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by Gomez-Reino, Juan J and Carmona, Loreto and Erra, Alba and Marsal, Sara and Castro, Mónica Fernández and Mulero, Juan and Andreu, Jose Luis and Gómez, Manuel Rodríguez and Padro, Marta Larrosa and Casado, Enrique and Leonor, Elena and Alierta, Sirvent and Reina, Delia and Gómez, Carmen García and Ibañez, Beatriz Joven and Delgado, Patricia Carreira and Hernández, Ma. Victoria and Loza, Estibaliz and Ruiz, Alberto Alonso and Itzazelaia, Esther Uriarte and Zarza, Lucia Pantoja and Aransay, Ma. Valvanera Pinillos and Hernández, Teresa Mariné and de Vicuña Pinedo, Rosario García and García, Ana Ma. Ortiz and Álvaro, Isidoro González and Laffon, Armando and Álvaro-Gracia, Jose Ma and López, César Díaz and de La Serna, Arturo Rodríguez and Cortina, Eduardo Loza and Oyarzabal, Ma. Victoria Irigoyen and Garnica, Inmaculada Ureña and Cagigal, Virginia Coret and Casasempere, Paloma Vela and Pascual, Eliseo and Serrano, Miquel Ángel Belmonte and Fabregat, Juan Beltran and Lerma, Juan José and Graña, Myriam Liz and Gómez-Reino, Juan José and Aizen, Saul Mario Gelman and Monge, Elena Ciruelo and Muriel, Eva Tomero and García, Juan Carlos Cobeta and Cuenca, Encarnación Saiz and Muñoz, José Galvez and de La Torre, Gerardo Iglesias and Pardo, Rosa Roselló and Galeano, Carlos Vázquez and de Diego, Juan Pablo Valdazo and Marsá, Xavier Tena and Santamaría, Vera Ortiz and Prada, Manuel Fernández and Piqueras, José Antonio and Tornero, Jesús and Méndez, Laura Cebrián and Carreño, Luis and Borras, Juan José García and Ruiz, Francisco Javier Manero and Busquets, Manel Pujol and Duran, Josep Granados and Cuadra, Jose Luis and Tevar, F. Javier Paulino and Huertas, Marcos Paulino and Maiz, Olga and Barastay, Estibaliz and Figueroa, Manuel and Torres, Carmen and Coro, Montserrat Corteguera and Lozano, Carlos Rodríguez and Hernández, Félix Francisco and Fernández, Iñigo Rua Figueroa and Martín, Oscar Illera and Zea Mendoza, Antonio C and de La Peña Lefebvre, Paloma García and Expósito, Marta Valero and Aznar, Emilia and Gutiérrez, Ricardo and Valenciano, Ana Cruz and Echeverria, Manuel Crespo and Del Pozo, Félix Cabero and Jimeno, Ma. Teresa Ruiz and Aresté, Jordi Fiter and Poch, Luis Espadaler and Carasa, Juan Carlos Vesga and Quintana, Eduardo Cuende and Andrada, Sagrario Sánchez and Valverde, Vicente Rodríguez and Amaro, Ivan Ferraz and García, Tomas González and Marenco, José Luis and Rejón, Eduardo and Estevez, Eduardo Collantes and Castro Villegas, M. Carmen and Hernández, Blanca and de Oca Mercader, José V. Montes and Sarabia, Federico Navarro and de Miera, Francisco Javier Toyos Saenz and Fernández-Cid, Carlos Marras and ... and BIOBADASER Grp and BIOBADASER Group
Arthritis Research and Therapy, ISSN 1478-6354, 01/2006, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. R29 - R29
Journal Article
mBio, ISSN 2161-2129, 09/2017, Volume 8, Issue 5, p. e00959-17
Journal Article
