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International Journal of Cardiology, ISSN 0167-5273, 2014, Volume 178, pp. 117 - 123
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 10/2018, Volume 50, Issue 10, pp. 1412 - +
Journal Article
Journal Article
Canadian Journal of Microbiology, ISSN 0008-4166, 09/2009, Volume 55, Issue 9, pp. 1076 - 1088
Journal Article
by Alam, Shadab and Albareti, Franco D and Prieto, Carlos Allende and Anders, F and Anderson, Scott F and Anderton, Timothy and Andrews, Brett H and Armengaud, Eric and Aubourg, Éric and Bailey, Stephen and Basu, Sarbani and Bautista, Julian E and Beaton, Rachael L and Beers, Timothy C and Bender, Chad F and Berlind, Andreas A and Beutler, Florian and Bhardwaj, Vaishali and Bird, Jonathan C and Bizyaev, Dmitry and Blake, Cullen H and Blanton, Michael R and Blomqvist, Michael and Bochanski, John J and Bolton, Adam S and Bovy, Jo and Bradley, A. Shelden and Brandt, W. N and Brauer, D. E and Brinkmann, J and Brown, Peter J and Brownstein, Joel R and Burden, Angela and Burtin, Etienne and Busca, Nicolás G and Cai, Zheng and Capozzi, Diego and Rosell, Aurelio Carnero and Carr, Michael A and Carrera, Ricardo and Chambers, K. C and Chaplin, William James and Chen, Yen-Chi and Chiappini, Cristina and Chojnowski, S. Drew and Chuang, Chia-Hsun and Clerc, Nicolas and Comparat, Johan and Covey, Kevin and Croft, Rupert A. C and Cuesta, Antonio J and Cunha, Katia and Costa, Luiz N. da and Rio, Nicola Da and Davenport, James R. A and Dawson, Kyle S and Lee, Nathan De and Delubac, Timothée and Deshpande, Rohit and Dhital, Saurav and Dutra-Ferreira, Letícia and Dwelly, Tom and Ealet, Anne and Ebelke, Garrett L and Edmondson, Edward M and Eisenstein, Daniel J and Ellsworth, Tristan and Elsworth, Yvonne and Epstein, Courtney R and Eracleous, Michael and Escoffier, Stephanie and Esposito, Massimiliano and Evans, Michael L and Fan, Xiaohui and Fernández-Alvar, Emma and Feuillet, Diane and Ak, Nurten Filiz and Finley, Hayley and Finoguenov, Alexis and Flaherty, Kevin and Fleming, Scott W and Font-Ribera, Andreu and Foster, Jonathan and Frinchaboy, Peter M and Galbraith-Frew, J. G and García, Rafael A and García-Hernández, D. A and Pérez, Ana E. García and Gaulme, Patrick and Ge, Jian and Génova-Santos, R and Georgakakis, A and Ghezzi, Luan and Gillespie, Bruce A and Girardi, Léo and Goddard, Daniel and Gontcho, Satya Gontcho A and Hernández, Jonay I. González and Grebel, Eva K and Green, Paul J and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States)
The Astrophysical Journal. Supplement Series (Online), ISSN 1538-4365, 07/2015, Volume 219, Issue 1
The third generation of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III) took data from 2008 to 2014 using the original SDSS wide-field imager, the original and an... 
Journal Article
by Kapheim, Karen M and Kapheim, Karen M and Pan, Hailin and Pan, Hailin and Li, Cai and Li, Cai and Salzberg, Steven L and Salzberg, Steven L and Puiu, Daniela and Puiu, Daniela and Magoc, Tanja and Magoc, Tanja and Robertson, Hugh M and Robertson, Hugh M and Hudson, Matthew E and Hudson, Matthew E and Venkat, Aarti and Venkat, Aarti and Fischman, Brielle J and Fischman, Brielle J and Hernandez, Alvaro and Hernandez, Alvaro and Yandell, Mark and Yandell, Mark and Ence, Daniel and Ence, Daniel and Holt, Carson and Holt, Carson and Yocum, George D and Yocum, George D and Kemp, William P and Kemp, William P and Bosch, Jordi and Bosch, Jordi and Waterhouse, Robert M and Waterhouse, Robert M and Zdobnov, Evgeny M and Zdobnov, Evgeny M and Stolle, Eckart and Stolle, Eckart and Kraus, F. Bernhard and Kraus, F Bernhard and Helbing, Sophie and Helbing, Sophie and Moritz, Robin F. A and Moritz, Robin F. A and Glastad, Karl M and Glastad, Karl M and Hunt, Brendan G and Hunt, Brendan G and Goodisman, Michael A. D and Goodisman, Michael A. D and Hauser, Frank and Hauser, Frank and Grimmelikhuijzen, Cornelis J. P and Grimmelikhuijzen, Cornelis J. P and Pinheiro, Daniel Guariz and Pinheiro, Daniel G.uariz and Nunes, Francis M.orais Franco and Nunes, Francis Morais Franco and Soares, Michelle Prioli Miranda and Soares, Michelle P.rioli Miranda and Tanaka, Érica Donato and Tanaka, Érica Donato and Simões, Zilá Luz P.aulino and Simões, Zilá Luz Paulino and Hartfelder, Klaus and Hartfelder, Klaus and Evans, Jay D and Evans, Jay D and Barribeau, Seth M and Barribeau, Seth M and Johnson, Reed M and Johnson, Reed M and Massey, Jonathan H and Massey, Jonathan H and Southey, Bruce R and Southey, Bruce R and Hasselmann, Martin and Hasselmann, Martin and Hamacher, Daniel and Hamacher, Daniel and Biewer, Matthias and Biewer, Matthias and Kent, Clement F and Kent, Clement F and Zayed, Amro and Zayed, Amro and Blatti, Charles and Blatti, Charles and Sinha, Saurabh and Sinha, Saurabh and Johnston, J Spencer and Johnston, J. Spencer and Hanrahan, Shawn J and Hanrahan, Shawn J and Kocher, Sarah D and Kocher, Sarah D and Wang, Jun and Wang, Jun and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 06/2015, Volume 348, Issue 6239, pp. 1139 - 1143
The evolution of eusociality is one of the major transitions in evolution, but the underlying genomic changes are unknown. We compared the genomes of 10 bee... 
