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International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series, 01/2014, Volume 31
Neutrinoles double beta decay is the only process known so far able to test the neutrino intrinsic nature: its experimental observation would imply that the... 
Leptons | Beta decay | Experiments | Neutrinos | Particle decay
Journal Article
by An, Fengpeng and An, Guangpeng and An, Qi and Antonelli, Vito and Baussan, Eric and Beacom, John and Bezrukov, Leonid and Blyth, Simon and Brugnera, Riccardo and Avanzini, Margherita Buizza and Busto, Jose and Cabrera, Anatael and Cai, Hao and Cai, Xiao and Cammi, Antonio and Cao, Guofu and Cao, Jun and Chang, Yun and Chen, Shaomin and Chen, Shenjian and Chen, Yixue and Chiesa, Davide and Clemenza, Massimiliano and Clerbaux, Barbara and Conrad, Janet and D'Angelo, Davide and De Kerret, Hervé and Deng, Zhi and Deng, Ziyan and Ding, Yayun and Djurcic, Zelimir and Dornic, Damien and Dracos, Marcos and Drapier, Olivier and Dusini, Stefano and Dye, Stephen and Enqvist, Timo and Fan, Donghua and Fang, Jian and Favart, Laurent and Ford, Richard and Göger-Neff, Marianne and Gan, Haonan and Garfagnini, Alberto and Giammarchi, Marco and Gonchar, Maxim and Gong, Guanghua and Gong, Hui and Gonin, Michel and Grassi, Marco and Grewing, Christian and Guan, Mengyun and Guarino, Vic and Guo, Gang and Guo, Wanlei and Guo, Xin-Heng and Hagner, Caren and Han, Ran and He, Miao and Heng, Yuekun and Hsiung, Yee and Hu, Jun and Hu, Shouyang and Hu, Tao and Huang, Hanxiong and Huang, Xingtao and Huo, Lei and Ioannisian, Ara and Jeitler, Manfred and Ji, Xiangdong and Jiang, Xiaoshan and Jollet, Cécile and Kang, Li and Karagounis, Michael and Kazarian, Narine and Krumshteyn, Zinovy and Kruth, Andre and Kuusiniemi, Pasi and Lachenmaier, Tobias and Leitner, Rupert and Li, Chao and Li, Jiaxing and Li, Weidong and Li, Weiguo and Li, Xiaomei and Li, Xiaonan and Li, Yi and Li, Yufeng and Li, Zhi-Bing and Liang, Hao and Lin, Guey-Lin and Lin, Tao and Lin, Yen-Hsun and Ling, Jiajie and Lippi, Ivano and Liu, Dawei and Liu, Hongbang and Liu, Hu and Liu, Jianglai and Liu, Jianli and ... and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, ISSN 0954-3899, 02/2016, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp. 30401 - 30588
Journal Article
Proceedings of Science, 2009
Conference Proceeding
by Abramowicz, H and Abt, I and Behnke, O and Iudin, A and Jacquet, M and Janssen, X and Januschek, F and Jomhari, N. Z and Jung, A. W and Jung, H and Kadenko, I and Kananov, S and Kapichine, M and Behrens, U and Karshon, U and Kaur, M and Kaur, P and Kiesling, C and Kisielewska, D and Klanner, R and Klein, M and Klein, U and Kleinwort, C and Kogler, R and Belousov, A and Kondrashova, N and Kononenko, O and Korol, Ie and Korzhavina, I. A and Kostka, P and Kotanski, A and Kötz, U and Kovalchuk, N and Kowalski, H and Kretzschmar, J and Bertolin, A and Krüger, K and Krupa, B and Kuprash, O and Kuze, M and Landon, M. P. J and Lange, W and Laycock, P and Lebedev, A and Levchenko, B. B and Levonian, S and Bloch, I and Levy, A and Libov, V and Limentani, S and Lipka, K and Lisovyi, M and List, B and List, J and Lobodzinska, E and Lobodzinski, B and Löhr, B and Boos, E. G and Lohrmann, E and Longhin, A and Lontkovskyi, D and Lukina, O. Yu and Makarenko, I and Malinovski, E and Malka, J and Martyn, H. -U and Maxfield, S. J and Mehta, A and Borras, K and Mergelmeyer, S and Meyer, A. B and Meyer, H and Meyer, J and Mikocki, S and Mohamad Idris, F and Morozov, A and Muhammad Nasir, N and Müller, K and Myronenko, V and Boudry, V and Nagano, K and Naumann, Th and Newman, P. R and Niebuhr, C and Nobe, T and Notz, D and Nowak, G and Nowak, R. J and Olsson, J. E and Onishchuk, Yu and Brandt, G and Ozerov, D and Pahl, P and Pascaud, C and Patel, G. D and Paul, E and Perez, E and Perlanski, W and Petrukhin, A and Picuric, I and ...
