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by Klionsky, Daniel J and Abdalla, Fabio C and Abeliovich, Hagai and Abraham, Robert T and Acevedo-Arozena, Abraham and Adeli, Khosrow and Agholme, Lotta and Agnello, Maria and Agostinis, Patrizia and Aguirre-Ghiso, Julio A and Ahn, Hyung Jun and Ait-Mohamed, Ouardia and Ait-Si-Ali, Slimane and Akematsu, Takahiko and Akira, Shizuo and Al-Younes, Hesham M and Al-Zeer, Munir A and Albert, Matthew L and Albin, Roger L and Alegre-Abarrategui, Javier and Aleo, Maria Francesca and Alirezaei, Mehrdad and Almasan, Alexandru and Almonte-Becerril, Maylin and Amano, Atsuo and Amaravadi, Ravi K and Amarnath, Shoba and Amer, Amal O and Andrieu-Abadie, Nathalie and Anantharam, Vellareddy and Ann, David K and Anoopkumar-Dukie, Shailendra and Aoki, Hiroshi and Apostolova, Nadezda and Arancia, Giuseppe and Aris, John P and Asanuma, Katsuhiko and Asare, Nana Y.O and Ashida, Hisashi and Askanas, Valerie and Askew, David S and Auberger, Patrick and Baba, Misuzu and Backues, Steven K and Baehrecke, Eric H and Bahr, Ben A and Bai, Xue-Yuan and Bailly, Yannick and Baiocchi, Robert and Baldini, Giulia and Balduini, Walter and Ballabio, Andrea and Bamber, Bruce A and Bampton, Edward T.W and Juhász, Gábor and Bartholomew, Clinton R and Bassham, Diane C and Bast, Robert C and Batoko, Henri and Bay, Boon-Huat and Beau, Isabelle and Béchet, Daniel M and Begley, Thomas J and Behl, Christian and Behrends, Christian and Bekri, Soumeya and Bellaire, Bryan and Bendall, Linda J and Benetti, Luca and Berliocchi, Laura and Bernardi, Henri and Bernassola, Francesca and Besteiro, Sébastien and Bhatia-Kissova, Ingrid and Bi, Xiaoning and Biard-Piechaczyk, Martine and Blum, Janice S and Boise, Lawrence H and Bonaldo, Paolo and Boone, David L and Bornhauser, Beat C and Bortoluci, Karina R and Bossis, Ioannis and Bost, Frédéric and Bourquin, Jean-Pierre and Boya, Patricia and Boyer-Guittaut, Michaël and Bozhkov, Peter V and Brady, Nathan R and Brancolini, Claudio and Brech, Andreas and Brenman, Jay E and Brennand, Ana and Bresnick, Emery H and Brest, Patrick and Bridges, Dave and Bristol, Molly L and Brookes, Paul S and Brown, Eric J and Brumell, John H and ... and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Geriatrik and Institutionen för medicin och hälsa and Farmakologi and Experimentell patologi and Hälsouniversitetet and Cellbiologi
Autophagy, ISSN 1554-8627, 04/2012, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 445 - 544
Journal Article
by Klionsky, Daniel J and Abeliovich, Hagai and Agostinis, Patrizia and Agrawal, Devendra K and Aliev, Gjumrakch and Askew, David S and Baba, Misuzu and Baehrecke, Eric H and Bahr, Ben A and Ballabio, Andrea and Bamber, Bruce A and Bassham, Diane C and Bergamini, Ettore and Bi, Xiaoning and Biard-Piechaczyk, Martine and Blum, Janice S and Bredesen, Dale E and Brodsky, Jeffrey L and Brumell, John H and Brunk, Ulf T and Bursch, Wilfried and Camougrand, Nadine and Cebollero, Eduardo and Cecconi, Francesco and Chen, Yingyu and Chin, Lih-Shen and Choi, Augustine and Chu, Charleen T and Chung, Jongkyeong and Clark, Robert S.B and Clarke, Peter G.H and Clarke, Steven G and Clave, Corinne and Cleveland, John L and Codogno, Patrice and Colombo, María Isabel and Coto-Montes, Ana and Cregg, James M and Cuervo, Ana Maria and Debnath, Jayanta and Dennis, Patrick B and Dennis, Phillip A and Demarchi, Francesca and Deretic, Vojo and Devenish, Rodney J and Di Sano, Federica and Dice, J. Fred and Distelhorst, Clark W and Dinesh-Kumar, Savithramma P and Eissa, N. Tony and DiFiglia, Marian and Djavaheri-Mergny, Mojgan and Dorsey, Frank C and Dröge, Wulf and Dron, Michel and Dunn, Jr, William A and Duszenko, Michael and Elazar, Zvulun and Esclatine, Audrey and Eskelinen, Eeva-Liisa and Fésüs, László and Finley, Kim D and Fuentes, José M and Fueyo-Margareto, Juan and Fujisaki, Kozo and Galliot, Brigitte and Gao, Fen-Biao and Gewirtz, David A and Gibson, Spencer B and Gohla, Antje and Goldberg, Alfred L and Gonzalez, Ramon and González-Estévez, Cristina and Gorski, Sharon M and Gottlieb, Roberta A and Häussinger, Dieter and He, You-Wen and Heidenreich, Kim and Hill, Joseph A and Høyer-Hansen, Maria and Hu, Xun and Huang, Wei-Pang and Iwasaki, Akiko and Jäättelä, Marja and Jackson, William T and Jiang, Xuejun and Jin, Shengkan V and Johansen, Terje and Jung, Jae U and Kadowaki, Motoni and Kang, Chanhee and Kelekar, Ameeta and Kessel, David H and Kiel, Jan A.K.W and Kim, Hong Pyo and Kimchi, Adi and Kinsella, Timothy J and Kiselyov, Kirill and Kitamoto, Katsuhiko and Knecht, Erwin and ... and Geriatrik and Institutionen för medicin och hälsa and Farmakologi and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Hälsouniversitetet
