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by Litaudon, X and Abduallev, S and Abhangi, M and Abreu, P and Afzal, M and Aggarwal, K.M and Ahlgren, T and Ahn, J.H and Aho-Mantila, L and Aiba, N and Airila, M and Albanese, R and Aldred, V and Alegre, D and Alessi, E and Aleynikov, P and Alfier, A and Alkseev, A and Allinson, M and Alper, B and Alves, E and Ambrosino, G and Ambrosino, R and Amicucci, L and Amosov, V and Andersson Sundén, E and Angelone, M and Anghel, M and Angioni, C and Appel, L and Appelbee, C and Arena, P and Ariola, M and Arnichand, H and Arshad, S and Ash, A and Ashikawa, N and Aslanyan, V and Asunta, O and Auriemma, F and Austin, Y and Avotina, L and Axton, M.D and Ayres, C and Bacharis, M and Baciero, A and Baiáo, D and Bailey, S and Baker, A and Balboa, I and Balden, M and Balshaw, N and Bament, R and Banks, J.W and Baranov, Y.F and Barnard, M.A and Barnes, D and Barnes, M and Barnsley, R and Baron Wiechec, A and Barrera Orte, L and Baruzzo, M and Basiuk, V and Bassan, M and Bastow, R and Batista, A and Batistoni, P and Baughan, R and Bauvir, B and Baylor, L and Bazylev, B and Beal, J and Beaumont, P.S and Beckers, M and Beckett, B and Becoulet, A and Bekris, N and Beldishevski, M and Bell, K and Belli, F and Bellinger, M and Belonohy, É and Ben Ayed, N and Benterman, N.A and Bergsåker, H and Bernardo, J and Bernert, M and Berry, M and Bertalot, L and Besliu, C and Beurskens, M and Bieg, B and Bielecki, J and Biewer, T and Bigi, M and Bílková, P and Binda, F and Bisoffi, A and Bizarro, J.P.S and Björkas, C and ... and Jet Contributors and JET Contributors and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. (PPPL), Princeton, NJ (United States) and Fusionsplasmafysik and Skolan för elektro- och systemteknik (EES) and KTH
Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 06/2017, Volume 57, Issue 10, p. 102001
Journal Article
by Adamson, P and Anghel, I and Aurisano, A and Barr, G and Bishai, M and Blake, A and Bock, G.J and Bogert, D and Cao, S.V and Castromonte, C.M and Cherdack, D and Childress, S and Coelho, J.A.B and Corwin, L and Cronin-Hennessy, D and De Jong, J.K and Devan, A.V and Devenish, N.E and Diwan, M.V and Escobar, C.O and Evans, J.J and Falk, E and Feldman, G.J and Frohne, M.V and Gallagher, H.R and Gomes, R.A and Goodman, M.C and Gouffon, P and Graf, N and Gran, R and Grzelak, K and Habig, A and Hahn, S.R and Hartnell, J and Hatcher, R and Himmel, A and Holin, A and Huang, J and Hylen, J and Irwin, G.M and Isvan, Z and James, C and Jensen, D and Kafka, T and Kasahara, S.M.S and Koizumi, G and Kordosky, M and Kreymer, A and Lang, K and Ling, J and Litchfield, P.J and Lucas, P and Mann, W.A and Marshak, M.L and Mayer, N and McGivern, C and Medeiros, M.M and Mehdiyev, R and Meier, J.R and Messier, M.D and Michael, D.G and Miller, W.H and Mishra, S.R and Moed Sher, S and Moore, C.D and Mualem, L and Musser, J and Naples, D and Nelson, J.K and Newman, H.B and Nichol, R.J and Nowak, J.A and O'Connor, J and Orchanian, M and Pahlka, R.B and Paley, J and Patterson, R.B and Pawloski, G and Perch, A and Phan-Budd, S and Plunkett, R.K and Poonthottathil, N and Qiu, X and Radovic, A and Rebel, B and Rosenfeld, C and Rubin, H.A and Sanchez, M.C and Schneps, J and Schreckenberger, A and Schreiner, P and Sharma, R and Sousa, A and Tagg, N and Talaga, R.L and Thomas, J and Thomson, M.A and Tian, X and Timmons, A and Tognini, S.C and ... and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 05/2014, Volume 112, Issue 19, p. 191801
We report on a new analysis of neutrino oscillations in MINOS using the complete set of accelerator and atmospheric data. The analysis combines the ν(μ)... 
Journal Article
Nature Physics, ISSN 1745-2473, 10/2017, Volume 13, Issue 10, pp. 973 - 978
Journal Article
Colorectal Disease, ISSN 1462-8910, 2018, Volume 20, Issue 8, pp. O215 - O225
Aim Previous studies reported conflicting evidence on the effects of obesity on outcomes after gastrointestinal surgery. The aims of this study were to explore... 
