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by Romagnoni, A and Jegou, S and Van Steen, K and Wainrib, G and Hugot, JP and Peyrin-Biroulet, L and Chamaillard, M and Colombel, JF and Cottone, M and D'Amato, M and D'Inca, R and Halfvarson, J and Henderson, P and Karban, A and Kennedy, NA and Khan, MA and Lemann, M and Levine, A and Massey, D and Milla, M and Ng, SME and Oikonomou, I and Peeters, H and Proctor, DD and Rahier, JF and Rutgeerts, P and Seibold, F and Stronati, L and Taylor, KM and Torkvist, L and Ublick, K and Van Limbergen, J and Van Gossum, A and Vatn, MH and Zhang, H and Zhang, W and Andrews, JM and Bampton, PA and Barclay, M and Florin, TH and Gearry, R and Krishnaprasad, K and Lawrance, IC and Mahy, G and Montgomery, GW and Radford-Smith, G and Roberts, RL and Simms, LA and Hanigan, K and Croft, A and Amininijad, L and Cleynen, I and Dewit, O and Franchimont, D and Georges, M and Laukens, D and Theatre, E and Vermeire, S and Aumais, G and Baidoo, L and Barrie, AM and Beck, K and Bernard, EJ and Binion, DG and Bitton, A and Brant, SR and Cho, JH and Cohen, A and Croitoru, K and Daly, MJ and Datta, LW and Deslandres, C and Duerr, RH and Dutridge, D and Ferguson, J and Fultz, J and Goyette, P and Greenberg, GR and Haritunians, T and Jobin, G and Katz, S and Lahaie, RG and McGovern, DP and Nelson, L and Ng, SM and Ning, K and Pare, P and Regueiro, MD and Rioux, JD and Ruggiero, E and Schumm, LP and Schwartz, M and Scott, R and Sharma, Y and Silverberg, MS and Spears, D and Steinhart, AH and Stempak, JM and Swoger, JM and Tsagarelis, C and ... and Int Inflammatory Bowel Dis Genetic and International Inflammatory Bowel Disease Genetics Consortium (IIBDGC)
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, ISSN 2045-2322, 07/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 10351 - 18
Crohn Disease (CD) is a complex genetic disorder for which more than 140 genes have been identified using genome wide association studies (GWAS). However, the... 
LOCI | INFLAMMATORY-BOWEL-DISEASE | RISK PREDICTION | ASSOCIATION | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | Inflammatory bowel diseases | Complementarity | Epistasis | Genomes | Genetic variance | Learning algorithms | Genetic markers | Genotyping | Intestine | Neural networks | Machine learning | Quality control | Artificial intelligence | Genotypes
Journal Article
by Feliciano, P and Zhou, XY and Astrovskaya, I and Turner, TN and Wang, TY and Brueggeman, L and Barnard, R and Hsieh, A and Snyder, LG and Muzny, DM and Sabo, A and Gibbs, RA and Eichler, EE and O'Roak, BJ and Michaelson, JJ and Volfovsky, N and Shen, YF and Chung, WK and Abbeduto, L and Acampado, J and Ace, AJ and Albright, C and Alessandri, M and Amaral, DG and Amatya, A and Annett, RD and Arriaga, I and Bahl, E and Balasubramanian, A and Bardett, N and Bashar, A and Beaudet, A and Beeson, L and Bernier, RA and Berry-Kravis, E and Booker, S and Brewster, SJ and Brooks, E and Butler, ME and Butter, EM and Callahan, K and Camba, A and Carpenter, S and Carriero, N and Cartner, LA and Chatha, AS and Chin, WB and Clark, RD and Cohen, C and Courchesne, E and Cubells, JF and Currin, MH and Daniels, AM and DeMarco, L and Dennis, MY and Dichter, GS and Ding, Y and Dinh, H and Doan, R and Doddapaneni, H and Eldred, S and Eng, C and Erickson, CA and Esler, A and Fatemi, A and Fischer, GJ and Fisk, I and Fombonne, EJ and Fox, EA and Francis, S and Friedman, SL and Ganesan, S and Garrett, M and Gazestani, V and Geisheker, MR and Gerdts, JA and Geschwind, DH and Goin-Kochel, RP and Griswold, AJ and Grosvenor, LP and Gruber, AJ and Gulsrud, AC and Gunderson, J and Gutierrez, A and Hale, MN and Haley, M and Hall, JB and Hamer, KE and Han, B and Hanna, N and Harkins, C and Harris, N and Hauf, B and Hayes, C and Hepburn, SL and Herbert, LM and Heyman, M and Phillips, BA and Horner, S and Hu, JH and ... and SPARK Consortium and The SPARK Consortium
NPJ GENOMIC MEDICINE, ISSN 2056-7944, 08/2019, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 19 - 14
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a genetically heterogeneous condition, caused by a combination of rare de novo and inherited variants as well as common... 
