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by Galluzzi, Lorenzo and Vacchelli, Erika and Bravo-San Pedro, José-Manuel and Buqué, Aitziber and Senovilla, Laura and Baracco, Elisa Elena and Bloy, Norma and Castoldi, Francesca and Abastado, Jean-Pierre and Agostinis, Patrizia and Apte, Ron N and Aranda, Fernando and Ayyoub, Maha and Beckhove, Philipp and Blay, Jean-Yves and Bracci, Laura and Caignard, Anne and Castelli, Chiara and Cavallo, Federica and Celis, Estaban and Cerundolo, Vincenzo and Clayton, Aled and Colombo, Mario P and Coussens, Lisa and Dhodapkar, Madhav V and Eggermont, Alexander M and Fearon, Douglas T and Fridman, Wolf H and Fucíková, Jitka and Gabrilovich, Dmitry I and Galon, Jérôme and Garg, Abhishek and Ghiringhelli, François and Giaccone, Giuseppe and Gilboa, Eli and Gnjatic, Sacha and Hoos, Axel and Hosmalin, Anne and Jäger, Dirk and Kalinski, Pawel and Kärre, Klas and Kepp, Oliver and Kiessling, Rolf and Kirkwood, John M and Klein, Eva and Knuth, Alexander and Lewis, Claire E and Liblau, Roland and Lotze, Michael T and Lugli, Enrico and Mach, Jean-Pierre and Mattei, Fabrizio and Mavilio, Domenico and Melero, Ignacio and Melief, Cornelis J and Mittendorf, Elizabeth A and Moretta, Lorenzo and Odunsi, Adekunke and Okada, Hideho and Palucka, Anna Karolina and Peter, Marcus E and Pienta, Kenneth J and Porgador, Angel and Prendergast, George C and Rabinovich, Gabriel A and Restifo, Nicholas P and Rizvi, Naiyer and Sautès-Fridman, Catherine and Schreiber, Hans and Seliger, Barbara and Shiku, Hiroshi and Silva-Santos, Bruno and Smyth, Mark J and Speiser, Daniel E and Spisek, Radek and Srivastava, Pramod K and Talmadge, James E and Tartour, Eric and Van Der Burg, Sjoerd H and Van Den Eynde, Benoît J and Vile, Richard and Wagner, Hermann and Weber, Jeffrey S and Whiteside, Theresa L and Wolchok, Jedd D and Zitvogel, Laurence and Zou, Weiping and Kroemer, Guido
Oncotarget, ISSN 1949-2553, 2014, Volume 5, Issue 24, pp. 12472 - 12508
Journal Article
by Fox, BA and Schendel, D.J and Butterfield, L.H and Aamdal, S and Allison, J.P and Ascierto, P.A and Atkins, M.B and Bartunkova, J and Bergmann, L and Berinstein, N and Bonorino, C.C and Borden, E and Bramson, J.L and Britten, C.M and Cao, X and Carson, W.E and Chang, A.E and Characiejus, D and Choudhury, A.R and Coukos, G and de Gruijl, T.D and Dillman, R.O and Dolstra, H and noff, G and Durrant, L.G and Finke, J.H and Galon, J and Gollob, J.A and Gouttefangeas, C and Grizzi, F and Guida, M and Hakansson, L and Hege, K and Herberman, R.B and Hodi, F.S and Hoos, A and Huber, C and Hwu, P and Imai, K and Jaffee, E.M and Janetzki, S and June, C.H and Kalinski, P and Kaufmann, H.L and Kawakami, K and Kawakami, Y and Keilholtz, U and Khleif, S.N and Kiessling, R and Kotlan, B and Kroemer, G and Lapointe, R and Levitsky, H.I and Lotze, M.T and Di Maio, M and Marschner, J.P and Mastrangelo, M.J and Masucci, G and Melero, I and Nelief, C and Murphy, W.J and Nelson, B and Nicolini, A and Nishimura, M.I and Odunsi, K and Ohashi, P.S and O'Donnell-Tormey, J and Old, L.J and Ottensmeier, C and Papamichail, M and Parmiani, G and Pawelec, G and Proietti, E and Qin, S and Rees, R and Ribas, A and Ridolfi, R and Ritter, G and Rivoltini, L and Romero, P.J and Salem, M.L and Scheper, R.J and Seliger, B and Sharma, P and Shiku, H and Singh-Jasuja, H and Song, W and Straten, P.T and Tahara, H and Tian, Z and van der Burg, S.H and von Hoegen, P and Wang, E and Welters, M.J and Winter, H and Withington, T and Wolchok, J.D and Xiao, W and Zitvogel, L and Zwierzina, H and ...
