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Proceedings of Science, 2014, Volume 7-11-
Conference Proceeding
by An, Fengpeng and An, Guangpeng and An, Qi and Antonelli, Vito and Baussan, Eric and Beacom, John and Bezrukov, Leonid and Blyth, Simon and Brugnera, Riccardo and Avanzini, Margherita Buizza and Busto, Jose and Cabrera, Anatael and Cai, Hao and Cai, Xiao and Cammi, Antonio and Cao, Guofu and Cao, Jun and Chang, Yun and Chen, Shaomin and Chen, Shenjian and Chen, Yixue and Chiesa, Davide and Clemenza, Massimiliano and Clerbaux, Barbara and Conrad, Janet and D'Angelo, Davide and De Kerret, Hervé and Deng, Zhi and Deng, Ziyan and Ding, Yayun and Djurcic, Zelimir and Dornic, Damien and Dracos, Marcos and Drapier, Olivier and Dusini, Stefano and Dye, Stephen and Enqvist, Timo and Fan, Donghua and Fang, Jian and Favart, Laurent and Ford, Richard and Göger-Neff, Marianne and Gan, Haonan and Garfagnini, Alberto and Giammarchi, Marco and Gonchar, Maxim and Gong, Guanghua and Gong, Hui and Gonin, Michel and Grassi, Marco and Grewing, Christian and Guan, Mengyun and Guarino, Vic and Guo, Gang and Guo, Wanlei and Guo, Xin-Heng and Hagner, Caren and Han, Ran and He, Miao and Heng, Yuekun and Hsiung, Yee and Hu, Jun and Hu, Shouyang and Hu, Tao and Huang, Hanxiong and Huang, Xingtao and Huo, Lei and Ioannisian, Ara and Jeitler, Manfred and Ji, Xiangdong and Jiang, Xiaoshan and Jollet, Cécile and Kang, Li and Karagounis, Michael and Kazarian, Narine and Krumshteyn, Zinovy and Kruth, Andre and Kuusiniemi, Pasi and Lachenmaier, Tobias and Leitner, Rupert and Li, Chao and Li, Jiaxing and Li, Weidong and Li, Weiguo and Li, Xiaomei and Li, Xiaonan and Li, Yi and Li, Yufeng and Li, Zhi-Bing and Liang, Hao and Lin, Guey-Lin and Lin, Tao and Lin, Yen-Hsun and Ling, Jiajie and Lippi, Ivano and Liu, Dawei and Liu, Hongbang and Liu, Hu and Liu, Jianglai and Liu, Jianli and ... and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, ISSN 0954-3899, 02/2016, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp. 30401 - 30588
Journal Article
by Wurm, Michael and Beacom, John F and Bezrukov, Leonid B and Bick, Daniel and Blümer, Johannes and Choubey, Sandhya and Ciemniak, Christian and D’Angelo, Davide and Dasgupta, Basudeb and Derbin, Alexander and Dighe, Amol and Domogatsky, Grigorij and Dye, Steve and Eliseev, Sergey and Enqvist, Timo and Erykalov, Alexey and von Feilitzsch, Franz and Fiorentini, Gianni and Fischer, Tobias and Göger-Neff, Marianne and Grabmayr, Peter and Hagner, Caren and Hellgartner, Dominikus and Hissa, Johannes and Horiuchi, Shunsaku and Janka, Hans-Thomas and Jaupart, Claude and Jochum, Josef and Kalliokoski, Tuomo and Kayunov, Alexei and Kuusiniemi, Pasi and Lachenmaier, Tobias and Lazanu, Ionel and Learned, John G and Lewke, Timo and Lombardi, Paolo and Lorenz, Sebastian and Lubsandorzhiev, Bayarto and Ludhova, Livia and Loo, Kai and Maalampi, Jukka and Mantovani, Fabio and Marafini, Michela and Maricic, Jelena and Marrodán Undagoitia, Teresa and McDonough, William F and Miramonti, Lino and Mirizzi, Alessandro and Meindl, Quirin and Mena, Olga and Möllenberg, Randolph and Muratova, Valentina and Nahnhauer, Rolf and Nesterenko, Dmitry and Novikov, Yuri N and Nuijten, Guido and Oberauer, Lothar and Pakvasa, Sandip and Palomares-Ruiz, Sergio and Pallavicini, Marco and Pascoli, Silvia and Patzak, Thomas and Peltoniemi, Juha and Potzel, Walter and Räihä, Tomi and Raffelt, Georg G and Ranucci, Gioacchino and Razzaque, Soebur and Rummukainen, Kari and Sarkamo, Juho and Sinev, Valerij and Spiering, Christian and Stahl, Achim and Thorne, Felicitas and Tippmann, Marc and Tonazzo, Alessandra and Trzaska, Wladyslaw H and Vergados, John D and Wiebusch, Christopher and Winter, Jürgen