by Pardo, Fernando and Pons, José Antonio and Briceño, Javier and Delgado, Javier Briceño and Bilbao, Itxarone and Bru, Rubén Ciria and Aguilar, José Luis Fernández and Salcedo, Magdalena and Turrión, Víctor Sánchez and Serrano, Trinidad and de la Mata, Manuel and Abradelo, Manuel and Pérez, Isolina Baños and Barrera, Asterio and Barrera, Manuel and Calatayud, David and d'Avola, Delia and Galeano, Francisco and Gil, Francisco Agustín García and Garrote, Daniel and Gastaca, Mikel and Gutiérrez, Manuel Gómez and Santamaría, Manuel López and Vázquez-Daga, Javier Nuño and Robles, Ricardo and Laiz, Gonzalo Rodríguez and Sanjuan, Juan Carlos Rodríguez and Rubín, Angel and Sousa, José Manuel and Tomé, Santiago and Javier Xiol, F and Herrero, José Ignacio and Varo, Evaristo and Aguilera, Victoria and álamo, José María and Bellot, Pablo and Castells, Lluís and Crespo, Gonzalo and Cuervas-Mons, Valentín and Fábrega, Emilio and Diéguez, Luisa González and Graus, Javier and Jara, Paloma and Jiménez, Carlos and Jiménez, Miguel and Lladó, Laura and Molina, Esther and Narvaez, Isidoro and de Urbina, Jorge Ortiz and Otón, Elena and Antolín, Gloria Sánchez and Prieto, Martín and Ramos, Emilio and Bañares, Rafael and Bárcena, Rafael and Blanco, Gerardo and Bustamante, Francisco Javier and Casafont, Fernando and Charco, Ramon and Delgado, Manuel and Castroagudín, Javier Fernández and Ferrer, Teresa and Fundora, Yiliam and Fuster, Josep and Bernardo, Carmen García and Pajares, Félix García and Andújar, Rafael López and Pérez, Sara Lorente and Montero, José Luis and Pascual, Sonia and Ramírez, Pablo and Rodrigo, Juan Miguel and Bosque, María Arántzazu Varona
Cirugia Espanola, ISSN 0009-739X, 12/2015, Volume 93, Issue 10, pp. 619 - 637
With the aim to promote the elaboration of consensus documents on state of the art topics in liver transplantation with multidisciplinary management, the... 
Liver transplant | Immunosuppression | Hepatocarcinoma | High-risk receptor
Journal Article
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, ISSN 0003-4967, 10/2010, Volume 69, Issue 10, pp. 1751 - 1755
Journal Article
Spanish Surgery (Cirugía Española, English Edition), ISSN 2173-5077, 2015, Volume 93, Issue 10, pp. 619 - 637
Abstract With the aim to promote the elaboration of consensus documents on state of the art topics in liver transplantation with multidisciplinary management,... 
Surgery | Inmunosupresión | Immunosuppression | High-risk receptor | Liver transplant | Trasplante hepático | Hepatocarcinoma | Receptor de riesgo | Waiting Lists | Liver Transplantation | Carcinoma, Hepatocellular | Liver Neoplasms | Humans | Consensus
Journal Article
by Pérez-Zafrilla, Beatriz and Descalzo, Miguel Ángel and Carmona, Loreto and Sellas, Agustí and Rodríguez, Basilio and Barceló, Mireia and Cebrián, Laura and Montoro, María and Montesinos, Dolores and Pérez-Pampín, Eva and Vela, Paloma and Maiz, Olga and Ortiz, Ana M and Abreu, Paloma and Granados, Isabel and Ruiz, Francisco Javier Manero and Beltrán, Chesús and Úbeda, Eugenio Gimenez and Zorzo, Fernando Jiménez and Marzo, Jesús and Medrano, Marta and Pecondó, Ángela and Hernández, M. Victoria and Sanmartí, Raimon and Cañete, Juan D and Lozano, Carlos Rodríguez and Naranjo, Antonio and Ojeda, Soledad and Hernández, Félix Francisco and Erausquin, Celia and Rúa, Íñigo and Ureña, Inmaculada and Irigoyen, Maria Victoria and Cano, Laura and Valenciano, Ana Cruz and Echeverria, Manuel Crespo and Del Pozo, Félix Cabero and Linares, Luis Francisco and Pardo, Rosa Roselló and Galeano, Carlos Vázquez and Vesga, Juan Carlos and Cuende, Eduardo and Tenorio, Carmen Idalgo and De Juanes, Alexia and Joven, Beatriz and García, Javier and Reina, Delia and Prada, Manuel Fernández and Guarch, Joan Maymo and Calvo, Javier and Campos, Cristina and Díaz, Isabel Ibero and Casado, Vega Jovani and Sandoval, Trinidad