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Journal Article
by Abe, K and Bronner, C and Haga, Y and Hayato, Y and Ikeda, M and Imaizumi, S and Ito, H and Iyogi, K and Kameda, J and Kataoka, Y and Kato, Y and Kishimoto, Y and Marti, Ll and Miura, M and Moriyama, S and Mochizuki, T and Nagao, Y and Nakahata, M and Nakajima, Y and Nakajima, T and Nakayama, S and Okada, T and Okamoto, K and Orii, A and Pronost, G and Sekiya, H and Shiozawa, M and Sonoda, Y and Takeda, A and Takenaka, A and Tanaka, H and Tasaka, S and Tomura, T and Ueno, K and Yano, T and Yokozawa, T and Akutsu, R and Han, S and Irvine, T and Kajita, T and Kametani and Lee, K. P and McLachlan, T and Okumura, K and Richard, E and Tashiro, T and Wang, R and Xia, J and Bravo-Berguno, D and Labarga, L and Fernandez, P and Blaszczyk, F. D. M and Gustafson, J and Kachulis, C and Kearns, E and Raaf, J. L and Stone, J. L and Sulak, L. R and Sussman, S and Wan, L and Wester, T and Berkman, S and Tobayama, S and Bian, J and Carminati, G and Elnimr, M and Griskevich, N. J and Kropp, W. R and Locke, S and Mine, S and Renshaw, A and Smy, M. B and Sobel, H. W and Takhistov and Weatherly, P and Hartfiel, B. L and Hill, J and Keig, W. E and Hong, N and Kim, J. Y and Lim, I. T and Park, R. G and Akiri, T and Bodur, B and Himmel, A and Li, Z and O'Sullivan, E and Scholberg, K and Walter, C. W and Wongjirad, T and Coffani, A and Drapier, O and El Hedri, S and Giampaolo, A and Gonin, M and Imber, J and Mueller, Th A and Paganini, P and Quilain, B and Ishizuka, T and ... and Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
Physical review. D, Particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, ISSN 1550-7998, 10/2020, Volume 102, Issue 7, p. 072002-1
Journal Article
by Abe, K and Amey, J and Andreopoulos, C and Antonova, M and Aoki, S and Ariga, A and Autiero, D and Ban, S and Barbi, M and Barker, G.J and Barr, G and Barry, C and Bartet-Friburg, P and Batkiewicz, M and Berardi, V and Berkman, S and Bhadra, S and Bienstock, S and Blondel, A and Bolognesi, S and Bordoni, S and Boyd, S.B and Brailsford, D and Bravar, A and Bronner, C and Buizza Avanzini, M and Calland, R.G and Campbell, T and Cao, S and Cartwright, S.L and Catanesi, M.G and Cervera, A and Checchia, C and Cherdack, D and Chikuma, N and Christodoulou, G and Clifton, A and Coleman, J and Collazuol, G and Coplowe, D and Cudd, A and Dabrowska, A and De Rosa, G and Dealtry, T and Denner, P.F and Dennis, S.R and Densham, C and Dewhurst, D and Di Lodovico, F and Di Luise, S and Dolan, S and Drapier, O and Duffy, K.E and Dumarchez, J and Dziewiecki, M and Emery-Schrenk, S and Ereditato, A and Feusels, T and Finch, A.J and Fiorentini, G.A and Friend, M and Fujii, Y and Fukuda, D and Fukuda, Y and Galymov, V and Garcia, A and Giganti, C and Gizzarelli, F and Golan, T and Gonin, M and Hadley, D.R and Haegel, L and Haigh, M.D and Hansen, D and Harada, J and Hartz, M and Hasegawa, T and Hastings, N.C and Hayashino, T and Hayato, Y and Helmer, R.L and Hillairet, A and Hiraki, T and Hiramoto, A and Hirota, S and Hogan, M and Holeczek, J and Hosomi, F and Huang, K and Ichikawa, A.K and Ikeda, M and Imber, J and Insler, J and Intonti, R.A and Ishida, T and Ishii, T and Iwai, E and Iwamoto, K and Izmaylov, A and Jamieson, B and ... and T2K Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 04/2017, Volume 118, Issue 15, pp. 151801 - 151801
Journal Article
by Aidala, C and Akiba, Y and Alfred, M and Andrieux, V and Aoki, K and Apadula, N and Asano, H and Ayuso, C and Azmoun, B and Babintsev, V and Bagoly, A and Bandara, N.S and Barish, K.N and Bathe, S and Bazilevsky, A and Beaumier, M and Belmont, R and Berdnikov, A and Berdnikov, Y and Blau, D.S and Boer, M and Bok, J.S and Brooks, M.L and Bryslawskyj, J and Bumazhnov, V and Butler, C and Campbell, S and Roman, V. Canoa and Cervantes, R and Chi, C.Y and Chiu, M and Choi, I.J and Choi, J.B and Citron, Z and Connors, M and Cronin, N and Csanád, M and Csörgő, T and Danley, T.W and Daugherity, M.S and David, G and DeBlasio, K and Dehmelt, K and Denisov, A and Deshpande, A and Desmond, E.J and Dion, A and Dixit, D and Liu, L.D and Do, J.H and Drees, A and Drees, K.A and Dumancic, M and Durham, J.M and Durum, A and Elder, T and Enokizono, A and En’yo, H and Esumi, S and Fadem, B and Fan, W and Feege, N and Fields, D.E and Finger, M and Finger, M and Fokin, S.L and Frantz, J.E and Franz, A and Frawley, A.D and Fukuda, Y and Gal, C and Gallus, P and Garg, P and Ge, H and Giordano, F and Goto, Y and Grau, N and Greene, S.V and Perdekamp, M. Grosse and Gunji, T and Guragain, H and Hachiya, T and Haggerty, J.S and Hahn, K.I and Hamagaki, H and Hamilton, H.F and Han, S.Y and Hanks, J and Hasegawa, S and Haseler, T.O.S and He, X and Hemmick, T.K and Hill, J.C and Hill, K and Hodges, A and Hollis, R.S and Homma, K and Hong, B and Hoshino, T and Hotvedt, N and ... and PHENIX Collaboration and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)
