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by Aab, A and Abreu, P and Aglietta, M and Al Samarai, I and Albuquerque, I. F. M and Allekotte, I and Almela, A and Alvarez Castillo, J and Alvarez-Muniz, J and Anastasi, G. A and Anchordoqui, L and Anada, B and Aninga, S and Aramo, C and Arqueros, F and Arsene, N and Asorey, H and Assis, P and Aublin, J and Avila, G and Badescu, A. M and Balaceanu, A and Barreira Luz, R. J and Beatty, J. J and Bellido, J. A and Berat, C and Bertaina, M. E and Bertou, X and Biermann, P. L and Billoir, P and Biteau, J and Blaess, S. G and Blanco, A and Blazek, J and Bleve, C and Bohacova, M and Boncioli, D and Bonifazi, C and Borodai, N and Botti, A. M and Brack, J and Brancus, I and Bretz, T and Bridgeman, A and Briechle, F. L and Buchholz, P and Bueno, A and Buitink, S and Buscemi, M and Caballero-Mora, K. S and Caccianiga, L and Cancio, A and Canfora, F and Caramete, L and Caruso, R and Castellina, A and Cataldi, G and Cazon, L and Chavez, A. G and Chinellato, J. A and Chudoba, J and Clay, R. M and Colalillo, R and Coleman, A and Collica, L and Coluccia, M. R and Conceicao, R and Contreras, F and Cooper, M. J and Coutu, S and Covault, C. E and Cronin, J and D'Amico, S and Daniel, B and Dasso, S and Daumiller, K and Dawson, B. R and de Almeida, R. M and de Jong, S. J and De Mauro, G and de Mello Neto, J. R. T and De Mitri, I and de Oliveira, J and de Souza, V and Debatin, J and Deligny, O and Di Ginlio, C and di Matteo, A and Diaz Castro, M. L and Diogo, F and Dobrigkeit, C and D'Olivo, J. C and Dorosti, Q and dos Anjos, R. C and Dova, M. T and Dundovic, A and Ebr, J and Engel, R and Erdmann, M and Erfani, M and ... and Pierre Auger Collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, ISSN 1475-7516, 04/2017, Volume 2017, Issue 4, pp. 38 - 38
Journal Article
by Abdallah, J and Abreu, H and Abulaiti, Y and Aielli, G and Albert, J and Alexopoulos, T and Alison, J and Álvarez Piqueras, D and Amor Dos Santos, S. P and Amorim, A and Amoroso, S and Anulli, F and Arduh, F. A and Arslan, O and Artoni, G and Astalos, R and Backes, M and Bagiacchi, P and Bai, Y and Bain, T and Bannoura, A. A. E and Barbero, M and Barisonzi, M and Barnett, R. M and Baroncelli, A and Bednyakov, V. A and Beermann, T. A and Bell, W. H and Bellagamba, L and Benhar Noccioli, E and Beretta, M and Berghaus, F and Besjes, G. J and Bessner, M and Besson, N and Betancourt, C and Bieniek, S. P and Bingul, A and Blum, W and Bold, T and Boyko, I. R and Brandt, A and Brau, B and Braun, H. M and Brendlinger, K and Brenner, L and Brenner, R and Bristow, K and Brochu, F. M and Bronner, J and Brooks, W. K and Bruneliere, R and Buanes, T and Busato, E and Büscher, D and Buttar, C. M and Calafiura, P and Camacho Toro, R and Camarri, P and Campanelli, M and Capua, M and Cardillo, F and Carvalho, J and Castelli, A and Catmore, J. R and Cerrito, L and Chavez Barajas, C. A and Chen, K and Cherkaoui El Moursli, R and Chiodini, G and Chouridou, S and Christodoulou, V and Chudoba, J and Chuinard, A. J and Ciftci, A. K and Citron, Z. H and Colombo, T and Connell, S. H and Corso-Radu, A and Cortes-Gonzalez, A and Costa, G and Côté, D and Cox, B. E and Crescioli, F and Crispin Ortuzar, M and Czirr, H and D’Auria, S and Da Cunha Sargedas De Sousa, M. J and Dabrowski, W and Dallapiccola, C and Dam, M and Dawe, E and De la Torre, H and Debbe, R and Del Peso, J and Derkaoui, J. E and Desch, K and Di Domenico, A and Di Nardo, R and Dita, P and ... and ATLAS Collaboration and ATLAS Publications and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 10/2015, Volume 75, Issue 10, pp. 1 - 48
Journal Article