Pérez and Pons, Jose Raúl Noguera and Rejón, Eduardo and Almodóvar, Raquel and Gómez, Manuel Rodríguez and Estevez, Eduardo Collantes and Villegas, M. Carmen Castro and Lefler, Jose Ángel Cabezas and Padro, Marta Larrosa and Masmitja, Jordi Gratacos and Casado, Enrique and Jimeno, M. Teresa Ruiz and Alen, Jaime Calvo and Mora, M. Ángeles and Ruan, Jesús Ibáñez and Borras, Juan Jose García and Negueroles, Rosa and Muñoz, Luisa and Valero, J.L and Ybáñez, D and Muriel, Eva Tomero and Fernández, Amalia Sánchez-Andrade and Cuenca, Encarnación Saiz and Centellas, Montserrat and Aresté, Jordi Fiter and Poch, Luis Espadaler and Pantoja, Lucia and Pinillos, M. Valvanera and Consuegra, Julia García and Merino, Rosa and Rivera, Javier and Hernández, Teresa González and Ortiz, Vera and Torres, Carmen and Corteguera, Montserrat and Alegre, Javier and Arasa, Xavier and Barnusell, Jordi Del Blanco and Cristóbal, Anna Martínez and Bañegil, Inmaculada and Aparicio, Ángel García and Aznar, Emilia and Pina, Maria Francisca and Belmonte, Miquel Ángel and Fabregat, Juan Beltrán and Ruiz, Alberto Alonso and Itzazelaia, Esther Uriarte and ...
Reumatologia Clinica, ISSN 1699-258X, 2008, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp. 90 - 95
Objective: To estimate the frequency of administration related reactions (ARR), the risk window from the starting date, and finally if there are any... 
Etanercept | Infliximab | Toxicity | Rheumatics diseases | Registry | Adalimumab | Adverse efects
Journal Article
by Santos-García, Diego and Mir, Pablo and Cubo, Esther and Vela, Lydia and Rodríguez-Oroz, Mari Cruz and Martí, Maria José and Arbelo, José Matías and Infante, Jon and Kulisevsky, Jaime and Martínez-Martín, Pablo and De Deus Fonticoba, T and De Fábregues-Boixar, O and Hernández Vara, J and Borrue, C and Aguilar, M and Tijero, B and Chacón, J and Seijo, M and Cabo, I and Puente, V and Legarda, I and Carrillo Padilla, F and López Manzanares, L and Valero, C and Pagonabarraga, J and García-Moreno, J.M and Galeano, B and Caballol, N and Gastón Zubimendi, M.I and Sánchez Alonso, P and Catalán, M.J and López Díaz, L.M and Alonso Losada, M.G and López Ariztegui, N and Kurtis, M and Sierra, M and Escalante, S and Martínez Castrillo, J.C and Ribacoba, R and González Ardura, J and López del Val, J and ávila, M.A and Alonso-Navarro, H and Solano, B and García Caldentey, J and Rojo, A and Martí Martínez, S and Domínguez Morán, J.A and Martínez Torres, I and álvarez Sauco, M.A and Prieto Jurczynska, C and Menéndez González, M and Carrillo-García, F and Jesús, S and Cáceres, M.T and Oropesa, J.M and Gómez-Garre, M.P and Huertas, I and Vargas, L and Mariscal, N and Macías, Y and Ruíz Martínez, J and Delgado, M and Mondragón, E and Barandiarán, M and Malo, R and Planella, L and Cámara, A and Martí, G and Mata, M and Pastor, P and Quílez, P and Badenes, D and Casas, L and Arribas, S and Romero, S and Tomé, G and Comes, L and Guardia, G and López, J and Gómez Esteban, J.C and Berganzo, K and González, A and Acera, M and Rodríguez Bóveda, I and álvarez López, M and Fernández-Espejo, E and Vives, B and Pueyo, M and de Toledo, M and Sobrado, M and González García, B and Bosca, M and Salazar, C and Campos, A and Pascual, B and Damas, F and Pacheco, E and Merino, R and Clavero, P and ... and COPPADIS Study Grp and COPPADIS Study Group
BMC Neurology, 02/2016, Volume 16, Issue 1, p. 26
Journal Article