Nature physics, ISSN 1745-2473, 03/2019, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp. 214 - 220
Journal Article
by P. Carninci and T. Kasukawa and S. Katayama and J. Gough and M. C. Frith and N. Maeda and R. Oyama and T. Ravasi and B. Lenhard and C. Wells and R. Kodzius and K. Shimokawa and V. B. Bajic and S. E. Brenner and S. Batalov and A. R. R. Forrest and M. Zavolan and M. J. Davis and L. G. Wilming and V. Aidinis and J. E. Allen and A. Ambesi-Impiombato and R. Apweiler and R. N. Aturaliya and T. L. Bailey and M. Bansal and L. Baxter and K. W. Beisel and T. Bersano and H. Bono and A. M. Chalk and K. P. Chiu and V. Choudhary and A. Christoffels and D. R. Clutterbuck and M. L. Crowe and E. Dalla and B. P. Dalrymple and B. de Bono and G. Della Gatta and D. di Bernardo and T. Down and P. Engstrom and M. Fagiolini and G. Faulkner and C. F. Fletcher and T. Fukushima and M. Furuno and S. Futaki and M. Gariboldi and P. Georgii-Hemming and T. R. Gingeras and T. Gojobori and R. E. Green and S. Gustincich and M. Harbers and Y. Hayashi and T. K. Hensch and N. Hirokawa and D. Hill and L. Huminiecki and M. Iacono and K. Ikeo and A. Iwama and T. Ishikawa and M. Jakt and A. Kanapin and M. Katoh and Y. Kawasawa and J. Kelso and H. Kitamura and H. Kitano and G. Kollias and S. P. T. Krishnan and A. Kruger and S. K. Kummerfeld and I. V. Kurochkin and L. F. Lareau and D. Lazarevic and L. Lipovich and J. Liu and S. Liuni and S. McWilliam and M. Madan Babu and M. Madera and L. Marchionni and H. Matsuda and S. Matsuzawa and H. Miki and F. Mignone and S. Miyake and K. Morris and S. Mottagui-Tabar and N. Mulder and N. Nakano and H. Nakauchi and P. Ng and R. Nilsson and S. Nishiguchi and S. Nishikawa and ... and RIKEN Genome Explorat Res Grp S and FANTOM Consortium and RIKEN Genome Exploration Research Group and Genome Science Group (Genome Network Project Core Group) and The FANTOM Consortium
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 9/2005, Volume 309, Issue 5740, pp. 1559 - 1563
Journal Article
by Abe, K and Abgrall, N and Ajima, Y and Aihara, H and Albert, J.B and Andreopoulos, C and Andrieu, B and Aoki, S and Araoka, O and Argyriades, J and Ariga, A and Ariga, T and Assylbekov, S and Autiero, D and Badertscher, A and Barbi, M and Barker, G.J and Barr, G and Bass, M and Bay, F and Bentham, S and Berardi, V and Berger, B.E and Bertram, I and Besnier, M and Beucher, J and Beznosko, D and Bhadra, S and Blaszczyk, F.D.M.M and Blondel, A and Bojechko, C and Bouchez, J and Boyd, S.B and Bravar, A and Bronner, C and Brook-Roberge, D.G and Buchanan, N and Budd, H and Calvet, D and Cartwright, S.L and Carver, A and Castillo, R and Catanesi, M.G and Cazes, A and Cervera, A and Chavez, C and Choi, S and Christodoulou, G and Coleman, J and Coleman, W and Collazuol, G and Connolly, K and Curioni, A and Dabrowska, A and Danko, I and Das, R and Davies, G.S and Davis, S and Day, M and De Rosa, G and De André, J.P.A.M and De Perio, P and Delbart, A and Densham, C and Di Lodovico, F and Di Luise, S and Dinh Tran, P and Dobson, J and Dore, U and Drapier, O and Dufour, F and Dumarchez, J and Dytman, S and Dziewiecki, M and Dziomba, M and Emery, S and Ereditato, A and Escudero, L and Esposito, L.S and Fechner, M and Ferrero, A and Finch, A.J and Frank, E and Fujii, Y and Fukuda, Y and Galymov, V and Gannaway, F.C and Gaudin, A and Gendotti, A and George, M.A and Giffin, S and Giganti, C and Gilje, K and Golan, T and Goldhaber, M and Gomez-Cadenas, J.J and Gonin, M and Grant, N and Grant, A and Gumplinger, P and ... and T2K Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 07/2011, Volume 107, Issue 4, pp. 041801 - 041801
Journal Article