RATES | SOCIAL INSECTS | PROTEIN | POSITIVE SELECTION | POPULATION GENOMICS | BEHAVIOR | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | GENES | TRANSPOSABLE ELEMENTS | PATTERNS | Genetic aspects | Gene expression | Identification and classification | Bees | Evolution | Entomology | Genomics | Roads | Biological evolution | Evolutionary | Genes | Genomes | Complexity
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 12/2017, Volume 12, Issue 12, p. e0186456
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Ntirenganya, Faustin and Kojo, Anyomih Theophilus Teddy and Lilford, Richard and Morton, Dion and Ademuyiwa, Adesoji O and Costas‐Chavarri, Ainhoa and Medina, Antonio Ramos‐De and Harrison, Ewen M and Khairy, Hosni and Chapman, Stephen J and Hanrahan, Michael and Fergusson, Stuart J and Salem, Hosni Khairy and Talving, Peep and Borg, Elaine and Bratu, Matei and Jeyakumar, Jenifa and Narayanan, Ragavan and Modolo, Maria Marta and Brown, Jason and Nawara, Clemens and Oosterkamp, Antje and Chong, Chean Leung and Munhoz, Monique Moron and Kim, Stella Binna and De Freitas, Ana Vega Carreiro and Stock, Simon and Kushwaha, Sameer and D'aguzan, Nicole and Zheng, Fei and Mendoza, Ivan and Restrepo, Jakeline and Arango, Maria Clara Mendoza and Cruz, Herman and Radic, Mihael and Zamarin, Kresimir and Hache‐Marliere, Manuel and Fattah, Ahmad Abdel and Abozaid, Mohamed and Kotb, Ahmed Hafez El‐Badri and Ata, Ali Amin Ahmed and Nasr, Mohammed and Hantour, Usama and Elkolaly, Salma Said and Abdel‐Wahab, Nehal Yosri Elsayed and Elnemr, Abdelrhman Essam and Abbas, Mohamed and Aboarab, Aya and Elkholy, Ahmed and Hammad, Ali Mohamed and Abdelshafy, Mahmoud and Abdallah, Emad and Gamaly, Elsayed and Elrasoul, Yasmin Abd and Hegazy, Yasmin and Alrahawy, Mahmoud and Rslan, Ahmed and Sayma, Eman Adel and El Hameed, Ola Sherief Abd and El Salam, Yasser Abd and El‐badawy, Hager Ahmed and Amer, Mohamed A and Elkelany, Ahmed and Shaker, Ramadan and Alwafai, Mohammad Ghassan and Saad, Mahmoud and Hussein, Shady and Nashaat, Ahmad and Al‐Nahrawi, Safwat and Hagar, Aya and Aboraya, Mohammad and El Gendy, Abeer and Abdelkareem, Ahmed and Abozeid, Khaled and Hashish, Mohamed and Aql, Shaimaa and Elhendawy, Abdelaziz Osman Abdelaziz and Thomas, Efeson and Mentula, Panu and Leppäniemi, Ari and Irtan, Sabine and Mouttalib, Sofia and Martin, Amandine and Bray, Lemuel Davies and Forno, Walter and Guevara, Romeo and Ramazzini, Pablo and Siguantay, Miguel and Li, Wing Sum and Ng, Simon and Prasad, SS and Gyanchandani, Nidhi and Sreedharan, Anjana and Nadkarni, Shravan and Limaye, Neel and Satoskar, Rajeev and Rahmawati, Fitriana Nur and Ibraheem, Hasan Ismael and Sabeeh, Lubna and Song, Jiheon and ... and GlobalSurg Collaborative and Medicinska fakulteten and Enheten för biobanksforskning and Institutionen för kirurgisk och perioperativ vetenskap and Umeå universitet
British Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 01/2019, Volume 106, Issue 2, pp. e103 - e112
Journal Article
Emerging Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1080-6040, 08/2017, Volume 23, Issue 8, pp. 1274 - 1281
Journal Article