Autophagy, ISSN 1554-8627, 02/2008, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp. 151 - 175
Journal Article
by Okada, Hirokazu and Yasuda, Yoshinari and Kashihara, Naoki and Asahi, Koichi and Ito, Takafumi and Kaname, Shinya and Kanda, Eiichiro and Kanno, Yoshihiko and Shikata, Kenichi and Shibagaki, Yugo and Tsuchiya, Ken and Tsuruya, Kazuhiko and Nagata, Daisuke and Narita, Ichiei and Nangaku, Masaomi and Hattori, Motoshi and Hamano, Takayuki and Fujimoto, Shouichi and Moriyama, Toshiki and Yamagata, Kunihiro and Yamamoto, Ryohei and Wakasugi, Minako and Ashida, Akira and Usui, Joichi and Kawamura, Kazuko and Kitamura, Kenichiro and Konta, Tsuneo and Suzuki, Yusuke and Tsuruoka, Shuichi and Nishio, Saori and Hamano, Takayuki and Fujii, Naohiko and Fujii, Hideki and Wada, Takehiko and Yokoyama, Hitoshi and Aoki, Katsunori and Akiyama, Daiichiro and Araki, Shin-ichi and Arima, Hisatomi and Ishikawa, Eiji and Ishikura, Kenji and Ishizuka, Kiyonobu and Ishimoto, Takuji and Ishimoto, Yu and Iseki, Kunitoshi and Itabashi, Mitsuyo and Ichioka, Satoko and Ichikawa, Kazunobu and Ichikawa, Daisuke and Inoue, Shuji and Imai, Toshimi and Imamura, Hideaki and Iwata, Yasunori and Iwazu, Yoshitaka and Usui, Toshiaki and Uchida, Keiko and Egawa, Masahiro and Ohara, Shinichiro and Omori, Norio and Okada, Rieko and Okuda, Yusuke and Ozeki, Takaya and Obata, Yoko and Kai, Hirayasu and Kato, Noritoshi and Kanasaki, Keizo and Kaneko, Yoshikatsu and Kabasawa, Hideyuki and Kawaguchi, Takehiko and Kawasaki, Yukihiko and Kawashima, Keisuke and Kawano, Haruna and Kikuchi, Kan and Kihara, Masao and Kimura, Yoshiki and Kurita, Noriaki and Koike, Kentaro and Koizumi, Masahiro and Kojima, Chiari and Goto, Shunsuke and Konomoto, Takao and Kohagura, Kentaro and Komatsu, Hiroyuki and Komaba, Hirotaka and Saito, Chie and Sakai, Yukinao and Sakaguchi, Yusuke and Satonaka, Hiroshi and Jimi, Kanako and Shimizu, Akihiro and Shimizu, Sayaka and Shirai, Sayuri and Shinzawa, Maki and Sugiyama, Kazuhiro and Suzuki, Tomo and Suzuki, Hitoshi and Suyama, Kazuhide and Segawa, Hiroyoshi and Takahashi, Kazuya and Tanaka, Kenichi and ... and Japanese Soc Nephrology and Japanese Society of Nephrology
Clinical and Experimental Nephrology, ISSN 1342-1751, 01/2019, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 15
Author Affiliation: 
UROLOGY & NEPHROLOGY | Kidney diseases | Guideline
Journal Article
by Rhee, Soo-Yon and Blanco, Jose Luis and Jordan, Michael R and Taylor, Jonathan and Lemey, Philippe and Varghese, Vici and Hamers, Raph L and Bertagnolio, Silvia and Rinke de Wit, Tobias F and Aghokeng, Avelin F and Albert, Jan and Avi, Radko and Avila-Rios, Santiago and Bessong, Pascal O and Brooks, James I and Boucher, Charles A. B and Brumme, Zabrina L and Busch, Michael P and Bussmann, Hermann and Chaix, Marie-Laure and Chin, Bum Sik and D'Aquin, Toni T and de Gascun, Cillian F and Derache, Anne and Descamps, Diane and Deshpande, Alaka K and Djoko, Cyrille F and Eshleman, Susan H and Fleury, Herve and Frange, Pierre and Fujisaki, Seiichiro and Harrigan, P. Richard and Hattori, Junko and Holguin, Africa and Hunt, Gillian M and Ichimura, Hiroshi and Kaleebu, Pontiano and Katzenstein, David and Kiertiburanakul, Sasisopin and Kim, Jerome H and Kim, Sung Soon and Li, Yanpeng and Lutsar, Irja and Morris, Lynn and Ndembi, Nicaise and Ng, Kee Peng and Paranjape, Ramesh S and Peeters, Martine and Poljak, Mario and Price, Matt A and Ragonnet-Cronin, Manon L and Reyes-Terán, Gustavo and Rolland, Morgane and Sirivichayakul, Sunee and Smith, Davey M and Soares, Marcelo A and Soriano, Vincent V and Ssemwanga, Deogratius and Stanojevic, Maja and Stefani, Mariane A and Sugiura, Wataru and Sungkanuparph, Somnuek and Tanuri, Amilcar and tee, Kok Keng and Truong, Hong-Ha M and van de Vijver, David A. M. C and Vidal, Nicole and Yang, Chunfu and Yang, Rongge and Yebra, Gonzalo and Ioannidis, John P. A and Vandamme, Anne-Mieke and Shafer, Robert W
PLoS medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 2015, Volume 12, Issue 4, p. e1001810
Journal Article