ISSN 1029-8479, 01/2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1029-8479
Journal Article
Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, ISSN 1536-8378, 03/2008, Volume 27, Issue 1, pp. 25 - 39
A current peak has been observed and measured in ionic electrolytic current of a glutamic acid aqueous solution, placed in a static magnetic field of flux... 
L-glutamic acid | Living matter | Ionic current | Electromagnetics fields | electromagnetics fields | CONDUCTORS | BIOPHYSICS | BIOLOGY | ionic current | living matter | THERMAL AGITATION | Electromagnetic Fields | Solutions | Time Factors | Water - chemistry | Electrolytes - chemistry | Glutamic Acid - chemistry | Hydrogen-Ion Concentration
Journal Article
by Abramowicz, H and Abt, I and Adamczyk, L and Adamus, M and Aggarwal, R and Antonelli, S and Antonioli, P and Antonov, A and Arneodo, M and Aushev, V and Aushev, Y and Bachynska, O and Bamberger, A and Barakbaev, A.N and Barbagli, G and Bari, G and Barreiro, F and Bartosik, N and Bartsch, D and Basile, M and Behnke, O and Behr, J and Behrens, U and Bellagamba, L and Bertolin, A and Bhadra, S and Bindi, M and Blohm, C and Bokhonov, V and Bold, T and Bondarenko, K and Boos, E.G and Borras, K and Boscherini, D and Bot, D and Brock, I and Brownson, E and Brugnera, R and Brümmer, N and Bruni, A and Bruni, G and Brzozowska, B and Bussey, P.J and Bylsma, B and Caldwell, A and Capua, M and Carlin, R and Catterall, C.D and Chekanov, S and Chwastowski, J and Ciborowski, J and Ciesielski, R and Cifarelli, L and Cindolo, F and Contin, A and Cooper-Sarkar, A.M and Coppola, N and Corradi, M and Corriveau, F and Costa, M and D'Agostini, G and Dal Corso, F and Del Peso, J and Dementiev, R.K and De Pasquale, S and Derrick, M and Devenish, R.C.E and Dobur, D and Dolgoshein, B.A and Dolinska, G and Doyle, A.T and Drugakov, V and Durkin, L.S and Dusini, S and Eisenberg, Y and Ermolov, P.F and Eskreys, A and Fang, S and Fazio, S and Ferrando, J and Ferrero, M.I and Figiel, J and Forrest, M and Foster, B and Gach, G and Galas, A and Gallo, E and Garfagnini, A and Geiser, A and Gialas, I and Gladilin, L.K and Gladkov, D and Glasman, C and Gogota, O and Golubkov, Yu.A and Göttlicher, P and Grabowska-Bo, I and Grebenyuk, J and Gregor, I and Grigorescu, G and ...
Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 3
Journal Article
Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, ISSN 1536-8378, 2008, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp. 241 - 253
Current peaks have been observed and measured in electrolytic ionic current of L-glutamic acid aqueous solutions at room temperature, in static magnetic fields... 
L-glutamic acid | Living matter | Ionic current | Electromagnetics fields
Journal Article
Proceedings of the 14th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics: Particle Physics at the Year of Astronomy - Dedicated to the Late Academician Alexey Sissakian, 2011, pp. 157 - 160
Conference Proceeding
ELECTROMAGNETIC BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, ISSN 1536-8378, 2008, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp. 241 - 253
Current peaks have been observed and measured in electrolytic ionic current of L-glutamic acid aqueous solutions at room temperature, in static magnetic fields... 
electromagnetics fields | L-glutamic acid | CONDUCTORS | BIOPHYSICS | MECHANISM | BIOLOGY | IONS | ionic current | living matter | THERMAL AGITATION | BIOLOGICAL-SYSTEMS
Journal Article
2009 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record (NSS/MIC), ISSN 1082-3654, 10/2009, pp. 1761 - 1767
Broad Energy Germanium detectors (BEGe) offer an excellent discrimination power for pulse shape analysis of signals induced by interactions in the active... 
