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by Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834 and Moodie, Susanna, 1803-1885 and Strickland, Agnes, 1796-1874 and L. E. L. 1802-1838. (Letitia Elizabeth Landon) and James, G. P. R. 1801?-1860. (George Payne Rainsford) and Crosland, Newton, Mrs., 1812-1895 and St. John, James Augustus, 1795-1875 and Hervey, Thomas Kibble, 1799-1859 and Corbould, H. 1787-1844 artist (Henry) and Cook, Henry, fl. 1813-1847, engraver and Cook, John William, engraver and Brain, J. -1862 engraver (John) and Wrankmore, W. C., engraver and Rolls, Henry, engraver and Richardson, George, 1808-1840, engraver and Bull, Samuel, engraver and Hatfield, Richard, 1809-1867, engraver and Egleton, W. H. fl. 1833-1862, engraver (William Henry) and Rolls, Charles, 1800- engraver and Finden, Edward Francis, 1791-1857, engraver and Simmons, William Henry, 1811-1882 engraver and Staines, Robert, 1805-1849, engraver and Ryall, Henry Thomas, 1811-1867, engraver and Finden, W. 1787-1852, engraver (William) and Periam, G. A., fl. 1835-1852, engraver and Bacon, Frederick, 1803-1887 engraver and Smith, William Raymond (Engraver) and Higham, Thomas, 1796-1844, engraver and Jeavons, Thomas, -1867 engraver and Goodyear, Joseph, 1797-1839, engraver and Richardson, G. K. fl. 1833-1891, engraver (George K.) and Dean, T. A., engraver and Roberts, Edward John, 1797-1865 engraver and Ensom, William, 1796-1832, engraver and Garner, T. 1789-1868, engraver (Thomas) and Shenton, Henry Chawner, 1803-1866, engraver and Brandard, Robert, 1805-1862, engraver and Marr, Charles W., fl. 1821-1836, engraver and Sangster, Samuel, 1804-1872, engraver and Wallis, William, 1796- engraver and Humphrys, William, 1794-1865, engraver and Smith, Samuel S., 1809-1879, engraver and Phelps, James, fl. 1807-1830, engraver and Goodall, Edward, 1795-1870, engraver and Lightfoot, Peter, 1805-1885, engraver and Armytage, James Charles, -1897 engraver and Edwards, J. C., active 19th century engraver and Fox, Augustus, fl. 1828-1874, engraver and Corbaux, Fanny, 1812-1883, artist and Roberts, David, 1796-1864 artist and Richter, Henry, 1772-1857 artist and Purser, William, approximately 1790-approximately 1852 artist and Davis, John Philip, 1784-1862, artist and Martin, John, 1789-1854 artist and Wood, John, 1801-1870, artist and Boaden, John, -1839 artist and Parris, E. T. 1793-1873, artist (Edmund Thomas) and Stephanoff, James, 1788?-1874, artist and Jackson, John, 1778-1831, artist and Chalon, Alfred Edward, 1780-1860 artist and Wright, John William, 1802-1848 artist and Stone, Frank, 1800-1859, artist and Barret, James, active 1785-1819 artist and Heaphy, Thomas, 1813-1873, artist and Jones, S. J. E., artist and Penley, Aaron, 1807-1870, artist and Penley, William, 1773-1838, artist and Hills, Robert, 1769-1844, artist and Jenkins, Joseph John, 1811-1885 artist and Barret, George, approximately 1767-1842 artist and Stanfield, Clarkson, 1793-1867 artist and Harper, T., fl. 1817-1843, artist and Joy, Thomas Musgrove, 1812-1866, artist and Westall, Richard, 1765-1836 artist and Wright, John Massey, 1777-1866, artist and Nash, Joseph, 1809-1878, artist and Andrews, H. -1868 artist (Henry) and Coburn, Kathleen (bookplate)
Friendship's offering, 1833, Volume no. 1073
1838, Second edition., [2], vi, 359, [1] p. (the last page blank)
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