Journal Article
JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS, ISSN 0165-0327, 11/2019, Volume 258, pp. 109 - 114
Background: This study had two main objectives. The first was to detail the prevalence of major depressive disorder over 24 years of follow-up for both... 
AXIS-I COMORBIDITY | Recurrence | Time-to-remission | New onset | Prevalence | DIAGNOSTIC INTERVIEW | PSYCHIATRY | RELIABILITY | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | ATTAINMENT | RECOVERY | Major depression | PHENOMENOLOGY | PROSPECTIVE FOLLOW-UP | INTERRATER | Borderline personality disorder | Care and treatment | Major depressive disorder
Journal Article
The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) recently produced the first horizon-scale image of a supermassive black hole. Expanding the array to include a 3-meter space... 
Journal Article
The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, ISSN 0003-4975, 09/2019, Volume 108, Issue 3, pp. e149 - e151
Implantation of the HeartMate 3 (HM3) left ventricular assist device (Abbott Laboratories, Lake Bluff, IL) continues to increase as the results of European and... 
Journal Article
BMJ Open, ISSN 2044-6055, 08/2019, Volume 9, Issue 8, p. e030123
The objective of this commentary is to develop a framework for assessing the rigour of qualitative approaches that identifies and distinguishes between the... 
Qualitative research | Ethnography | Medical research | Researchers | Health services | Research methodology | Quality | Objectives | Standards | Methods
Journal Article
by Porth, O and Chatterjee, K and Narayan, R and Gammie, CF and Mizuno, Y and Anninos, P and Baker, JG and Bugli, M and Chan, CK and Davelaar, J and Del Zanna, L and Etienne, ZB and Fragile, PC and Kelly, BJ and Liska, M and Markoff, S and McKinney, JC and Mishra, B and Noble, SC and Olivares, H and Prather, B and Rezzolla, L and Ryan, BR and Stone, JM and Tomei, N and White, CJ and Younsi, Z and Akiyama, K and Alberdi, A and Alef, W and Asada, K and Azulay, R and Baczko, AK and Ball, D and Balokovic, M and Barrett, J and Bintley, D and Blackburn, L and Boland, W and Bouman, KL and Bower, GC and Bremer, M and Brinkerink, CD and Brissenden, R and Britzen, S and Broderick, AE and Broguiere, D and Bronzwaer, T and Byun, DY and Carlstrom, JE and Chael, A and Chatterjee, S and Chen, MT and Chen, YJ and Cho, I and Christian, P and Conway, JE and Cordes, JM and Crew, GB and Cui, YZ and De Laurentis, M and Deane, R and Dempsey, J and Desvignes, G and Doeleman, SS and Eatough, RP and Falcke, H and Fish, VL and Fomalont, E and Fraga-Encinas, R and Freeman, B and Friberg, P and Fromm, CM and Gomez, JL and Galison, P and Garcia, R and Gentaz, O and Georgiev, B and Goddi, C and Gold, R and Gu, MF and Gurwell, M and Hada, K and Hecht, MH and Hesper, R and Ho, LC and Ho, P and Honma, M and Huang, CWL and Huang, L and Hughes, DH and Ikeda, S and Inoue, M and Issaoun, S and James, DJ and Jannuzi, BT and Janssen, M and Jeter, B and Jiang, W and Johnson, MD and ... and Event Horizon Telescope Collaborat and The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL SUPPLEMENT SERIES, ISSN 0067-0049, 08/2019, Volume 243, Issue 2, p. 26
Journal Article
ImmunoHorizons, ISSN 2573-7732, 07/2019, Volume 3, Issue 7, pp. 331 - 340
Ets1 is emerging as a key transcription factor that is required to prevent autoimmunity in mice and humans. Ets1 is expressed in both B and T cells, and mice... 
