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Revista de Neurologia, ISSN 0210-0010, 09/2002, Volume 35, Issue 1, pp. S42 - S46
Journal Article
by Arroyo, S and Salas-Puig, J and Álvarez Gutiérrez, J and Amador Trujillo, R and Anciones Rodríguez, V and Arribas Bartolomé, A and Arroyo Serrano, S and Arteaga Manjón, R and Asencio Marchante, J.J and Baiges Octavio, J.J and Balaguer Martínez, E and Barbero Aguirre, P and Barrera Domínguez, S and Bautista Prados, J and Bertol Alegre, V and Blasco Olcina, R and Blasco Vispe, C and Bueno Rodríguez, V and Bujanda Alegría, M and Cabeza Álvarez, C.I and Campistol Plana, J and Campos Arillo, V and Campos, J and Cañadillas Hidalgo, F and Carlos Rodríguez, A and Castelló Pomares, M and Castro Castro, P and Comes Maymó, E and Crespo López, Ma.D.C and Cristóbal Sassot, S and Cubero González, A and De Juan Hernández, P and Díaz-Obregón Santos, Ma.C and Díaz Espejo, C and Díaz Ortuño, A and Domínguez Zorita, M and Escamilla Crespo, C and Escudero Torrella, J.V and Fabregat Fabre, N and Fermoso García, J and Fernández Fernández, M and Fernández Herranz, R and Fernández López, J.F and Fernández Pérez, Ma.D and Ferragud Masía, J and Ferrero Arias, J and Forcadas Berdusan, M.I and Fossas Felip, P and Galán Barranco, J and García Castañón, I and García Escrig, M and García-Monco Carra, J.C and Giménez Vázquez, F and Girón Úbeda, J.M and Gobernado Serrano, J and Gomara López, S and Gómez Alonso, J and Gómez Díaz Castroverde, A and González Torres, M and Granés Ibáñez, P and Guerrero Becerra, P and Guerrero Peral, J.L and Guijarro García, A and Heras Trías, J and Hernández Echevarría, L and Herranz Fernández, J.L and Herrero Cerezo, F and Iváñez Mora, V and Jarauta Salvador, F and Jiménez Escrig, A and Juan Martínez, J and Juan-Togores Veguero, J.M and Jurado Cobo, M.C and Kulisevsky Bojarski, J and Leyva Santana, C and L'Hotellerie de Fallois, J.M and Lluch Fernández, Ma.D and López Gomariz, E and López de Munain, A and López Martínez, A and López Moreno, M.J and López Pousa, S and López Terradas, J.M and López-Trigo Picho, J and Lorenzo Sanz, G and Lousa Gayoso, M and Macarrón Vicente, J and Macías Arribi, M and Mares Segura, R and Marey López, J.M and Martí Herrero, M
Revista de Neurologia, ISSN 0210-0010, 2001, Volume 32, Issue 11, pp. 1041 - 1046
Journal Article
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