Journal of Translational Medicine, ISSN 1479-5876, 2011, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 214 - 214
Journal Article
by Pagès, Franck and Mlecnik, Bernhard and Marliot, Florence and Bindea, Gabriela and Ou, Fang-Shu and Bifulco, Carlo and Lugli, Alessandro and Zlobec, Inti and Rau, Tilman T and Berger, Martin D and Berger, Anne and Nagtegaal, Iris D and Vink-Börger, Elisa and Hartmann, Arndt and Geppert, Carol and Kolwelter, Julie and Merkel, Susanne and Grützmann, Robert and Van den Eynde, Marc and Jouret-Mourin, Anne and Kartheuser, Alex and Léonard, Daniel and Remue, Christophe and Wang, Julia Y and Wang, Yili and Bavi, Prashant and Roehrl, Michael H A and Ohashi, Pamela S and Nguyen, Linh T and Han, SeongJun and MacGregor, Heather L and Hafezi-Bakhtiari, Sara and Wouters, Bradly G and Masucci, Giuseppe V and Andersson, Emilia K and Zavadova, Eva and Vocka, Michal and Spacek, Jan and Petruzelka, Lubos and Konopasek, Bohuslav and Dundr, Pavel and Skalova, Helena and Nemejcova, Kristyna and Botti, Gerardo and Tatangelo, Fabiana and Delrio, Paolo and Ciliberto, Gennaro and Maio, Michele and Laghi, Luigi and Grizzi, Fabio and Fredriksen, Tessa and Buttard, Bénédicte and Angelova, Mihaela and Vasaturo, Angela and Maby, Pauline and Church, Sarah E and Angell, Helen K and Lafontaine, Lucie and Bruni, Daniela and El Sissy, Carine and Haicheur, Nacilla and Kirilovsky, Amos and Lagorce, Christine and Meyers, Jeffrey P and Paustian, Christopher and Feng, Zipei and Ballesteros-Merino, Carmen and Dijkstra, Jeroen and van de Water, Carlijn and van Lent-van Vliet, Shannon and Knijn, Nikki and Mușină, Ana-Maria and Scripcariu, Dragos-Viorel and Popivanova, Boryana and Xu, Mingli and Fujita, Tomonobu and Hazama, Shoichi and Suzuki, Nobuaki and Nagano, Hiroaki and Okuno, Kiyotaka and Torigoe, Toshihiko and Sato, Noriyuki and Furuhata, Tomohisa and Takemasa, Ichiro and Itoh, Kyogo and Patel, Jayendrakumar B and Patel, Prabhu S and Vora, Hemangini H and Shah, Birva and Rajvik, Kruti N and Pandya, Shashank J and Shukla, Shilin N and Zhang, Guanjun and Kawakami, Yutaka and Marincola, Francesco M and Ascierto, Paolo A and Sargent, Daniel J and Fox, Bernard A and Galon, Jérôme
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Journal Article
Nature Reviews Cancer, ISSN 1474-175X, 10/2015, Volume 15, Issue 11, pp. 668 - 679
Journal Article
Cancer Research, ISSN 0008-5472, 09/2015, Volume 75, Issue 17, pp. 3446 - 3455
Journal Article
by Kepp, Oliver and Senovilla, Laura and Vitale, Ilio and Vacchelli, Erika and Adjemian, Sandy and Agostinis, Patrizia and Apetoh, Lionel and Aranda, Fernando and Barnaba, Vincenzo and Bloy, Norma and Bracci, Laura and Breckpot, Karine and Brough, David and Buqué, Aitziber and Castro, Maria G and Cirone, Mara and Colombo, Maria I and Cremer, Isabelle and Demaria, Sandra and Dini, Luciana and Eliopoulos, Aristides G and Faggioni, Alberto and Formenti, Silvia C and Fučíková, Jitka and Gabriele, Lucia and Gaipl, Udo S and Galon, Jérôme and Garg, Abhishek and