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by Kuma, A and Yamada, S and Miyamoto, T and Serino, R and Tamura, M and Otsuji, Y and Kohno, K and Cho, W. Y and Kim, M.-G and Jo, S.-K and Kim, H. K and Jado, J. C and Humanes, B and Lopez-Parra, V and Camano, S and Lara, J. M and Cercenado, E and Tejedor, A and Lazaro, A and Jansen, M and Castellano, G and Stasi, A and Intini, A and Gigante, M and Di Palma, A. M and Divella, C and Netti, G. S and Prattichizzo, C and Pontrelli, P and Crovace, A and Staffieri, F and Fiaccadori, E and Brienza, N and Grandaliano, G and Pertosa, G. B and Gesualdo, L and Xanthopoulou, K and Tsouchnikas, I and Ouzounidis, G and Kokaraki, G and Lagoudaki, R and Simeonidou, C and Karkavelas, G and Spandou, E and Tsakiris, D and Kallaras, K and Schneider, R and Meusel, M and Betz, B. B and Held, C and Moller-Ehrlich, K and Buttner-Herold, M and Wanner, C and Michael, G and Sauvant, C and Hosszu, A and Antal, Z and Hodrea, J and Koszegi, S and Banki, N. F and Wagner, L and Lenart, L and Vannay, A and Szabo, A. J and Fekete, A and Michael, A and Faga, T and Navarra, M and Andreucci, M and Lemoine, S and Pillot, B and Rabeyrin, M and Varennes, A and Ovize, M and Juillard, L and Gomes Santana, L and Silva Almeida, W and Schor, N and Watanabe, M and Fonseca, C. D and Pessoa, E. A and Mendonca, M. H and Fernandes, S. M and Borges, F. T and Vattimo, M. F and Ow, C. P. C and Tassone, F and Koeners, M. P and Malpas, S. C and Evans, R. G and Alfarano, C and Guardia, M.-A and Lluel, P and Palea, S and Young, G.-H and Wu, V.-C and Choi, D. E and Jeong, J. Y and Chang, Y. K and Chung, S and ...
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Journal Article
by Lai, C.-F and Lin, S.-L and Chiang, W.-C and Chen, Y.-M and Kuo, M.-L and Tsai, T.-J and Hwang, H. S and Choi, Y. A and Park, K. C and Yang, K. J and Choi, H. S and Kim, S. H and Lee, S. J and Chang, Y. K and Kim, S. Y and Yang, C. W and Xiujuan, Z and Yoshimura, R and Matsuyama, M and Chargui, J and Touraine, J.-L and Yoshimura, N and Zulkarnaev, A. B and Vasilenko, I. A and Artemov, D. V and Vatazin, A. V and Park, S. K and Kang, K. P and Lee, S and Kim, W and Schneider, R and Betz, B and Moller-Ehrlich, K and Wanner, C and Sauvant, C and Park, C. W and Sohotnik, R and Nativ, O and Abbasi, A and Awad, H and Frajewicki, V and Armaly, Z and Heyman, S. N and Abassi, Z and Chen, P. Y and Chen, B. L and Yang, C. C and Chiang, C. K and Liu, S. H and Abozahra, A. E and Abd-Elkhabir, A. A and Shokeir, A and Hussein, A and Awadalla, A and Barakat, N and Abdelaziz, A and Yamaguchi, J and Tanaka, T and Eto, N and Nangaku, M and Quiros, Y and Lopez-Hernandez, F. J and Perez de Obanos, M. P and Ruiz, J and Lopez-Novoa, J. M and Shin, H.-S and Kim, M.-J and Choi, Y.-J and Ryu, E.-S and Choi, H.-S and Kang, D.-H and Jankauskas, S. S and Pevzner, I. B and Zorova, L. D and Babenko, V. A and Morosanova, M. A and Plotnikov, E. Y and Zorov, D. B and Huang, C.-Y and Huang, T.-M and Wu, V.-C and Young, G.-H and Chupyrkina, A. A and Zorov, S. D and Grande, J. P and Hartono, S. P and Knudsen, B. E and Mederle, K and Castrop, H and Hocherl, K and Iwakura, T and Fujikura, T and Ohashi, N and Yasuda, H and Fujigaki, Y and Matsui, I and Hamano, T and Inoue, K and Obi, Y and Nakano, C and ...