by Abajyan, T and Abbott, B and Abdallah, J and Abreu, H and Agustoni, M and Alconada Verzini, M. J and Alhroob, M and Aliev, M and Almond, J and Alon, R and Alonso, F and Amor Dos Santos, S. P and Ancu, L. S and Andari, N and Anders, C. F and Andreazza, A and Aracena, I and Arai, Y and Avolio, G and Azuelos, G and Backhaus, M and Bailey, D. C and Banas, E and Bangert, A and Barisonzi, M and Barlow, N and Barone, G and Bates, R. L and Beermann, T. A and Bellagamba, L and Bellerive, A and Belloni, A and Bensinger, J. R and Kuutmann, E. Bergeaas and Berghaus, F and Berglund, E and Bertella, C and Bethke, S and Bini, C and Blum, W and Boehler, M and Bogdanchikov, A. G and Bogouch, A and Boisvert, V and Borer, C and Bouhova-Thacker, E. V and Boutouil, S and Boveia, A and Brock, R and Brost, E and Bruncko, D and Bruneliere, R and Buat, Q and Bugge, L and Bugge, M. K and Bundock, A. C and Bussey, P and Butler, J. M and Calafiura, P and Calvet, D and Toro, R. Camacho and Caminada, L. M and Campana, S and Cao, T and Garrido, M. D. M. Capeans and Caputo, R and Carrillo-Montoya, G. D and Casadei, D and Castelli, A and Cattai, A and Cavaliere, V and Cavalli-Sforza, M and Cerio, B and Cerqueira, A. S and Cerutti, F and Cervelli, A and Chavda, V and Chekanov, S and Chudoba, J and Ciftci, A. K and Ciftci, R and Cindro, V and Ciocio, A and Ciubancan, M and Clemens, J. C and Coadou, Y and Coccaro, A and Cochran, J and Coelli, S and Colijn, A. P and Colon, G and Compostella, G and Coniavitis, E and Cooper, B. D and Corso-Radu, A and Cortiana, G and Costanzo, D and Cranmer, K and Cree, G and Crosetti, G and ... and ATLAS Collaboration
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 01/2015, Volume 75, Issue 1
The jet energy scale (JES) and its systematic uncertainty are determined for jetsmeasured with the ATLAS detector using proton-proton collision data with a... 
Physical Sciences | Physics, Particles & Fields | Physics | Science & Technology | Fysik | Subatomär fysik | Subatomic Physics | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
Physics reports, ISSN 0370-1573, 11/2013, Volume 532, Issue 4, pp. 119 - 244
Journal Article
by Khalek, S. Abdel and Abi, B and Abramowicz, H and Adamczyk, L and Adelman, J and Aguilar-Saavedra, J. A and Akimoto, G and Albert, J and Alexandre, G and Allison, L. J and Alviggi, M. G and Angelidakis, S and Arnold, H and Artoni, G and Ashkenazi, A and Auerbach, B and Baak, M. A and Bachacou, H and Backes, M and Bagiacchi, P and Banas, E and Bannoura, A. A. E and Barr, A. J and Barreiro, F and Bates, R. L and Batley, J. R and Beau, T and Beckingham, M and Bee, C. P and Beemster, L. J and Beermann, T. A and Bellomo, M and Belotskiy, K and Beltramello, O and Bender, M and Bendtz, K and Berge, D and Bernard, N. R and Bernius, C and Bylund, O. Bessidskaia and Bethke, S and Bevan, A. J and Bhimji, W and Bini, C and Bobrovnikov, V. S and Bold, T and Boldea, V and Borisov, A and Brandt, G and Brandt, O and Bratzler, U and Brennan, A. J and Britton, D and Bruneliere, R and Bruni, G and Buanes, T and Buat, Q and Budagov, I. A and Buehrer, F and Bulekov, O and Butt, A. I and Calderini, G and Calvet, S and Castelli, A and Cerio, B. C and Cerny, K and Cerqueira, A. S and Cerri, A and Cerrito, L and Cerv, M and Cetin, S. A and Chalupkova, I and Chau, C. C and Chekanov, S and Chekulaev, S. V and Chelkov, G. A and Chen, K and Chen, L and Chen, X and Cheng, Y and Cheplakov, A and Chernyatin, V and Chiodini, G and Chislett, R. T and Chromek-Burckhart, D and Chwastowski, J. J and Cleland, W and Coccaro, A and Cole, B and Coniavitis, E and Connell, S. H and Connelly, I. A and Conti, G and Cooper, B. D and Cortes-Gonzalez, A and Cortiana, G and Costa, G and Cowan, G and Crepe-Renaudin, S and Crosetti, G and ... and ATLAS Collaboration
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 07/2015, Volume 75, Issue 7
Results of a search for new phenomena in final states with an energetic jet and large missing transverse momentum are reported. The search uses 20.3 fb(-1) of... 
Physical Sciences | Physics, Particles & Fields | Physics | Science & Technology
Journal Article