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by Humalda, J. K and Assa, S and Navis, G. J and Franssen, C. F. M and De Borst, M. H and Ogawa, H and Ota, Y and Watanabe, T and Watanabe, Y and Nishii, H and Sato, A and Waniewski, J and Debowska, M and Wojcik-Zaluska, A and Ksiazek, A and Zaluska, W and Guastoni, C. M and Turri, C and Toma, L and Rombola, G and Frattini, G and Romei Longhena, G and Teatini, U and Siriopol, D.-C and Stuard, S and Ciolan, A and Mircescu, G and Raluca, D and Nistor, I and Covic, A and De Roij Van Zuijdewijn, C. L and Chapdelaine, I and Nube, M. J and Blankestijn, P. J and Bots, M. L and Konings, S. J and Van Den Dorpel, M. A and Van Der Weerd, N. C and Ter Wee, P. M and Grooteman, M. P and Djuric, P. S and Jankovic, A and Tosic, J and Bajcetic, S and Damjanovic, T and Popovic, J and Dimkovic, N and Marinkovic, J and Djuric, Z and Knezevic, V and Lazarevic, T and Ljubenovic, S and Markovic, R and Rabrenovic, V and Djukanovic, L and Radovic Maslarevic, V and Mathrani, V and Drew, P and Chess, J. I and Williams, A. I and Robertson, S and Jibani, M and Aithal, V. I and Kumwenda, M and Roberts, G and Mikhail, A. I and Grzegorzewska, A. E and Ostromecki, G and Mostowska, A and Sowi ska, A and Jagodzi ski, P. P and Wu, H.-Y and Chen, H.-Y and Hsu, S.-P and Pai, M.-F and Yang, J.-Y and Peng, Y.-S and Hirose, M and Hasegawa, T and Kaneshima, N and Sasai, F and Komukai, D and Takahashi, K and Koiwa, F and Shishido, K and Yoshimura, A and Selim, G and Stojceva-Taneva, O and Tozija, L and Dzekova-Vidimliski, P and Trajceska, L and Petronievic, Z and Gelev, S and Amitov, V and Sikole, A and Moon, S. J and Yoon, S. Y and Shin, D. H and Lee, J. E and Kim, H.-J and ...
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Journal Article
by Lemoine, S and Fournier, T and Kocevar, G and Belloi, A and Ibarrola, D and Sappey-Marinier, D and Juillard, L and Kaysen, G and Usvyat, L and Grassmann, A and Marcelli, D and Pecoits-Filho, R and Marelli, C and Kooman, J and van der Sande, F.M and Haviv, Y and Power, A and Kotanko, P and Migliori, M and Cantaluppi, V and Medica, D and Paoletti, S and Panichi, V and Kuragano, T and Yahiro, M and Kida, A and Nagasawa, Y and Hasuike, Y and Nanami, M and Nakanishi, T and Garneata, L and Slusanschi, O and gomir, D.R and Corbu-Stancu, A and Barbulescu, C and Mircescu, G and Minutolo, R and Borrelli, S and De Nicola, L and Conte, G and Basic-Jukic, N and Katalinic, L and Ivandic, E and Kes, P and Jelakovic, B and Beberashvili, I and Sinuani, I and Azar, A and Shapiro, G and Feldman, L and Stav, K and Sandbank, J and Averbukh, Z and Bruschetta, E and Righetti, M and Colombo, F and Palmieri, N and Prencipe, M and Bracchi, O and Stefani, F and Amar, K and Scalia, A and Conte, F and Rosenberger, J and Majernikova, M and Kissova, V and Straussova, Z and Boldizsar, J and Cobo, G and Di Gioia, C and Camacho, R and Garcia Lacalle, C and Ortega, O and Roiguez, I and Mon, C and Ortiz, M and Herrero, J and Oliet, A and Vigil, A and Gallar, P and Kyriazis, J and Markaki, A and Kourtesi, K and Kalymniou, M and Vougazianos, S and Kyriazis, P and Stylianou, K and Tanaka, H and Tsuneyoshi, S and Sawa, M and Fujisaki, K and Daijo, Y and Hristea, D and Paris, A and Lefrancois, G and Volteau, C and Savoiu, C and Ozenne, S and Testa, A and Coupel, S., et al and MONDO Consortium and Shoichi Maruyama and Peter Stenvinkel and Louise Nordfors and Seiichi Matsuo and On Behalf Of The Lombardy Section Of The Italian Society Of Nephrology and HFRQoL Group
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 01/2014, Volume 29, Issue Suppl 3, pp. iii287 - iii303
Journal Article