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i96 - i116
Journal Article
by Yanagihara, Katsunori and Kadota, Junichi and Aoki, Nobuki and Matsumoto, Tetsuya and Yoshida, Masaki and Yagisawa, Morimasa and Oguri, Toyoko and Sato, Junko and Ogasawara, Kazuhiko and Wakamura, Tomotaro and Sunakawa, Keisuke and Watanabe, Akira and Iwata, Satoshi and Kaku, Mitsuo and Hanaki, Hideaki and Ohsaki, Yoshinobu and Watari, Tomohisa and Toyoshima, Eri and Takeuchi, Kenichi and Shiokoshi, Mayumi and Takeda, Hiroaki and Miki, Makoto and Kumagai, Toshio and Nakanowatari, Susumu and Takahashi, Hiroshi and Utagawa, Mutsuko and Nishiya, Hajime and Kawakami, Sayoko and Kobayashi, Nobuyuki and Takasaki, Jin and Mezaki, Kazuhisa and Konosaki, Hisami and Aoki, Yasuko and Yamamoto, Yumiko and Shoji, Michi and Goto, Hajime and Saraya, Takeshi and Kurai, Daisuke and Okazaki, Mitsuhiro and Niki, Yoshihito and Yoshida, Koichiro and Kawana, Akihiko and Saionji, Katsu and Fujikura, Yuji and Miyazawa, Naoki and Kudo, Makoto and Sato, Yoshimi and Yamamoto, Masaki and Yoshida, Takashi and Nakamura, Masahiko and Tsukada, Hiroki and Imai, Yumiko and Tsukada, Ayami and Kawasaki, Satoshi and Honma, Yasuo and Yamamoto, Toshinobu and Ban, Nobuyoshi and Mikamo, Hiroshige and Sawamura, Haruki and Miyara, Takayuki and Toda, Hirofumi and Sato, Kaori and Nakamura, Tadahiro and Fujikawa, Yasunori and Mitsuno, Noriko and Mikasa, Keiichi and Kasahara, Kei and Sano, Reiko and Sugimoto, Keisuke and Asari, Seishi and Nishi, Isao and Toyokawa, Masahiro and Miyashita, Naoyuki and Koguchi, Yutaka and Kusano, Nobuchika and Mihara, Eiichirou and Kuwabara, Masao and Watanabe, Yaeko and Kawasaki, Yuji and Takeda, Kenichi and Tokuyasu, Hirokazu and Masui, Kayoko and Negayama, Kiyoshi and Hiramatsu, Kazufumi and Aoki, Yosuke and Fukuoka, Mami and Magarifuchi, Hiroki and Nagasawa, Zenzo and Suga, Moritaka and Muranaka, Hiroyuki and Morinaga, Yoshitomo and Honda, Junichi and Fujita, Masaki
Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy, ISSN 1341-321X, 2015, Volume 21, Issue 6, pp. 410 - 420
Journal Article
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 03/2004, Volume 43, Issue 6, pp. 1090 - 1100
Objectives We sought to define the electrophysiologic property of the rabbit heart associated with autoimmunity against the second extracellular loop of the... 
Hyperpolarization- dependent current | Bovine serum albumin | BSA | Early after depolarization | APD | L-type calcium current | Electrocardiogram/electrocardiograph/ electrocardiographic | ECG | EAD | Action potential duration
Journal Article
by Yanagihara, Katsunori and Matsumoto, Tetsuya and Aoki, Nobuki and Sato, Junko and Wakamura, Tomotaro and Kiyota, Hiroshi and Tateda, Kazuhiro and Hanaki, Hideaki and Ohsaki, Yoshinobu and Fujiuchi, Satoru and Takahashi, Manabu and Akiba, Yuji and Masunaga, Shingo and Takeuchi, Kenichi and Takeda, Hiroaki and Miki, Makoto and Kumagai, Toshio and Takahashi, Hiroshi and Utagawa, Mutsuko and Nishiya, Hajime and Kawakami, Sayoko and Ishigaki, Shinobu and Kobayasi, Nobuyuki and Takasaki, Jin and Mezaki, Kazuhisa and Iwata, Satoshi and Katouno, Yasuhiro and Inose, Rika and Niki, Yoshihito and Kawana, Akihiko and Fujikura, Yuji and Kudo, Makoto and Hirano, Tomo and Yamamoto, Masaki and Miyazawa, Naoki and Tsukada, Hiroki and Aso, Sakura and Yamamoto, Yoshihiro and Iinuma, Yoshitsugu and Mikamo, Hiroshige and Yamagishi, Yuka and Nakamura, Atsushi and Ohashi, Minoru and Kawabata, Atsushi and Sugaki, Yoshiko and Seki, Masafumi and Hamaguchi, Shigeto and Toyokawa, Masahiro and Kakeya, Hiroshi and Fujikawa, Yasunori and Mitsuno, Noriko and Ukimura, Akira and Miyara, Takayuki and Hayasi, Michio and Mikasa, Keiichi and Kasahara, Kei and Koizumi, Akira and Korohasi, Nobuyoshi and Matumoto, Takashi and Yosimura, Yutaka and Katanami, Yuichi and Takesue, Yoshio and Wada, Yasunao and Sugimoto, Keisuke and Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi and Kuwabara, Masao and Doi, Masao and Simizu, Satomi and Tokuyasu, Hirokazu and Hino, Satoshi and Negayama, Kiyoshi and Mukae, Hiroshi and Kawanami, Toshinori and Yatera, Kazuhiro and Fujita, Masaki and Kadota, Junichi and Hiramatsu, Kazufumi and Aoki, Yosuke and Magarifuchi, Hiroki and Oho, Megumi and Morinaga, Yoshitomo and Suga, Moritaka and Muranaka, Hiroyuki and Fujita, Jiro and Higa, Futoshi and Tateyama, Masao
Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy, ISSN 1341-321X, 09/2019, Volume 25, Issue 9, pp. 657 - 668
Journal Article
Journal Article
Royal Society open science, ISSN 2054-5703, 2018, Volume 5, Issue 4, p. 172408
Phylogeography of animals provides clues to processes governing their evolution and diversification. The Indian Ocean has been hypothesized as a 'dispersal... 
Neolepas | Chemosynthesis-based ecosystem | Eolepadidae | EVOLUTIONARY | chemosynthesis-based ecosystem | BIOGEOGRAPHY | NEOLEPADINAE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | COMMUNITIES | RIDGE | SEA | CIRRIPEDIA | PACIFIC-OCEAN | FAUNA | THORACICA
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article