Ghiringhelli, François and Giese, Nathalia A and Guo, Zong Sheng and Hemminki, Akseli and Herrmann, Martin and Hodge, James W and Holdenrieder, Stefan and Honeychurch, Jamie and Hu, Hong-Min and Huang, Xing and Illidge, Tim M and Kono, Koji and Korbelik, Mladen and Krysko, Dmitri V and Loi, Sherene and Lowenstein, Pedro R and Lugli, Enrico and Ma, Yuting and Madeo, Frank and Manfredi, Angelo A and Martins, Isabelle and Mavilio, Domenico and Menger, Laurie and Merendino, Nicolò and Michaud, Michael and Mignot, Gregoire and Mossman, Karen L and Multhoff, Gabriele and Oehler, Rudolf and Palombo, Fabio and Panaretakis, Theocharis and Pol, Jonathan and Proietti, Enrico and Ricci, Jean-Ehrland and Riganti, Chiara and Rovere-Querini, Patrizia and Rubartelli, Anna and Sistigu, Antonella and Smyth, Mark J and Sonnemann, Juergen and Spisek, Radek and Stagg, John and Sukkurwala, Abdul Qader and Tartour, Eric and Thorburn, Andrew and Thorne, Stephen H and Vandenabeele, Peter and Velotti, Francesca and Workenhe, Samuel T and Yang, Haining and Zong, Wei-Xing and Zitvogel, Laurence and Kroemer, Guido and Galluzzi, Lorenzo
OncoImmunology, ISSN 2162-4011, 09/2014, Volume 3, Issue 9, p. e955691
Apoptotic cells have long been considered as intrinsically tolerogenic or unable to elicit immune responses specific for dead cell-associated antigens.... 
TLR, Toll-like receptor | ATF6, activating transcription factor 6 | HMGB1 | EIF2A, eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2A | H2B, histone 2B | endoplasmic reticulum stress | HMGB1, high mobility group box 1 | APC, antigen-presenting cell | ATP release | immunotherapy | BCL2, B-cell CLL/lymphoma 2 protein | mitochondrial transmembrane potential | DiOC | MOMP, mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization | RFP, red fluorescent protein | HSV-1, herpes simplex virus type I | ICD, immunogenic cell death | IFN, interferon | XBP1, X-box binding protein 1 | GFP, green fluorescent protein | autophagy | DAMP, damage-associated molecular pattern | PI, propidium iodide | G3BP1, GTPase activating protein (SH3 domain) binding protein 1 | PDIA3, protein disulfide isomerase family A | member 3 | DAPI, 4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole | m | FLT3LG, fms-related tyrosine kinase 3 ligand | BAX, BCL2-associated X protein | CALR, calreticulin | Δψ | 3,3′-dihexyloxacarbocyanine iodide | CTL, cytotoxic T lymphocyte | 6 | IL, interleukin | calreticulin | HSP, heat shock protein | ER, endoplasmic reticulum | BAK1, BCL2-antagonist/killer 1 | Calreticulin | Autophagy | Immunotherapy | Endoplasmic reticulum stress | FLOW-CYTOMETRIC DETECTION | TUMOR-CELLS | IMMUNOLOGY | MOLECULAR-PATTERN | CALRETICULIN EXPOSURE | MITOCHONDRIAL-MEMBRANE PERMEABILIZATION | HEAT-SHOCK PROTEINS | ONCOLOGY | IMMUNE-RESPONSES | APOPTOTIC CELLS | FIND-ME SIGNAL
Journal Article
Immunity, ISSN 1074-7613, 03/2016, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp. 698 - 711
Journal Article
Cell, ISSN 0092-8674, 1999, Volume 97, Issue 1, pp. 133 - 144
Journal Article