilinskas, J and Roslani, A.C and Goh, C.C and Irwin, G and Luque, L and Shiwani, H and Altamimi, A and Alsaggaf, M.U and Jeyakumar, J and Cengiz, Y and Raptis, D.A and Glasbey, J.C and Modolo, M.M and Iyer, D and King, S and Arthur, T and Nahar, S.N and Waterman, A and Walsh, L.I and Agarwal, A and Zani, A and Firdouse, M and Rouse, T and Liu, Q and Correa, J.C and Talving, P and Worku, M and Arnaud, A and Kalles, V and Kumar, B and Kumar, S and Quek, R and Ansaloni, L and Altibi, A and Venskutonis, D and Poskus, T and Whitaker, J and Msosa, V and Tew, Y.Y and ... and GlobalSurg Collaborative
British Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 01/2019, Volume 106, Issue 2, pp. e103 - e112
Journal Article
by Mirijello, Antonio and Viazzi, Francesca and Fioretto, Paola and Giorda, Carlo Bruno and Ceriello, Antonio and Russo, Giuspina T and Guida, Pietro and Pontremoli, Roberto and De Cosmo, Salvatore and Cimino, Antonino and Fava, Danila and Meloncelli, Illidio and Nicolucci, Antonio and Pellegrini, Fabio and Rossi, Maria Chiara and Turco, Salvatore and Vespasiani, Giacomo and Graziano, G and Lucisano, G and Memmo, R and Pellicciotta, E and Paciotti, V and Pupillo, M and Armentano, G and Giovannini, C and Armentano, V and Laudato, M and Acquati, S and Ciardullo, A.V and Laffi, G and Felace, G and Taboga, C and Tortul, C and Santantonio, G and Suraci, C and Ghisoni, G and Raffa, M and Genovese, S and Lovagnini-Scher, C.A and Rampini, P and Rocca, A and Ruggeri, P and Tortato, E and Cotti, L and Cristofaro, M.R and Tagliaferri, M and Comoglio, M and Fornengo, R and Gentile, F.M and Gigante, Antonio and Mastinu, F and Di Benedetto, A and Pata, P and Arcangeli, A and Orsini, P and Acler, P and De Blasi, G and Cicioni, G and Pocciati, S and Marangoni, A and Nogara, A and Lanero, M and Bertero, M.G and Damassino, R and Bergonzini, C and Schumtz, L and Seksich, L and Pipitone, A and Boaretto, M and Manfroi, I and Parmesan, L and Conte, B and Soccol, F and Pagano, A and Papini, E and Rinaldi, R and Petrucci, L and Graziano, F and Chianelli, M and Silvagni, S and Rosco, M and Ansaldi, E and Malvicino, F and Battezzati, M and Maresca, P and Palenzona, C and Boemi, M and Rabini, R.A and Brandoni, G and Lanari, L and Gatti, C and Testa, I and Cherubini, V and Doveri, G and Pecorelli, L and Ciccarelli, A and Gallardini, M.B and Courthoud, R and Sara Bredy, S and Ricciardi, G.P and ...
BMC Nephrology, 12/2018, Volume 19, Issue 1
Journal Article
by D'Arminio Monforte, Antonella and Abrams, Donald and Pradier, Christian and Weber, Rainer and Reiss, Peter and Bonnet, Fabrice and Kirk, Ole and Law, Matthew and de Wit, Stephane and Friis-Møller, Nina and Phillips, Anew N and Sabin, Caroline A and Lundgren, Jens D and Collins, S and Loeliger, E and Tressler, R and Weller, I and Friis-Møller, N and Worm, S. W and Sabin, C. A and Sjøl, A and Lundgren, J. D and Sawitz, A and Rickenbach, M and Pezzotti, P and Krum, E and Gras, L and Balestre, E and Sundström, A and Poll, B and Fontas, E and Torres, F and Petoumenos, K and Kjaer, J and de Wolf, F and Zaheri, S and Bronsveld, W and Hillebrand-Haverkort, M. E and Prins, J. M and Bos, J. C and Eeftinck Schattenkerk, J. K. M and Geerlings, S. E and Godfried, M. H and Lange, J. M. A and van Leth, F. C and Lowe, S. H and van der Meer, J. T. M and Nellen, F. J. B and Pogány, K and van der Poll, T and Ruys, T. A and Sankatsing, Steingrover R and van Twillert, G and van der Valk, M and van Vonderen, M. G. A and Vrouenraets, S. M. E and van Vugt, M and Wit, F. W. M. N and van Eeden, A and ten Veen, J. H and van Dam, P. S and Roos, J. C and Brinkman, K and Frissen, P. H. J and Weigel, H. M and Mulder, J. W and van Gorp, E. C. M and Meenhorst, P. L and Mairuhu, A. T. A and Veenstra, J and Danner, S. A and van Agtmael, M. A and Claessen, F. A. P and Perenboom, R. M and Rijkeboer, A and van Vonderen, M and Richter, C and van der Berg, J and van Leusen, R and Vriesendorp, R and Jeurissen, F. J. F and Kauffmann, R. H and Koger, E. L. W and Bravenboer, B and ten Napel, C. H. H and Kootstra, G. J and Sprenger, H. G and Miesen, W. M. A. J and Doedens, R and Scholvinck, E. H and ten Kate, R. W and van Houte, D. P. F and Polee, M and Kroon, F. P and van den Broek, A. N and van Dissel, J. T and Schippers, E. F and Schreij, G and van de Geest, S and Verbon, A and ... and Data Collect Adverse Events and Data Collection on Adverse Events of Anti-HIV Drugs (D:A:D) Study Group
AIDS (London, England), ISSN 0269-9370, 2008, Volume 22, Issue 16, pp. 2143 - 2153
Journal Article