body weight | gastrointestinal tract | digestive tract | body mass index | Postoperative complications | obesity | Body mass index | Obesity | Gastrointestinal tract | Digestive tract | Body weight | MORTALITY | SURGERY | CANCER-SURGERY | IMPACT | OBESITY PARADOX | OUTCOMES | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | Complications | Benign | Malignancy | Multivariate analysis | Patients | Ostomy | Body mass | Surgery | Body size | Adults | Gastrointestinal surgery
Journal Article
by Adamson, P and An, F.P and Anghel, I and Aurisano, A and Balantekin, A.B and Band, H.R and Barr, G and Bishai, M and Blake, A and Blyth, S and Bock, G.J and Bogert, D and Cao, D and Cao, G.F and Cao, J and Cao, S.V and Carroll, T.J and Castromonte, C.M and Cen, W.R and Chan, Y.L and Chang, J.F and Chang, L.C and Chang, Y and Chen, H.S and Chen, Q.Y and Chen, R and Chen, S.M and Chen, Y and Chen, Y.X and Cheng, J and Cheng, J.-H and Cheng, Y.P and Cheng, Z.K and Cherwinka, J.J and Childress, S and Chu, M.C and Chukanov, A and Coelho, J.A.B and Corwin, L and Cronin-Hennessy, D and Cummings, J.P and De Arcos, J and De Rijck, S and Deng, Z.Y and Devan, A.V and Devenish, N.E and Ding, X.F and Ding, Y.Y and Diwan, M.V and Dolgareva, M and Dove, J and Dwyer, D.A and Edwards, W.R and Escobar, C.O and Evans, J.J and Falk, E and Feldman, G.J and Flanagan, W and Frohne, M.V and Gabrielyan, M and Gallagher, H.R and Germani, S and Gill, R and Gomes, R.A and Gonchar, M and Gong, G.H and Gong, H and Goodman, M.C and Gouffon, P and Graf, N and Gran, R and Grassi, M and Grzelak, K and Gu, W.Q and Guan, M.Y and Guo, L and Guo, R.P and Guo, X.H and Guo, Z and Habig, A and Hackenburg, R.W and Hahn, S.R and Han, R and Hans, S and Hartnell, J and Hatcher, R and He, M and Heeger, K.M and Heng, Y.K and Higuera, A and Holin, A and Hor, Y.K and Hsiung, Y.B and Hu, B.Z and Hu, T and Hu, W and Huang, E.C and Huang, H.X and Huang, J and Huang, X.T and ... and MINOS Collaboration and Daya Bay Collaboration and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 10/2016, Volume 117, Issue 15, p. 151801
Searches for a light sterile neutrino have been performed independently by the MINOS and the Daya Bay experiments using the muon (anti) neutrino and electron... 
PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | REACTOR | SPECTRUM | Liquids | Flavor (particle physics) | Searching | Neutrinos | Oscillations | Texts | Parameter sensitivity | Channels | Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment | light sterile neutrino | MINOS | PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS | Daya Bay
Journal Article
by Arloth, Janine and Bogdan, Ryan and Weber, Peter and Frishman, Goar and Menke, Andreas and Wagner, Klaus V and Balsevich, Georgia and Schmidt, Mathias V and Karbalai, Nazanin and Czamara, Darina and Altmann, Andre and Trümbach, Dietrich and Wurst, Wolfgang and Mehta, Divya and Uhr, Manfred and Klengel, Torsten and Erhardt, Angelika and Carey, Caitlin E and Conley, Emily Drabant and Ripke, Stephan and Wray, Naomi R and Lewis, Cathryn M and Hamilton, Steven P and Weissman, Myrna M and Breen, Gerome and Byrne, Enda M and Blackwood, Douglas H.R and Boomsma, Dorret I and Cichon, Sven and Heath, Andrew C and Holsboer, Florian and Lucae, Susanne and Madden, Pamela A.F and Martin, Nicholas G and McGuffin, Peter and Muglia, Pierandrea and Noethen, Markus M and Penninx, Brenda P and Pergadia, Michele L and Potash, James B and Rietschel, Marcella and Lin, Danyu and Müller-Myhsok, Bertram and Shi, Jianxin and Steinberg, Stacy and Grabe, Hans J and Lichtenstein, Paul and Magnusson, Patrik and Perlis, Roy H and Preisig, Martin and Smoller, Jordan W and Stefansson, Kari and Uher, Rudolf and Kutalik, Zoltan and Tansey, Katherine E and Teumer, Alexander and Viktorin, Alexander and Barnes, Michael R and Bettecken, Thomas and Binder, Elisabeth B and Breuer, René and Castro, Victor M and Churchill, Susanne E and Coryell, William H and Craddock, Nick and Craig, Ian W and Czamara, Darina and De Geus, Eco J and Degenhardt, Franziska and Farmer, Anne E and Fava, Maurizio and Frank, Josef and Gainer, Vivian S and Gallagher, Patience J and Gordon, Scott D and Goryachev, Sergey and Gross, Magdalena and Guipponi, Michel and Henders, Anjali K and Herms, Stefan and Hickie, Ian B and Hoefels, Susanne and Hoogendijk, Witte and Hottenga, Jouke Jan and Iosifescu, Dan V and Ising, Marcus and Jones, Ian and Jones, Lisa and Jung-Ying, Tzeng and Knowles, James A and Kohane, Isaac S and Kohli, Martin A and Korszun, Ania and Landen, Mikael and Lawson, William B and Lewis, Glyn and MacIntyre, Donald and Maier, Wolfgang and Mattheisen, Manuel and McGrath, Patrick J and ... and Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (PGC) and Psychiat Genomics Consortium PGC and Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium PGC
Neuron, ISSN 0896-6273, 06/2015, Volume 86, Issue 5, pp. 1189 - 1202