Journal Article
Background: Previous incidence estimates may no longer reflect the current public health burden of cardiac arrest in hospitalized adult and pediatric patients... 
epidemiology | hospitals | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | GUIDELINES | UPDATE | heart arrest | incidence | CARDIOPULMONARY-RESUSCITATION | Hospital patients | Pediatric research | Health aspects | Risk factors | Cardiac arrest
Journal Article
by Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, The and Akiyama, Kazunori and Alberdi, Antxon and Alef, Walter and Asada, Keiichi and Azulay, Rebecca and Baczko, Anne-Kathrin and Ball, David and Baloković, Mislav and Barrett, John and Bintley, Dan and Blackburn, Lindy and Boland, Wilfred and Bouman, Katherine L and Bower, Geoffrey C and Bremer, Michael and Brinkerink, Christiaan D and Brissenden, Roger and Britzen, Silke and Broderick, Avery E and Broguiere, Dominique and Bronzwaer, Thomas and Byun, Do-Young and Carlstrom, John E and Chael, Andrew and Chan, Chi-Kwan and Chatterjee, Shami and Chatterjee, Koushik and Chen, Ming-Tang and Chen, Yongjun and Cho, Ilje and Christian, Pierre and Conway, John E and Cordes, James M and Crew, Geoffrey B and Cui, Yuzhu and Davelaar, Jordy and De Laurentis, Mariafelicia and Deane, Roger and Dempsey, Jessica and Desvignes, Gregory and Dexter, Jason and Doeleman, Sheperd S and Eatough, Ralph P and Falcke, Heino and Fish, Vincent L and Fomalont, Ed and Fraga-Encinas, Raquel and Freeman, William T and Friberg, Per and Fromm, Christian M and Gómez, José L and Galison, Peter and Gammie, Charles F and Garcia, Roberto and Gentaz, Olivier and Georgiev, Boris and Goddi, Ciriaco and Gold, Roman and Gu, Minfeng and Gurwell, Mark and Hada, Kazuhiro and Hecht, Michael H and Hesper, Ronald and Ho, Luis C and Ho, Paul and Honma, Mareki and Huang, Chih-Wei L and Huang, Lei and Hughes, David H and Ikeda, Shiro and Inoue, Makoto and Issaoun, Sara and James, David J and Jannuzi, Buell T and Janssen, Michael and Jeter, Britton and Jiang, Wu and Johnson, Michael D and Jorstad, Svetlana and Jung, Taehyun and Karami, Mansour and Karuppusamy, Ramesh and Kawashima, Tomohisa and Keating, Garrett K and Kettenis, Mark and Kim, Jae-Young and Kim, Junhan and Kim, Jongsoo and Kino, Motoki and Koay, Jun Yi and Koch, Patrick M and Koyama, Shoko and Kramer, Michael and Kramer, Carsten and Krichbaum, Thomas P and Kuo, Cheng-Yu and Lauer, Tod R and Lee, Sang-Sung and Li, Yan-Rong and ... and Event Horizon Telescope Collaborat and The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration
Astrophysical Journal Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 04/2019, Volume 875, Issue 1, p. L4
We present the first Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) images of M87, using observations from April 2017 at 1.3 mm wavelength. These images show a prominent ring... 
techniques: high angular resolution | galaxies: individual (M87) | black hole physics | galaxies: jets | techniques: image processing | techniques: interferometric | RECONSTRUCTION | IMPLEMENTATION | PRINCIPLES | DECONVOLUTION | MOTION | SELF-CALIBRATION | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | HIGH-RESOLUTION | JET | INTERFEROMETRY
Journal Article