Astroparticle Physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 06/2012, Volume 35, Issue 11, pp. 685 - 732
Journal Article
by Agostini, Matteo and Altenmüller, Konrad and Appel, Simon and Bellini, Gianpaolo and Benziger, Jay and Bick, Daniel and Bonfini, Giuseppe and Bravo, David and Caccianiga, Barbara and Calaprice, Frank and Caminata, Alessio and Cavalcante, Paolo and Chepurnov, Alexander and D’angelo, Davide and Davini, Stefano and Derbin, Alexander and Di Noto, Lea and Drachnev, Ilya and Etenko, Alexander and Fomenko, Kirill and Formozov, Andrey and Franco, Davide and Gabriele, Federico and Galbiati, Cristian and Ghiano, Chiara and Giammarchi, Marco and Göger-Neff, Marianne and Goretti, Augusto and Gromov, Maxim and Hagner, Caren and Hungerford, Ed and Ianni, Aldo and Ianni, Andrea and Jedrzejczak, Karol and Jeschke, Dominik and Kobychev, Vladislav and Korablev, Denis and Korga, Gyorgy and Kryn, Didier and Laubenstein, Matthias and Lehnert, Bjoern and Litvinovich, Evgeny and Lombardi, Francesco and Lombardi, Paolo and Ludhova, Livia and Lukyanchenko, Georgy and Machulin, Igor and Manecki, Szymon and Maneschg, Werner and Marcocci, Simone and Meroni, Emanuela and Meyer, Mikko and Miramonti, Lino and Misiaszek, Marcin and Montuschi, Michele and Mosteiro, Pablo and Muratova, Valentina and Neumair, Birgit and Oberauer, Lothar and Obolensky, Michel and Ortica, Fausto and Pallavicini, Marco and Papp, Laszlo and Perasso, Laura and Pocar, Andrea and Ranucci, Gioacchino and Razeto, Alessandro and Re, Alessandra and Romani, Aldo and Roncin, Romain and Rossi, Nicola and Schönert, Stefan and Semenov, Dmitrii and Simgen, Hardy and Skorokhvatov, Mikhail and Smirnov, Oleg and Sotnikov, Albert and Sukhotin, Serguei and Suvorov, Yury and Tartaglia, Roberto and Testera, Gemma and Thurn, Jan and Toropova, Maria and Unzhakov, Evgenii and Vishneva, Alina and Vogelaar, Robert Bruce and Feilitzsch, Franz von and Wang, Hanguo and Weinz, Stefan and Winter, Juergen and Wojcik, Marcin and Wurm, Michael and Yokley, Zachary and Zaimidoroga, Oleg and Zavatarelli, Sandra and Zuber, Kai and Zuzel, Grzegorz and Borexino Collaboration
Annals of Geophysics, ISSN 1593-5213, 2017, Volume 60, Issue 1
Geo-neutrinos, electron anti-neutrinos produced in beta-decays of naturally occurring radioactive isotopes in the Earth, are a unique direct probe of our... 
Low background | GEOCHEMISTRY & GEOPHYSICS | EARTH | Neutrino oscillations | Liquid scintillators | FLUX | Geoneutrinos | Solar neutrinos
Journal Article
Review of Scientific Instruments, ISSN 0034-6748, 05/2010, Volume 81, Issue 5, pp. 053301 - 053301-9
Journal Article
Astronomische Nachrichten, ISSN 0004-6337, 05/2010, Volume 331, Issue 5, pp. 512 - 518
In the last years, liquid‐scintillator detectors have opened a new window for the observation of low‐energetic astrophysical neutrino sources. In 2007, the... 
Sun: general | Sun: abundances | neutrinos | Sun: helioseismology | techniques: spectroscopic | Techniques: spectroscopic | Neutrinos | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | LIQUID-SCINTILLATOR DETECTOR | Physics - High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
Journal Article
PHYSICAL REVIEW D, ISSN 2470-0010, 02/2011, Volume 83, Issue 3
A next-generation liquid-scintillator detector will be able to perform high-statistics measurements of the solar neutrino flux. In LENA, solar Be-7 neutrinos... 
Journal Article
08/2010, ISBN 9783527410552, Volume 22, 12
This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction The solar neutrino spectrum Past and present experiments The Borexino experiment Solar neutrinos and solar... 
solar neutrino spectrum | study of fusion solar processes | solar metallicity | experiments | Borexino experiment
Book Chapter
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