by Palmer, S and Ruospo, M and Pellgrini, F and Strippoli, G. F. M and Natale, P and Saglimbene, V and Pellegrini, F and Craig, J. C and Hegbrant, J and Ferraresi, M and Pereno, A and Castelluccia, N and Clari, R and Moro, I and Colombi, N and Di Giorgio, G and Barbero, S and Piccoli, G. B and Krishnan, M and Bond, T. C and Brunelli, S and Nissenson, A and Kara, B and Wong, G and Hanafusa, N and Wakai, K and Iseki, K and Tsubakihara, Y and Ogata, S and Bikbov, B and Tomilina, N and Suleymanlar, G and Altiparmak, M. R and Seyahi, N and Trabulus, S and Serdengecti, K and Huang, S.-T and Shu, K.-H and Kao, C.-H and Johnson, D. W and Gargano, L and Bernasconi, A. R and Waisman, R and Lapidus, A and Montoya, P and Heguilen, R and Suzuki, A and Shoji, T and Hayashi, T and Tomida, K and Guinsburg, A and Thijssen, S and Usvyat, L and Xiao, Q and van der Sande, F and Marelli, C and Etter, M and Marcelli, D and Levin, N and Wang, Y and Kotanko, P and Kooman, J and Schiller, A and Schiller, O and Andrei, C and Mihaescu, A and Olariu, N and Anton, C and Ivacson, Z and Roman, V and Berca, S and Bansal, V and Hwang, S.-J and Lee, J.-J and Lin, M.-Y and Chang, J.-S and Okamura, K and Kishi, T and Miyazono, M and Ikeda, Y and Fukumitsu, T and Sanai, T and Reyes-Bahamonde, J and Raimann, J and Usvyat, L. A and Van der Sande, F and Allehbi, A. M and Bunani, A. D and Noor, A and Laplante, S and Rutherford, P and Kulcsar, I and Szegedi, J and Ladanyi, E and Torok, M and Reusz, G and Kiss, I and Sparacino, V and Agnello, V and Di Gaetano, P and ... and MONDO Consortium
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i258 - i270
Journal Article
by Griva, K and Mooppil, N and Pala Krishnan, D. S and McBain, H and Newman, S. P and Tripepi, G and Pannier, B and Mallamaci, F and London, G and Zoccali, C and Sood, M and Manns, B and Kappel, J and Naimark, D and Dart, A and Komenda, P and Rigatto, C and Hiebert, B and Tangri, N and Perl, J and Karaboyas, A and Tentori, F and Morgenstern, H and Sen, A and Rayner, H and Vanholder, R and Combe, C and Hasegawa, T and Mapes, D and Robinson, B and Pisoni, R and Zepel, L and Mendelssohn, D and Ikizler, T and Fukuhara, S and Gillespie, B and Bieber, B and Wilkie, M and Fluck, R and Li, Y and Kerr, P and Wikstrom, B and Vanita Jassal, S and Comment, L and De Sequera, P and Marshall, M and Jin, H. M and Pan, Y and Raimann, J. G and Etter, M and Kooman, J and Levin, N and Marcelli, D and Marelli, C and van der Sande, F and Thijssen, S and Usvyat, L and Kotanko, P and Lu, K.-C and Yang, H.-Y and Su, S.-L and Palmer, S and Saglimbene, V and Ruospo, M and Craig, J and Celia, E and Gelfman, R and Stroumza, P and Bednarek, A and Dulawa, J and Frazao, J and Del Castillo, D and Ecder, T and Hegbrant, J and Strippoli, G. F. M and Hecking, M and Ethier, J and Kautzky-Willer, A and Jadoul, M and Saito, A and Sunder-Plassmann, G and Saemann, M and Horl, W and Mariani, L and Ramirez, S and Port, F and Leonardis, D and Fukuma, S and Akizawa, T and Akiba, T and Kurokawa, K and Stack, A. G and Casserly, L. F and Abdalla, A. A and Murthy, B. V. R and Hegarty, A and Cronin, C. J and Hannigan, A and Shaw, C and Pitcher, D and ... and MONDO Consortium and on behalf of PROGREDIRE Work Group and Transplantation Work Group and MAURO Work Group
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i472 - i486
Journal Article