Computer vision | Pulse measurements | Shape measurement | Ionization | Detectors | Germanium | Radioactive decay | Electron emission | Pulse shaping methods | Signal analysis
Conference Proceeding
Frascati Physics Series, ISSN 1122-5157, 2008, Volume 47, pp. 121 - 132
Conference Proceeding
by GERDA collaboration and Agostini, Matteo and Bakalyarov, Alexander M and Balata, Marco and Barabanov, Igor and Baudis, Laura and Bauer, Christian and Bellotti, Enrico and Belogurov, Sergej and Bettini, Alessandro and Bezrukov, Leonid and Borowicz, Dariusz and Bossio, Elisabetta and Bothe, Vikas and Brudanin, Victor and Brugnera, Riccardo and Caldwell, Allen and Cattadori, Carla and Chernogorov, Andrey and Comellato, Tommaso and D'Andrea, Valerio and Demidova, Elena V and Di Marco, Natalia and Domula, Alexander and Doroshkevich, Evgenyi and Egorov, Viacheslav and Fischer, Felix and Fomina, Maria and Gangapshev, Albert and Garfagnini, Alberto and Gooch, Chris and Grabmayr, Peter and Gurentsov, Valery and Gusev, Konstantin and Hakenmüller, Janina and Hemmer, Sabine and Hiller, Roman and Hofmann, Werner and Hult, Mikael and Inzhechik, Lev V and Csáthy, Jozsef Janicskó and Jochum, Josef and Junker, Matthias and Kazalov, Vladimir and Kermaïdic, Yoann and Kihm, Thomas and Kirpichnikov, Igor V and Klimenko, Alexander and Kneißl, Raphael and Knöpfle, Karl T and Kochetov, Oleg and Kornoukhov, Vasily N and Krause, Patrick and Kuzminov, Valery V and Laubenstein, Matthias and Lazzaro, Andrea and Lindner, Manfred and Lippi, Ivano and Lubashevskiy, Alexey and Lubsandorzhiev, Bayarto and Lutter, Guillaume and Macolino, Carla and Majorovits, Bela and Maneschg, Werner and Miloradovic, Michael and Mingazheva, Rizalina and Misiaszek, Marcin and Moseev, Pavel and Nemchenok, Igor and Panas, Krysztof and Pandola, Luciano and Pelczar, Krysztof and Pertoldi, Luigi and Piseri, Paolo and Pullia, Alberto and Ransom, Chloe and Riboldi, Stefano and Rumyantseva, Nadezda and Sada, Cinzia and Salamida, Francesco and Schönert, Stefan and Schreiner, Jochen and Schütt, Mario and Schütz, Ann-Katrin and Schulz, Oliver and Schwarz, Mario and Schwingenheuer, Bernhard and Selivanenko, Oleg and Shevchik, Egor and Shirchenko, Mark and Simgen, Hardy and Smolnikov, Anatoly and Stukov, Danila and Vanhoefer, Laura and Vasenko, Andrey A and Veresnikova, Anna and Vignoli, Chiara and von Sturm, Katharina and Wester, Thomas and Wiesinger, Christoph and ...
The GERmanium Detector Array (GERDA) experiment at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory (LNGS) of INFN is searching for neutrinoless double-beta... 
Journal Article
Electromagnetic biology and medicine, 2008, Volume 27, Issue 3, p. 241
Current peaks have been observed and measured in electrolytic ionic current of L-glutamic acid aqueous solutions at room temperature, in static magnetic fields... 
Solutions | Water - chemistry | Electrolytes - chemistry | Magnetics | Glutamic Acid - chemistry | Hydrogen-Ion Concentration
Journal Article
Springer Proceedings in Physics, ISSN 0930-8989, 2018, Volume 212, pp. 186 - 189
Conference Proceeding
OPERA is a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment designed to observe $\nu_{\mu} \to \nu_{\tau}$ oscillations by looking at the appearance of... 
Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
1992, Quaderni di Rinascimento, ISBN 8822239733, Volume 15, vii, 175
1978, Storia della scienza, Volume 4, 316
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