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physical sciences (174) 174
science & technology (174) 174
astrophysics (169) 169
astronomy & astrophysics (166) 166
high energy astrophysical phenomena (148) 148
astrophysics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (117) 117
cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics (109) 109
physics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (96) 96
physics (69) 69
astronomy (68) 68
astrophysics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (68) 68
astronomy and astrophysics (62) 62
galaxies: active (57) 57
galaxy astrophysics (56) 56
earth, ocean, space (50) 50
exact sciences and technology (50) 50
galaxies: jets (49) 49
radiation mechanisms: non-thermal (47) 47
gamma rays (46) 46
emission (44) 44
blazars (42) 42
telescopes (42) 42
gamma rays: galaxies (40) 40
quasars (35) 35
astrophysics, cosmology and astronomy (33) 33
física nuclear (33) 33
magnetic fields (33) 33
galaxies (32) 32
electricidad (31) 31
electrónica (31) 31
bl lacertae objects (29) 29
flux (29) 29
photons (25) 25
physics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (25) 25
gamma radiation (24) 24
quasars: general (24) 24
spectra (23) 23
active [galaxies] (22) 22
bl lacertae objects: general (20) 20
radiation (19) 19
red shift (19) 19
115 astronomy and space science (18) 18
sciences of the universe (18) 18
spectral energy distribution (18) 18
emissions (17) 17
astro-ph.he (16) 16
astrophysics - astrophysics of galaxies (16) 16
galaxies [gamma rays] (16) 16
gamma ray astronomy (16) 16
gamma rays: general (16) 16
luminosity (16) 16
physics, particles & fields (16) 16
bl lacertae objects: individual (15) 15
crab nebula (15) 15
electromagnetic radiation (15) 15
jets [galaxies] (15) 15
[phys.astr.he]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/high energy astrophysical phenomena [astro-ph.he] (14) 14
gamma-rays: galaxies (14) 14
non-thermal [radiation mechanisms] (14) 14
raigs gamma (14) 14
x-rays (14) 14
[phys.astr]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph] (13) 13
[sdu.astr.he]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/high energy astrophysical phenomena [astro-ph.he] (13) 13
analysis (13) 13
flares (13) 13
physics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (13) 13
active galaxies (12) 12
cosmic rays (12) 12
energy spectra (12) 12
instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (12) 12
ionizing radiations (12) 12
quasars: individual (12) 12
radiations (12) 12
solar and stellar astrophysics (12) 12
space telescopes (12) 12
active galactic nuclei (11) 11
correlation (11) 11
cosmic radio sources (11) 11
emission analysis (11) 11
radiation mechanisms: non‐thermal (11) 11
radio (11) 11
acceleration of particles (10) 10
accretion disks (10) 10
arrays (10) 10
black holes (10) 10
broadband (10) 10
cosmology (10) 10
experiment (10) 10
jets (10) 10
pulsars (10) 10
universe (10) 10
wavelengths (10) 10
213 electronic, automation and communications engineering, electronics (9) 9
acceleration (9) 9
energy (9) 9
galàxies (9) 9
high energy physics (9) 9
high energy physics - phenomenology (9) 9
light curve (9) 9
spectrum analysis (9) 9
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by Albert, J and Aliu, E and Antoranz, P and Backes, M and Baixeras, C and Bartko, H and Bastieri, D and Becker, J.K and Berger, K and Bernardini, E and Bigongiari, C and Biland, A and Bonnoli, G and Bordas, P and Bretz, T and Britvitch, I and Camara, M and Chilingarian, A and Covino, S and Curtef, V and De Cea Del Pozo, E and De Maria, M and Delgado Mendez, C and Dominguez, A and Dorner, D and Doro, M and Errando, M and Ferenc, D and Firpo, R and Fonseca, M.V and Font, L and García López, R.J and Hayashida, M and Herrero, A and Höhne, D and Hsu, C.C and Huber, S and Jogler, T and Kranich, D and La Barbera, A and Laille, A and Leonardo, E and Lindfors, E and Longo, F and López, M and Maneva, G and Mankuzhiyil, N and Mannheim, K and Maraschi, L and Martínez, M and Mazin, D and Meucci, M and Miranda, J.M and Mizobuchi, S and Moles, M and Moralejo, A and Nieto, D and Nilsson, K and Ninkovic, J and Otte, N and Panniello, M and Paoletti, R and Paredes, J.M and Pasanen, M and Pauss, F and Pegna, R.G and Perez-Torres, M.A and Piccioli, A and Prada, F and Prandini, E and Raymers, A and Rhode, W and Rico, J and Rügamer, S and Saggion, A and Saito, T.Y and Salvati, M and Sanchez-Conde, M and Sartori, P and Satalecka, K and Scapin, V and Schweizer, T and Shayduk, M and Shore, S.N and Sierpowska-Bartosik, A and Sillanpää, A and Sobczynska, D and Spanier, F and Stamerra, A and Stark, L.S and Takalo, L and Tavecchio, F and Temnikov, P and Tescaro, D and Turini, N and Vankov, H and Venturini, A and Wagner, R.M and Zanin, R and Zapatero, J and MAGIC Collaboration and The MAGIC Collaboration
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 6/2008, Volume 320, Issue 5884, pp. 1752 - 1754
Journal Article
Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, ISSN 0035-8711, 09/2020, Volume 497, Issue 1, pp. 1294 - 1300
Journal Article
AIP conference proceedings, ISSN 0094-243X, 01/2017, Volume 1792, Issue 1
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Ahnen, M.L and Ansoldi, S and Baack, D and Babić, A and Bangale, P and De Almeida, U. Barres and Bernardini, E and Berse, R.Ch and Berti, A and Bhattacharyya, W and Biland, A and Blanch, O and Bonnoli, G and Carosi, R and Ceribella, G and Chatterjee, A and Colak, S.M and Colin, P and Contreras, J.L and Covino, S and Cumani, P and Vela, P. Da and Dazzi, F and Angelis, A. De and Lotto, B. De and Delfino, M and Pierro, F. Di and Domínguez, A and Prester, D. Dominis and Doro, M and Elsaesser, D and Ramazani, V. Fallah and Fernández-Barral, A and Fonseca, M.V and Fruck, C and Galindo, D and Gaug, M and Giammaria, P and Godinović, N and Guberman, D and Hahn, A and Hassan, T and Hayashida, M and Herrera, J and Ishio, K and Konno, Y and Kubo, H and Kushida, J and Kuveždić, D and Lindfors, E and Longo, F and Maggio, C and Majumdar, P and Makariev, M and Maneva, G and Mannheim, K and Maraschi, L and Mariotti, M and Martínez, M and Masuda, S and Mazin, D and Mielke, K and Minev, M and Miranda, J.M and Moralejo, A and Moreno, V and Moretti, E and Niedzwiecki, A and Rosillo, M. Nievas and Nigro, C and Nilsson, K and Nogués, L and Palacio, J and Paneque, D and Paredes, J.M and Pedaletti, G and Persic, M and Prandini, E and Garcia, J.R and Ribó, M and Righi, C and Rugliancich, A and Schweizer, T and Sitarek, J and Šnidarić, I and Sobczynska, D and Stamerra, A and Strzys, M and Surić, T and Takahashi, M and Takalo, L and Tavecchio, F and Terzić, T and Torres-Albà, N and Treves, A and Acosta, M. Vazquez and Vovk, I and Ward, J.E and Will, M and Zarić, D and MAGIC Collaboration
Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, ISSN 1475-7516, 03/2018, Volume 2018, Issue 3, pp. 9 - 9
Journal Article