by Liu, J and Liu, Y and Xu, Y and Zhao, X and Qian, J and Sun, B and Xing, C and Kanda, R and Hamada, C and Nakano, T and Wakabayashi, K and Io, H and Horikoshi, S and Tomino, Y and Ishimatsu, N and Miyamoto, T and Morimoto, H and Nakamata, J and Baba, R and Kanegae, K and Serino, R and Kabashima, N and Otsuji, Y and Doi, Y and Tamura, M and Kusumoto, T and Fukami, K and Yamagishi, S.-I and Ueda, S and Kaida, Y and Hazama, T and Nakayama, Y and Ando, R and Obara, N and Okuda, S and Matsumoto, M and Furuno, Y and Bang-Gee, H and Mazzotta, L and Rosati, A and Carlini, A and Henriques, V. T and Zangiacomi Martinez, E and Divino-Filho, J. C and Pecoits-Filho, R and Cardeal Da Costa, J. A and Gama Axelsson, T and Lindholm, B and Carrero, J. J and Heimburger, O and Stenvinkel, P and Qureshi, A. R and Akazawa, M and Uno, T and Kanda, E and Maeda, Y and Aktsiali, M and Antonopoulou, S and Tsiolaki, K and Bakirtzi, N and Patrinou, A and Georgopoulou, M and Liaveri, P and Afentakis, N and Tsirpanlis, G and Hasegawa, T and Nishiwaki, H and Hirose, M and Komukai, D and Tayama, H and Koiwa, F and Yoshimura, A and Lui, S. L and Lui, S and Yung, S and Tang, C and Ng, F and Lo, W. K and Chan, T. M and Koo, H. M and Doh, F. M and Yoo, D. E and Oh, H. J and Yoo, T.-H and Choi, K. H and Kang, S.-W and Han, D. S and Han, S. H and Fernandes, N and Bastos, M. G and Gianotti Franco, M. R and Chaoubah, A and Gloria Lima, M. D and Kang, S and Do, J and Cho, K and Park, J and Yoon, K and Chen, J.-B and Cheng, B.-C and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii457 - ii482
Journal Article
by El Minshawy, O and Ghabrah, T and Hamza, A and Fadl, A and Adam, M and El Bassuoni, E and Saran, R and Tilea, A and Sands, R and Kiser, M and Han, S. W and Stack, A and Finkelstein, F and Eisele, G and Kotanko, P and Levin, N and Gillespie, B and Krane, V and Bhuvanakrishna, T and Burnapp, L and Hilton, R and Sibley-Allen, C and Blake, G and Goldsmith, D and Taylor-Stokes, G and Ozbay, A. B and Sayers, J and Marx, S. E and Yanai, M and Okada, K and Takeuchi, K and Matsuyama, K and Nitta, K and Takahashi, S and Delanaye, P and Cavalier, E and Moranne, O and Lutteri, L and Bruyere, O and Krzesinski, J.-M and Silverwood, R. J and Richards, M and Pierce, M and Hardy, R and Sattar, N and Ferro, C and Savage, C and Kuh, D and Nitsch, D and Shin, J.-h and Kim, S. H and Yu, S.-H and Oberdhan, D and Krasa, H. B and Cheng, R and Hays, R. D and Chapman, A and Perrone, R and Cole, J. C and Hedgeman, E and Steffick, D and Rein-Weston, A and Banerjee, T and Powe, N and Rios-Burrows, N and Williams, D and Nagasawa, Y and Yamamoto, R and Shinzawa, M and Hasuike, Y and Kuragano, T and Rakugi, H and Isaka, Y and Nakanishi, T and Iseki, K and Yamagata, K and Tsuruya, K and Yoshida, H and Fujimoto, S and Asahi, K and Watanabe, T and Moriyama, T and Warren, S and Rutherford, P and Van Den Bosch, J and Kusztal, M and Trafidlo, E and Madziarska, K and Augustyniak-Bartosik, H and Golebiowski, T and Krajewska, M and Rymaszewska, J and Weyde, W and Klinger, M and Sato, Y and Konta, T and Kurahashi, I and Ohashi, Y and Elsayed, I and Khwaja, A and ... and for the Network of German Kidney Cohorts
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i140 - i154
Journal Article
by Malhotra, R and Usyvat, L and Raimann, J and Thijssen, S and Levin, N and Kotanko, P and Hilderman, M and Qureshi, A. R and Al-Abed, Y and Anderstam, B and Bruchfeld, A and Minco, M and Argentino, G and Grumetto, L and Postiglione, L and Memoli, B and Riccio, E and Striker, G and Yubero-Serrano, E and Uribarri, J and Vlassara, H and do Sameiro-Faria, M and Ribeiro, S and Kohlova, M and Rocha-Pereira, P and Fernandes, J and Nascimento, H and Reis, F and Miranda, V and Bronze-da-Rocha, E and Quintanilha, A and Costa, E and Belo, L and Santos-Silva, A and Modilca, M and Margineanu, M and Gluhovschi, G and Vernic, C and Velciov, S and Petrica, L and Barzuca, E and Gluhovschi, C and Balgradean, C and Kaycsa, A and Stockler-Pinto, M and Dornelles, S and Cozzolino, S and Malm, O and Mafra, D and Cobo, G and Rodriguez, I and Oliet, A and Hinostroza, J and Vigil, A and Di Gioia, M and Gallar, P and Drechsler, C and Wanner, C and Blouin, K and Pilz, S and Tomaschitz, A and Krane, V and Marz, W and Ritz, E and van der Harst, P and de Boer, R and Carrero, J. J and Cabezas-Rodriguez, I and Zoccali, C and Qureshi, A and Ketteler, M and Gorriz, J and Rutkowski, B and Teplan, V and Kramar, R and Pavlovic, D and Goldsmith, D and Benedik, M and Fernandez-Martin, J and Cannata-Andia, J and Guido, G and Loiacono, E and Serriello, I and Camilla, R and Coppo, R and Amore, A and Schiller, A and Munteanu, M and Schiller, O and Mihaescu, A and Olariu, N and Andrei, C and Anton, C and Ivacson, Z and Roman, V and Berca, S and Bansal, V and Marcelli, D and Grassmann, A and Bayh, I and ... and On behalf of COSMOS and MONDO Consortium
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i487 - i497
Journal Article
Current Ophthalmology Reports, ISSN 2167-4868, 6/2015, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp. 111 - 121
Eye pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience including sensory-discriminative, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components and supported by... 
Medicine & Public Health | Peripheral pain mechanisms | Dry eye | Eye pain | Transduction mechanisms | Pathobiological modulation | Nerve injury | Physiological or nociceptive pain | Ophthalmology | Neuropathic pain | Eye inflammation | Contact lens discomfort (P. Asbell, Section Editor)
Journal Article
Progress in Retinal and Eye Research, ISSN 1350-9462, 1997, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 117 - 156
Ocular irritation and pain are associated with many clinical situations (e.g. accidental injury, eye diseases, surgery and contact lens wearing). Pain and... 
Journal Article
Pain, ISSN 0304-3959, 03/2015, Volume 156, Issue 3, pp. 483 - 495
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Martin-Malo, Alejandro and Papadimitriou, Menelaos and Cruz, Joao and Bustamante, Jesus and Verbeelen, Dierik and Nony, Alain and Vanholder, Raymond and Jacobson, Stefan H and Montenegro, Jesus and Hannedouche, Thierry and Wizemann, Volker and Locatelli, Francesco and Locatelli, F and La Milia, V and Pozzi, M and Di Filippo, S and La Greca, G and Ronco, C and Brendolan, A and Crepaldi, C and Stefoni, S and Ciancialo, G and Baraldi, O and Maschio, G and Loschiavo, C and Barbieri, C and Milanesi, F and Redaelli, B and Stella, A and Viganò, M.R and Stellato, T and Villa, G and Segagli, S and Montagna, G and Quarello, F and Vallero, A and Forneris, G and Borghi, M and Tagliaferri, M and Palmerio, G and Imbasciati, E and Farina, M and Bucci, R and Stallone, C and Aucella, F and Bellazzi, C and De Vincenti, A and Giannattasio, M and Detomaso, F and Malberti, F and Pecchini, P and Fabris, A and Zanella, M and Feriani, M and Genchi, R and Fraticelli, M and D'Amico, M and Bernardi, L.E and Palumbo, R and De Cicco, C and Czekalski, S and Pietrzak, I and Drobnik, M and Weyde, W and Krajewska, M and Penar, J and Aljama, P and Martin-Malo, Alejandro and Berdud, I and Alvarez De Lara, M.A and Navas, A and Martín García, J and Chacón, J.C and Junco, E and López Gómez, J.M and Villaverde, M and Bustamante, Jesus and Martín García, D and Sánchez, L and Montenegro, J and Ocharan, J and Barril, G and Besada, E and Pastor, J.M and Gallar, P and Almaraz, M and Alcalá, M and Silgado, G and Gruss, E and Portolés, J.M and Delgado, R and Hannedouche, T and Bittar, H and Nony, A and Chanard, J and Randoux, C and Maheut, H and Dimitrov, Y and Bouiller, M and Simon, P and ... and Membrane Permeability Outcome MPO and Membrane Permeability Outcome (MPO) Study Group
Journal of Nephrology, ISSN 1121-8428, 01/2013, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp. 119 - 128
Journal Article